Saturday, April 28, 2018

Edifying Modern-Day "Paul-at-Damascus-Like" Story

This incident was reported in December 2016, but we think it is an evergreen and edifying story, especially in these days of intensified terrorism against Christians worldwide.

Jesus Speaks to Islamist Militants Hunting Down Christians: ‘Why Do You Persecute Me?’

A group of Arab Muslims who were chasing after Christians said a dust storm suddenly formed on the road, forcing them to stop the chase, when Jesus appeared to them and spoke with a “mighty voice.”

Haroon (not his real name) said he and 19 other Islamist militants were informed that a group of Christians would be holding a baptism service. They boarded their vehicles and rushed to the site with the intention of killing everyone there.

Their purpose, said Haroon, was to instill fear among Christians around the world and to make them stop sharing the good news to the Muslims in their country, according to Bibles For Mideast.
However, when they arrived, they saw that the Christians were leaving. They were already on the bus and on their way back to the church.

Instead of giving up the pursuit, the militants chased after the bus and began shooting at it.
Rizwan, who was among those baptized that day at the Arabian Sea, recounted how everyone on the bus thought they would die that day.

“Maybe it was the militants plan to kill us in the sea during the baptism service. But somehow we finished our service earlier and tried to return back,” he said.

When their bus driver increased speed, the militants also drove faster and continued to shoot at them, Rizwan said.

Then, without warning, a dust storm formed “within seconds” and concealed the bus from the militants’ view.

Rizwan said they felt as if Jesus himself appeared in the dust storm to block the road and protect them from the militants, who eventually stopped chasing and shooting at them. They all praised God and made it back to the church safely.

What they didn’t know was that Jesus appeared to the militants.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Audio of Pastor E.A. Adeboye's comment on Eternal Security Doctrine at the OAU, Ile-Ife, January 2018

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