Monday, March 18, 2019

CSMN: Christians Arise And Defend Righteousness


Christians Arise And Defend Righteousness 

It is certain we realize that we are facing serious challenges in Nigeria. If we are going to survive and prevent further unnecessary afflictions and sufferings, we have to change our approach to issues.

Nigerian Christians are not known to be proactive or swiftly responsive to issues that threaten their faith or well being. The Jihadists have consistently exploited this "gentleness" of Christians to our collective detriment.

We are not calling us to fight or to become unruly but we should not be quiet when confronted with evil or illegality in the land. God is not impressed when we see unrighteousness and act as if evil can be negotiated with or accommodated. God gave us command on how to respond to evil: "resist the devil and he will flee from you".

If evil is not resisted, it will impose itself and wreck havoc. We see evidences of this all over Nigeria.

We are making this appeal against the background of the conduct of the 2019 Election. One does not need a seer to tell him what would happen if those who seek to hijack government should succeed.

Now is the time to use every peaceful and legitimate means possible to resist and ensure Democracy prevails. There is no point declaring prayer and fasting after they have been sworn in. Now is the time to say "no" to what is wrong.

Every Christian group should speak up now. In Press Conference, Press Statement, on Twitter, Face Book, in protest letters, and litigation challenging illegality.

Fortunately, no one can accuse us of religious bigotry since both front runners are of the same faith. Our advocacy is for the sanctity of Democracy. If there is going to be peace and progress, Democracy must prevail.

Please encourage your group to take an action. To be forewarned, is to be forearmed.

"The prudent man sees danger and hides himself. The simple goes on and suffers for it."

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria
18th March, 2019