Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Re: Is Obama the antichrist?

The article by Azubuike Ishiekwene, Is Obama the antichrist ( muddled up so many points, so many of them inaccurately treated. It was posted on our local intranet at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and I wrote a quick rejoinder. Posting it here for a probably wider audience.

1. We note that Ishiekwene, like most people, has had to face the reality of a coming personality called the Antichrist; who would attempt to rally the world against (“anti”) the current world morality, ethics and perspectives based on Judaeo-Christian values. However, it is not just charisma (as pointed out by Ishiekwene), or even moral values that would determine who would emerge as the antichrist. His ancestry, most Bible scholars agree, would be Jewish and he would arise from the European nations. Unless there are unknown aspects of Barack Obama’s life that fit these bills, there is no way he could be the Antichrist.

2. However trying to classify anyone who criticizes Obama as “Obamaphobes” and “religious demagogues” is only trying to fuel this notion of Obama being the antichrist as the antichrist must necessarily be able to command total blind followership at a global level.

3. It would take a very mean fellow, to try to detract from the personal successes of Barrack Hussein Obama. Even if one is endowed with all the natural talents and charisma, it still takes a great deal of very hard work, self-discipline, and a great many other virtues before you emerge as the world’s “most powerful man.” Obama’s ascendance to this position against literally impossible odds give hope not only to minorities (esp blacks), but to those considered underdogs all over the world in general. We could indeed be proud of him!

4. Yet, the reality is that in his meteoric rise to the top, Obama has had to forge several (mostly unholy) alliances. As many politicians have had to do in order to capture power in the current corrupt world system, Obama has had to pander to specific interest groups. It is no news that most of these powerful but minority interest groups are working overtime to overthrow the current world order and replace it with theirs (e.g. it is not enough that those who wish to practice homosexuality do that in their privacy and keep the consequences to themselves, the rest of us MUST agree with them that the practice is good and wholesome!).

5. Ishiekwene mentions 2 interests in particular which Obama is championing; and which he (Ishiekwene) would want to regard as settled facts - as much as the fact that the earth revolves around the sun (he referred copiously to the Galileo vs Pope story). These two interests are the New Sexuality (Homosexuality, Abortion and Birth Control, embryonic stem cells ... etc are all part of the same agenda), and Global Warming. He also made a fleeting reference to the Evolution theory and Microchip implants, but we can ignore those for now and take a quick look at the two major issues of New Sexuality and Global Warming.

6. For good reasons, Obamas views on these issues should worry any right thinking person, no matter what label or sentiments people like Ishiekwene may want to deploy. The very first orders Obama signed included those removing restrictions on US funds being used to carry out abortions in overseas countries. Indeed just a few minutes after his inauguration, his staff posted his agendas concerning homosexuality and abortion on the White House website. The postings also included his avowed decision to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, currently the only line of defense keeping all 50 states from being forced to recognize so-called "same-sex marriages" from extremely liberal states like Massachusetts and Connecticut).

7. Ishiekwene considers an Obamaphobe anyone who expresses worries about these policies. Summarizing his position on Sexuality, Ishiekwene wrote: “They know, for example, that the religious right seeks to outlaw late-term abortion procedures, but they’re not aware that the same political figures also object to birth control – which, of course, prevents abortions.”

By such confused reasonings, Ishiekwene, as his folks have been trying to do for decades, attempts to force down on our throat either “birth control” (by which is meant contraceptives and abortion-inducing devices) or outright abortion – including “late-term” abortion. (Abortion champions in the league of Obama even insist that babies who somehow survive the abortion procedure hale and hearty, should still be killed nevertheless!). In reality, the two positions (birth control and abortion) are only different operational levels of the same new morality-blind sexuality that would characterize the anti-christ reign. They are elements of the same agenda.

Of course no one is against abortion merely because of the name. Most folks, for instance, would endorse medical-indicated abortion required to save the mother’s life. In the same vein, what better birth-control measure can there be than encouraging people to have responsible sexual relationships with only one partner? No one is arguing with birth-control!

The real issue involved then is “traditional” versus “new” sexuality – whether to rein in our sex urges as required by Judea-Christian morality or to let off all restraints and take care of the results thereafter? Put another way, are we humans (endowed not only with reasoning faculties but a soul and a spirit), or just a product of evolution, only an advanced form of other animals? It all boils down to the question of morality and ethics!

The same is true even for stem cells research. It has been adequately demonstrated that equally promising results could be obtained using other body cells rather than embryonic stem cells, in efforts to harness the potentials of the technique for the benefit of mankind. The fact is that it is totally unnecessary to use human embryos, with their moral problem, in this field. (See for instance At the end of the day the insistence on embryonic stem cell research is only to oil the new sexuality agenda of abortion, homosexuality and the rest. It’s all about morality and ethics.

8. As for the other issue of Global Warming, it is incredible that with over 6,000 scientists in the US having signed a petition decrying the spurious science backing up the notion of man-made global warming and increasing evidences every day (including anecdotal evidences such as latest flooding of Britain and elsewhere with snow); it says so much about the indebtedness of Obama to the Global Warming agenda that he should with all alacrity give blank cheque for the agenda. (see <>)

Of course the agenda is going to accelerate the formation of global government by requiring all nations obey stiff rules (including taxes) stipulated by global bodies. This article is already getting too long, but I believe firmly that the FACTS do state clearly enough, that most of the “global warming” we observe is due to activities of the Sun; and certainly not anthropogenic. (I’ve shared some of these FACTS on this forum previously).

9. In conclusion, Barak Obama is a very unlikely candidate for the antichrist. However, it is very reasonable to suggest that he has been sponsored by New World Order buffs to help prepare the ground for the antichrist - who might very well be at the door. Any other American who would get the nomination of a major political party, and get eventually elected in 2008 USA would have had to follow the same script Obama followed/is following (so no hard feelings for the guy). However it is not unlikely that one of the reasons Obama was eventually picked for the job is that he would be more “unassailable”, (than Hillary for instance), enjoying a vast popularity not only within the United States, but globally around the world.

The bulk of the significant opposition to One World government agenda has been from the US, so installing a man like Obama (loved, but already compromised)in the White House is only part of the preparations for the eventual manifestation of the antichrist. Just as then Israeli PM Ehud Barak was able to drastically change the face of Israel-Arab relations, introducing measures that only one so decorated and beloved as he could have suggested to the public, Obama Barak is set to (and he has already started) pursue policies that few other personalities could have dared to introduce – after all, he is brilliant, black and a socialist to the core! That’s my take on the issue. Shikena.


PS: As for Who is ultimately in control of these events, and how each of us ought to get prepared for the socio-economic storms already forming, I refer to two Scriptures for good perspective:

Acts 4:26,28 “The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ…for to do whatsoever thy hand and thy counsel determined before to be done”

Rev 17:17 “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast [antichrist], until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”