Friday, August 6, 2010

Its now Official: WARREN BUFFET IS GLOBAL ABORTION CHIEF….. Donates $3 BILLION for mainstreaming abortion practice in regular medicine

Usually, you only get to read about Warren Buffett’s simple lifestyle and love for philanthropy. But now, for some reasons that might as well become obvious very soon, Mr Buffett has apparently decided it’s time people knew that he is the strategic sponsor of abortion globally.

A pro-abortion article, published in the July 12, 2010 edition of the New York Times (NYT) was the medium chosen to make this revelation. The article thus further clarified the unusual bonding between the world’s two richest men, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates: that being the desire to promote “abortion on demand” for all, world-wide. (see CA vol 13 No 2 for more on Bill Gates efforts along that line).

On June 26, 2006, Buffett donated an unprecedented $31 billion to the Gates Foundation – the world’s leading source of funding for advocacy on abortion and homosexuality. Part of the deal was that Bill Gates himself would resign from his Microsoft job and devote his full attention to managing the Foundation. Warren Buffet himself also joined Bill and his wife Melinda on the Board of the Gates Foundation. (

Now, the NYT article (which couldn’t have been published without Buffet’s consent) is revealing that apart from that incredible thirty-one billion US dollars worth of donation, Mr Buffet gave a separate three billion dollars (that’s about half a trillion naira) to a Foundation of his late wife to advocate solely for abortion, to mainstream it in regular practice of medicine, and to do more research on the chilling subject.

The nine- page article written by Emily Bazelon in the New York Times describes on-going concerted efforts to mainstream abortion. The idea is quite simple and powerful: Require abortion to be incorporated into the standard curriculum at Medical schools, and provide academic fellowship to encourage brilliant scholars to train as residents and consultants, with specialization in Family Planning. With these, the stigma on abortion-doctors (who now operate mostly from special abortion clinics, rather than regular hospitals) will be removed. All the “pro-life” campaigns at abortion clinics will fizzle out, automatically.

However, given the emotional trauma involved in cutting a miniature fellow human being into pieces, particularly in these days where advanced ultra sound facilities give vivid images of the baby in the womb, coupled with the serious issue of having to dispose the body parts afterwards, it’s not so simple a matter mainstreaming the idea that abortion is okay even when the sole reason is just because of some inconvenience.

But then again, three billion dollars can really get a lot of things done!

One of the principal efforts in this regard, according to the New York Times, is the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program. Established in 1999 by Uta Landy, a former director of the National Abortion Federation, and Philip Darney, her husband who is an OB-GYN professor at the University of California at San Francisco (U.C.S.F.), the program gives medical schools two or three years of seed money for abortion training for OB-GYN residents. Through it, 58 campuses in the U.S. and Canada have received financing. Uta Landy also directs the Family Planning Fellowship, with Jody Steinauer as the associate director. Ms Steinauer is an OB-GYN professor also at the U.C.S.F.- obviously the hub of the abortion-rights countermovement in medicine.

According to NYT reporter Emily Bazelon, her attempt, in January, to set up an interview with Uta Landy was unsuccessful as Landy maintains a policy of not talking to the Press. However, Steinauer probably could, and she explained that they fear that publicity might scare away a university considering a Ryan or fellowship grant. “Or it might spook the donor,” some unnamed “other doctors” reportedly told Bazelon. She further elaborates: “The money for the Ryan and the Family Planning Fellowship comes from one foundation and from one family. The donor has chosen to remain anonymous, which helps to explain why there’s been so little publicity about the pro-choice strategy of bringing abortion into academic medicine. It has been covered by a veil of semisecrecy.” However, now that the programmes have grown beyond the threat of suffering any abortion, the sole sponsor can at last be revealed. Yes, it’s Warren Buffett.

Though Warren Buffett has never spoken publicly about his views on abortion, his deep involvement did not start with the 1999 sponsorship of academic fellowships for the gruesome affair. For instance, earlier in the 1990s, according to The Wall Street Journal, the Buffett Foundation helped finance the research and development of the pills that induce abortion. The foundation also helped finance a lawsuit to overturn the ban on so-called partial-birth abortion in Nebraska, Buffett’s home state and the headquarters of his company, Berkshire Hathaway.

In 2006, Buffett announced his $3 billion (half a trillion naira!) gift to the Susan Buffett Foundation, named after his separated wife who had died two years earlier. NYT reports that the award letter did not mention abortion directly, but was written in a “kind of code”. Reportedly, Buffett explained that he and his wife had established the Foundation “to focus intensely on important societal problems that had very limited funding constituencies.” According to the NYT, “the tax records also show that most of the Fondation’s spending goes to abortion and contraception advocacy and research.”

Benzalon felt there was no need for the Abortion Advocates to be jittery. According to her: “And yet for all the anxiety about being in the spotlight, the surprising truth is that however embattled abortion remains in America at large, at the top of the academic medicine, the structure built to support it looks secure.”
How secure? According to David Grimes, a pro-abortion researcher who is also on the committee that chooses the Family Planning Fellow at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, there were so many well-qualified candidates now applying for the fellowship that some had to be turned down in the current year. He further cites the annual meetings with presentations of top-flight research, the schools where Medical Students for Choice and residency training and the Family Planning Fellowship are flourishing, and concludes with satisfaction, “A few things have happened to turn it all around. Thanks to the donor, I think it’s all here to stay.

That donor is Warren Buffett.

According to Jody Steinauer, “The ‘90s were about getting abortion back into residency training and medical schools. Now it’s about getting abortion into our practices..” Perhaps that explains the article – first the god-father steps into open, and challenges the disciples to follow suit?

The article betrayed its pro-abortion bias when it casually but severely criticized (US) federally sponsored crisis pregnancy centres by alleging they give “wrong information like tying abortion to breast cancer or infertility or mental illness”
Yet these are well-established links, which are being reinforced with new evidences from time to time. It’s only the billions of dollars made available by people like Warren Buffet that is keeping these glaring facts from the teeming population of the world, as they rightly should be. For instance in a study published in the current issue (as at April 2010) of the Canadian Journal of Psychology by a multidisciplinary research group from the University of Manitoba, it was clearly further confirmed that abortion is associated with mental illnesses such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and suicide attempts. (Winnipeg Free Press: Saturday, May 1, 2010 , See also CA! Vol 11 No 6).

Similarly, despite much politicking by pro-abortion lobby, the link of abortion with breast cancer has long been established, with government scientists in the UK stating unequivocally in 1986 that "Induced abortion before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer." (Lancet, 2/22/86, p. 436). Indeed, in a recent article (June 24 2010), UK’s Daily Mail reported on the latest research finding published on the subject in the Journal Cancer Epidemiology. The research, carried out by scientists at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka is the fourth epidemiological study to report such a definite link between abortion and breast cancer in the past 14 months. Previous studies giving the same results were carried out in China, Turkey and the U.S. (See also The Coalition of abortion_breast cancer, There is perhaps no need to cite studies linking abortion with infertility, considering the myriads of ruptured or infected uteruses, not to talk of deaths, that attended many an abortion procedure. (Read Frank Peretti’s novel, The Prophet*, for more insight on these issues, or check out an on-going local story in Ibadan here

As we previously reported, Buffett and Gates are only two members of the super elite group, unofficially named “ the Good Club” who is fixated on the idea that the most urgent need of the world right now is to reduce the population, thereafter leading to global governance. Others in that Club included included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America's wealthiest dynasty, George Soros, the financier, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey (see CA! Vol 12 No 4).

Do we blame people like Warren Buffett? What for! The man is only putting his money where his heart is! If only many professing Christians would do same! As Scriptures say, the sons of the world are wiser in their generation, putting mammon to use to possess what money can not buy – human souls! We can only hope that at the least, Christians will be able to stop selling their own souls and destinies just in their excitement to partake of Mr Buffett’s billion-dollar buffet!

Thank God, the battle is already won through the Lord Jesus Christ! Read the book of Revelation (especially Chapters 17 – 20) to see how these things WILL SURELY END, probably only a short time from now!