Saturday, August 28, 2021



Monday  23rd August, when the first blatant step was taken to mandate COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria happened to be the same day that the US Food and Drugs Agency announced the approval of the first vaccine ever for COVID-19.  And Nigeria’s NAFDAC has made it clear that all it will do is simply apply a dubious protocol called “Reliance” to repeat the same pronouncement made by a more “matured regulatory Agency” such as the US FDA.  Makes you wonder why we need the NAFDAC at all then!


Anyway, the US FDA vaccine is produced by Pfizer and has as brand name Comirnaty.  For some, this has taken care of the legal requirement that only an approved medical product can be at all mandated.


Not so fast!


On the one hand, the approval for Comirnaty does not apply to other vaccines, not even the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine produced by the same company, which is currently being administered in its millions under Emergency Use Authorization. Recall that in its Vaccine Passport scheme, the European Medicine Agency’s insisted that its approval for the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine produced under the brand name Vaxzevria in the UK and Asia was not applicable to the Covishield brand produced in India, and supplied to Africa!


On the other hand, Nigeria does not even have the Pfizer-Biotech EUA experimental vaccine, not to talk of the Comirnaty, which is being produced in very limited quantity, with the expectation that beguiled people will not notice the difference between it and the Pfizer-Biotech product.  The big issue is that the non-liability coverage of the latter does not apply to Comirnaty.  If people gullibly took Pfizer-Biotech vaccine (under a mandate that is applicable only to Comirnaty) and developed adverse response, nobody would be liable.  However if it is Comirnaty that they actually received as mandated, there would be room for numerous legal tussles which could prove damaging for the company Pfizer.  Hence Comirnaty has been produced in very limited quantity, insufficient even for the US market alone. 

Check the details of all these legal and commercial intrigues in the fine article  at


See you next week, God willing.



Without any doubt, the bombshell event in the closing week was the announcement by Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, that as from mid-September people would not be permitted to attend Church services unless they were….VACCINATED!  For good measure, he assured that detailed arrangement has been concluded with security forces to ensure full and diligent implementation of this “measure”.


This development is not only earth-shaking for the world of environment-health, but simply for every sphere of living in Nigeria.


First, it should be clear that this is not just an “Edo State” issue.  The globalists who wrote the scripts for Mr Governor in Edo, undoubtedly have similar scripts drafted for several other states in the Federation. They are simply testing the waters with Edo State. Some of our readers may recall that together with some of our coalition partners, LivingScience  submitted a Memorandum to the House of Representative in June last year, warning that the “spirit of mandatory vaccination” permeated the Bill they were considering at that time (HB 836), in its entirety. Many people thought we were being over-dramatic and that the idea was rather far-fetched.  Now the jury is in.  What the globalists couldn’t achieve at the legislature, they are attempting to push in through the executive arm of government.


People need to understand that mandating mRNA-based vaccine as a condition for joining a Church meeting is not in the same league as requiring people to use masks or social-distance.  These are external measures that essentially do not much harm – other than conditioning us for unquestionable obedience to even unsound and unproven totally opaque instructions as are thrown down at us.  As we wrote before, the annoying (and grossly unscientific) point here is that these measures are glossed over in other situations, but emphatically and rigorously emphasized for churches, creating the subtle impression that the Church is a special place for catching diseases rather than receiving reliefs.  Thus the Pastor is required to turn back people who came to Church without masks, even if those people had spent the previous hours in crowded classes or marketplaces, without masks; and probably came to Church using crowded public transportation!


But masking is still a reversible external action.  Vaccination is internal and it is irreversible!  It cannot therefore be lightly mandated.  And as we have documented in this column over the weeks, the products being mandated have big questions on the critical issues of safety and efficacy.  Furthermore being authorized only for Emergency or Investigational/Experimental Use, they cannot be lawfully mandated.


There is an even more basic question here.  Even if all Christians in Edo decide to go get a jab, does Mr Obaseki have enough dose for over two million people that would be asking for it, in the space of barely 2 weeks?  If you concluded that the measure announced by Mr Governor was not well thought-through, and is disdainful to the citizens, you wouldn’t be far from the truth!


PS.  Meanwhile, you are cordially invited to join our proposed national Press Conference to challenge the move by Governor Godwin Obaseki.  The Conference which is being organized together with other groups in a Coalition we belong to, will hold in Lagos early next week, and will be streamed online via Zoom.  The link will be sent to all our Partners.  Please pray along with us!

Saturday, August 21, 2021



The public health space continued to be totally overwhelmed with the COVID vaccine brouhaha.  Even with incredibly damning reports being churned out into the public space, advocates for the vaccine continue to push even harder to force it on every one of us, nevertheless.  In April, the tiny territory of Gibraltar achieved virtually 100% vaccination status for all inhabitants; and articles such as this ( endlessly hyped the so-called benefits.  However, it is open news that as at today 6th August, 2021,  barely three months later, Gibraltar has literally become the COVID-19 capital of the entire world.  A recent advisory from the US CDC blandly warned all Americans, vaccinated or not to stay off Gibraltar: “Because of the current situation in Gibraltar, even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.” (

The story is hardly different in other countries with high vaccination status: Seychelles, Israel, UK, …  In the case of the UK, the previous hype was that COVID hospitalization is occurring more in unvaccinated citizens than vaccinated ones. But a pro-vaccination publication, citing a new government Report, recently conceded that the reverse is actually the case.  Interestingly, the erudite analyst has a complex academic explanation - featuring demographics and ball-bearing rainfall paradigms, for this situation. (The article has since been re-written, no longer based on the official government report, but on claims that a government official who addressed it, was misquoted)!  On the other hand, increased COVID-19 among the vaccinated is exactly what we predicted could happen, based on well-known phenomena such as Pathogenic Priming and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

In the meantime we continue to watch developments in the United States, where President Biden continues to lead the global campaign to make the experimental vaccine compulsory for all.  In the latest moves, he is requiring all federal workers in his country to get the jab as a condition for retaining their jobs!  In the private sector, CNN has announced the sack of 3 members of staff who came to office without having received the covid injection!  Of course the Workers Unions are not taking the directive lightly and rallies such as seen in Europe might be in the works.  Dicey days surely ahead!

As for us at the LivingScience Foundation stand, our position remains that Nigeria’s decisions and policies must be dictated by results produced by Nigerian professionals in Nigeria, rather than some one-size-fits-all directives spurned out by some global bodies.  For instance, the study by an eminent team of Nigerian scientists clearly indicated that COVID-19 is no serious threat if treated early with Ivermectin. (  Consequently, we cannot take lightly all the ongoing desperate efforts to mandate a clearly experimental medical product, and that with everyone officially asking to be indemnified of all liabilities.  The problem becomes totally intolerable when we realize that we are here talking about irreversibly toying with the basic codes governing the routine maintenance of our intricate wonderfully-made body  - mRNAs.


 Egg-heads at the University of Oxford, the brain behind AZ experimental vaccines, has conceded that herd immunity is a fleeting illusion that cannot ever be achieved for coronaviruses.  But we really don’t need any experts to tell us what is plainly evident.  We only have to look at countries that have well surpassed the most liberal thresholds for attainment of “herd immunity”, and their abysmal sorry COVID situation. Gibraltar has vaccinated over 100% (due to people coming from Spain), of her population, yet it is literally the COVID capital of the world.  They say it’s due to some new “variants of concern”. An endless futility indeed. 

BUT…. , This situation is exactly what we predicted before the flagoff of the mass vaccination exercise. It is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement/Pathogenic priming

Now, with the formal declaration of a “third wave”, a new phase of vaccination is set to commence in the country.  This time around all the major western experimental vaccines are in town. (Interestingly no one is talking again about the Russian vaccines, which were the first to be donated to Nigeria!). Current moves in Nigeria suggest the already “fully-vaccinated” loyalists would soon be called out for a third “booster” jab.

Whatever happens, our confidence that it is the counsel of the LORD that would eventually prevail is unflinching.  And we continue to earnestly place ourselves ready for His deployment as would be necessary to put the enemy in his place – under our feet.  Amen



Apparently, the litany of vaccine propaganda is beginning to expire and people are no longer swallowing line hook and sinker everything put forward by so-called “experts”.  It was pleasant reading in the Punch newspaper earlier in the week, of State governments finally deciding to call off the bluff of the globalists, served through the Federal government, in their call for continuous mass testing of asymptomatic people in Nigeria.  Literally speaking as one, officials of state ministries of health insisted, they are not ready to comply with such an insane suggestion.  In the words of Prof Mobolaji Aluko, Ekiti State COVID Coordinator, “We are not doing mass testing. We are doing testing based on situation. If someone is feeling somehow, we test, if the person is positive, we do contact tracing.”

It is of course open secret that when the globalists need the “incidence” of COVID-19 to ebb, they refuse to test even those who plead for a test.  “No kit available”, “Go to the designated centre at so and so place,” etc are the well-known responses thrown at such people.  However, when the globalists’ narrative requires a cresting “new wave”, the cry for mandatory mass testing begins to fill the air.

Given that the PCR test is even now officially confirmed as inappropriate and yielding unacceptably number of false positive results (it would become unacceptable in the US after December 2021), it is clear that the more tests are carried out, the more positive “cases” would be discovered and announced!  As we pointed out at the beginning of this charade last year, the number of cases ought to be reported in terms of fraction of total tests conducted, rather than as absolute figures!

Even worsening the already stinking story is the announcement in the US, that the nation military establishment, the Pentagon, has now developed a chip that would be implanted in people, simply to enable them rapidly diagnose the presence of SARS Cov-2 virus!  A few months ago, anyone who suggests that such a development is in the offing would have been labelled a daft conspiracy theorist!

And on a final note, isn’t it amazing that nobody is even thinking of a “new wave of COVID” in Afghanistan?  Even more revealing is the news report of some 300 top globalists huddling together in a tent for the 60th birthday party of Barak Obama, without any masks on, or care about social distancing.  Apparently President Biden’s obsession with mass vaccination with masks and social distancing only applies to regular law abiding citizens of this world.

Our deep feeling at the LivingScience Foundation is that the vast majority of people in Nigeria had already caught COVID-19 when it debuted early last year.  Contrary to the expectation of the globalists however, protected by Divinely-orchestrated conditions (abundant sunlight, previous mass immunity to the coronavirus family, etc), COVID turned out to be a no-event here in the country!  The situation now is that most of us are therefore technically COVID-recovered; and have a robust immunity which no vaccine can match.  According to the well-known principle of Antibody Dependent Enhancement  it is the vaccinated people that have now become the perpetual source of an endless number of  virus “variants of concern”.  And it is they that are at most risk of succumbing to these variants.

While we wish those in this situation all the best (and advise they stock up on Ivermectin together with a religious embrace of available sound immunity-building protocols), we strongly urge the rest of us to steer clear of the experimental vaccines – at all costs!


Your brother, Joshua.