Monday, November 8, 2010

Jubilee on a Blast

Amidst what is now being dubbed the “Independence Bomb Blast (IBB)”, the 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence was nevertheless celebrated on October 1!
Forces opposed to the celebrations had gotten so desperate that they sent warnings to the government, about a week to the event, demanding that the celebrations be cancelled else, hell would be let loose. The warnings, sent by email, in the name of MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) claimed the developmental issues in the Niger Delta have still not been addressed and therefore no celebrations would be allowed. Of course, it is most strange that such an issue would be pressed so strongly now that an indigene of the Niger Delta, by sheer divine arrangement, is in the saddle of the nation’s affairs – and is poised to remain in that position with the approaching elections.
In any case, President GEJ dared the faceless MEND and continued with the celebrations. Finding the security at the Eagle’s Square too tight, the bomb blasters detonated two or three bombs about a kilometer away, at the cars parked along the roadside. About a dozen innocent Nigerians, mostly security personnel, died in the blasts.
Matters have clearly now come to a head, and the bomb blasters have probably bitten more than they intended to chew. Apparently, their calculation was that, if there were to be any blasts at all (i.e if the celebrations were not curtailed), no lives would be lost and then, going by the response of Nigerians to recent past bomb explosions, the matter would simply die a natural death without any investigations. In this case however, they have gone too far. A number of people are currently standing trials, both in Nigeria and in South Africa. And they are not being treated as freedom fighters at all, but rather, as the common cheap criminals they certainly are.
Going by the arrests made so far, (and the responses elicited) It is becoming clear that this “MEND” has virtually no presence or sympathy in the Niger Delta but is mainly built around a few individuals within and outside Nigeria. In fact, the “MEND” had written that the blast was to be a one-time event – suggesting lack of resources for a sustained militant campaign, which the real MEND was known for. There are other glaring differences in the modus operandi of this new MEND and the original one whose leaders, save Henry Okah, have embraced the amnesty programme of the FG. For instance, the real MEND operated in the Niger Delta creeks, devastating oil installations; but the new MEND operates in Abuja and targets, according to latest sms threats, President Jonathan’s campaign rallies! Curiously also, with the arrest of Charles Okah, (Henry’s brother), the new MEND has abruptly written to say it was stopping the popular email interviews with its official spokesperson, Jomo Gbomo - giving credence to the widely-believed notion that the man behind that pseudoname is none else but Charles!
Most certainly, nobody is fooled by the amateurish script that attempts to claim that the Independence Bomb Blasters were acting in the interest of the Niger Delta. Their action is clearly designed only to ridicule the President and spoil his chances (or Niger Delta’s, if you like) at the coming elections. The President was caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Cancelling the Jubilee celebrations (spiritual implications aside), would have finished him off politically: for every other major event he plans would be sure to receive a “MEND” threat demanding a cancellation! Of course, going ahead with the celebrations despite the threat also brought its own criticisms and problems.
The President actually got an initial dose of the political barrage the blasts were meant to open him up for. Even as the clouds from the blasts still hung in the air, the campaign office of Ibrahim Babangida issued a press statement suggesting that their supposedly wise and tough candidate is what the times demand. This is of course an utter balderdash, considering that it was precisely during IBB’s unfortunate past rule that bomb blasts were first introduced into Nigeria’s polity. In any case, with the government’s decision to treat the blasts as the pure crime that it was, and the establishment of a link between IBB’s campaign chief and the people arrested for the crime, those who would politicize the bombing are realizing they are in far deeper waters than they bargained for!
Amazingly, the bomb blasts could not stop the Jubilee celebrations. Apart from the foreign heads of government who had to leave, the ceremonies proceeded calmly to conclusion! President GEJ declared this as unprecedented and interpreted it as confirming the emergence of a new Nigeria.
We agree with him that the cross-over into Nigeria’s spiritual Jubilee has succeeded, despite the devil’s desperate efforts to force an abortion. And in his desperation, the Enemy has revealed his hands, perhaps prematurely. Imagine, for instance, if the bombers had only been able to exercise restraints until election time before initiating their blasts – targeting, for instance, INEC’s headquarters a few days to distribution of electoral materials, etc, etc? Now thankfully, and hopefully, the security people have received a long-enough notice and would be able to prevent such more fundamental disasters in the future.
Now that the Jubilee celebrations and proclamations have finally, forcefully happened, according to Leviticus 25:10, what remains is restoration and recovery. The horses can now take their rest while the Nigerian eagle begins to soar (reference to our Coats of Arms!)
We however hasten to remind Christians of the situation in Daniel 9. After Daniel had understood through the Scriptures that the time of liberty for his people had come, he took action in serious waiting upon the LORD. And even when it appeared as if nothing was happening, he persisted until the devil’s desperate last-ditch ploy to block the already released answer was thoroughly thrashed and vanquished! May we not give up until we fully realize the promised blessings of our Jubilee, this season!
The next critical battle field is the coming elections. As counseled by that revered man of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, we must all be ready to get registered, to vote for our candidates of choice, and significantly, also to prepare to defend our votes. Our time is now. God bless Nigeria!

Human resource appreciates in Nigeria at Jubilee

One of the solid evidences that Nigeria’s rising has indeed commenced at Jubilee is the remarkable appreciation of human resource in the country. Patriots like Oby Ezekwesili (while minister of education) had declared that Nigeria’s human resource, if well developed (through education), far exceeds all other resources – oil, solid minerals, etc all combined (see CA! Vol 10 No 1). To the glory of God this is beginning to become apparent. First, by divine providence, we have at the very top echelon, a President and Vice President with post graduate degrees – showing that such degrees can now compete favourably with the awesome military “psc” (pass staff college) which was the common denominator between (virtually) all our past rulers. Also, for the crucial assignment of conducting an extra-delicate election, it was again to the nation’s intelligentsia that the task was thrown. Apparently, the close rapport between the newly chosen INEC chair and the Nigerian academia (he was a sitting Vice Chancellor and an outstanding ex-president of the national academic staff union), weighed considerably in his being given the highly strategic job. Even if informally, there is currently a massive deployment of University people, former armchair critics, in the planning and execution of the unfolding political process. As for the field work, Nigerian graduate youths participating in the National Youth Service Corps scheme are being penciled for the onerous tasks.
The big deal about all this development is that human capital is at last rapidly gaining value in Nigeria. Such a spirit confirms that the gains of Jubilee are real and will endure.

Boko Haram Confirms Link With Al-Qaeda . Iranian weapons seized in Nigeria

The Muslim Fundamentalist group, Boko Haram has confirmed that it is now operating under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda. In posters that flooded the city of Maiduguri, pasted on the evening of Thursday 21st October, the group threatened to continue with its serial killings in Borno and other adjoining states in the North. Significantly, the posters featured the logo of al-Qaeda in the North Africa – an open Quran, flanked on each side by Kalashnikov assault rifles and a flag in the middle.
According to the Saturday Tribune of October 23, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) had earlier in the month carried an interview with a spokesperson of Boko Haram in Maiduguri, where the group demanded they be granted amnesty, such as was accorded Niger-Delta militants.
Meanwhile, a cache of sophisticated weapons was intercepted by vigilant security at Lagos Port, late October. An international twist was introduced when Israeli security announced that the weapons, which originated from Iran, were actually meant for Gaza and were only being passed enroute Nigeria. Apparently the Iranians were still thinking of pre-Jubilee Nigeria where anything goes! In those days, it might not have taken more than a phone call from Arabia land to the Nigerian Presidency before the cache would have been cleared for re-export, as the people involved were reportedly trying to do.

Iranian Pastor sentenced to death

For objecting to Christian school students (including his own children) being forced by the Iranian state to read the Qu’ran, Rev Youcef Nadarkhani has been sentenced to death! According to Worthy News, Rev Nadarkhani, who led the largest church network in Rasht, Iran, was arrested on Oct. 13 . Following a kangaroo trial, he was originally sentenced to be executed on Oct. 24. But this has now been temporarily deferred; while intensive pressure is being mounted on him to recant his Christianity and return to Islam. Nadarkhani is the father of two children, both under the age of ten.(More details at

51 Iraqi worshipers killed during Sunday Church Service.

Fifty-one Christian worshipers (and later on, seven Iraqi commandos) were killed in an attack on an Assyrian Christian Church in Karrada, central Baghdad on Sunday October 31. Rev. Wassem Sabeeh was delivering the sermon when blasting sounds were heard. Some heavily-armed men in military fatigues stepped in through the blasted door and calmly started to shoot the worshippers - beginning with the Priest. "They were well trained," Bassam Sami, 21, one of the survivors said. "They didn't say anything. It was like someone had cut out their tongues."
Sensing trouble with the initial blasting sounds, Rev Sabeeh had quietly began ushering parishioners into a fortified room in the rear of the church. However, according to Sami, one of the assailants discovered the room and tossed in a grenade.
Shortly after 9 p.m., after realizing that hostages had been executed, a team of U.S.-trained Iraqi commandos stormed into the church from all sides. At least five suicide bombers detonated explosives, killing seven of the troops. The al-Qaeda in Iraq, in an internet message, claimed responsibility for the carnage. They believe they are fighting for God, and the zombified suicide bombers have been assured by their religion of a straight passage to heaven - with 70 virgins for each!
Details in

Learn on our Dime: Condoms promote HIV infections

A number of people living with HIV/AIDS have revealed that they were infected with HIV through the use of condoms six years ago. ThisDay newspaper reports that “the women among them also claimed they were lured into the use of the Cellulose Sulphate Gel for the supposed prevention of vaginal HIV infection.” ((
Presenting their case at the Federal High Court, Port Harcourt, the group claimed “that Nigerian authorities in collaboration with some international organisations like the Family Health International (FHI), Population Services International (PSI), Korea based U Need US Corporation and United States based Contraceptive Research Development (CONRAD) used them as guinea pigs to test some condoms that were new in the market. In the wake of this development, they claimed they contacted HIV.”
Apart from their sad experience at the hands of internationally-funded sex-promoting NGOs (in collusion with unscrupulous and na├»ve government officials), the plaintiffs further supported their claim by referring to a report by the New England Journal of Medicine which affirmed that “Cellulose sulfate did not prevent HIV infection and may have increased the risk of HIV acquisition”.
The plaintiffs are therefore praying the Court to declare that the approval of condom and its advertisement by the defendants as preventing HIV when used for sexual intercourse is deceptive and fraudulent. In particular, they want the implementation of the national policy on HIV, endorsing the use of condoms, to be suspended. Justice Gladys Olotu has adjourned the matter till January 20, 2011 for further hearing.
Of course, as we have pointed out several times, it is elementary to see that the use of condoms will encourage more promiscuous sex and therefore guarantees more HIV infections as the population of sexually active people swells up. By the same logics, it is clear that legalizing/mainstreaming abortion, while providing safer abortions, will nevertheless result in more abortion-related deaths. For more on condoms (carcinogenicity, permeability to deadly microorganisms, etc, see CA! Vol 8 No 1.)

Repelled: New Sexuality assaults on US Military – Ban on gay and abortion remain

A desperate effort by new sexuality folks to push through fundamental changes in the US military suffered a major setback on Tuesday 21 Sept. On that day, the US Senate voted to retain the policy requiring homosexuals serving in the US military to keep their sexual preference to themselves. Actually, the Pentagon has set up a committee studying the possible impact the repeal of the 17-year old law known as "don't ask, don't tell", DADT could have on the military. That report is due on December 1. However, the gay lobby is impatient, especially as it fears that Democrats are likely to lose seats in the upcoming congressional elections in November. This would make repealing the ban even more difficult — if not impossible — next year.
Democrats had included the repeal provision in a $726 billion defense policy bill, incorporating a number of popular programs including a pay raise for the troops and the opportunity for immigrants who join the military to be granted US citizenship. These however did not stop the Republicans from rallying together, and with a few supports from some Democrats, at least temporarily trouncing the bill.
Conservative groups hailed the vote as a victory for the troops. "At least for now they will not be used to advance a radical social agenda," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.
Earlier, very many American organizations, including the influential Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, had raised strong objections against the sought repeal. According to the Commission, repealing DADT would strain American forces, weaken troop morale, and compel countless chaplains to leave the services.

Abortion Agenda also thrashed!
Also receiving thumbs down from the US Senate was an amendment to a bill that would allow elective abortions on military facilities in the United States and abroad. Despite powerful lobbies by a few “Change Agents” to further their nauseating agenda in the United States, the opposition from the larger civil society was rock steady against this agenda.
Over 200 physicians who have ministered to US service members signed a letter to members of the Senate protesting the Burris amendment, so called after its sponsor, Roland Burris. According to the 16,000-member Christian Medical Association which organized the letter: "If enacted, requiring military physicians to perform abortions threatens military readiness. Morale will suffer among those already serving. Morale is a key component of military effectiveness." According to CMA Senior Vice President Gene Rudd, MD. "Furthermore, just as we have seen a marked decrease in young doctors entering OB/GYN training for fear of being forced to do abortion, this requirement will discourage young doctors from joining the military." (refer to last edition of Church Arise! to see the people powering this agenda!)
Former President Bill Clinton allowed abortions to be performed on military bases from 1993-1996. This prompted all military physicians and many nurses and support personnel to refuse to perform, or even assist, in performing abortions.

Update on DADT: As has become the practice, however, whenever the ultra liberal elements in the US fail to get their ways in changing the Law, they rush to the Courts where they have dozens of sympathetic judges (fellow liberals) willing to help them attempt to change how the Law should be interpreted. Swiftly, after the US Senate’s big blow to DADT, Federal court judge Virginia Phillips has ruled that the policy is unconstitutional and ordered the Pentagon to “immediately suspend and discontinue any investigation, or discharge, separation or other proceeding” against any military personnel under DADT. The Pentagon promptly filed an appeal but agreed to abide with the ruling till the appeal is cleared.

China forces woman to abort 8-month pregnancy

Chinese authorities continue to implement the nation’s one-child-per-family law with religious zeal. In one of the latest actions reported in the PM news of October 22, about a dozen government officials broke into the home of Luo Yanquan and his wife Xiao Aiying in Siming, on China’s east coast on October 10. According to Luo, “they held her hands behind her back and pushed her head against the wall and kicked her in the stomach, I don’t know if they were trying to give her a miscarriage”. The 36 year old Xiao was then taken to a hospital where she was injected with a drug to kill the unborn baby. Xiao was already 8 months pregnant at the time.
China’s strict family planning policy results in an estimated 13 million abortions every year and violators stand being fined up to 25,000 pounds sterling. See related news at Vol 10 no 3 and vol 10 no 6.

AHMADINEJHAD AT THE UN: Only The Coming Mahdi Can Save The World

He denies that the holocaust ever happened, claims that the 9-11 terrorism was not carried out by Moslems but rather Americans intent on protecting Israel (and that no Jew died in the explosions), etc etc. With such easily disproved fallacies, Ahmadinejhad truly deserves to be called - like someone insisted is the correct pronunciation of the name - “I’m mad in ze head”.
But then there is still some method to the madness of this man!
All his rhetoric about the US and Zionism, etc, began by his claiming that the current world order has failed because mankind has forsaken spirituality for materialism, especially capitalism. And in his conclusion, he proffered what he sees as the only solution, the coming together of religions to prepare the grounds for the literal return of the Mahdi to this planet. The Mahdi (who was the 12th Imam) supposedly disappeared in the year 941 as a child; but is supposedly living in seclusion since them, ready to appear to save the world in these end times .
According to Ahmadinejhad: “Reforming the world's affairs and bringing about tranquility and prosperity requires the participation of all, pure thoughts and the divine and humane management….The complete human, the true servant of God and the true friend of the mankind whose father was from the generation of the beloved Prophet of Islam and whose mother was from the true believers of the Jesus Christ, shall wait along with Jesus the son of Mary and the other righteous to appear on those brilliant times and assist the humanity. In welcoming them we should join ranks and seek justice.”
Without any doubts, the Iranian president is hopelessly confused in his theology. Scriptures and currently unfolding world events clearly show that the man he is waiting for is none other than the antichrist (same as occultists Avatar, Hindu’s Maitreya, Catholic’s “Mary”.grand master, or World Teacher,The Coming One, etc, see Vol 9 No 1 and Vol 10 No 1). But say, how many of our Christian heads of government would dare proclaim from the UN podium the soon-coming Jesus Christ as the only ultimate hope of the world? Even supposed Christian pastors sing different tunes when they get to the UN (see a refreshingly different situation in Nigeria’s Pastor E.A. Adeboye at last year’s UN summit, Vol 12 No 5).
Speaking out at the UN apart, even in their minds alone, how many Christian political leaders would dare to refrain from embracing policies that have to be “tolerated” simply because “there is no other option”. Of course expecting a direct intervention by the Lord Jesus Christ would not qualify as an “intelligent” option! Hence, even though the many risks associated with genetical tinkering with life are well known, not to talk of the real possibility of having all mankind subservient to a few who hold the patents to new “improved” seeds, genetic engineering of foods continue to foray into sacred grounds, all because, “there are no other options”. Likewise, homosexuality must be embraced and recommended to young people so that sexual needs could be “met” without increasing the population burden of mankind because “there are no other options”. The list is of course inexhaustible, but we mention one more: Jerusalem, the ancient Jewish capital today “NEEDS” to be partitioned in order to bring about some man-made peace in the Middle East, because “there are no other options”. All these evil compromises are eagerly embraced by the world today simply because it is inconceivable that some help can come from above.
The Ahmadinejhads of this world clearly expose the mortal danger in unbridled ecumecism and inter-faithism. Spirituality without a sound doctrine on the person and ministry of Jesus is mortal danger. (see 1 Jhn 4:2-3 ). Ahmadinejhad with all his spirituality is no saner than the atheist described in Psa 14:1 and 53:1
All these “do- small-evil- to- prevent- bigger- evil” philosophy will fly in the face of a belief that the good Lord, the eternal Creator will do what He has promised in His words, not to abandon the world to decay. Prior to His ultimate physical and literal return, He has put the Church here on earth to salt the earth and occupy for Him. The Church needs to sound it loud and clear that the only way of escape for the world is in following the clear directions set out in God’s word (the Holy Bible); and expecting the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ . From the Scriptures, we expect the manifestation of the antichrist ( Mahdi, Avatar, etc etc), will coincide with the rapture of the Church, the event that removes the restraint placed on the antichrist (2 Thess. 2:6-9)
See Full text of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s speech at UN here (

Scientific Tsunami: Radioactive Half-lives can change!

"It doesn't make sense according to conventional ideas." The Stanford Report of August 23, 2010 was quoting physicist Ephraim Fischbach of Purdue University whose team in collaboration with another team from Stanford University, had found easily measurable changes in the radioactive decay rate of a number of radioactive isotopes. Despite a number of previously established evidences that radioactive decay rates could change, the official scientific establishment had continued to restrict such findings into highly specialized journals, claiming that the situations producing such changes don’t exist outside special laboratory conditions which are practically unrealizable in real life.
The Stanford University News gave a brief history of the new developments: “It's a mystery that presented itself unexpectedly….. As the researchers pored through published data on specific isotopes, they found disagreement in the measured decay rates – odd for supposed physical constants.” According to co-author Peter Sturrock, emeritus professor of applied physics at Stanford, "Everyone thought it must be due to experimental mistakes, because we're all brought up to believe that decay rates are constant,"
However, in a series of papers published in Astroparticle Physics, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research and Space Science Reviews, Jenkins, Fischbach and their colleagues showed that the observed variations in decay rates were highly unlikely to have come from environmental influences on the detection systems. All of the evidence points toward a conclusion that the sun is "communicating" with radioactive isotopes on Earth, said Fischbach.
Even with this admission, efforts are being made to downplay the significance, with emphases being laid on practical implications in radiotherapy and prediction of solar flares. The big deal however would have to be with respect to radioactive dating techniques. Though the Purdue University News Service reports that the team has not yet examined isotopes used for dating of ancient artifacts, it nevertheless quickly dismissed outright, the possibility of any major impact: "The fluctuations we're seeing are fractions of a percent and are not likely to radically alter any major anthropological findings," Fischbach was quoted.
The key issue however is that the central assumption in radioactive dating - the constancy of radioactive decay rates – is now shown as not inviolate, as previously held. This, at least, demands that what credible organizations like the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) have been saying over the years must now be taken more seriously by mainstream science.
Brian Thomas of ICR commented on this development: “If the assumption of a constant rate is incorrect, then conclusions built upon that assumption are suspect, including certain dates assigned to artifacts and earth materials. This actually does not surprise those scientists willing to investigate the possibility that radioactive decay rates are, in fact, not stable. For example, it has been reported that dates for the same rock from different nuclear decay systems are usually discordant. Also, whenever rocks that were witnessed forming--as when lava hardens--were later dated with methods that depend on these supposedly constant rates, they were always "dated" orders of magnitude older than the known, actual age.” (
An example of the latter situation Brian was referring to, was a series of volcanic eruptions observed to have occurred in 1941, 1954 ad 1975. Dating igneous rocks formed from the ash however, reputable laboratories using the conventional assumption of constant radioactive decay rates, concluded that the eruptions occurred as early as 3.5 million years ago!
In conclusion, Brian wrote: “The implications of inconsistent decay rates in radioactive elements are vast. And those inconsistencies are real, calling into question evolutionists' adamant assertions of an ancient age for the earth.” Please see our tract, Radiometry Dating and the Age of the Earth at - Radiometry Dating and the Age of the Earth.docx for related information.

Scientific Evidence indicates Mother of all humans lived 6000 years ago. But that’s unreasonable, or is it?

The mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, is a loop of DNA that is passed from mother to child in every generation. Geneticists have been exploring the intriguing information about mankind's past contained in this molecule to attempt to determine how much changes had occurred between the DNA of the first human mother (named “Mitochondrial Eve”) and her offspring today; and also to deduce how long ago was she here on earth.
Like every dating method, there must be some inherent assumptions, especially with respect to the rate of change in the physical process being used. In this case, the rate of mutation in the DNA is central to arriving at a date for Mitochondrial Eve. However, according to an article published in the evolutionary journal Science in 1998, evolutionary scientists had to reject the clear evidences suggesting a new mutation rate than what was being used at the time – the reason being that the clear scientific evidence “did not make any sense.” In the words of the writer: “Regardless of the cause, evolutionists are most concerned about the effect of a faster mutation rate. For example, researchers have calculated that "mitochondrial Eve"--the woman whose mtDNA was ancestral to that in all living people—lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago in Africa. Using the new clock, she would be a mere 6000 years old. No one thinks that's the case..”
ICR’s Brian Thomas concludes: “So, to align the age with current evolutionary theories of human origins, subsequent calculations have started with assumptions that ensure at the outset that Mitochondrial Eve would have lived more than 100,000 years ago.”
But the best available data being obtained today are still most consistent with the earlier studies that showed that the age of Mitochondrial Eve coincided well with the biblical age of the historical Eve.
For example, a 2008 study of the mitochondrial chromosome found that, quite surprisingly, only 21.6 nucleotides - out of 16,569--DNA differences exist between modern DNA and the consensus DNA for Eve. Going by what is known about mutation rates over the years, according to Brian Thomas, this clearly indicated that “ a much shorter time than "200,000 years" must have transpired since Mitochondrial Eve arrived on the scene.” (For details and references, see

New Scientific Finding: Winds could indeed have parted the Red Sea

A strong east wind that blew through the night could indeed have pushed the waters of the red sea back – just as described in the Bible, U.S. researchers reported on 21 Sept 2010.
Computer simulations, part of a larger study on how winds affect water, show wind could push water back at a point where a river bent to merge with a coastal lagoon, said the team at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado at Boulder.
"The simulations match fairly closely with the account in Exodus," said Carl Drews of the research center.
"The parting of the waters can be understood through fluid dynamics. The wind moves the water in a way that's in accordance with physical laws, creating a safe passage with water on two sides and then abruptly allowing the water to rush back in."
Watch the fascinating animation of the model at the website of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. (
It shows that a wind of 63 mph, blowing steadily for 12 hours, could have pushed back waters 6 feet (2 metres) deep. "This land bridge is 3-4 km (2 to 2.5 miles) long and 5 km (3 miles) wide, and it remains open for 4 hours," they wrote in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS ONE. .
Incredible as it might appear, the omnipotent Creator and Sustainer of all things, is able to instigate whatever is required to bring deliverance to those who will choose to trust in Him and ask His help – just at the nick of time!

T V a time waster, a mind destroyer

A new survey, which was conducted on 3,925 men and women who participated in an earlier study, has established that extensive viewing of television can have a negative impact on mental health.
The group that viewed more than four hours of television a day proved to have the highest level of mental health problems. But those who watched TV for less than two hours a day had the lowest level of mental health issues. Even though the research was conducted using adults, Family Research Council (FRC) spokesman Peter Sprigg thinks these findings ought to send a loud message to parents.
Read the rest of the story at: Charlie Butts in the article, concludes: “Avoiding television would allow family members to spend more quality time each other, according to Sprigg -- and would also open up more time for reading, exercise, and other activities.”

Social Gospel gulping up the True Gospel in the US

Two important recent developments in the US underscore the increasing shifting and sifting of the Good News from a message that brings salvation to the total man, beginning from his spirit and working outwards to the soul and body; to one that focuses entirely on the body – and seeking to effect the change by means and methods developed by man.
First is the reluctant admittance by leader of the “progressive Christian” Sojourners movement, Pastor Jim Wallis, that he, over the years, accepted funding from leftist atheist billionaire George Soros. What communion could there possibly be between Belial and Christ! Pastor Wallis, after prior vehement denials of receiving funding from a non-christian group, made a volte-face turn around - when confronted with hard evidences. He thereafter declared that he had no apology for at least three documented grants, totaling about $325,000 he got from Soros’ Open Society Institute. Wallis, who is the new adopted spiritual mentor of Barack Obama (following the US President’s forced denunciation of Rev Wright at the heat of the US elections in 2008), told Christianity Today: "I have no apologies for taking a donation …from Open Society. We'd do it again."
George Soros is known for his strong views and supports for abortion rights, euthanasia and re-definition of marriage contrary to established Judeo-Christian values. (For more on this, see He is sometimes referred to as Judas Iscariot, he being a Jew that is stridently anti-Israel. See his latest donation, largely to undermine Israel’s interest, at
A second even more alarming development, reflecting the increasing subordination of the Gospel to man-made social gospel, is the arrival of a new spokesperson for Christian orthodoxy in America – the Mormon Gleck Beck.
At a rally at the base of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, 28th August, 2010, Glenn Beck (who is a Fox news commentator with enormous followership in the US) assembled some top evangelical celebrities to give testimonies, after which he preached about “a God and country revivalism that leaves the evangelicals cheering that they’ve heard the gospel…” (
While everybody is obviously entitled to their opinions, and efforts seeking to promote godliness and sanity in society obviously should be applauded, the issue is the engulfing of the Gospel by this new social gospel. As we have pointed out several times previously, individuals who wish - no matter their faiths or lack of faith - might indeed validly join forces to address social issues, say through an NGO. However, it is extremely dangerous to do so on the platform of faiths, thereby suggesting that some issues are more urgent or important than purity of faith! For Christianity, where faith is everything, this is nothing less than a death knell! For a feel of the intense debate on Glenn Becks assuming the position of official spokesperson for evangelical Christianity in the US, see Also the radio discussion: Are Christians selling their soul for patriotism? - Jan Markell, Brannon Howse, Eric Barger, and Ed Decker Discuss the Glenn Beck Issue.
For those who are only familiar with the neat and proper white and black dressing of Mormons (aka Church of the Latter Days Saints), part of their core beliefs is that God was once a human like us (starting off from one of a named planet); and that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers of this God. See Vol 8 No 4 or for more on Mormon teachings.

Researchers Using Rat-Robot Hybrid to Design Better Brain Machine Interfaces

Researchers from the University of Tokyo are showcasing a hybrid creature, half robot, half rat, which they appropriately call the RatCar. This is a rat-vehicle experiment they hope could lead to improved mobility for people with disabilities, such as total limb paralyses.
Presenting the prototype at the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society annual conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the researchers from University of Tokyo explained that “The objective was to make the vehicle collaborate with the rats to achieve the locomotion they desire.” In order words, the vehicle responds to the desires or simple will of the rat and move around appropriately.
"We wanted to develop a brain-machine interface system aiming for future wheelchairs that paralyzed patients can control only with thought," says Osamu Fukayama of the university's Medical Engineering and Life Science Laboratory. "RatCar is a simplified prototype to develop better electrodes, devices, and algorithms for those systems."
Unlike some brain-machine interface, or BMI, devices that rely on noninvasive EEG to detect neural activity, the RatCar works through direct contact with the brain. Other researchers have used this technique in getting rats to control robotic grippers and monkeys to control computer cursors and even advanced robot arms (see CA! Vol 10 No 6)
All these are further direct evidences that implanted microchips can easily provide an interface between the human mind and the outside world. Actually scientists are becoming more forthright in admitting to such mind-reading capability. Indeed in a recent story in the UK, brain implants for people in coma for the explicit purpose of reading their mind was being promoted ( . In reality, not only will it be possible to know what is going on in implanted people’s mind, thoughts and desires can actually be inputted there from the outside world. Isn’t that what’s called robots? No wonder the Bible concludes people who receive the mark of the beast (which we believe the microchip implant is preparatory for) are irreversibly sold to the ultimate controller of that technology – the antichrist! (see Rev 14:9-10, and the Topical issue on page 8 of this edition)
See Also:
• Cyborg Fly Pilots Mobile Robot
• Rat, Monkey, and Man Control Robots With Their Minds
(As brain-machine interfaces become more advanced, so do the devices they can control)
• Robot Bacteria Builds Pyramid


For those who disagree with the Biblical record that the heart of the natural (unregenerated) man is “desperately wicked”; and so would want to give the benefit of doubts to those developing and promoting microchip implants in humans, we refer to the now declassified documents on the MK ULTRA project officially commissioned by the by CIA in the 1950s.
The extent of the evils committed in attempting to perfect the science of controlling the mind of humans was such that the CIA director in 1973 ordered that all documents relating to the Project be destroyed. However, following dogged efforts by some interested individuals (mainly victims), armed with a sort of court ruling (FOIA request), a cache of about 20,000 documents that had survived the 1973 destruction order, having been mis-sorted, were found. In a subsequent Senate public hearing in 1977, sworn testimonies were received from key actors yet alive, in the MKULTRA experiments. The proceeding of this hearing can be downloaded freely at
For a helpful summary however, it might suffice to just visit Wikipaedia at As explained in Wikipaedia, “ Project MKULTRA, or MK-ULTRA, was the code name for a covert, illegal CIA human research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. This official U.S. government program began in the early 1950s, continuing at least through the late 1960s, and it used U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects. The published evidence indicates that Project MKULTRA involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate individual mental states and alter brain function, including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse.”
One 1955 MKULTRA document gives an indication of the size and range of the effort (which involved the deployment of biological, chemical and radiological substances). Involved (among many others) were:
• Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.
• Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during
• Substances which will produce "pure" euphoria with no subsequent let-down.
• Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.
• A material which will cause mental confusion of such a type that the individual under its influence will find it difficult to maintain a fabrication under questioning.
• Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.
• Substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eyesight or hearing faculties, preferably without permanent effects.
If, as far back as 1955, government officials have been seeking capabilities as the ones expressed above, one can only imagine how far they have gone; and what the goals today might be. (For a teaser, see “True confessions of a mindbender” in Vol 9 No 6).
Wikipaedia actually documents that “Although the CIA insists that MKULTRA-type experiments have been abandoned, 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti has stated in various interviews that the CIA routinely conducts disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. In a 1977 interview, Marchetti specifically called the CIA claim that MKULTRA was abandoned a "cover story."
Indeed, reading through the proceedings of the 1977 hearings, it is clear that while the CIA is quick to denounce the continued use of drugs and chemicals to achieve mind control functions in humans, it did not rule out the use of other methods – such as microchip implants, to achieve this objective which is considered fundamental to the organization.
In Vol 11 No 4, we pointed out the significant fact that British pioneer microchip implant enthusiast, Kevin Warwick is now collaborating with the US DARPA in developing a far more advanced microchip implant (the MMEA) than the typical Verichip implant that is the subject of most public debate.
For an indication of the depths of depravity involved in the UKULTRA project, read the account of one of the victims of government mind-control efforts here (CIA MK-ULTRA Experiments on Mind-Controlled Children. Carol Rutz's Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003. . A Conference on MKULTRA actually held at the beginning of the year (Feb 13-14 in the US, It is absolutely scary, seeing what human organizations are capable of doing – even to their own citizens, including children. Yet, as horrendous as this is, it should be noted that this is only the westernized version. The extent of what could be happening at the Russian, Chinese or Korean ends would then be simply unimaginable.
The quest for the ultimate mind-controlling agent can simply not end, even only just on account of rivalry between the world’s secret agencies. Of course, ultimately, the brain behind the drive is none else than the antichrist, who needs the technology to attempt his total take-over of God’s world, and turn God’s creatures in rebellion against their Maker. The Church is the only agent capable of stalling and frustrating these plans. But we must remain vigilant as we occupy, awaiting the glorious return of our King!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Towards 2011: Pastor Adeboye calls for political vigilance among Nigeria’s Christians

At the major event of the week-long 58th Annual Convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), the highly respected General Overseer of the Church, stepped forward to rally Nigerian Christians together to an active participation in the currently unfolding political process. In his usual soft and measured manner, Pastor Enoch Adeboye dramatically shifted gears from a low profile “annual report” he was giving on the enormous progress made in the RCCG within the past year when he said he wished to sound one thing “loud and clear”. He called for three imperatives: “I am calling on every Christian, you must register. You must vote.” The third imperative was a bombshell: “You must be ready to defend your vote!”. Expatiating further on this he said: “In other words, from now on, if anybody messes with our votes, we will fight!”
Addressing the electoral body directly, Pastor Adeboye added: “Let the message go out loud and clear. INEC we love you. INEC we will pray for you. But if anybody dabaru (local lingo for “messes up”) our votes, we will fight”!
Unusually strong words with a clear message: we are not going to mess up our Jubilee opportunity. Our time is now!

Boko Haram broke Bauchi Prison, threatens to strike in Jos next.

Despite having written ahead in several pamphlets and at least one direct letter to authorities at the Bauchi Prisons, members of the Boko Haram sect successfully broke through the Bauchi Prison and set their members and other convicts free on Tuesday Sept 7. Prior to the strike, the infamous Islamic group had boasted that their members awaiting trial in the prison would not spend the end of Ramadan Eid-el Fitr celebrations in prison. Surprisingly, they succeeded in releasing all 157 male and 17 female sect members during the broad day time operation during which four people, including a policeman and a soldier, lost their lives.
Quite significantly, the Islamic sect ominously warned that its next dastard action should be expected at Jos. In the same pamphlets and letters which were used to pre-announce the attack on the Bauchi Prison, the Boko Haram commiserated with the Moslem community in Jos, Plateau State capital “over the recent crises” and explained that its mission is to “bring back the full implementation of Sharia law, freedom of Moslems and takeover of power from Christians”. (Guardian and Vanguard newspapers of Saturday, 11 September 2010). See Vol 12 No 5 for more on the deadly Bokos Haram Islamic sect.
A number of these escapees later returned voluntarily following the promise of an amnesty for those who renounce the sect. However, at press time, only a few names among them have been announced as qualifying for the amnesty. This indeed led to the burning of the school prison in protest early October.
Meanwhile, the Boko Haram continues its parallel war against the establishment that probably created and nurtured it – the Sharia-pushing government in Borno state. At the last attacks on 7th October, the National Vice Chairman (North East) of the All Nigeria Peoples Party, and in-law to the state governor, Alhaji Awana Ali-Ngala was killed by Boko Haram – right in his Maiduguri residence. A few hours earlier the Boko Haram had paid a deadly visit to the residence of the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, where they shot two security operatives.

Islamic war against Christian evangelism – 10 killed in Afghanistan

On Thursday August 5, Taliban militants in Afghanistan brutally terminated the lives of 10 aid workers on a Christian medical mission.
Knowing the particularly sensitive nature of their Afghanistan field, these medical missionaries operating under the International Assistance Mission (IAM) are known to exercise extra-stringent caution to steer clear of proselytization. According to IAM director, Dirk Frans, they don’t even carry Bibles in Afghan languages.
Though gagged from speaking the gospel to the individuals they meet on the field, the sheer lifestyle of these types of missionaries, together with the unquestionable love that motivates them to the remote fields clearly bear eloquent witness of the gospel loud and clear to the entire watching world. Apparently, this is too much for radical Islam to quietly bear!
However, there is no wisdom or counsel against the LORD, and whatever step the enemies of the Church takes against Her is bound to backfire. As clearly demonstrated over the ages, the blood of the martyrs is indeed the seed of the Church.
It is an instructive sign of the times that in the wake of the callous cold-blooded murder of these fine Christian ladies and gentlemen, the issue in most of the news coverage has been on whether the IAM does or does not engage in clandestine soul winning. Rather than put Islam and its Scriptures to task for these heartless and barbaric acts done in the name of God! Ed Stetzer articulated this concern when he wrote on August 9 “Media keeps saying medical workers weren’t proselytizing. OK, but is [it] OK to murder if they were?” (
In short, the whole world is gradually concluding that evangelism is indeed a most reprehensible vocation! This trend will only worsen in the days ahead, as the Lord clearly teaches in Mathew 24ff. (For more about the IAM and this story, visit

North Korea executes underground church leaders

The Christian Post has reported (August 19) the execution of three leaders of the underground church by authorities in North Korea. Although the execution and imprisonment happened in mid-May, news only got out three months later, in August. Citing AsiaNews, the Christian Post reported that North Korean police raided a house in Kuwal-dong in Pyungsung county, Pyongan province, and arrested all 23 believers who were gathered there for religious activity.
The leaders were sentenced to death and soon after executed while the other 20 were reportedly sent to the infamous prison labour camp No 15 in Yodok. The 23 Christians had come to faith after some of them travelled to China on business and met with church members there.
Last year, as reported by the Associated Press, a 33-year-old Christian woman was publicly executed in that communist enclave, for the crime of distribution of Bibles.
Most Christians in the free world can hardly imagine what it means for brethren in restricted regions of the world to live a life where the major identity is not the job title or social status, but rather what one’s views are concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. Being a Christian in North Korea is considered one of the worst crimes by the oppressive government. There are an estimated 400,000 Christians in North Korea who live under the constant threat of imprisonment, torture or public execution if authorities discover their Christian faith. It is estimated that at least 10 percent of these our brethren (between 40,000 to 60,000), are currently in prison labor camps because of their faith.

In the US, Campus Ministries must now open leadership positions to all-comers

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Christian Organizations in public universities must allow anybody, whether they agree with the Organizations’ tenets or not, not only to become full members but also to aspire to leadership positions. This latest display of growing intolerance towards “intolerant groups” is supposed to promote non-discrimination (especially on faith and moral grounds) on campuses. Even in associations formed on the basis of shared faith or morality!
This ruling, given on June 28th, now opens up the possibilities, for instance, of atheists, (or homosexuals) joining a Christian fellowship en mass, and putting up one of theirs for the top posts at election times. Such infiltration, of course, will be carried out on targeted Fellowships, one at a time all over the country.
Fellowships who feel they cannot abide by this ruling are in jeopardy of being deregistered, with consequent loss of access to the student population, as well as on-campus facilities for their activities.
In an article in Christianity Today, Alec Hill, president of Intervarsity Christian fellowship (with 860 chapters nationwide) and a former professor of Law examined the legal impact as well as the cultural significance of the ruling. He however also offered assurances, pointing out from Scriptures that such persecution of the Church by civic authorities is not new or unexpected. He concluded the article in the never-say-die spirit of the Church as he wrote: “As the people of God, we believe in a sovereign God. His purposes will be accomplished whatever obstacles present themselves. …. If—in the worst case scenario—several Christian chapters were to be derecognized as a result of this ruling, God's mission on campus would continue. If access to newly arriving freshman were lost, if campus communication channels were closed or if access to university facilities were denied, the gospel would continue to be presented through small groups, Bible studies and off-campus large groups. Though limiting campus access would no doubt make ministry more difficult, God's purposes will not be thwarted.” (
Lessons? When the goings get tough (as the Bible assures they would increasingly get these end times), the tough must get going.

At Zanzibar University, Tanzania, no room at all for Christianity

If Christian fellowships are being driven off campuses at Christian-majority America. What then would a moslem-majority location like Zanzibar not do? At the Zanzibar University, a private institution, Islamic administrators have banned Christian worship and other activities on campus. Whereas two mosques, (sponsored by a foreign-based Islamic charity) proudly stand within the same University.
Christians at ZU are already used to being treated as second-class people on Campus. This is clear from issues ranging from the specified dressing code for women (a veil and headscarf is mandatory), to effectively requiring them to participate in fasting during the Ramadan as the Cafetarias are closed, and no cooking is allowed at the hostels. However, it was the complete ban on Christian activities, first pronounced by the Vice-Chancellor’s office on Dec 28 last year, and now being enforced with increasing rigour that is threatening to be the last straw that could break the camel’s back. The Christian students are thinking of going to court.
Even if the Christian students should choose to move off campus, there would be little relief in sight in Sunni Muslim dominated Zanzibar. Only a few weeks ago, in August, Evangelist Peter Masanja of the Pentecostal Church in Zanzibar was arrested by security agents following indications that he was making part of his land available for Church activities. As at the time when Compass Direct News broke the story, bro Peter was still in jail. Zanzibar is the unofficial name for the island of Unguja in the Indian Ocean. The Zanzibar archipelago (with moslem majority) united with Tanganyika (Christian majority) to form the present day Tanzania in 1964. (

Other Persecution News In brief:

Even in the larger off-campus community in the United States, things are getting increasingly tough for Christianity. Among dozens of cases happening virtually every day are that of Ron Baity a military CHRISTIAN chaplain who was relieved of his duties as honorary chaplain of the state house of representatives for refusing to stop closing his prayers in that House, “in the name of Jesus”, his Lord! (see the Lord’s promise in John 14:14) ( And in Michigan, Arabs Christians preaching the gospel peacefully at an Arab festival were arrested. Apparently being Arab must be synonymous with being a moslem, even in America! ( Even the established tradition of distributing Bibles on school campuses is being challenged at several fronts. Very vocal opponents now claim that Bibles do not provide any educational benefit to the students and that the distribution should stop. (

A similar situation of Christian bashing is going on in reputedly moderate Indonesia, the world’s most populous moslem country, see In that country, the relevant authorities refused (for years) to process the renewal request of the Batak Christian Protestant Church (HKBP) to continue using its premises. Spurred on by demonstrations by some Moslem organizations, the authorities then decided to close the premises; but Christians are defying the closure and are meeting on the grounds. Apart from official police harassment, individual moslem groups are itching to carry out Sharia justice on the members of the Church.
On Sunday Sept 12, the Rev. Luspida Simandjunktak was ambushed and struck on the head with a wooden plank while church elder Hasean Lumbantoruan Sihombing was stabbed on the stomach, while on their way to church around 9.a.m.

Meanwhile in Somalia, Sharia-rule continues to rampage the country. One of the latest atrocities involved the killing of a leader of the underground Somali Church. Al Shabaab militants broke into the house of Osman Abdullah Fataho in Afgoi on July 21 and shot him dead in front of his wife and four children. The assailants then abducted the children (aged 5 – 15) to become soldiers and be indoctrinated into Islam.

Child Sexual Abuse in Roman Catholic Church – Belgium next Bus stop

The sad revelations about respected and trusted adults sexually molesting innocent children in the Roman catholic church continue to reverberate all around the world. Further confirming what a catholic writer has written, suggesting that such abuse is potentially occurring wherever in the world “there is a substantial catholic population” (see Vol 13 No 2), the latest scene for these sickening stories is Belgium.
According to the BBC, the level, extent and duration of abuse revealed early September, shocked even members of the commission set up by the Catholic Church to investigate the allegations. The independent commission found that such abuse occurred in EVERY diocese and in EVERY Church school over decades. The commission said some victims were infants when the abuse started and that, at least,13 had committed suicide as a result.
The catholic Church is under pressure to prevent further abuse and help the victims who have suffered at the hands of priests, teachers, lay workers and in at least one case, a bishop. (The Punch, Sept 13).

Music Porn: How the Music Industry Sexualizes Your Children

Rebecca Hagelin has written an important article alerting parents to the on-going extensive sexualizing of young children through the music industry. Citing the over 1.5 billion dollars being raked in by the music industry in the US alone, Hagelin wrote that the industry is “no longer primarily about music” but rather it has become another avenue for selling porn. Increasingly younger and younger children are sexualized in the process.
An unexpected voice, drawing attention to this epidemic, is Mike Stock, one of Britain's top songwriters and producers. According to Stock, “music industry has gone too far” and now markets “99% soft pornography." Only a few years ago, Stock himself had been a purveyor of unwholesome explicit lyrics.
Much of the music's not just raunchy anymore--it's explicitly sexual. And it's only a download away from limitless play on your child's iPod. Hagelin’s article avers that nearly every major pop star produces pornographic music videos which are pushed to children through Facebook fan pages (new videos generate tens of thousands of hits in just hours) and YouTube videos, plus MTV. Live concerts are often worse, and a recent appearance by Rihanna at New York' reportedly included simulated sex and masturbation before an audience full of pre-teen and adolescent girls.
The example is cited of pop star, Katy Perry, wildly popular with the pre-teen set, whose latest album titled “Teenage Dream” reportedly features blatant pornographic romps which, she later revealed, even the recording company was not comfortable with. Well, this same Kate Perry (who rose to stardom from a Christian background) is being forcefully recommended to the pre-teens by being featured on such platforms as Nickolodeon's "Kid's Choice", Sesame Street, and the 2011 kids' movie, The Smurfs.
Hagelin warns that the music industry has perfected a “purposeful, deliberate, crossover marketing”, deliberately reaching out into the children’s market in other to cultivate new fans, create brand awareness among even the youngest children, and thereby ensure future success and million dollar revenues.
On what to do to save your child, Hagelin counseled: that first, parents should understand the problem, especially the well-established fact that exposure to sex on TV dramatically increases the risk that children will become sexually active. Next, parents should also carefully monitor the child’s song lists, refrain from facilitating bad choices and at the same time provide desired alternatives, (rather than ordering a total blockage of entertainment.) Finally, Hagelin advises parents to be consistent. She says: “Don't let battle fatigue wear you down. Our children need to know that we protect them because we love them. And even when we're tired or worn down, that will never change.” Read the full article at

Sex is everywhere

Above is the title of a recent article by OneNewsNow columnist, Marcia Segelstein. (
Segelstein recounted how her mother shared women’s magazine with her when she was a girl, and expressed frustration at finding anything appropriate for her own daughter in these days, obsessed as it were, with sex.
She describes contents of magazines she would have thought of sharing. Citing the magazine Redbook for instance, a recent cover headline screams: "28 Sexy Things to Try in Bed – He So Wants to Test These Out With You!" Other recent articles gleaned from a table of content in the same magazine include "Why You Shouldn't Be Shy About Oral Sex" and "Hot Little Sex-Life Ideas."
TV of course provides no respite from sex assaults. Segelstein recalled trying to watch what was supposed to be a crime-solving/mysteries movie one late evening. Her account: “Sadly, the actual crime-solving seemed like a mere sub-plot. The more important storyline revolved around the main character's love life, or should I say sex life.”
The Internet is even much more deadlier, providing easy access to raw sexual materials on multimedia platform: documents, audio and video. Innumerous young folks, even those who initially had not the least interest in the subject matter, have suddenly been confronted with explicit sexual materials. Segelstein recounted looking through the Fox News website the other day and coming “across an entire section devoted to none other than – you guessed it – sex.” She offered a sample of the articles on the Fox site. Including one titled "Fox on Sex: When Three is Not a Crowd." The article explained that "now more than ever folks in serious relationships are becoming open to inviting a third into the bedroom to keep monogamy from becoming monotonous." Segelsein wowed in mock excitement!
Globalism (internet and cable TV) apart, Nigeria is generating enormous amount of its own sex filth. What with scores of NGOs having nothing else doing but advocating full-time for more liberality on sex and sexuality issues. No thanks to the virtually limitless financial resources made available by the Gates and Buffetts of this world (See Topic Issue). And increasingly open supports being offered by the UN for the satanic agenda (see for instance
A recent story from the Daily Sun of 8th October well captures the Nigerian situation. “The Divisional Police Officer of a police station in Aba, Abia State (names withheld), has allegedly raped a lady to death inside his office” the report began. It then went on to describe what appears to be a drug-rape situation, and that the assaulting police officer was probably under the influence of a form of local sex-enhancing aphrodiasics. These herbal drugs are increasingly being widely advertised over loud speakers on the streets at most city centres, at late evenings, using extremely vulgar languages. In any case, at the end of a critical article detailing the sad situation of sex matters in the country, the Daily Sun offers its usual adverts, found on every on-line page: “How to Give Your Woman Earth-Shaking Orgasms. Click Here!” “How to Easily Get Any Woman You Want. Click Here!”

The Latest American Invention: Divorce Insurance

A company WedLockDivorceInsurance is out convincing couples in the US about the wisdom of squarely facing the realities of contemporary times and buying insurance to financially protect themselves in the event of their marriages hitting the rocks. Launching the scheme in August, John Logan claimed to have suffered great financial loss after a divorce, and wishes others would learn on his dime.
Counselling that “statistics don’t lie”, WedLockDivorceInsurance cites the fact that in the US, the chance of a first marriage lasting is only 50 percent. The statistics get even worse for subsequent marriages, reflecting waning level of commitment. The divorce rate is 67 percent for second marriages and rockets to 74 percent for third marriages. On WedLockDivorceInsurance website is featured a large counter showing the official number of divorces in the US so far this year (686,025 as at the time of the article). According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only one third of marriages being contracted today will reach their 25th anniversary.
John Logan believes all these data is reason enough for rational people to buy divorce insurance, just like they do in other aspects of life, even where the statistics is less threatening! By paying a regular token premium, the insured stands to reap a hefty compensation in the event of a divorce. Further statistics show that 44% of American families who suffer a divorce spend some time below the poverty line. For instance, in 2002, 7.8 percent of children in married-couple families were living in poverty, compared with 38.4 percent of children in female-householder families, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Thankfully, most Christians understand the great danger in this latest evil invention which can only further accelerate the decay to marriages and family life.
Jenny Tyree, marriage analyst for CitizenLink, the political arm of Focus on the Family, said divorce insurance builds into a marriage an “escape plan” rather than setting it on the foundation of strong marital commitment. She warned: “When the going gets tough, which it inevitably will in every marriage, that money might look better than the hard work required by the husband and wife to get through the hard times.”
All of these of course only pointedly demonstrate to the Church the great work crying out to be done out there. Unfortunately, at least in the US, the divorce figure between church members and non-church members are virtually the same. And if the figures look bad now, they are bound to get much worse with inventions like Divorce Insurance.

Flying car debuts in 2011

The revolutionary car that can fly will start rolling out in the next few months. Straight out of James Bond, the Terrafugia Transition is a lightweight airplane that can also double as a car. As reported in the Guardian, “The vehicle would allow the driver and a passenger to drive to the airport, hit the runway after deploying the wings, fly to their chosen airport and then drive to their destination.”
At the heart of the concept are folding wings that, at the press of a button, tuck in neatly beside the cockpit for road use. Priced around $200,000, the manufacturer indicated that about 70 people have already placed orders for it so far. The car can fly for 450 miles at a stretch. (

Documentary eye-opener to black genocide

“They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and taken across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help to build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known. But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America's wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not particular about how it might be done.”
With these words, a US group, Life Dynamics, is presenting its compelling video documentary detailing direct links between Planned Parenthood and the movement to consciously decimate the black population in the United States.
A trailer of the video Maafa 21 ( features copious quotes from leaders of the eugenic movement clearly advocating that blacks be lured to voluntarily embrace measures to curtail their population growth, and that if voluntary means don’t go far or fast enough, involuntary means must be used. The outcome of these policies championed by organizations such as Planned Parenthood is evidence today in changing demographic data of US blacks relative to other races. (see Vol 6 No 4 for more on this agenda even in places outside the US, e.g. Brazil). According to Maafa 21, “The plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today. So don't think that this is history. It is not. It is happening right here, and it's happening right now”
Arnold Culbreath, urban outreach director for Protecting Black Life, has hosted many screenings of Maafa 21, and he follows them up with panel discussions. According to Culbreath: "When we do screenings with largely white audiences, folks are broken, there are tears [and] people are sorrowful for the undeniable, systematic assault against a people." African-American audiences, he says, express shock after seeing the video. He lavished praise of Life Dynamics, and its Director, Mark Crutcher, for an incredible job of compiling such vast amount of “incontrovertible data”.
Culbreath says once a person views the documentary, there will be no doubt as to why Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities are often located in predominantly minority neighborhoods.

British Professor advocates forced sterilization of “unfit” members of society

As if to confirm that the eugenics movement is still well and alive, a British Professor of Sociology and Health Sciences has added his voice to the call that the mentally and morally “unfit” should be permanently sterilized. Speaking on a BBC programme (Aug 28), Professor David Marsland’s focus at this time, is on people who neglect or abuse their children. According to Marsland, “Children are abused or grossly neglected by a very small minority of inadequate parents.” Such parents, he said, are distinguished by “a number of moral and mental inadequacies” caused by “serious mental defect,” “chronic mental illness” and drug addiction and alcoholism. In the opinion of Prof Marsland, “Short of lifetime incarceration,” the solution is “permanent sterilization.”
The question, of course, is why should permanent sterilization be the ONLY solution? In fact, it is one “solution” that introduces far more problems than the one it is supposedly addressing.
Brian Clowes, director of research for Human Life International, told LifeSiteNews that in his view Professor Marsland is just one more in a long line of eugenicists who want to solve human problems by erasing the humans who have them. Clowes compared Marsland to Lothrop Stoddard and Margaret Sanger, prominent early 20th century eugenicists who promoted contraception and sterilization for blacks, Catholics, the poor and the mentally ill and disabled whom they classified as “human weeds.”
A co-participant with Marsland on the BBC programme, Janet Radcliffe Richards, (Professor of Practical Philosophy at Oxford) further faulted the arguments. Apart from serious problems about who makes the decisions, and inevitable abuses, Radcliffe Richards doubts that proponents are actually sincere with the claims that they are trying to protect the children. According to her: “It’s curious case that if the child doesn’t exist, it can’t be harmed. And to say that it would be better for the child not to exist, you need to be able to say that its life is worse than nothing. Now I think that’s a difficult thing to do because most people are glad they exist.”

Cyber Bombs for Iranian Nukes?

In the past several months, tension had heightened on the question of whether or not Israel would attack the burgeoning Iranian nuclear programme. While no bombs have been released, there are speculations that the Iranian programme is already reeling under an Israeli attack - from cyberspace. ( Eurasia Review)
The computer worm Stuxnet was discovered in July this year, when a Belarus-based security company discovered it on computers belonging to an Iranian client. After months of study, the consensus among security experts is that the worm, which easily surpasses anything they’ve ever seen before must have been built specifically to sabotage Iranian nuclear facilities, presumably the Bushehr reactor complex.
According to Wikipaedia: Russian digital security company Kaspersky Labs released a statement that described Stuxnet as "a working and fearsome prototype of a cyber-weapon that will lead to the creation of a new arms race in the world." Kevin Hogan, Senior Director of Security Response at Symantec, noted that 60 percent of the infected computers worldwide were in Iran, suggesting its industrial plants were the target.”(
Last year, Israeli media reported that some of the Iranian centrifuges refining uranium may have been undermined by deliberately erroneous commands received from cyberspace, which eventually may have either destroyed equipment or corrupted the enrichment process. The Iranians confirm disruptions and delays in their operations. It would appear the attack is still on-going; and this one, at least thus far, has not involved any troops or bullets.
According to PC World : “So scary, so thorough was the reconnaissance, so complex the job, so sneaky the attack, that (all the experts consulted) believe it couldn't be the work of even an advanced cybercrime gang. The size and scope of the cyber attack suggests that only a sophisticated nation state capable of devoting considerable resources to the effort would be capable of mounting such an effort. Of course the most likely nation to mount such an attack would be Israel.”

PostScript: It is interesting that the “experts” have concluded that the Stuxnet worm is so complicated that it could not have been developed even by just some talented hackers, but by a State with considerable resources to deploy. Yet it is also “experts” who tenaciously insist that real biological worms, infinitely more complicated than cyberworms, evolved just by accident without any intelligent creator at all. Hmm!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Its now Official: WARREN BUFFET IS GLOBAL ABORTION CHIEF….. Donates $3 BILLION for mainstreaming abortion practice in regular medicine

Usually, you only get to read about Warren Buffett’s simple lifestyle and love for philanthropy. But now, for some reasons that might as well become obvious very soon, Mr Buffett has apparently decided it’s time people knew that he is the strategic sponsor of abortion globally.

A pro-abortion article, published in the July 12, 2010 edition of the New York Times (NYT) was the medium chosen to make this revelation. The article thus further clarified the unusual bonding between the world’s two richest men, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates: that being the desire to promote “abortion on demand” for all, world-wide. (see CA vol 13 No 2 for more on Bill Gates efforts along that line).

On June 26, 2006, Buffett donated an unprecedented $31 billion to the Gates Foundation – the world’s leading source of funding for advocacy on abortion and homosexuality. Part of the deal was that Bill Gates himself would resign from his Microsoft job and devote his full attention to managing the Foundation. Warren Buffet himself also joined Bill and his wife Melinda on the Board of the Gates Foundation. (

Now, the NYT article (which couldn’t have been published without Buffet’s consent) is revealing that apart from that incredible thirty-one billion US dollars worth of donation, Mr Buffet gave a separate three billion dollars (that’s about half a trillion naira) to a Foundation of his late wife to advocate solely for abortion, to mainstream it in regular practice of medicine, and to do more research on the chilling subject.

The nine- page article written by Emily Bazelon in the New York Times describes on-going concerted efforts to mainstream abortion. The idea is quite simple and powerful: Require abortion to be incorporated into the standard curriculum at Medical schools, and provide academic fellowship to encourage brilliant scholars to train as residents and consultants, with specialization in Family Planning. With these, the stigma on abortion-doctors (who now operate mostly from special abortion clinics, rather than regular hospitals) will be removed. All the “pro-life” campaigns at abortion clinics will fizzle out, automatically.

However, given the emotional trauma involved in cutting a miniature fellow human being into pieces, particularly in these days where advanced ultra sound facilities give vivid images of the baby in the womb, coupled with the serious issue of having to dispose the body parts afterwards, it’s not so simple a matter mainstreaming the idea that abortion is okay even when the sole reason is just because of some inconvenience.

But then again, three billion dollars can really get a lot of things done!

One of the principal efforts in this regard, according to the New York Times, is the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program. Established in 1999 by Uta Landy, a former director of the National Abortion Federation, and Philip Darney, her husband who is an OB-GYN professor at the University of California at San Francisco (U.C.S.F.), the program gives medical schools two or three years of seed money for abortion training for OB-GYN residents. Through it, 58 campuses in the U.S. and Canada have received financing. Uta Landy also directs the Family Planning Fellowship, with Jody Steinauer as the associate director. Ms Steinauer is an OB-GYN professor also at the U.C.S.F.- obviously the hub of the abortion-rights countermovement in medicine.

According to NYT reporter Emily Bazelon, her attempt, in January, to set up an interview with Uta Landy was unsuccessful as Landy maintains a policy of not talking to the Press. However, Steinauer probably could, and she explained that they fear that publicity might scare away a university considering a Ryan or fellowship grant. “Or it might spook the donor,” some unnamed “other doctors” reportedly told Bazelon. She further elaborates: “The money for the Ryan and the Family Planning Fellowship comes from one foundation and from one family. The donor has chosen to remain anonymous, which helps to explain why there’s been so little publicity about the pro-choice strategy of bringing abortion into academic medicine. It has been covered by a veil of semisecrecy.” However, now that the programmes have grown beyond the threat of suffering any abortion, the sole sponsor can at last be revealed. Yes, it’s Warren Buffett.

Though Warren Buffett has never spoken publicly about his views on abortion, his deep involvement did not start with the 1999 sponsorship of academic fellowships for the gruesome affair. For instance, earlier in the 1990s, according to The Wall Street Journal, the Buffett Foundation helped finance the research and development of the pills that induce abortion. The foundation also helped finance a lawsuit to overturn the ban on so-called partial-birth abortion in Nebraska, Buffett’s home state and the headquarters of his company, Berkshire Hathaway.

In 2006, Buffett announced his $3 billion (half a trillion naira!) gift to the Susan Buffett Foundation, named after his separated wife who had died two years earlier. NYT reports that the award letter did not mention abortion directly, but was written in a “kind of code”. Reportedly, Buffett explained that he and his wife had established the Foundation “to focus intensely on important societal problems that had very limited funding constituencies.” According to the NYT, “the tax records also show that most of the Fondation’s spending goes to abortion and contraception advocacy and research.”

Benzalon felt there was no need for the Abortion Advocates to be jittery. According to her: “And yet for all the anxiety about being in the spotlight, the surprising truth is that however embattled abortion remains in America at large, at the top of the academic medicine, the structure built to support it looks secure.”
How secure? According to David Grimes, a pro-abortion researcher who is also on the committee that chooses the Family Planning Fellow at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, there were so many well-qualified candidates now applying for the fellowship that some had to be turned down in the current year. He further cites the annual meetings with presentations of top-flight research, the schools where Medical Students for Choice and residency training and the Family Planning Fellowship are flourishing, and concludes with satisfaction, “A few things have happened to turn it all around. Thanks to the donor, I think it’s all here to stay.

That donor is Warren Buffett.

According to Jody Steinauer, “The ‘90s were about getting abortion back into residency training and medical schools. Now it’s about getting abortion into our practices..” Perhaps that explains the article – first the god-father steps into open, and challenges the disciples to follow suit?

The article betrayed its pro-abortion bias when it casually but severely criticized (US) federally sponsored crisis pregnancy centres by alleging they give “wrong information like tying abortion to breast cancer or infertility or mental illness”
Yet these are well-established links, which are being reinforced with new evidences from time to time. It’s only the billions of dollars made available by people like Warren Buffet that is keeping these glaring facts from the teeming population of the world, as they rightly should be. For instance in a study published in the current issue (as at April 2010) of the Canadian Journal of Psychology by a multidisciplinary research group from the University of Manitoba, it was clearly further confirmed that abortion is associated with mental illnesses such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and suicide attempts. (Winnipeg Free Press: Saturday, May 1, 2010 , See also CA! Vol 11 No 6).

Similarly, despite much politicking by pro-abortion lobby, the link of abortion with breast cancer has long been established, with government scientists in the UK stating unequivocally in 1986 that "Induced abortion before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer." (Lancet, 2/22/86, p. 436). Indeed, in a recent article (June 24 2010), UK’s Daily Mail reported on the latest research finding published on the subject in the Journal Cancer Epidemiology. The research, carried out by scientists at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka is the fourth epidemiological study to report such a definite link between abortion and breast cancer in the past 14 months. Previous studies giving the same results were carried out in China, Turkey and the U.S. (See also The Coalition of abortion_breast cancer, There is perhaps no need to cite studies linking abortion with infertility, considering the myriads of ruptured or infected uteruses, not to talk of deaths, that attended many an abortion procedure. (Read Frank Peretti’s novel, The Prophet*, for more insight on these issues, or check out an on-going local story in Ibadan here

As we previously reported, Buffett and Gates are only two members of the super elite group, unofficially named “ the Good Club” who is fixated on the idea that the most urgent need of the world right now is to reduce the population, thereafter leading to global governance. Others in that Club included included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America's wealthiest dynasty, George Soros, the financier, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey (see CA! Vol 12 No 4).

Do we blame people like Warren Buffett? What for! The man is only putting his money where his heart is! If only many professing Christians would do same! As Scriptures say, the sons of the world are wiser in their generation, putting mammon to use to possess what money can not buy – human souls! We can only hope that at the least, Christians will be able to stop selling their own souls and destinies just in their excitement to partake of Mr Buffett’s billion-dollar buffet!

Thank God, the battle is already won through the Lord Jesus Christ! Read the book of Revelation (especially Chapters 17 – 20) to see how these things WILL SURELY END, probably only a short time from now!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Qur’anic student who killed teenage wife to die by hanging

“I wanted to have sex with her, but she refused. I begged her several times but she will not yield to my request. I then left her inside the room, went out and searched for a knife, which I got in the kitchen. I took possession of the knife and went back to the room with annoyance and stabbed her several times at different places.” That was how 28-year-old Qur’anic student, Abubakar Goni described the events that led to the death of her 14-year old-wife on October 22, 2003.
Seven years later in June 2010, the case was finally settled at the Maiduguri High Court where Abubakar was sentenced to be hanged.
The plain fact is that the innocent bride, Amsa Usman Abdu, at 14 was not ripe for marital life (contrary to the position of new sexuality advocates). Who is the victim here? Both Abubakar and her late young bride Amsa, we think. The sad reality is that hundreds of thousands are today, at the same crossroad as these two young people. These people are stranded and frustrated just because of various distortions introduced into marriage - a concept lovingly given by God – through various religious and human traditions. If only they would embrace the liberty and freedom that is available in Christ Jesus!

“Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?” 1 John 5:5

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” – Jesus (in Matthew 11:28)

Catholic Archbishop of Benin quits over child sexual abuse

The resignation of Richard Burke, the catholic Archbishop of the Nigerian Diocese of Benin City, accused of molesting a teenage girl, was accepted by Pope Benedict XVI on Monday 31st May, 2010.
Dolores Atwood had alleged she was sexually abused by Archbishop Burke when he was a priest in Warri. At that time Dolores was a 14-year-old patient in an unnamed hospital in Warri.
In his letter of resignation, the humiliated Archbishop wrote: “I take full responsibility for my actions. I wish to express my deepest sorrow for my inappropriate, irresponsible and repeatedly sinful conduct.”
According to newspaper reports, Burke, of Tipperary in South-Central Ireland, “voluntarily” left his position. The problem with this statement is that the indicated remorse came only AFTER Dolores had filed the complaint – in far away Canada. Burke had been named Archbishop of Benin City in 2008.
Last edition we referred to a statement by a senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, affirming that: “ Anywhere there is a substantial Catholic population there is the potential for this type of scandal." The situation with the Archbishop Burke confirms this statement for Nigeria, and should be food for thoughts for the wise and prudent. (Story from The Sun Publishing Tuesday, June 1, 2010, still available on-line here>

Church Arise! – Restating our Perspective

We routinely, from time to time, get uncomplimentary responses to our ministry efforts. Of course, it is the norm in the Christian endtime ministry that your teeming friends affirm you by merely nodding their heads while your few foes do far more than that. Often, they don’t spare funds, time, or spiritual efforts in making their points clear. But it is all part of basic ministry!
So whether it is threat letters from legal chambers abroad or verbal snipes from local folks, we simply take these in our strides and keep our focus on our Christ-given mandate. However an email received just before press time from one Peter Osikwemhe addresses a major point in our ministry and we take the opportunity to once again restate our perspectives and position on these issues. First the mail (without any editing):

“I read your article, but why cant we just preach the word and stop condemning one another? what has the catholic church done that you all keep striking hard and forgot to impart the true meaning of Gods Words. let stop all this feud and condemnation of priest and face the true meaning of christainity. God will judge us one day, you too may not be 100% holy. we all need prayers, that is why we have to pray for one another in times of trouble. not telling the whole word the negative side of priest, destroying there image when u were suppose to pray for them. everyone have sinned.

a life of celibacy is difficult, paul in the bible lived that. when most pastors fall out of lust, i pray for them, stop this. it wont lead us anywhere. even falsifying stories to gain your purpose.

pray for forgiveness and stop condenming. leave it to God.Dont fall a victim, avoid insulting men of God, there are implications!


Our response: CA! is not about condemning people. What do we gain from that? On the contrary we have a great deal of sympathy towards those most of society despise or (ab)use. Our position and concern is that the great deceiver and enemy of our soul (using largely religion and social tools) is keeping people in bondage away from their destiny and potentials in Christ.
Just look at the facts in these sexual abuse cases:
(1) It is plain wrong, and unfair that young children who trust in a religious institution get abused and scarred and corrupted. Wrong is wrong, no matter who is involved or the institutions that sponsor them!
(2) It is sad that ordinarily sincere people, seeking to serve God (as priests, for instance), should get ensnared in unbiblical situations that turn them into fiends and abusers of children – doing satan’s work for him. Of course each individual is accountable before the great Judge. But while we refrain from the futile and unfruitful efforts to judge people, we have the mandate to judge institutions and practices, using the yardstick of God’s eternally-settled word .(eg, Acts 4:19, 1 Cor 14:29, Phil 1:9, etc) God Himself affirms that He has some of His people (trapped/blinded?) even in unimaginable places (e.g. see Rev 3:4). Church Arise! mandate includes attempting to reach out to such people. Anyone who fits into this category needs to urgently heed God’s clear instructions in the Bible (see e.g. Rev 18:4, 2 Cor 6:17, Cor. Etc) – TODAY!
Yes, it’s tough living in the world, especially in these perilous end-time days. But we affirm that the Lord Jesus has made more than adequate provisions for our victory (See 1 John 5:4-5). We report these issues hoping that people will see that there is a glorious alternative provided for them through Jesus Christ the Truth. If only they would be bold enough to take the right steps, seeking the honour that comes from God alone and not that from men and their institutions (see John 5:44, John 12:42-43)
And of course, we don’t CREATE the news. We only report them. And we go to great length to always cite the sources of our news. Deliberately, most of our news and commentaries are taken from reliable sources that others can easily check out. For instance, all the news and commentaries we published on the catholic church in the last edition (vol 13 no 2) were all in the public domain, authored by catholics themselves. We only direct the attention of people (engaged by several other man-made problems in society) to these facts!
Finally, as any regular reader of CA! can attest, events in the catholic institution are only a fraction of the issues we routinely report on. We devote at least as much space to unedifying situations in non-catholic churches too. And, especially where persecution of Christians is involved, we do report extensively on Islam and other religions also. Of course reports on religion is only about a half of what we publish. The other half involves politics and governance, technology, economy, education and ethics, etc. The whole point is to alert the Church that “the time is short” and there might be better ways to use whatever time is left than what most of us are currently doing.
We seize this opportunity to sincerely thank all who have steadfastly encouraged us along, all these 12 years plus.

Worthy News now syndicated on our website.
You can now have up-to-date news on subjects relevant to our ministry by visiting our website anytime. This is because Worthy News ( now feeds our site directly. This is in addition to links to an enormous amount of resources (many of them free) from other Christian ministries and websites. See what we mean by checking out

In Pakistan, Moslem Mob kills wife and children of newly-posted Christian Police officer

In a direct mirror of the story at Wukari, Taraba state of Nigeria (see above), a police officer officially posted to a city with a Moslem majority in Pakistan was told he and his family could not stay in his rented apartment in a Moslem colony. His tardiness in responding to the quit order has cost him his wife and all four children!
The sad story began with the official transfer of Officer Jamshed Masih from Gujrat to a new posting 50 km away at Jhelum, Punjab Province. Upon arrival, he was summoned to the local mosque by a local muslim leader, Maulana Mahfoz Khan who ordered him to leave the Mustafa colony. “You must leave with your family, no non-Muslim has ever been allowed to live in this colony – we want to keep our colony safe from scum,”
Masih consulted with a local Pastor who advised he must indeed vacate his residence. But while preparing to do so, the faithful day Monday, June 21 came. Compass Direct has the details:
“Masih’s neighbor, Murtaza, told Compass that after Masih went to work at 7 a.m. on June 21, his children could be heard singing hymns before breakfast.
“Razia [Masih’s wife] sent their eldest son to buy a packet of Surf [detergent], and he was singing a hymn on his way to buy the Surf,” Murtaza said.
Neighbors saw Masih’s s 11-year-old son come into the store, he said. The shopkeeper asked him if he was a Christian; the child responded that he was.
“The shopkeeper refused to give him the packet of Surf and spoke very harshly to him, ‘I don’t sell to any non-Muslim, you are not welcome here, don’t you dare ever come to my shop again,’” Murtaza said.
The boy went home, upset, and told his mother about the encounter; she grew worried and called her husband, saying, “Jamshed, please come home quickly, the kids and I are very worried, we must leave this house today,” Masih said.
His neighbor, Murtaza, said that shortly afterward some area residents came to the door with the Muslim religious leader, Khan.
“Your son has committed blasphemy against Muhammad, our beloved prophet – we can’t allow him to live, he should be punished,” Khan told Razia Masih, Murtaza said. “Razia got scared and said, ‘My son couldn’t do such a thing, he is only 11 years old.’”
Khan became furious and said, “Are we lying to you? You call us liars, how dare you insult us,” Murtaza said. “Someone from the crowd hit something hard on her head, and she started bleeding. The children started crying and shouted for help. Razia kept shouting for help, ‘Please have mercy on us, please let my husband come, then we can talk.’”
Jamshed Masih said his daughter telephoned police as the mob attacked his wife and children. He said he later learned that “the people kept shouting, ‘This family has committed blasphemy, they should be killed.”
Before police arrived, his family was murdered, he said.”

When Masih tried to file a complaint against Khan for the murder, Station House Officer (SHO) Ramzan Mumtaz refused to cooperate with him. The SHO later confirmed to Compass that he had answered Masih exactly in this manner: ‘Khan is an influential man, and he said your son has committed blasphemy – we cannot do anything against him…. I am a poor man, I have a family, and I was pressured by higher authorities not to register the FIR [First Information Report] as Khan is a very influential man. I am sorry, I don’t have anything in my hands.’” Compass Direct News (