Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nigeria's Anti-Gay Bill: “New Sexuality” goons remove veil, bare fangs

For years we have alerted Nigerians that there are powerful satanic forces behind the new sexuality drives which have Nigeria as a special juicy target. Most people thought it was just some over-fed NGOs, lacking other useful purpose, that are amusing themselves with new experiments in sexuality.

With the snarls and serious threats coming directly from western governments following the Senate’s position on same-sex marriage, Nigerians now know better. As rightly put by Senate President David Mark, “They say it is an unimportant bill, but all the attending furors indicate it is very important (paraphrased)”. At the last count, Canada, France and the United States have strongly added their voices to the salvo first fired by Britain’s David Cameron using the platform of the Commonwealth, in Perth, Australia. Obama in particular has directed that all US Embassies do everything possible to fight the ”criminalization of homosexuality” anywhere in the world. But nobody can seriously doubt that he was actually referring to Nigeria.

Even then, the real truth is that these now vocal world leaders are only responding to pressures being mounted on them by the tiny but very powerful homosexual lobbies in their respective countries. Having failed to make any serious impact here directly through their numerous NGOs, these lobbies have now come out to let loose their prized hounds on the government of Nigeria - even at the price of revealing the reality of their erstwhile hidden powerful stranglehold on these western governments. It may be difficult to appreciate the immensity of the pressure on President Goodluck at the present time, but hopefully he should know what the other alternatives would be. God forbid the President dragging his feet in providing a prompt assent (once the House of Representatives accords to the bill). The unacceptability of official homosexuality is one thing virtually all Nigerians are agreed on – from Boko Haram to the regular guy on the street!

It is amazing how illogical Satan could reduce people to. The desperate advocates of homosexuality somehow can’t see that it is the very same arguments they are using to try to foist their practice on us that their sponsors are using in other lands to advocate for incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and other follow-ups to homosexuality. At the present time, the Nigerian advocates are still too shy to mouth these concepts, but as surely as night follows the day, their western sponsors are bound to give them further instructions along that line - if they could surmount their current hurdle. Even as we write, the law criminalizing sex with animals is being removed in the books of American military (see Numerous academic treatises have been written by disciples of Alfred Kinsey to cheerfully justify such abominable sexual intercourses. No wonder Charles Branson is appealing to “educated Nigerians” to help oppose the apparently hapless lawmakers. What cheap old colonial divide-and-rule tactic! Sadly, the country’s only Nobel Laureate promptly rose to do just that.

And no one can really stop two consenting homosexuals from doing whatever they wish in their closets. Indeed, contrary to the Laureate’s assertion, the society is not interested. The actual problem here is that these gay advocacy groups not only want to compel the rest of us to be interested, they want our endorsement of their evil product. And then they can move to the next steps - pedophilia, incest, bestiality etc. After all, if their current arguments were to hold and there is no morality aspect to the homosexual question, why can’t a man sleep with his beloved pet and even get a marriage certificate? Again, one does not need any extra-ordinary imagination to see these ultimate intentions of new sexuality advocates – one only need look at Europe and the United States to see where they are trying to push us!

The law being promulgated by the Nigerian Senate is primarily against advocating for homosexuality, operation of homosexual bars and brothels, etc - all of which simply are efforts to recruit people into homosexuality. There are abundant of evidences all over the world that the main interest of these vocal, powerful, and deadly advocates of homosexuality is to see other people practice homosexuality. Where necessary, as shown in the case of campus cultists at Enugu and elsewhere (see ChurchArise!, vol 14 no 4,%202011.doc) brute force is being used to compel people have a taste of (and hopefully get hooked on) homosexuality.

In the daily devotional Open Heavens, (obviously written at least a year ago), Pastor Enoch Adeboye made an apt reference to homosexuality in the reading for Wednesday 7th December, 2011. “[Harlots and homosexuals]… may operate in other lands, but not in God’s land”, he was led to write – even while addressing a quite different subject matter. And so, to the Camerons and Obamas of this world, all we Nigerians are saying is: keep your madness to your land [See also]