Thursday, October 27, 2016

Christians' Declaration of Independence circulating in the US

“We therefore respectfully reserve the right to refuse any mandate by the government that forces us to fund or support abortion.  We also oppose same sex-marriage, polygamy, bestiality, and all other forms of sexual perversion prohibited by Holy Scripture."

At last, Christians in the United States seem to be awaking out of their stupor.

In June, the Supreme Court in that country ruled that gay marriage is legal and MUST be allowed and facilitated by all law-abiding Americans in all the States -  even in States that had already formally legislated against such.

In the current edition of Church Arise! we report the story of Aaron and Melissa Klein who have to close down their bakery business following vehement hounding by homosexuals.  Now Churches, Ministries and other Organizations can brace up for real inferno.

This is the dawn of the "new age", globalists have long been waiting for, and there will be no gloves-in-hand treatment for anyone!  Realizing that the chips are really down this time around, already cornered Christians are not waiting to be picked at will one at a time by the enemy.  A Declaration of Independence, including the quotes above, is already circulating online as Christians are declaring their readiness,like the 3 Hebrew youngsters, to DISOBEY government rather than God.

Reference is being made to Abraham Lincoln who instigated disobedience to similarly odious ruling by the Supreme Court in his days, which had declared that black people were really sub-human, in order to justify the lucrative slave trade.  Watch the video at the beginning of the 2nd part of the interview of Dr James Dobson with Andrew Wommack here:

The Declaration is here:

Friday, October 21, 2016

Nine Years on, Islamist Killers in Malatya still walk around freely in society

In Vol 10 No 3 (2007) we reported the dastard killing of three Christians in Malatya, Turkey.  As we reported then, in the morning of Wednesday April 18, 2007, Ugur YĆ¼ksel, 32, and Necati Aydin, 36, both Turkish converts from Islam, and Tilmann Geske, 45, a German national, had left home to attend a Bible study in the office of the Zirve Publishing House in Malatya in southeastern Turkey,. It was there that they were joined by men who pretended to be interested in the Bible Study.  The men later identified as Islamists with strong organizational support, subsequently attacked, bound and tortured the Christians for three hours before slitting their throats. The murderers were arrested almost immediately, but nine years and 115 court-hearings later, the case only just passed  through the first Court.  On 28th Sept. this year, The Malatya First Heavy Penal Court Sentenced Salih Gurler, Cuma Ozdemir, Abuzer Yildirim, Hamit Ceker and Emre Gunaydin to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.  As expected, the Islamists duly appealed the judgement.  It is understood that it will still take many more years before the case would finally get to the Supreme court – as it is expected to.  In the meantime, the well-connected Islamist killers, out on bail, could continue to walk the streets freely and go about their normal businesses, celebrated as heroes of Islam.. Read details at

In Sudan, Christian Workers arrested for tarnishing Islamist Regime’s image.

Two pastors of the Sudan Church of Christ (SSOC) arrested in December last year have finally been arraigned in Court in September.  The Rev. Kwa Shamaal and the Rev. Hassan Abdelrahim Tawor, are charged with trying to tarnish the image of Sudan’s government by collecting information on persecution of Christians and on genocide in the Nuba Mountains. Charged together with them is Petr Jasek, a Czech aid worker who is interested in details of Christian persecution in Nuba.  The government is currently fighting an insurgency in the region, and the additional charges of  collecting information for “other parties hostile to Sudan.” carries a death sentence. According to the Morning Star News, the evidences presented by the state security is so paltry and frivolous; and it is clear to all observers that  the arrests only “serve the Sudanese government as a warning to others against criticizing the Islamist regime”

Christian Teacher Fired for Not Divorcing Husband Wins in British Court

         Sarah Pendleton was devastated when Mathew, her husband of 13 years was accused, arrested, and convicted for voyeurism and downloading of indecent pictures of children. She took a leave off her work to spend time with her parents and get over the trauma. However, convinced of her husband’s genuine repentance, she re-united with Mathew, as they both try to rebuild their home in line with Biblical principles.
       However, Sarah’s employers at the elementary school in Derbyshire, England where was a well-respected teacher took serious exception to Sarah’s decision not to divorce Mathew, who is a de facto child abuser.  She was relieved of her job!  Head teacher, Jan Seymour tries to justify this bizarre decision: “By making a choice to continue a relationship with her husband in full knowledge of the offenses he has admitted to, [Sarah’s] actions do not uphold the trust in the profession,”
     The school’s human resources director further buttressed this position, declaring in an email: “As long as she stands by her husband, the LA [Local Authority] has a clear view that she is not suitable to be a teacher.”
      Thankfully, the Courts think otherwise, and after a protracted proceedings, Sarah has been restored to her position – with a yet to be decided amount of financial compensation.

See details at Christianity Today’s website