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·    Radiometry Dating and the Age of the Earth

(Irrefutable evidences affirm our Planet is relatively young – aged only a couple of thousand years)

·    The Star of Bethlehem, Eclipse at Easter, and Eternity

(Mind-blowing perspectives on the physical Universe gleaned at the intersection of Scriptures, Astronomy, and Philosophy)

·    Evolution versus Creation: Incontrovertible Evidences

(Exposing the warts, illogic, and inconsistencies in the Evolution theory and presenting Creationism alternatives)

·    The Malaria Vaccine: Matters Arising

(Presenting unbelievable vital facts on the malaria vaccine “hidden in plain sight” in the mainstream scientific journals and official WHO reports)

·    The Physical Environment and Your Health

(Understanding environmental hazards, their health impacts, and how to mitigate them).


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Dr Olugbenga A. Ayannuga

·    Evidences for Creation from Physiology and Anatomy: Gender, Sexuality, and the Human Anatomy


Dr Omolaja Osoniyi

·    Evidences for Creation from Molecular Biology: The Biochemistry of Drug Addiction


Dr Olanrewaju Ikuteyijo

·    Evidences for Creation from Sociology and Anthropology: Sustainability of Social Systems

Dr Grace Akinlade

·    Mitigating Adverse Health Effects associated with Pesticides and Air Pollution in Nigeria

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Some Pfizer Vaccines Were Contaminated — What Does That Mean for Millions Who Got the Jab?


Above was the very concerning headline adopted by The Defender for the article by Julie Sladden and Julian Gillespie originally published by the Brownstone Institute on August 16. It reports that several top laboratories followed up on the claims of Dr Kevin McKernan that he and his team found several DNA contaminations across different vials and batches of the COVID vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Anticipating stiff challenges from mainstream peer-review journals in accepting and publishing their explosive finding, McKernan and colleagues simply announced their results online and invited researchers all over the world to either replicate or fault their findings.  And replicated, the results were!


      The levels of contamination were by no means minor. As explained  by Dr McKernan, with reference to the regular PCR test used to confirm COVID infection in people, it translates to “a million-fold contamination that you would be called positive for a virus”. 


       Next comes the troubling question of the exact nature of the contaminations.  First was the DNA contamination itself which soon raised the question of bacterial endotoxin usually associated with such contamination.  The endotoxin is known to be capable of producing “serious side effects if injected, including anaphylaxis and septic shock”. Furthermore when the DNA contaminations were sequenced, something called SV40 promoter, not disclosed by Pfizer to the regulatory authorities, was found there. The SV40 promoter is known to be capable of turning on gene expression and has been implicated in cancers in the 1960s.  Worse still, much of the DNA seemed packaged in the lipid nano particles (LNP) which could “transfect the mammalian cells and become a genetic alteration”. Dr McKernan who was a former team leader for the Human Genome Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology put the matter point-blank: ‘If (the SV40 promoter) becomes integrated into the genome it will turn on gene expression wherever it lands. If this happens to be an oncogene (a cancer-causing gene), you’ve got problems.”


     The US FDA is yet to comment on the issue which was brought to its attention on June 16, 2023.  It is extremely troubling that these products (even inferior versions rejected in the western world) are still being administered to gullible/helpless people in Nigeria.  For instance a news report indicates that COVID vaccine is now quietly mandated for international arrivals. In the same vein, government agencies make no secret of ongoing efforts to integrate the vaccine into routine immunization.


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Biden administration to reinstate COVID mandates, says report

 The usually reliable Infowars claims (August 20, 2023) that a high-ranking official in the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has leaked plans of the Biden administration to reinstate, in the coming weeks, COVID-19 restrictions beginning with mask mandates.  The report reads:

“According to the official, TSA managers were told in a Tuesday meeting that mask mandates will be imposed on TSA officers and airport employees beginning in mid-September. Restrictions will escalate so that by mid-October, pilots, flight crews and passengers will also be required to wear masks.” (https://frontline.news/post/biden-administration-to-reinstate-covid-mandates-says-report )


It is clear that the globalists have no intention of shutting up their One-world government plan.  With their spectacular failure with the COVID-19 plandemic, they only went back to the drawing board to plan their comeback.  All these were quite evident in the various pushes to redefine the World Health Organization and her powers, especially with respect to pandemics. This report from Infowars is then essentially an alert that we might begin to see the first salvo by mid-October. We wait and see how accurate this will turn out to be.  In the meantime, it is wisdom to begin to brace up for the impact!

Bavarian Turtle Fossil Confounds Evolutionists


A new discovery of a foot-long marine turtle fossil was announced in central Bavaria, southern Germany in a PLoS ONE article published on July 26. Apart from the difficulty of explaining how fine details (including limbs, head, and carapace) could be exquisitely preserved  for an incredible  150 million years (supposedly), there’s the big problem for evolutionists to explain how come a marine specimen got to be fossilized in the midst of land organisms, birds, and plants! ICR’s Tim Clarey in his article of 21st August, pointed out that these facts are however, a piece of cake for creationists to explain.  Indeed, these are exactly what to expect in a catastrophic massive flood! Tim wrote:


”All fossils have to be buried rapidly and deep.3 And the tsunami waves of the Flood were violent enough to transport sea animals inland, mixing them with land animals and plants. The fast burial provided by transported lime muds during the Flood provide ideal conditions to preserve turtles, bird feathers, dinosaurs, and even delicate plants. In this scenario, there would be no opportunity for scavengers to consume these animals, as they would be buried, too.


Tim also went on to affirm that rather than a localized event, such flooding as apparently happened in Bavaria is actually part of a global event, covering the entire planet. Specifically, he was referring to the global Flood recorded in the Bible to have occurred in the days of Noah. He writes further:

“And this evidence for mixing of land and marine fossils is not an isolated occurrence. It is a worldwide phenomenon!4-8 In fact, most Upper Cretaceous dinosaurs in Europe are found in marine rocks, like chalk and limestone.8 This is just what would be expected in a global Flood with ocean waves crashing across the land, transporting marine animals inland and inundating everything together in the same layers of sediment.”  https://www.icr.org/articles/type/9


If this is indeed the case, it would completely invalidate the current conventional interpretation of the geological layers, the fossils they contain, and the ages attributed to them.  We might also point out that the very name of our city here at Ile-Ife, literally denotes the place where land, once-submerged, re-appeared from retreating waters. Suggesting that the global Flood certainly got here too!


Spotlight on the 8th NCEH: 1. Electrosmog Pollution


The word “smog” is coined from smoke and fog, referring to the most visible and most conspicuous form of pollution – one that literally blocks your view!  Electrosmog is a new coinage referring to the even much more intense pollution associated with invisible microwave radiation associated largely with modern telecommunication.  A report by the Planetary Health Alliance affirmed that there has been about 10¹⁸ times fold change in the level of electromagnetic (EM) radiation in the ambient environment since the 1950s.  There is no other area of human existence where such a humongous relative change of magnitude is known to have occurred. Unfortunately there is no sign of things slowing down.

Only last week, LSF was approached to arbitrate in an ongoing intense battle between residents of a high-brow area in Ile-Ife and a telecommunication service provider trying to erect a base transceiver station (BTS – a.k.a GSM Mast) in the community. It is not the first of such invitation to us, and apparently, it won’t be the last!  What exactly are the fears, and how justified are they? In my review article published in the Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2020, I detailed the adverse health effects that come with this modern environmental hazard.  These range from general non-specific symptoms known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity and increased susceptibility to infections; to specific adverse effects on the reproductive system, on growth and development, and ultimately various cancers.

More importantly, what is the way out?  Not only is GSM telecommunication a vital need in modern society (recall they were the target of insurgents in Northern Nigeria a few years back), it is ironic that poor network coverage in an area will only result in the cellphones operating at much higher radiating power, significantly increasing the amount of radiation imparted to the user. [Both GSM masts and cellphones emit the same electrosmog pollution]. In other words, if care is not taken, rejecting GSM masts in a community might just simply transfer the health risks from the masts to the cell phones used by the individual!

It is for complex situations such as these that we convene the National Conference on Environment and Health.  No individual is rich or smart enough to escape the hazard by solo efforts. Our only hope of successfully addressing the daunting issues is to have all relevant stakeholders come together, and collectively seek a creative solution – which of course certainly does exist.

By the grace of God, I will be doing my best to review recommendations by top experts on the subject and the various solutions being attempted in diverse communities around the world.  I hope you, dear Reader, will find time to join in this critical conversation and we can begin to address an all-pervasive national problem which currently is receiving ZERO attention.  See you at the Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan 17th and 18th October, God willing!


To register for the Conference or Submit an Abstract, please go to: http://conferences.lsfnigeria.org