Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mission Accomplished: US relaxes airport screening of Nigerians

THE United States (U.S.) government has discontinued its enhanced airport screening measures targeting citizens from 14 selected countries, including Nigeria.

According to the U.S. government spokesperson, Phillip J. Crowley, an Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, the measures put in place after the failed terror attempt of Nigerian terrorist suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, last Christmas day were neither sustainable nor efficient. Speaking further, Mr Crowley said "Since that time, we've been engaged in intensive dialogue with those countries….Many of our partners around the globe have also increased their own security measures, and the overall intent of this effort is to enforce and ensure the safety and security of everyone travelling by air anywhere in the world,"

Very well said! In other words, the US knew the measures could not be sustained, but embarked on it nevertheless just to achieve some strategic objectives. And just like we said in the last edition, the whole point (“overall intent”) is to push the world closer to accepting routine obnoxious searches, in the name of security. Now that the objective is achieved so quickly, the obviously unsustainable measures used to harass the world into compliance can be jettisoned. (If we may add here, this is exactly the same tactic Obama-Clinton is applying in trying to bully Israel to agree to divide Jerusalem, giving “East Jerusalem” – the Temple Mount etc to the UN under Palestinian proxy. See article at )

A proud US Homeland Security Department later boasted, “A number of nations, including Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, have followed the U.S. lead to enhance aviation security by accelerating testing and deployment of advanced imaging technologies at their largest airports, and are strengthening behaviour detection,…. and information sharing capabilities."

The stage is rapidly being set for the advent of the antichrist, who needs all these infrastructure to be in place in order to play out his agenda scripted in hell

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