Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton flies UFOs Kite in election year

As Donald Trump barges on Muslims, throwing every thing PC to the wind, raising new awareness in the US, obviously trying to activate sleeping majority of conservative US citizens, Hillary Clinton (the unofficial crowned candidate for the democratic party) is trying another angle to garner all available votes: revving up stories about UFOs.  That would catch lots of attention and win her multitudes of committed fanatical supports. Obama got his from the gay movement and was able to turn the tide at the time of  great threat to his re-election efforts.
Specifically, Hillary Clinton is promising to “get to the bottom” once and for all of questions and controversy over what the US Government does or does not know about the mysterious subject. No doubt, desperate to tickle the ears of UFO-believers in the US for the sake of their votes, Mrs Clinton  says she personally think extraterrestrials might even already have been visited.
Beliefs in UFOs are invariably downright contra to biblical Creationism.  However, UFO-logists have always tried to secure Biblical backing for their fairy tales.  For instance,  they love to claim Elijah was “abducted” by UFOs! See our book Behold I Come Quickly, Book 1 (free on the internet) for our compilation on the subject.

Update on bionic human implants

In the last edition we reported on the quest by evolutionary-minded folks to have Man take the long-awaited “quantum jump” that would eventually make gods of those of us smart enough to subscribe to their titillating offers.  From the likes of MTN offering extremely fast broadband access to the internet thus putting incredible amount of information at your finger tips in the “A Better Me” campaign, to Google’s desire to actually seamlessly integrate the entire internet directly with our thought processes, here’s one of several streams of new developments promising to even further improve these ideas.
In considering the Internet pathway to godhood being prescribed by MTN and Google, one valid question is: what about information not uploaded unto the Internet? Ongoing researches at places like University of Southern California and the University of Pensylvania are seeking to improve human memories by putting implants that fiddle with the operations of the hippocampus of our brain.  This is currently being tested in rats and in people with epilepsy.  Further applications envisaged include either cancelling of bad memories (eg in shock-shelled military people) or boosting and prolonging sweet memories (can be used to wean off drug addicts). (Details here: )
Ultimately the scientists hope memories can be shared, in which case somebody experiences (not just learn) what somebody else had acquired by experience. The famous mind-meld phenomenon conjectured in Star Trek. (See also our 2010 article on MK Ultra experiments)
The question of course is why we think all these are necessary. Difficult question for folks who don’t believe there is a Creator Who put us here for a definite purpose.  It’s certainly clear that man’s access to knowledge has by far outpaced his capacity for wisdom and good judgement.

Transgender madness reaches climax. Or has it?

Surely the transgender mania will have to reach its peak and begin to backfire some day, sooner than later! 
     Transgenderism, a subset of the homosexual lobby trying to grey out the differences between the male and female genders, is one clear manifestation of the dramatic impacts of belief in the evolution theory.  Unfortunately, too many people suppose the evolution theory is nothing more than mere theoretical academic exercise.
     Denying the existence of an all-wise perfect Creator, transgenders insist they are trapped in the wrong physical bodies, by errors of evolution.  Thus, we have some ladies claiming they have just discovered that they are men in every other way, except for the feminine bodies they inhabit, and vice-versa.  And the militant egg-heads professing the theory of evolution in the Universities, are very vocal in cooking up scientific credence for such pitiable confusion. Quashed are common sense, and even myriads of factual scientific evidences, (see a recent one here that clearly confirm transgenders are in abnormal mental state.
       We reported in Vol 17 Quarter 4 the ensuing confusions as groups of men barged in into the Twilight Room Annex bar in Portland and requested to use the ladies restroom, claiming that, contrary to their physical macho appearance, they are actually ladies inside (  That event not only led to some physical altercation, but left a fine of $400,000 on the head of bar owner, Chris Penner, for denying due rights to the 11 transgenders.
     In the case of transgender Wyatt Maines, the school authority actually recognized “her” new identity and conceded “she” could be using the female Staff restroom.  “She” however insisted on using the female students restroom like every other female student.  For their hesitation to concede that ground, the Court found the school district irresponsible and fined it a whooping $75,000. (
     But what amounted to trickles of stand-offs between rights-demanding transgenders and the rest of society is now turning into torrents.  And western societies, enlightened as they have become, keep making concessions that primitive, less enlightened societies must find baffling.
     The latest report is from New York where failure to respect the ever bourgeoning “rights” of the transgender can prove very expensive indeed.  In the new series of rights, purposefully failing to address a transgender by his/her declared title could attract as much as a fine of 250,000 dollars!
     Some of these rights are clearly specified in the new “guidelines”  from The New York City Commission on Human Rights (NYCHRL).  One states that “the NYCHR requires employers and covered entities to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification”
     One immediate problem this is generating is that some “transgender and gender non-conforming people” are evolving other titles and pronouns of their fancy. For instance instead of the regular he/him/his or she/her/hers, some individuals insist on being addressed using they/them/theirs or  even as ze/hir!  What a tough job it must be living with a dozen transgenders each choosing, at the pain of 250,000 dollars to me, how they may be peculiarly addressed!
     Similarly “The NYCHRL requires that individuals be permitted to use single-sex facilities, such as bathrooms or locker rooms, and participate in single-sex programs, consistent with their gender, regardless of their sex assigned at birth, anatomy, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on their identification.” 
This can only be America!
          The obvious question is, where would all these end!
     Meanwhile, the evolutionary lobby that is behind it all is in near frenzy, convincing more and more people of their need to change their gender to find “fulfilment” in themselves.  Feeling somewhat depressed? Consider a gender change!
     In the UK a recent report states that about 80 primary school pupils a year, are seeking to “transition” to another gender!  Schools who resist demands from pupils to be treated as genders different from their physical appearance are thoroughly lambasted and harassed into line by “experts” from Evolution –affirming advocacy groups.
       There is at least a top NGO, Mermaids Charity, which goes about encouraging pupils – as young as four years - to try “transitioning” as a cure to whatever psychological or social problems they are supposed to be having. Not surprisingly, the process is becoming self-sustaining as pupils are now reportedly recruiting other pupils.  One wonders what the parents of such “pupils” are doing, if it is fellow kids who now give counsel on overcoming “life’s problems”!  (Please see the article on the Bodnariu family from Norway on page 1 to see what could happen to non-conforming parents once ungodly practices as these already become mainstream in society.)
     Meanwhile, the Mermaids Charity has proudly announced her observations that decisions are increasingly now being made in “clusters.”  With the media proudly and forcefully supporting these developments, and government footing the bills for the sex-change surgeries and other treatments, one wonders if other Charities/NGOs might be able to rise up in that culture to speak against this obvious collective madness.  One report here confirms that NHS child transgender referrals have soared. Please see pitiful details at
     But if we describe as pitiful, the coaxing of children and teenagers to think they are living in wrong bodies, and being encouraged to switch to another gender (where of course, they are guaranteed a sterile life), how does one respond to the case of a 52 year old married man, dumping his wife and 7 children, claiming he is actually a six-    year old girl? 
     Paul Wolschtt of Toronto has been adopted by two “caring parents” and as seen in the picture here, he/she wears children’s dresses and plays with baby dolls together with the youngest gradchildren of his adopted parents . “I have moved on forward” he smirks. See nauseating details here. (52-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ Man Leaves Wife, Seven Children to Live as Six-Year-Old Girl)

Americans finally standing up to bullying Atheists?

In the United States atheists are vigorously challenging hotels on the long-established tradition of placing Gideons’ Bibles in hotel rooms for those who might desire to have a look.  The largest association of atheists and agnostics in the countrry ( the Freedom From Religion Foundation, FFRF) is requesting for either Bible-free rooms (as in no-smoking rooms) to be made available in hotels, or alternatively they also be given opportunity to put Charles Darwin’s evolution book in hotel rooms.  Our reading of this development: Gideon’s Bibles are working and making impacts!

However, as evidenced for instance by the Donald Trump phenomenon on the political scene, Americans are standing up to defend the Christian foundation of their country.  In an earlier campaign criticising the distribution of free Bibles in some public schools in Oklahoma (one of the Bible belt regions of the US), the FFRF was met with stiff rebuff by people tired of playing political correctness to radical Islam and Atheists. An outraged citizen was quoted: "Passing out the scriptures — you certainly can't be blamed for that. What happens is, this group has used scare tactics...The great thing about Oklahoma is that I've been at a lot of school activities where, at least in our area, we still pray before football games. We still — some people pray before meetings and certainly honor our God-given rights." (
In a related development, more States are endorsing the inscription of the words “In God We Trust” on Police cars. The expression which was adopted as the National motto of the US in 1956 has come under serious attacks by atheists who say they are offended by the word God, but now Americans are fighting back. In Texas, the police chief of Childress, Adrian Garcia, using  the department’s Facebook page, pointedly replied to the complaint of FFRF co-chair Ms Gaylor by asking “that you and the Freedom From Religion Foundation go fly a kite.”
“I don’t know why an atheist is so upset about us putting up ‘In God We Trust,’ ” says Sheriff Moats of Georgia. “I’m not saying that they trust God. I’m saying that we, as the guys in this department who put this on our cars, we trust in God. And why is that a bad thing? Even if you don’t believe, you know God’s all about good.”
  The atheists have no answers for the decay and chaos in society. Yet by strategically deploying their  tiny but vocal minority, they have succeeded in intimating the vast muted majority, particularly by appealing to the principles of Political Correctness, when it serves their purpose. There always comes the break point, and it appears the atheist, perhaps the whole world system, has reached it.