Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yerima, Nigeria’s Sharia Icon marries 13 year old

The infamous architect of “political sharia” is in the news again. Senator Sanni Ahmed Yerima, two-time governor of Zamfara State and currently a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has picked a 13-year-old Egyptian girl as his latest sweet-heart. While he was governor of Zamfara, limbs of petty thieves were severed; but his unparalleled hypocrisy was exposed when after his terms, the EFCC accused him of having embezzled multiple millions of naira while in power . The finance ministry promptly and conveniently went up in flames as the EFCC dragged the net around him!

Caught in another storm, Yerima has again activated his usual defence mechanism of casting himself as a victim of religious persecution. Incredibly for a Nigerian lawmaker, he was quoted as saying he doesn’t recognize Nigerian laws, but sharia, and that the marriage of his spiritual mentor and prophet to a 9 year old (see CA! vol 11 No 6) gives him full liberty to go on with the wedding to the minor. He was quoted by Sahara Reporters as saying: “I am only following Prophet Mohamed’s footsteps who married a nine-year-old girl, Aishatu…. I have not done anything that violates Sharia”

The Egyptian father, who is Yerima’s driver, reportedly received a $100,000 dowry for the transaction, which was illegal in Egypt and therefore had to be contracted in Nigeria The development is a big blow to the campaign to reduce the incidences of VVF common in Northern Nigeria, when underaged girls are put through the rigours of sex and child bearing.(

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