Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maylasian Plane Flight MH370 still Missing!

            As we pointed out in the previous article, directions at which developments are being channeled, (and those against which they are being diverted), have stories to tell those who care to listen.

Isn’t it amazing that with so much technological ability, a Boeing 777 with 239  people on board could just simply vanish off the surface of the earth just like that –leaving absolutely no trace behind?. Several weeks have since passed (since 7th March, 2014), and there is still absolutely no clue as to the fate of the aircraft and its occupants.

Many people would have thought this situation impossible, and had it been a local plane in a country like Nigeria, all the blames would have been conveniently heaped on some guy in authority some where, with arm-chair critics demonstrating and issuing ultimatums!  But here we have the entire world mobilized in a no-budget- limit search operation, and for several weeks running, all the efforts have drawn an absolute blank so far.

 The situation has given rise to a number of intriguing suggestions, ranging from the possibility of alien UFO abduction, to the existence of a hole/black hole in space, and of course to several conspiracy theories.   One of the theories is particularly intriguing because the facts could be checked out for verification.  It is the observation that on board the MH370 flight were four out of five joint patent holders for a major semi-conductor material.   The disappearance of the four therefore now makes the remaining fifth partner  the sole owner of the patent.  The punch in the situation is that this remaining fifth partner happens to be none else but billionaire Jacob Rothschild - a member of the  Illuminati who additionally comes from a family whose name has virtually become a recurrent decimal in discussions of the coming global governance agenda (see   )

            It will take a great deal of faith and hope to still be expecting that the passengers and crew of MH370 could be safely  restored to their families – although in the absence of any concrete clear details of what really happened, just anything is possible.  It’s not difficult to predict which side of the divide the major players would sit.  Government had actually declared that the flight had ended somewhere in the Indian Ocean with no survivors; but family members are insisting that they be shown some proof – wreckage, personal item, anything to rule out other possibilities and theories.

            For now the theorists may as well continue to enjoy their field day.  The day cometh, probably very soon, when they would need to explain the sudden disappearance of multitudes of Christians from all over the world in the great event known as The Rapture.

Supercomputers, Satellite Surveillance and Microchip implants prepare the grounds for the Antichrist

           If we accept the reasonable logic that the directions of growth of a strategic field like Science and Technology are not arbitrary, but being consciously directed by groups with well-defined stakes and interests, then the amazing developments  being daily reported in the fields of Science and Technology would have a clear story to tell.  As we will show presently, it is a clear indication of the mad rush to put in place the structures required for the emplacement of the antichrist.  Even more sobering is the fact that the de-classified information in the public realm today are most certainly years away from the real capabilities currently achievable.
           Let’s start with supercomputers.  With the advent of faster and faster microprocessors and increasing miniaturization of data storage systems,  supercomputers are now being put to previously unimaginable uses.  For instance, at the Utah Data Center,  built by the United States National Security Agency (NSA), it is reported that it is possible to monitor ”100 per cent” of a foreign country’s telephone calls.  The NSA reportedly can now rewind and review conversations as long as a month after they had taken place.  ( 
            Similarly, citing an NSA document, the  German magazine Der Spiegel., reported that as far back as 2008, The NSA  had been developing a software implant for Apple iPhones that allowed the Agency to take almost total control of the device.  This include retrieving text messages and voicemail, remotely turning the phone’s microphone and camera, remotely pushing and pulling files from the iPhone, retrieving the phone’s contact list and identifying the device’s location and the location of the nearest cell tower,  etc. The implant could do all this without the phone user’s knowledge, over SMS (Short Message Service) or a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) data connection.  (see  That was six long years ago.  Today, an App like “What’s App” quietly admits to phone users that it has similar capabilities as these functioning.  But most phone users who even bother to read the declarations in fine prints at all,   apparently see no problem with that.  After all they are not terrorists and they have nothing to hide!
              The direction to which progress in supercomputers is being directed is that leading to the development of microchips that are compatible with biological systems.  One major breakthrough along this line is the recent announcement by Stanford University of the first purely biological transistor, made entirely of genetic material.  Stanford assistant professor of bioengineering, Dr Drew Endy, described the breakthrough as the final component needed for a biological computer that can operate within living cells and reprogram living systems. (
              And talking of living systems, the IBM has announced that her collaboration with the US DARPA has led to the development of a self-learning computer system (  The age of machines that can think like man and make their own decisions seem truly at hand..
            The DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has not hidden her interest in the development of computer microchips that can be implanted in humans.  Such a system will not only allow unfettered monitoring of people, it will further allow thoughts to be inputted into (and perhaps deleted from!) people’s mind against their volition. (Literally, everything the NSA could do to the iphone could be done to the mind of people who allow the microchip to be implanted in them).  The literature is currently cluttered with reportage of one variant or another of mind-actuated systems.   In a previous edition, we described  DARPA’s Multiple Micro Electrode Arrays (MMEA) which makes other regular bio-implantable microchips look more like mere toys.  The involvement of Prof Kevin Warwick of University of Reading in the DARPA’s MMEA project establish beyond any doubt what DARPA has in mind. Warwick is fanatically committed to turning humans into cyborgs, a goal he seems never tire of announcing (see 
            Now as things approach a head, the head of DARPA, Regina Dugan has moved to join Google – the undisputed world leader in satellite surveillance.  According to spokesman for DARPA, Eric Mazzacone, "[Dugan] felt she couldn’t say no to such an innovative company “ and she had to leave her position of considerable influence in the US Pentagon (  )  Only a fool will wave such a move aside as mere childplay.
           Regina Duggan is respected as having highly impacted the DARPA in her two years there.  In response to the notion that many of her research products seemed futuristic and of no immediate value, she was famously quoted as telling a US congressional panel in March 2011  “There is a time and a place for daydreaming. But it is not at Darpa.  Darpa is not the place of dreamlike musings or fantasies, not a place for self-indulging in wishes and hopes. Darpa is a place of doing.”
             In her new position as head of Google’s Advancd Technology, Duggan shared her latest idea with the world at a recent All Things D11 Conference.  The idea involves people swallowing an edible microchip or tiny pill that contains a microchip, which will turn them into a living authentication system for all the popular electrical devices in common use throughout the day – such as cell phones, automobiles, or doors.  See some descriptions here (
           Dugan is not one to dwell on fantasies.  According to her, work is at an advanced stage in the production of the new biochip and the US Food and Drug Agency  has already approved its use!
          Truly awesome. 
          A  new book, Beast Tech, by Tom Horn and Terry Cook, attempts to review and summarize current developments in the quite open agenda of using Science and Technology to prepare the grounds for the coming antichrist.

 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.  (Rev 13”16-18)

World marks Autism day, but Third World countries continue to serve as dumping grounds for a major possible precursor for Autism: Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines unwanted elsewhere!

Wednesday 2nd of April was observed all over the world as World Autism Awareness Day.  Sadly, it is not likely there would soon be a scientific consensus on what exactly are those factors responsible for the horrible disease called autism.  Ordinarily, it shouldn’t have been such a difficult task – if it is only science that is involved.  Afterall, here is a disease that literally sprung up from nowhere – from near zero-incidence a few decades ago to now millions of sufferers globally.  Surely it must have something to do with something we started doing during that period of time!

            Unfortunately, it is more than science that is involved.  In particular, big money, power and politics also come into play.  And just like politicians see the lives of innocent citizens as mere inevitable  collateral damage in the battle for the next elections; for the big brains behind Thimerosal-Containing-Vaccines, - globalists and agents of the New World Order   -  life is all about “survival-of-the-fittest”.

            Yes, concerning autism, the raw, unprocessed facts speak, nay scream, for themselves.  Consider the following, with respect to the possible role of the chemical thimerosal in the development of autism. By the way, Thimerosal (or thiormersal, in UK and Australia), is a chemical containing 49.55% of ethyl mercury and is used to preserve several types of vaccines so that multiple doses could be extracted from one vial without fear of contamination.  It is the classical case depicted in the African proverb which speaks of having a mixture of stench and salt forced down one’s throat: that is, lacing a great beneficial product with an equally damaging poison!

There is absolutely no argument as to the great havoc caused by ethyl mercury in people, as it binds to their brain resulting in a spectrum of disorders – depending on the genetic composition of those people, and other chemicals that may be present or absent in the potion.  Going with the known toxicity of ethyl mercury, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the maximum standard for exposure to mercury at 1 microgram per 10 kilogram of body weight per day.   The vaccine with the least amount of Thimerosal however has 12,5 micrograms of mercury. One has to weigh 125 kg to remain within the recommended limits for such one vaccine. According to one calculation done for the mandatory childhood vaccine schedule in the US, children receive a whooping 237.5 micrograms of mercury in the first eighteen months of their lives.  The figure is much higher outside the United States.  (

Apart from their obviously tiny body weights, infants and babies also have yet-to-be-fully-formed blood-to-brain barrier (BBB).  The BBB prevents toxin such as mercury present in the blood from reaching the brain.   Children are therefore in double jeopardy with respect to mercury toxicity, and its real havoc them is therefore really yet unquantifiable!  This is the plain verdict of untainted science.

Realizing this connection, virtually all the developed countries of the world, including Russia (1980), Netherlands, Denmark, all decided to ban thimerosal from their vaccines.  Furthermore, following unrelenting public outcries, the United Nations Environmental Programme UNEP, Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (UNEP/INC 5), last year (2013) had no choice other than over-rule the enormous lobbies of vested interest groups, and declare thimerosal banned in all medicines and similar products for folk use.  That is all medicines, except vaccines!  (see

The argument for the exemption of vaccines was that the preparation of single-dose vaccines which would not require thimerosal will push production costs beyond the pocket of many under-developed countries.  In what was considered as the better of two evils, such countries are allowed to continue to receive thimerosal-laden vaccines unusable in the country where they are produced!  As it turned out, even in a country like the United States, poorer communities (read non-whites) who have to depend on National Health Insurance scheme to pay for their vaccines are also served with the mercury-containing variants of the products. 

The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) has cried itself hoarse on the immorality of this situation. In an official letter to a Committee of the US Congress, chairman of CoMeD, Lisa Sykes wrote:”

“The discrepancy between the distribution of mercury-free vaccines to wealthy and predominantly Caucasian populations, while mercury-containing vaccines are distributed to poor and predominantly non-Caucasian groups is undeniable and immensely troubling.

She went on to lament:

“The double standard in vaccine safety which currently exists is unethical. The possibility that the United Nations, under the tutelage of the World Health Organization (WHO), would tolerate, or ignore, an obviously discriminatory policy based on income, nationality, and even race, is frightening,”

 But all pleas and cries continue to fall on deaf ears.

Claiming to love African children too much to deprive them of the mercury-laden vaccines which are the only forms philanthropic donor-countries can afford to donate to them, the official scientific and health agencies of the world argue that, in any case, there is no convincing evidence that thimerosal in vaccines is linked with autism.  The withdrawal of thimerosal from vaccines of the developed countries, they argue, is merely “precautionary”.  Such precautions however will be unwarranted for people who might end up not being able to afford the product at the end of the day.  What an incredible logic!

To back up the argument that thimerosal in vaccines is not linked to autism, the latest so-called evidence cited is that in the state of California, removal of thimerosal from vaccines did not change the increasing incidents of autism within some period of time (, However, not only are there glaring faults with the design of the study (acknowledged by all), other better designed studies in other places such as the state of Alabama clearly demonstrate sharp reduction in incidents of autism with withdrawal of thimerosal from vaccines. (,).  To worsen matters, US governmental agencies were caught manipulating results from other countries, such as Denmark to alter clear evidences that the withdrawal of thimerosal from vaccines is leading to significant reduction in incidents of autism,  A Danish scientist involved in the fraudulent process was subsequently dismissed from service by his University. (see )_

Why all these manipulations and denials?  Ostensibly, the US government is terrified of the thousands of litigations that would surely follow, if it could be admitted that TCVs are linked with autism.  For instance, in just one single case, where TCVs were implicated, the Supreme Court ordered a compensation of over $1.5 million (one and half million dollars!) to the victim. (See CA! Vol 13 No 2;  The US government fears such rulings will easily wipe out the vaccine industry, which would be a matter of national security in the event of biological warfare against the nation.  New World Order goons must be wringing their hands in delight at the masterpiece problem they have created!

            In conclusion, if Science only were the considerations, then the world should be obtaining a reprieve by now from the scourge of autism.  Not only do figures from Alabama state and Denmark already cited show decrease in incidents of autism with the use of thimerosal-free vaccines, there are clear documentation of autistic children responding favourably to chelation therapy where mercury is removed from their blood. (Of course there are complications with this procedure and it cannot be generalized to all subjects.  Yet that it works even if just in one instance is an irrefutable demonstration of an association between mercury and autism - see

 And then there is the so-called Amish anomaly.  The religious community of Amish in Pennsylvania, USA has consistently refused vaccines over the years – for religious reasons, just as Jehovah Witnesses would not take blood transfusion.  And the clear result:  autism in Amish and similar communities is virtually non-existent  (, mirrored here: )

  Thimerosal is clearly in the league of  chemicals like lead and thalidomide in wreaking havocs on babies and infants.  Lead was removed from gasoline worldwide mainly due to this hazard, while thalidomide (as mentioned by Pastor E.A. Adeboye in a recent message) was also withdrawn for the horrible deformities it produced in new borns.  Yes, thimerosal-free vaccines are now in use in the developed countries, but African children continue to have thimerosal-containing versions donated to them by kind-hearted foreign philanthropists!  One developing nation that has found the courage to challenge the madness is Chile, which has decided that vaccines that are not good enough for American and European children are not welcome for use in Chilean children!

 What is even adding salt to the injury is that many of the vaccines are of dubious usefulness.  In a previous article (see . we have questioned the usefulness of probably the most-widely administered vaccine in Nigeria – the polio vaccine. At the instigation of Mr Bill Gates and his ilks, oral polio vaccine (not fit for use in the United States and other developed nations) are REPEATEDLY and senselessly administered (WITHOUT ANY LIMITS!)  to MILLIONS of Nigerian children, just to get rid of the TWENTY or less cases of polio in the country.  Meanwhile hundreds of thousands children die annually of preventable diseases such as diarrhea and malaria due to lack of proper funds or intensive campaigns.  Mr Gates seek the pleasure of being credited with the total eradication of polio, which is good enough (if actually achievable, see  But at what costs to us the recipients?  Even the WHO agrees it is going ahead with Oral polio vaccine in Nigeria only while it seeks for more reasonable, but yet unavailable, options (see

            In the meantime government and the mainstream media houses continue to sanctimoniously celebrate World Autism Day while promoting and sponsoring practices that certainly continue to stoke the raging inferno.  The end-times is a truly interesting period to be on the planet, and it is only in the light of the Scriptures that we can begin to discern or make sense of happenings in the various sectors of society.  CA! salutes the millions of parents who are steadfastly and lovingly supporting their autistic children and wards.  We challenge the government of African countries in particular to shake off the chains of neo-colonialism and do that which is needful.  To all our readers we say, Cheer up, the Redeemer is at the door!

Scotland requires state-appointed guardian for every child; Britain to jail parents for possible “emotional cruelty” to their children

The moves to recruiting the next generation, children, for mass indoctrination into New World Order ideas continue relentlessly as the endtime clock approaches midnight.

On the 19th of February, 2014, the Scottish National Parliament debated and passed a Bill which ostensibly seeks to ensure that all of Scotland’s parents are properly qualified to care for their children, purportedly to protect the “rights” of those children.   According to the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill , the National Health Service for Scotland will appoint a health worker to act as a “named person” for every child up until five years of age. Thereafter, the responsibility is passed to councils until the child reaches 18.  The “named person” is empowered to have legal access to information about a child and his family from law enforcement and health authorities.   (

Unfortunately it is true that, resulting from the increasing end-time assaults on family life and values, some parents do turn around to seriously abuse and assault their own children.  But even in these engineered environments, such cases are still by far in the minority, and could be handled by the plethora of  state agencies and social services already set up to cater for children welfare.  In this new proposal, every parent in Scotland is assumed irresponsible, and they have to be measured against standards and values set by the state.

Britain is set to take the matter to even a higher level.  In what is being termed the “Cinderella law”, parents in the England and Wales may be jailed for up to 10 years if they are adjudged not to have shown sufficient love to their own children (  Till date, the UK has stringent laws protecting the child from physical and sexual abuse from their own parents, but the proposed new extension will address what is termed  “emotional cruelty”.

As usual for such New World Order concepts, the new law is being pushed by NGOs. In their books, “emotional cruelty” is akin to Child Neglect, which is defined to include forcing a child to witness domestic violence, scapegoating them, humiliation and degrading punishments”. It could also include ignoring a child's presence” and “failing to stimulate a child”.  One Mr Buckland, speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, provides an apt summary of “emotional cruelty” to children: "Isolating them, belittling them, rejecting them, corrupting them, as well, into criminal or anti-social behaviour."

The changes are due to be introduced in the UK’s Parliament within the framework of the Queen’s Speech in early June.

One doesn’t have to be a prophet to discern which groups of citizens will suffer in all these new developments.   First is the poor and vulnerable parent who has to work extra hard to support the family.  As it were, many are increasingly having to choose between staying at home to provide “emotional care”, or staying away (working overtime or even going abroad) in order to provide basic sustenance and physical care: food, clothing and shelter! 

The other group that is bound to be hard-hit are those who advocate and/or practice traditional ideas that are increasingly now considered non-mainstream.  For instance, the Mayor of London has reportedly advocated that children be taken away from parents who hold certain political views (even when those views are those of a registered political party (see  Views on tolerance (of homosexuality for instance), inter-faithism, immigration policies and all those issues meant to promote global governance  will also certainly determine who qualifies to raise a child in the emerging New World Order.

These new ideas derive directly from UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child). The clear end-point in view is to bring the entire mankind under one global maximum ruler  – the Antichrist (see Rev. 13:16-18)


Another clear reality of how the  “ Hegelian approach” to changing the face of the world is being stridently applied is in the area of drug use. The role of hard drugs in degrading the mental status and quality of life of human beings is well established. Not to talk of the culpability of drugs in violence and crimes the world over.  Yet the emerging attitude now is that discouraging or stopping people from taking drugs is becoming unrealistic.  Instead of hitting our heads against the bricks in such “unrealistic, unprofitable ventures” therefore, the world should rather embrace legalization of drug use as the least among a number of related evils.   Somehow, the reasoning goes, the world will find a way to cope with the implications of that legalization later on.

The clear leader in this school of thoughts is Portugal.  After 50 years of military dictatorship, Portugal in 1974 entered a new world of unfettered liberties.  One of these was increased access and liberal attitude to hard drugs.  By the mid 1990’s Portugal knew it had a new problem at hand with 1% of the total population categorized as “severely drug-addicted”.  In 2002, the use of drugs had become so prevalent in the country that Portugal concluded it was useless trying to prosecute people for drug use.  Rather it came out with the meaningless Law 30/2000 which allows citizens to carry some arbitrarily-decided quantities of drugs (about ten days of use) on them without any fear of prosecution.  Incredibly, despite evidenced increasing rot, the opinion of the “experts” promoting the policy is that “it is working!”. 

In one article affirming the policy, author Wiebke Hollersen described the drug situation and attempted to justify the weird social experiment:

“A drug slum formed in Lisbon, at the edge of a neighborhood known as Casal Ventoso. Here junkies slept in shacks or in the garbage, in extremely poor conditions. "They shot up on the street, and they died on the street," Goulão says. Anyone in Portugal could observe this phenomenon -- on TV, in newspaper pictures or even from the nearby highway…..So, what to do with them but just allow them go on, seeing government can’t effectively prosecute them anyway?” ('This Is Working': Portugal, 12 Years after Decriminalizing Drugs) . Goulão, quoted above, is the family medical practitioner who heads the new drug experiment, ironically described as “war on drugs”.

For all this self-deluding justification of de-criminalization of drugs use in Portugal, drug use still remains officially illegal in the country -  so as not to offend the UN.  But it is an offence that is treated much like “a misdemeanor, much the same as a parking violation”. 

But even this could change if only many more countries will officially adopt the same attitude.  Hence, strident efforts are on-going worldwide (mainly in the “developed” countries, of course) to liberalize attitudes towards drug use.  In Vol 8 no 1, we described the justification of religious use of hallucinogenic drugs.  Later developments in the US have since seen marijuana being justified, step-wise, on the grounds of medical, recreational, and eventually now economical grounds. 

Todd of Rapture Ready “laments the US drug situation:

For years, there has been a slow creep with the introduction of medical marijuana into what is now in 21 states. Once Colorado voters decided to allow for the recreational uses of the drug, the floodgates were opened. We now have politicians openly talking about the economic benefit of making pot legal, and the media constantly reinforcing the idea that growing marijuana is no different than any other agricultural business. It should be no wonder that fifty-five-percent of Americans support national legalization of marijuana”. Todd, RaptureReady,  feb 3 2014.

He further points out that the city of San Francisco has actually announced it is offering free crack pipes to heroin addicts to slow the spread of HIV. Yea, embrace the lesser of two evils, for now, and let the future take care of itself, somehow.

            The situation is not much better elsewhere in the “developed” nations, with Czech republic probably rivaling the situation in Portugal. (  A comprehensive review can be found here (

            This same failure mentality is widely applied in several other areas of life – as the curtain closes on the endtimes.  For example, we have shown over the years how this attitude has been repeatedly applied in areas of human sexuality to justify immoral practices ranging from prostitution to promiscuity to paedophilia , and eventually to homosexuality.  

 By pushing God out of the way as a possible solution to emerging “global, modern crises”, mankind is encouraged to embrace some morality-blind alternative solutions as “lesser evils”. In short, if you can’t solve the problem, adjust to it.  The end-point in view by people deliberating promoting and nurturing these crises (and proffering their preferred solutions through their various NGOs) is to eventually remove all moral restraints in Society (in the spirit of Psalm 2:3).  As they blatantly and openly write in their new age literature, this is the way to bring in the One who will take the world into the next stage in its evolutionary destiny.  In actual fact, the Bible calls this man, the Man of Sin, the Antichrist.

Both God and Satan are agreed on this one point: this ungodly global leader must appear on the earth scene (Rev 17:17).  He will come ahead of the Lord Jesus Christ, and will eventually be destroyed by the appearance of the Lord at His coming (2 Thess. 2:3-9).

Church pushes on despite desperate satanic endtime attacks

Our faithful Lord and Master, Jesus, continues to be faithful to His promise to build His Church and make her undefeatable by the Devil (Mathew 16:18).  Through the ministry of faithful teachers and watchmen, the Church continues to stand strong against potentially deadly but subtle doctrinal heresies and falsehoods.  Please visit websites of organizations such as Lighthouse Research, (  Institute for Creation Research ( , Moriel ( among others to celebrate Christ’s faithfulness through His chosen vessels being used to keep the Church untainted and undefiled.

In the regions of the world, where the attacks are more direct and physically brutal, the Lord has also proven equal to the task of preserving His people and keeping them hopeful.  Communism and Islam remain the top persecutors of Christianity all over the world, yet they have continued to fail miserably, despite their desperate attacks.

For instance, various encouraging news have been emerging from the heart of communism itself, China.  One report from that country, based on on-line survey, indicates that despite the unrelenting persecutions, Jesus and Christianity are actually more popular in China than Chairman Mao and Communism. (see Jesus may be more popular than Mao in China)  Other physical indicators confirm that Communist officials are getting frustrated with the continued multiplication of the Church.  For instance there was the case of Communist officials deciding to bulldoze a Church deemed too big.  Even though the Sanjiang church in Wenzhou submits to the Three Self Patriotic movement doctrines of the Communist Party (submitting to rigorous monitoring by the state, including having to send sermons to be preached to state officials for vetting ahead of church services), officials still found the sheer size of the auditorium too intimidating that they decided to send in bulldozers.  Thousands of Chinese Christians were reported to have mounted, round-the-clock human shield around the church to prevent the actualization of the threat  (see Christians form human shield around church in 'China's Jerusalem' after demolition threat).  Another report, reporting on such Churches as the 5,000 capacity Church at the relatively small town of Liushi  goes on to predict that China  is on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years (  

Elsewhere, the Church by the grace of God is holding up high Her head.  From Russia came the report that The Harvest Church of St. Petersburg, Russia was closed by the Russian government without warning. Government officials reported that the church was conducting unregistered educational activities, namely holding Sunday school classes during the week without explicit permission (Church in Russia Closed for Holding “Unregistered” Sunday School Classes. ( 

In Kenya, six people have so far died from the assault on a church in Likoni near Mombasa.  Gunmen burst into a sunday service on March 23 and started shooting indiscriminately. Several more are seriously wounded and are receiving medical attention. The attackers managed to escape on foot before police arrived ( 

And reports continue to confirm that the on-going conflict in Syria is not blind to the presence of Christians who are considered fair targets by all warring sides.  For instance The Takfiri Jihadist group ISIS, reportedly operate “actual and literal Islamic human slaughterhouses” specifically for Christians in the region.  The horrifying report was based on eye-witness account of a survivor. (  In all these, the persecuted Church remains committed to the Lord Jesus, Praise the Lord!

These reports should encourage each of us to continue to be steadfast to Christ as we face our own share of the endtime satanic assaults (Rev.12:12)..  We should also endeavour to lift up one another in prayers for deliverance and strength as may be deemed appropriate by the Lord (please see Acts 12:5-7 and Luke 22:43-44)

The World labels Israel apartheid as Arabs advocate for Jew-free Palestinian State

Obama’s America is not hiding its deep commitment to ensuring that a Peace Treaty is signed between Israel and her apparently implacable Arab neigbours as soon as possible.  And with mounting economic threats, including boycotts and divestment led by the EU,  Israel has found herself needing to bend over backward to consider proposals once considered absolutely unthinkable..  . 

One such proposal, the land swap deal, calls for “the transfer of the predominantly Arab "Triangle" of communities and Wadi Ara, a main artery between central and northern Israel bordering the West Bank, in return for Jewish settlements in the West Bank.”   Eager to demonstrate goodwill towards the peace efforts, Israel, through her Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, is now conceding there is nothing fundamentally wrong with such an idea for land swap. (,7340,L-3082,00.html)

But there is a huge problem on the Arab side of the equation.  First, there is almost 100% agreement among the Arabs both within and outside Palestine, that no Jew could become citizens in the proposed Palestinian state.  If the land swap deal is to fall through then, the Jews would have to return to Israel.  While the Jews concerned would probably actually prefer that option, Arabs currently living in Israel as Israeli citizens would not hear of a reciprocal return by them to the new Palestinian state when created.

Avigdor Lieberman had expressed his opinion that the Palestinians would want to embrace that option. As he reasoned:  "They define themselves as Palestinians, ,,,,so why wouldn't they join their Palestinian brothers?" 

But the Arab Israeli’s have their “why not”.  The bottom-line is they are not ready to exchange the high quality of life and liberty offered by Israel for the deadly in-fighting and poverty promised by the proposed Palestinian State.  There are finer ways of expressing that however.  For instance, according to Revia Mahajna, an attorney from the village Musmus in the Wadi Ara region:

"From an historical perspective, I'm living on Palestinian land that was passed down from father to son way before the State of Israel was established, and on the other hand I have an Israeli identification card," he said. "I'm a Palestinian living in the State of Israel just like there are Palestinians living in Canada or Germany.",7340,L-4473953,00.html.

Where  the situation becomes absolutely incomprehensible however, is that even while the Arabs want a Palestinian state that is free of Jewish presence, they at the same time insist that they cannot accept Israel being even nominally recognized as a Jewish homeland! And absolutely amazingly, the EU and her allies are insisting that Israel is the one at one at fault and should be labeled an apartheid state and boycotted economically! (see Arab League 'categorically' refuses to recognize Israel as Jewish state).

Despite all these intrigues, the Bible is clear that a peace treaty will indeed be signed in the Middle East between Israel and her Arab neighbours.  This end-time treaty will be brokered by the antichrist, and will be for a period of 7 years.  Real Christians may not be around to witness the Treaty as it could have been preceded by the Rapture.

BOKO HARAM in desperate end-game assault

             Nobody with even a glint of understanding of the subject matter, doubts that Boko Haram is primarily all about politicians desperate to stop President Goodluck Jonathan from re-contesting in 2015.  (see here for an authoritative account by an outspoken “neutral” commentator, Wole Soyinka

            It is therefore extremely fearful and damning to see the extents to which politicians who claim to love Nigeria are ready to go, just to fulfill their political ambitions!  Incredibly, Nigerians seem to be developing thick skins to the atrocities: daily massacres in villages by so-called Fulani cattle rustlers, killings of school children (deaths of the teachers, not to talk of security officials, don’t count anymore!).  On the morning of Monday 14th April, scale of terror went up a notch with the Nyanya bus terminal blast in which about 100 lives were gruesomely terminated.  But worse was still coming, as the very next day, over 200 school girls were abducted (this time alive) from their hostel while writing their final school certificate exam.  As at press time, most of them are still in captivity, and there are reports (who are these sources, by the way?) authoritatively informing that many of the girls are being prepared as brides for the holy muhajedeens! [Stop Press: In a presidential chat on 04/05/14, President Jonathan mentioned that, going by their names, majority of the abducted girls are from Christian families].

            The madness continues with utterances from the political players, now barely veiling their affiliation with Boko Haram.  While opposition party APC went for the jugular of the President for still proceeding with a political rally to receive decampees from that party into his own PDP, the ruling Party defended the President’s action by suggesting that it was precisely to stop the rally that Boko Haram went into its latest serial offence, and that if the government dares to capitulate to such a move, it would only encourage more such attacks! 

Whoever is right, this seems to be the very height of madness seeing how politics override every other issue in the land.  And it should be instructive to anyone who still thinks the world system cares for them or can protect them!  We pointed out this conclusion in the treatment meted out by even great, democratic and powerful America, to its ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens who was left to be humiliated, molested and murdered on the streets of Benghazi while political considerations compelled his country to keep away from that holy moslem land, troops that could have helped. (see CA! Vol 15 No 6)

            Meanwhile indications that the Boko Haram end-game must be around include the fact that now, heat is being turned on the so-called sacred cows.  For instance, a number of former heads of state (who of course could never have sworn not to know the real identities of Boko Haram) are now officially being placed on restricted movement (officially for their own protection!).  Incredibly, while the opposition party on one hand blames the government for not being hard enough on curtailing the insurgency, her most vocal spokesperson, governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa state attempted to further confuse issues and weaken the hand of government by writing his open letter accusing government of being TOO hard on insurgency.  He actually stated point-blankly that government is pursuing a mission of genocide on his (Nyako’s) people. It’s not clear if the people he was referring to are the innocent citizens who are being butchered daily by Boko Haram, or the insurgents themselves who are obviously at their wits end, with the borders to neighbouring countries, their exit routes, now rapidly closing against them. The opposition political party had virulently opposed the declaration of a state of emergency in the region by the President.

            What’s the big lesson in all of these? With big-time terrorism now common-place virtually all over the world, the United Nations and other global bodies are rapidly assuming larger-than-life roles as the world’s main response to these atrocities.  Under the heat of the moment, little thoughts are given to the ultimate implications of the blanket dictatorial powers these global bodies are assuming.  As we have explained repeatedly over the past seventeen years, the Hegelian approach to instituting the coming global governance involves deliberately creating global crises (chief of which is terror – see BICQ Book 2, pg 137), which will make inevitable, the proffering of global solutions - at outrageous costs.  

          The Atlantic Council, a prominent Washington-based Think Tank recently re-affirmed this game-plan when it openly posited that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.” The Atlantic Council is considered to be a highly influential organization with close ties to major policy makers across the world. (Paul Joseph Watson, ""Think Tank: 'Extraordinary Crisis' Needed to Preserve 'New World Order,', 1/17/14) In Nigeria, Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka in May made a similar statement, calling on international forces to take over the battle against Boko Haram.

This is no longer a question of Conspiracy Theory.  It is clear that all of these globalized crises (including Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria) are simply preparing the grounds for the emergence of that global maximum dictator predicted in the Bible  – the Antichrist.

In Ondo State, Ritualist Kidnappers arrested, sentenced to death

            Aside of the big centres for kidnapping and satanic rituals which are being exposed by the Holy Spirit all over Yorubaland, the pockets of “free-lance” solo ritualists are also finding their spells over the people becoming broken and increasingly ineffectual.  As reported by another international media house, three ritualists were arrested for killing a 1-year-old girl in Ondo State, Nigeria.  Without the backing of the big guns behind centres like Mosarajo and Soka, justice was swift and straightforward for these agents of death: they have been sentenced to death by hanging. (
             In a similar development at Idikan in Ibadan, a moslem cleric was accosted in the very act of slaughtering a would-be victim.  Attracted by desperate screams from Chiwendu Nkwocha, neighbours broke down the door of the room of the Moslem cleric and found him already cutting deep into Chiwendu’s neck, as one would slaughter a ram.  The neck was not yet fully severed, and it is expected that the lady would fully recover with good medical attention.(


           We reported in our last edition how the Lord exposed the gross wickedness and inhuman atrocities being perpetrated at the village of Mosarajo, near the ancient city of Ile-Ife.  Clear evidences attest to a well-established practice of human sacrifice and rituals.  The speed and effectiveness with which such a heinous blatant event, which was widely reported all over the world, was brushed under carpet also clearly attests to the calibre of the clients who patronize the Shrines.
            Now an even more extensive practice of human sacrifice was also uncovered at Soka area of Ibadan city, in Oyo state on March 22. See pictures of victims and their clothing and personal effects here ( ).  Up till date, nothing has been heard concerning the unidentified 8 suspects linked with the ritualist den.  Currently, political bigwigs in the state are openly trading accusations on who are the patrons, and how such a place with its stench and scale of operation could possibly have existed without authorities knowing about it (see Again there is world-wide alarm and reportage of these atrocities (see http://www.a,
            Church Arise! believes,  (in the words of Rev Segun Olanipekun of the ICLD, Pretoria, see above)  that these satanic strongholds are “the trees producing strings of wicked leaders” in Yorubaland.  Their being exposed and discredited at this auspicious time must certainly be a confirmation that the Lord is serious about changing core leadership cadres all over Africa, beginning from Yorubaland.  The Church of God must awaken to these realities and mobilize to actualize God’s agenda for our time


                Plans for the Yoruba Christian Leaders’ Assembly are now well in advanced stages. In the last edition of CA! we provided a peep into the motivation and goals behind the YCLA, envisioned by Rev Segun Olanipekun of the Institute for Christian Leadership Development (ICLD), Pretoria, South Africa.  It is an end-time vision where Christian leaders in different nations all over Africa rise to bring their Christian influence to bear, in practical ways, on every segment of Society where the Lord has positioned them. It envisions a leadership that promotes both Eternal Life (a heavenly component, for all eternity) and Abundant Life (an earthly component for the now).  As explained by Bro Segun, these two tracks were abundantly demonstrated in the life of the patriarch Abraham, and they aptly summarize the Abrahamic Covenant spelt out in Genesis 12.
                This same Covenant the Lord has determined to replicate in willing vessels, all over Africa – according to prophecies at the  First African Leaders’ Summit and Prophetic Tour of Israel last year.  The YCLA is the first of proposed Assemblies of Christian Leaders from various ethnic groups all over Africa, seeking to actualize this prophecy.  In practical terms, Christian leaders will discuss how godly structures can be put in place within their spheres of influence.  Godly structures, akin to the Highway described in Isaiah 35:8, where even “fools” can walk without missing their steps.   Bro Segun Olanipekun was emphatic that the main difference between developed and underdeveloped nations lies in the level of organization/structures they have in place.
             At the YCLA scheduled for the Oduduwa Hall of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife between Wednesday July 9 and Saturday July 12 this year, issues related to the above subject matter will be exhaustively discussed under the leading of the Holy Spirit. We also trust the Lord to release the Abrahamic Mantle and anointing needed for participants to go replicate the Abrahamic Covenant in their various domains.     
               Expected to join Rev Olanipekun in leading the discussions and prayers are a crop of seasoned ministers of the Gospel including Rev Dr Mike Oye, Engr Steve Olumuyiwa, Dr Kole Akinboboye among others.  Delegates are expected from all Yoruba states of Nigeria (including Kogi and Edo).  Church Arise! strongly endorses this Assembly and encourages all whose hearts are stirred, to go ahead and make the requisite moves. For more details, kindly contact the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, Dr Olalekan Jesuleye on 08157609726