Tuesday, November 3, 2020



As the United States today goes to probably her most “consequential” presidential election ever, Church Arise! foresees incumbent President Donald J. Trump triumphing again at the polls, but understands that the final outcome would depend on the LORD’s ultimate agenda for the world.

The fundamentals have not changed much since the previous election, which pitted the Globalists Camp against the (Ultra)Nationalists. Prior to the unexpected emergence of Trump as the Republican candidate in  2016, presidential elections in the United States had largely reduced to making a choice between “six” and “a half-dozen” with the candidates of the two major parties both coming from the same so-called Establishment Deep State.  As we once pointed out, for a while (over thirty-two years), the office of the President of the United States seemed to have become the exclusive preserve of just two families - the Bush and the Clintons.  Apparently Barack Obama was brought in to help push the New World Order agenda (particularly the new sexuality aspects) to a new level, before Hillary Clinton was expected to take the driver seat in the home run to the full manifestation of the Anti-Christ.

Trump’s emergence violently disrupted all that in 2016.  And it was facilitated by a nationalistic “America First” policy that boldly baulks at the globalist agenda that seeks to bring all the nations of the earth under one common set of humanism-minded rulers, ruining some and “raising” others to arrive at some sort of artificial equality.  It should not be surprising that many Americans would prefer that their country remains no 1 in the world, although the Deep State with its mastery of the art of gaslighting kept screaming Hillary Clinton’s imminent landslide win, right up to election day!

In 2020, the Deep State is more somber and far less boisterous. With all the enormous efforts put into the COVID-19 plandemic ruse, which some have credibly claimed was instigated principally to destabilize Trump and kick him out of the Oval office, that may be far from happening.  Similarly, the lockdowns badly affected the economy, Trump’s major trump card for seeking re-election; but then in literally no time at all, with amazing dexterity displayed by Trump, the economy is unarguably roaring back to life. Thus further bolstering Trump’s chances at the election.  Even his catching the coronavirus on October 2 later turned out to be a “blessing”, as after only a few days of treatment and isolation, he and his household were again back to the street totally virus-free.  He thus demonstrated loud and clear to the whole world that catching the virus, even for a member of the most vulnerable group of seniors (as Trump is, at 74), is neither a death sentence, nor sufficient reason to pass certain death sentence on millions with the lockdown of the economy and society!

Today, few people would doubt the role of titanic spiritual involvements in the determination of the outcome of the US presidential election.  Utterly frustrated and despondent, the association of witches in 2017 announced a monthly  spell-casting on Donald Trump, promising to cause him to make mistakes and take wrong decisions.  However, it is now so evident that all their Luciferic power is actually not as potent as they delude themselves!  Not even the unfortunate death of George Floyd which Satanists under the financial sponsorship of George Soros and his likes, turned into a world-wide tulmult could dent Trump’s rating.

Most certainly, one of the irrefutable signs of divine influence on the American presidential election is the unexpected death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg of pancreatic cancer at age 87, robbing the ultra liberal groups representing the Deep State of an indescribably strategic seat on the apex court.  And the amazing point is that there had been at least one clear prophecy openly declaring that precisely that event would occur this year.  The fulfillment came exactly on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year day.

Looking at what Donald Trump has managed to survive thus far, therefore, Church Arise! is inclined to predict a win for him again.  One factor that can possibly skew things are the judgements recently being passed by the US Supreme Court that votes sent in by mails can still be reckoned with even if they come days after November 3 (three days in Pennsylvania, and that without a clear postmark date) or even  more than a week, (in North Carolina, but with postmark date of not later than November 3).  Most Nigerians can almost smell a rat in this situation, but things are even much more complicated in the United States with her Electoral College system.  Thus, the life-and-death contention for the world’s top-office might still continue for well over a week after today. 

Nevertheless, whatever happens in the United States or anywhere else for that matter, we are confident the LORD God almighty is comfortably seated on His throne; and He is not about to be caught napping by any development that could occur somewhere on the globe!  As Alpha and Omega He knows the end from the beginning, and He is ever more in control.  All He requires of His children in these thrilling endtimes, is that we continue to trust Him, while we faithfully occupy whatever space He has positioned us for His glory, for the advancement of His Kingdom and for the benefit of mankind whom He “desperately” wants to save!


Church Arise!

Ile-Ife, November 3, 2020