Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Al Gore earned millions of dollars in “green” companies

A report in the March 18 edition of the American Thinker has shown that Al Gore, the indisputable leader of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) movement, together with his financial backers, earned millions of dollars
in start-up “green” companies and carbon trading schemes. According to the American Thinker, if the scam worked, he could’ve become the first “carbon billionaire.” Now that the whole enterprise is highly troubled, many
investors are set to lose considerable funds as the stocks of those companies crash. The American Thinker thinks Mr Al Gore might have been advised by his legal team to lie low at the moment, explaining why he has not been making any statements at all, even as the whole AGW movement reverberates. Though it has been officially acknowledged that there has been no increase in global temperature in the past 15 years, AGW supporters, including the US Environmental Protection Agency still insists global warming is a reality, and that man is behind it all. ( And that all nations must form supra national agencies, which will oversee billions of dollars in taxes paid on emissions of greenhouse gases. Which monies will be used to further pursue one-world government agendas, etc etc. Read the full report by the American Thinker at

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