Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Short time to go: 176,000 Christians martyred globally in one year

The cases of martyred Christians that are highlighted on the pages of Church Arise! are only a few drops in the bucket compared with the actual onslaught against Christians. For instance, as collated by a very respectable and credible ministry coalition, an estimated 176,000 Christians around the world were martyred – killed for their faith – in a one-year period from the middle of 2008 to the middle of 2009.
That's 482 deaths per day, one every three minutes, round the clock for a year! Talk of the devil visiting earth with great wrath (Rev 12:12)!
The new coalition that has been formed to further publicize the fact of on-going intense martyrdom in our generation is comprised of three partners - Open Doors USA, actor Kirk Cameron of "The Way of the Master" ministry and evangelist Ray Comfort of Living Waters ministry – all based in the United States.

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