Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Studies by Berkeley Scientist confirm worst fears on Atrazine, the weed killer

A newly published research finding by Tyrone Hayes, a professor of Integrative Biology at Berkely, has shown conclusively that feeding atrazine to tadpoles reshaped their sexuality as they grew to adults. Ten percent of the 80 males he tested for the study had become anatomically female and capable of mating with other males, while three-fourths of the remainder were sterile (

The study opens a new chapter in the controversy over the safety of the herbicide, which is widely used in the US as well as in several parts of the world, including Nigeria. According to Syngenta, the major manufacturer of the herbicide, “Farmers spray atrazine on half of all corn grown in America” Other studies, like one discussed in 2008 by David Skelly, an ecology professor at Yale University, have produced cross-cutting results about amphibians with scrambled sexes. In a recent article Dr. Skelly said a likely cause is the presence of estrogen, the female hormone used in birth-control drugs, and related compounds that are infiltrating the groundwater. (see also CA! Vol 7 No 4 Does not hermaphroditism justify transexualism?)

Earlier last August, a New York Times investigation found that, in recent years, there have been unusual spikes in the atrazine content of drinking water and reported that 43 water systems in six US states — Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi and Ohio — have sued atrazine’s manufacturers to force them to pay for removing the chemical from drinking water. In an interview, Dr Tyrone confirmed that

“In our society, the idea of chemical castration is a big deal.” He offers an explanation for the effect of atrazine on organs of sexuality:
“What we believe is happening in the frogs is that atrazine causes a decline in testosterone and an increase in estrogen. The biggest concern is that atrazine turns on aromatase, which is the machinery for producing estrogen. The big issues there are reproductive cancers, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Atrazine is associated with increased prostate and breast cancer in humans.”

So with the findings that the widely-used atrazine is capable of increasing estrogen in people, that estrogen from contraceptive pills is massively contaminating our drinking water directly, that vaccines are being laden with estrogen for direct introduction into the blood of little vulnerable children, etc, is it any wonder that cancer has become the largest single killer in the world (including Nigeria) killing more than the combined forces of malaria, HIV/AIDS, road accidents, etc etc? Unless the Lord intervenes by His appearance, how long before the satanically-inspired greedy “elites” destroy mankind and the planet?


Tyrone Hayes said...

Atrazine is the single most widely used herbicide in sweet corn, applied to fields before crop emergence, after crop emergence, or at both times. Manufacturers of many of the other herbicides recommend tank-mixing with atrazine to increase their products' effectiveness.

Atrazine said...

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