Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Iceland Volcanic Eruption

A volcano erupted near a glacier in southern Iceland on March 21, shooting ash and molten lava into the air and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people from nearby villages. But as it later became apparent, the greater impact of this volcano would be the transport of the ash over the air space in Europe.(Volcanic ash contains tiny particles of glass and pulverized rock that can clog jet engines, as happened to a British Airways jumbo jet in 1982). The resulting bad weather led to the grounding of over 100,000 flights in a period of 5 days. The economic loss was estimated as being in excess of $1 billion!
While the event drew attention of many to the vast amount of “running to and fro” that has characterized our age (see Daniel 12: 4); it is instructive to see how a relatively minor natural event could so easily cut man’s science and technology down to size. And there is no guarantee that this or any of hundreds other similar events cannot happen – at any time the LORD wills to allow it.

Talking about volcanoes, one of the most important eruptions was that of May 18 1980 – St Mt Helens. It was the largest and best-studied volcanic episode of the 20th century . It thus became one of the most informative geologic event of that century, providing a new window of understanding about the geologic history of planet earth.
The most significant outcome would be the clear demonstration as fallacious, the uniformitarian notion up till then assumed as the correct interpretation of geologic features on earth. Up till then it was generally assumed that features like the Grand Canyon, formation of coal, deposition of fossils, etc all happened slowly over millions of years. Within days of the eruption of St Mt Helens, features such as these were seen formed right before the eyes of scientific observers. And many will never scoff at catastrophism again.
On another scientific note, Mt St Helen 1980 eruption also confirms that super volcanoes, with volumes of ash dwarfing anything we’ve seen in recent times about a thousand time over, had once occurred on earth. Exactly as the Bible said it occurred in the days of Noah when “all the fountains of the great deep (were) broken up.” To learn more visit the Institute for Creation Research at

June Divine Insight focuses on the Theory of Evolution.
And by the way, the next topic that Dr Joshua Ojo will be speaking on at the Divine Insight series is Fallacies of the theory of Evolution. Students of Natural Sciences, Geology, Philosophy and other areas which are daily inundated with Evolution propaganda in the name of Science are encouraged to attend. The Venue is the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Tower of Glory Area, Plot 2 Akarabata Line 2. Date: Wednesday 16th June, 2010. Gate is Free.

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