Wednesday, May 19, 2010


President Umar Yar Adua mercifully escaped the clutches of those who over the past several months had been using his name and office to perpetrate pure evil, calculated to keep Nigeria from realizing her Jubilee, as he came to the inevitable appointment awaiting every man (saving the Rapture) on Wednesday May 6. Some have insinuated that the life-support machine might just have been simply switched off, when these unpatriotic cabal discovered that the game was up. A few days earlier, even the influential core-North political interest group, the Arewa forum had demanded the resignation of the late president.

Fortunately, Nigerians are not confused about the ploys and antics of this self-serving cabal; and the sterling records (or at least patriotic efforts) of Yar Adua fondly remains in the memory of most Nigerians. In his very difficult circumstances, he certainly did his patriotic best. We pray his departure marks the permanent end of those unpleasant circumstances in the life of Nigeria.

The ascendance of the unassuming, level-headed Goodluck Jonathan to the Presidential office is a clear testimony as to Who really is at work in Nigeria. There were such unanimous vociferous opposition to Dr Jonathan from his fellow politicians and co-party members that the powerful Governors’ Forum, even bluntly told him, via a press statement, to forget the dream! It is thus clear that the new president has absolutely nothing to gain (and perhaps much to lose!) playing the traditional politics in Nigeria. With his personal disposition and the circumstances he faced, President Jonathan is God’s joker for getting the stage set up for what promises to be the first real democratic elections in Nigeria. An election where people will be able to freely vote, and where those votes will not only be counted, but will be made to actually count! Christians need to give all necessary supports to see this opportunity fully realized. God bless Nigeria.

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