Monday, February 7, 2011

Executing the Chancellor’s Office

A blind boy, named Thomas Drowry, suffered martyrdom at Gloucester. Dr Williams, then chancellor of Gloucester, ministered unto the boy such articles as are accustomed in such cases:
Chancellor: ‘Dost thou not believe that after the words of consecration spoken by the priest, there remaineth the very real body of Christ in the sacrament of the altar?’
To whom the blind boy answered, ‘No, that I do not.’
Chancellor: ‘Then thou art a heretic, and shalt be burned. But who hath taught thee this heresy?’
Thomas: ‘You, master chancellor’
Chancellor: ‘Where, I pray thee?’
Thomas: ‘Even in yonder place;’ pointing towards the pulpit.
Chancellor: ‘When did I teach thee so?’
Thomas: ‘When you preached a sermon to all men as well as to me upon the sacrament. You said, the sacrament was to be received spiritually by faith and not carnally and really, as the papists have heretofore taught.’
Chancellor: ‘Then do as I have done, and thou shalt live as I do, and escape burning.’
Thomas: ‘Though you can so easily dispense with yourself, and mock with God, the world, and your conscience, yet will I not so do.’
Chancellor: ‘Then God have mercy upon thee; for I will read the condemnation sentence against thee.
Thomas: ‘God’s will be fulfilled.’
The registrar being herewith somewhat moved, stood up, and said to the chancellor:
Registrar: ‘Fie for shame, man! Will you read the sentence against him, and condemn yourself? Away, away, and substitute some other to give sentence and judgment.’
Chancellor: ‘No, registrar, I will obey the law, and give sentence myself, according to mine office.’Gloucester, 1556.
From Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, by John Foxe. WhitakerHouse, (1981 edition) pg 400 – 401.

Advent of First Quantum Machine brings Teleportation closer

For many folks, outside official science, teleportation – or cutting corners through space, is not really a strange phenomenon. Ranging from stories about holes in space around the famous Bermuda triangle; or first-hand stories about people who use some regulated technology to teleport themselves over long distances (known as Teleporter - Egbe in Yoruba language); or the experience of the evangelist Philip as recorded in the Bible (Acts 7:39-40), teleportation is a concept – accepted not just in the star war movies, but in real life.
The first steps (classified experiments excepted, that is), in making teleportation available scientifically seems to have been taken with the building of the first quantum machine by physicists at the University of California Santa Barbara. By putting their device, a tiny metal paddle into two different quantum states at the same time, Physicists Andrew Cleland and John Martinis together with other colleagues demonstrated what some interprete as the existence of a parallel universe. Which is just some model for explaining the space we live in.
"When you observe something in one state, one theory is it split the universe into two parts," Cleland told at the time, trying to explain how there can be multiple universes and we can see only one of them.
News writer for Science magazine, Adrian Cho believes that the development opens up, on a practical level, “a variety of possibilities ranging from new experiments that meld quantum control over light, electrical currents and motion to, perhaps someday, tests of the bounds of quantum mechanics and our sense of reality." And, conceivably, we might be seeing the foundation of scientific use of teleportation and even time travel, someday. The Science magazine has labeled the development as the most significant scientific advance of 2010.

Abracadabra: How global warming “explains” current coolings!

With the spates of recent chilling weather, especially in Europe and North America, proponents of man-made global warming are conjuring up new bizarre explanations to prop up their pet and very expensive theory. The latest ace from their sleeves was launched at Christmas time from one of the major platforms pushing their false gospel – the New York time. The opinion-ed written by Dr Judah Cohen,(introduced as “ the director of seasonal forecasting at an atmospheric and environmental research firm”) took off by attempting to put as mere “feelings” all the undeniable record level cold weather being observed; and that in truth the earth continues to get warmer. In Dr Cohen’s words: “THE earth continues to get warmer, yet it’s feeling a lot colder outside. Over the past few weeks, subzero temperatures in Poland claimed 66 lives; snow arrived in Seattle well before the winter solstice, and fell heavily enough in Minneapolis to make the roof of the Metrodome collapse; and last week blizzards closed Europe’s busiest airports in London and Frankfurt for days, stranding holiday travelers. The snow and record cold have invaded the Eastern United States, with more bad weather predicted.” ([])

Yet, in the opinion of this supposedly learned environmental jauggernut, (who is also, an associate editor of a peer-review journal on climates), all these chills are actually due to global warming. He patiently tries to explain: “As global temperatures have warmed and as Arctic sea ice has melted over the past two and a half decades, more moisture has become available to fall as snow over the continents. So the snow cover across Siberia in the fall has steadily increased “
So the culprits is moisture generated as a result of heating of the planet by man’s action. However, as pointed out by FrontPageMagazine, it is interesting that global warming folks could be falling back to pronounce water as a major contributor to global warming, for they have always, and still do, deny that water has any substantial role to play in global warming issues. However, apparently to wriggle out of a desperate situation, it is allowed to cling at whatever straw is available, and now carbon-dioxide, even if temporarily, has another competitor in determining the ambient temperature on planet earth. (

With this latest abracadabra explanations from Dr cohen, it is clear that global warming alarmists can always explain any observation to suit their doctrine. But the real test of scientific models is not so much about explaining existing data, but making predictions that could be verified. The fact of the matter is that the current chilling climate is totally at variance with the predictions of a mild, unseasonably warm winter this official government forecasters ( who base their predictions on the Nobel-prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change model).As mentioned by Dr Cohen in his article, the British government is actually demanding an explanation from the UK Meteorological Office on the situation, which failed to forewarn of the current situation of a winter close to being the chilliest in nearly 1,000 years . FrontPageMag, contrasted this abject failure of the global warming mafia with the bulls-eyes prediction by maverick British meteorologist, Piers Corbyn,who forewarned of a bone-chilling winter. Like most scientists not restrained by official muzzles, Dr Corbyn believes that solar activity, (and also moisture) is the most important climate driver of all.
Despite a nearly unanimous condemnation of global warming hysteria – as reflected by blog comments from all over the world; and the official documentation of the position of thousands of credential scientists who disagree with the principles used to prop up man-made global warming claims (see, eg. Vol 13 No 2), the official scientific position still remains that mankind is warming up the planet. And this forms the basis for policies by the UN and its agencies. These policies are very costly in their demands which seek, eventually, to subjugate the peoples of the world unto a central control – a control which could more easily facilitate the rise of an antichrist figure.

Because of the very high stakes involved, official scientists are expected to fall in line, and “rebels” are viciously dealt with. A latest example is the summary dismissal of Dr Gavriel Avital from his position as the Chief Scientist of Israel’s education ministry. In announcing the dismissal, Education Minister, Gideon Sa’ar, explained that Dr Avital was dismissed over his statements denying the “fundamental tenets of science”—evolution and anthropogenic global warming. Somewhere, Dr Avital had written: “..Part of my responsibility, in light of my position with the Education Ministry, is to examine textbooks and curricula. If they keep writing in textbooks that the Earth is growing warmer because of carbon dioxide emissions, I'll insist that isn't the case” . See for details and other quotes by Dr Avital.

Cash and Currency in the end times

A recent article, on The Economic Collapse blog has noted that the death of cash is indeed inevitable, as governments all over the world are creating more and more hurdles to render large cash transactions unattractive. (
A visit to any Nigerian bank will show notices announcing financial regulations that make it mandatory that certain “qualifying transactions” be routinely reported to the Central Bank. Of course, it is such reporting that has helped tremendously in the work of the EFCC and other security agencies. For instance, the solid leads facilitating the current incarceration of Charles Okah with respect to the Independence-day Bomb Blast were made possible by the availability of fastidious records of movement of monies. Such records are made possible as cash transactions between individuals become more and more obsolete and people are forced to use the bank or some regulated means such as credit cards.
Nigeria is only just starting off, and is obviously being goaded along by countries like the USA. In America, unconfirmed sources have it that bank notes are no longer being printed in denominations higher than $100.00 - automatically limiting how much can be conveniently carried around. Moreover, as obvserved by Economic Collapse blog,, the US government has also “burdened large cash transactions with some heavy-duty reporting requirements.”
One of such requirements, not just for banks but for individuals, requires that any individual who receives over $10,000 in cash in a single business transaction, or related transactions within a 12-month period, MUST report the buyer to the Internal Revenue Service. Jeff Schnepper mentioned the case of one of his clients who got too busy to report a qualifying transaction, and actually (together with some of his children who work with him) did jail term for the negligence! That wasn’t just a one rare event though. As cited by Schnepper, “In fiscal 2004, the Internal Revenue Service initiated 1,789 criminal investigations. There were 1,304 indictments and 687 convictions -- and an 89.1% incarceration rate. The average sentence: 63 months.” (
More and more governments are actually putting limits on how much cash can be legally exchanged between individuals. In Greece, starting from January 1, 2011, all cash transactions “above 1,500 euros between natural persons” are no longer legal. According to Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou , “Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cards" (
The bars are a little higher in Italy (5,000 euros) and Mexico ($7,700) where similar bans are being considered. In Mexico, violators of the specified limit for cash transactions (on real estate, vehicles, boats, airplanes and luxury goods) would face up to 15 years in prison. (,
The ostensible reasons for these laws vary from country to country. The main reason (e.g Greece, and Italy) however is to ensure that all taxes are efficiently collected as part of new austerity measures to rescue the economy. Another important stated reason is the need to curtail mafias, drug cartels, and other money launderers. In the US, it is part of the war against terrorism; and has already mentioned, in Nigeria, such requirements are one major tool crime fighting agencies rely on.
However the big reason (or at least, inevitable result) is often left unstated: Control. It’s a matter of time that people accept the restrictions, and even the smallest transactions would have to be made cashless. By then the populace would have gotten used to the convenience of cashless transactions to complain too loudly about any inconveniences in privacy matters – or such little things as loss of the pleasure of physically counting out money to your child or ward, for small expenses! However, attending this development would be the reality that every transaction would be traced (with records of people involved, locations, time, spending patterns, etc being stored up in massive computer systems). Furthermore, e-transactions could be voided or blocked. This would facilitate absolute control of the world.
To further smoothen the operations of a cashless society, it is inevitable also that a common global currency be devised. This will ease e-transactions and solve the problem of fluctuations of exchange rates, among other benefits. It will further put an end to the current troublesome issue of some countries using devaluation of their currency to solve economic problems and creating problems for their trading partners. As pointed out by Brazilian Finance Minister in 2008, (AFP, Sept 28 2008) the world is in the grip of a currency "war", with leading nations using devaluation to solve economic problems. Examples include Japan, South Korea and Taiwan who had to pull down the value of their currencies to solve economic problems; and on-going tension between the United States and China over the value of the yuan (see )
Concretizing this proposal is the International Monetary Fund in a report published on April 13, 2010, suggesting that the U.S. dollar be replaced by the "bancor" as the world's reserve currency ( The name "Bancor" was suggested by John Maynard Keynes, the British economist who headed the World Banking Commission that created the IMF during the Breton Woods negotiations, which preceded the United Nations. As is being proposed by the IMF, the bancor would be issued by a new global central bank that would have the authority to levy taxes for various infractions.
Henry Lamb expatiates on this blatant advocacy for global governance:
“The people who believe the world should be governed by a global authority have been working toward this goal for more than a century. They are relentless; they are driven; they are convinced that they know best how people should live. They believe that all nations and all societies should be controlled by an elite, benevolent intelligentsia that can ensure social justice by enforcing what has now become known as sustainable development. These people are closer to achieving their goal than at any previous time in history.” “
In conclusion, the prevailing socio-economic conditions in the world are literally compelling the move towards a cashless society and a centralized global economy. While many device means of stopping this inevitable development, we think it probably will be more profitable to appreciate exactly what this development portends and how best to respond to it. The important question is: how was it possible that a prophet could, two thousand years ago, accurately predict the situation we see emerging today. (Rev 13:15-17). The prophets call the season to be characterized by these developments as the end times. All these increased control of every segment of society will eventually pave way for an absolute dictator, benevolent to be sure at the beginning of his reign. The Bible describes him as the antichrist. Thank God, Bible makes clear how to prepare well for these inevitable developments, probably right upon us at this moment. (Dan. 11:32-33, Jhn 14:1ff)?

In the US, Murderous abortion doctor docked

In the United States, a West Philadelphia abortion doctor, 69 years old Dr. Kermit Gosnell, has been charged with third degree murder for the death of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar who overdosed on anesthetics prescribed by Gosnell. The abortion doctor also faces murder charges for the deaths of seven babies who were killed with scissors after being born "viable and alive" during the sixth, seventh and eighth month of pregnancy. It is estimated that “uncounted hundreds more babies” have died in the clinic. (
Obviously the “new sexuality” apostles are not happy with such bad publicity and are working overtime to confuse the issues. For instance, Gosnell is a black doctor, but he operates a separate, better facility for white patients - who were more likely to file malpractice claims. Is it that claims by black women do not usually attract the headlines? Is this case, rather than pointing out the evil of non-medically indicated abortion, a call for government to pour more money into providing “safer” abortions for those who claim the right to do whatever they wished with their bodies? The District Attorney Seth Williams would not allow himself to be distracted however.
"I am aware that abortion is a hot-button topic," said Williams. "But as District Attorney, my job is to carry out the law. A doctor who knowingly and systematically mistreats female patients, to the point that one of them dies in his so-called care, commits murder under the law. A doctor who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is committing murder under the law."
The investigation began February 2010 when police received tips that Gosnell was illegally selling thousands of oxycontin prescriptions to "patients" he had never examined. This practice alone is estimated to have netter Gosnell, at least $1.8 million a year, much of it in cash. According to The Philadelphia Daily News, during a search in Dr Gosnell’s clinic, “FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration agents found abhorrent conditions, which included jars packed with severed baby feet lining the shelves; bags and bottles of aborted fetuses scattered throughout the office; bloodstained furniture and floors; and unlicensed employees who regularly injected sedatives into women having illegal, late-term abortions..” Does this make someone to wonder, if all these can happen in the United States, what conditions are likely to be in the numerous abortion clinics dotting the land in Nigeria?

When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the Earth?

The answer to the above poser by the Lord (Luke 18:8) seems, increasingly, to be in the negative, at least in the UK. Not only are worldviews such as atheism, humanism, and paganism, gaining ascendancy in the country, the disintegrations in the official Church of England is continuing, seemingly unabated.
An example of the first situation is the recent elevation of Druidry to the level of an officially recognized religion in the country. By the concurrence of the Charity Commission that druids' worship of natural spirits could be seen as religious activity, the Druid Network now qualifies for a charitable status, entitled to tax breaks; and probably may soon be clamouring for public holidays – as witches and wiccans are already demanding in the United States.
The BBC explains that “Druidry's followers are not restricted to one god or creator, but worship the spirit they believe inhabits the earth and forces of nature such as thunder. Druids also worship the spirits of places, such as mountains and rivers, with rituals focused particularly on the turning of the seasons.” It further observed that “with concern for the environment growing and the influence of mainstream faiths waning, druidry is flourishing more now than at any time since the arrival of Christianity.”
As for the rest of the Church of England in the Church, disagreements over the issue of female Bishops is driving multitudes into Roman Catholicism, where the Pope has introduced a special structure, the Ordinariate to absorb defecting Anglican clergy. As reported by the London Daily Telegraph, (Nov 18, 2010) fifty Anglican clergy, including 5 Bishops, are to be formally received into Catholicism, early 2011. The Times religious affairs correspondent Ruth Gledhill told the BBC the announcement
could prompt "hundreds, possibly thousands" of lay ministers to follow the bishops' example. .
Already, an Anglican parish in Southeast England, St Peter’s at Folkestone, has decided to leave en masse, the church of England and become Roman catholic. []
It is believed that the majority of “Anglo-Catholics” are waiting until 2012 to see whether or not the church will conclusively pass the legislation which will allow women to be consecrated. A group of such “Anglo-Catholics” Forward in Faith, currently claims to have
at least 800 priests among its members []
In the meantime, for the first time ever, representatives of secularist, atheist and masonic organisations in Europe had discussions with the leaders of the European Union's three main institutions on Friday 15th October, 2010. The summit with the "philosophical non-confessional organisations" was seen as a necessary secular counterpart to the summits the three institutions are now obliged by the Lisbon Treaty to regularly have with religious leaders.

Turning God’s grace into lasciviousness - at Grace Cathedral

Dr Jane Alison Shaw was installed the eighth dean of Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill, San Francisco, USA on Nov. 6. This appointment is historic not only by the fact that Jane Shaw became the first woman to lead the 161 years old cathedral, but she also became the cathedral's first openly gay dean. As observed by the bishop of the Diocese of California, The Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, the elevation of the openly-practicing lesbian to lead one of the denomination's most prominent churches is "a signal moment."
As usual, the justification for embracing the sinful enslaving practice of homosexuality has been “grace”, “tolerance”, and “love” As further explained by the bishop, "We seek to be a house of prayer for all people."

Anglican Church calls for justice on Cathedral sacked by Traditionalists in Ondo state.

Four months after the Ebenezer Cathedral at Ilutitun-Osooro in Okitipupa Local government area of Ondo state was sacked by traditionalists celebrating the Iwo festival, the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, is requesting the intervention of both the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Hafiz Ringim, and the Ondo State Government to investigate the incident. According to the Punch (29/11/2010), the Bishop of the Diocese of the Coast, Rt. Rev. Joshua Ogunele, wants government to investigate in particular, the role played by the Majuwa of Ilu-Titun, Oba Ernest Idepefo, in the incident which resulted in damages to the tune of N25m.
During the incident that happened on Saturday July 31, 2010, a church programme had coincided with the annual traditional worship of the Ominele deity. The problem is that the traditionalists ascribe to themselves the power to impose a stay-at-home order on all women and children – presumably to ensure the potency of their deals with the local slave-driver, the Ominele deity.
Irked by the Church’s decision to hold a parallel open activity on a day supposedly dedicated to Ominele, the traditionalists resorted to their trademark – physical violence. Rev Ogunele described the situation:
“Hell was let loose around 4.30pm when some fierce-looking youths numbering about 500, armed with machetes, guns, axes, used tyres, petrol and other dangerous weapons stormed the church premises while the service had barely started.”
“They destroyed the cathedral’s expensive tinted glasses , vandalised three cars, destroyed four residential buildings, removed the church’s valuable property and stole N98,000 in one of the residential quarters.”
Rev Ogunele said despite reporting the matter to the police and the state government, none of the perpetrators had been prosecuted.
The traditionalists neither denied the story nor showed any remorse. Rather, the head of the traditionalists, Chief Adedeji Iwere, attempted to justify the action by wondering why “…of the over 30 churches in Ilu-Titun only the Anglican Church defied the order that women and children should stay indoors during the festival.”
He sent his own appeal that the state should protect the local deities from “the ignorance of these Christians, who think they can teach us new ways of doing things.”
What a way to justify attacking people on their own property, for not subscribing to the instructions of a god they do not serve! If the government prefers to turn blind eyes to the problem, it should be aware that another July is just ahead, with the possibility of another showdown.

Pakistani Christian woman faces death for blasphemy

In vol 13 no 3, we reported the cruel murder of a Pakistani Christian housewife Razia Jamshed and her four children on the allegation that they had blasphemed the Islamic prophet. In the same edition, we also reported another story, also from Pakistan, of two Christian evangelists also accused of blasphemy, who were shot dead by Islamic zealots, even while in police custody.
The gravity of the situation with Asia Bibi, another Pakistani Christian now sentenced to death by hanging under the same blasphemy laws, can then be imagined. Despite pleas by Asia’s husband that she was framed up only to settle old scores, and a government’s panel of inquiry apparently exonerating her of any wrong doing, she apparently is receiving little sympathy from her blood-thirsty compatriots.
International pressure has been tremendous, requesting the government of Pakistan to overturn the verdict and amend the country’s blasphemy laws; but it would require nothing short of divine intervention to secure Asia’s release. This is because hard-line Islamic groups are threatening fire and brimstone if she is released. This is no idle threat. There have been large-scale riots and demonstrations demanding that the blasphemy law must not be touched (; and on January 4 no less a personality than the governor of Punjab province, Salman Taseer, was machine-gunned dead by one of his own moslem security details – for his asking pardon for Asia Bibi, and for his comments which were deemed unfavourable to the existing blasphemy law! (
One of the hardliners is Maulana Yousef Qureshi. This supposed holy man of God is insisting that the illiterate mother of four, Asia, must be killed by all means. Just in case the government upturns the death verdict, Qureshi is offering $6,000 to any person who kills Asia Bibi. "We expect her to be hanged and if she is not hanged then we will ask mujahideen and Taliban to kill her" Qureshi boasted.
Bibi’s husband, 48-year-old Ashiq Masih, has gone into hiding, along with his children, sheltered inside a Christian colony.

Churches raided, Pastor and members killed by Jihadists at Borno.

Rev Bulus Marwa, and five members of his congregation at the Victory Baptist Church, Dala Alemderi, Maiduguri, were killed when the Church was attacked on Christmas eve by an Allahu akbar chanting mob of about 30. Despite clear advance information that Jihadists were set to attack churches in Maiduguri, in order to create the impression of an inter-religious fight (as part of making the nation ungovernable, apparently), the dastard act was still carried out. According to a survivor, the mob “hacked…two choir members using knives and petrol bomb before heading to the pastor’s residence, where he was killed.”
Also attacked was the Church of Christ in Nigeria in Sinimari, Maiduguri, where a sixty-year old security guard, Philip Sopso, was killed. All these happened around 7.30 pm on Christmas eve, even as the bombs were rocking Jos, decimating Christians.
In an interview with the Vanguard (December 26th) , Borno Police Commissioner, Mohammed Abubakar, said the armed sect members could have been arrested, if the Divisional Police Officers, DPOs had heeded his warnings on the planned attacks, and that the police divisions had enough patrol vehicles to have prevented the Christmas killings. Is the Police Commissioner admitting he can’t control the DPOs under him?
A bewildered governor Ali Modu Sheriff blurted out: “I have told the security services that they should do everything possible to secure all churches in Maiduguri….” With “everything possible” having failed to protect the lives of threatened law-abiding citizens, isn’t that an admission of failure by the Sharia-embracing government of Borno state? According to the governor, “I have given all that is necessary to see that my Christian brothers and sisters have a hitch-free Christmas but I don’t know what went wrong…” According to the plan of action personally supervised by the governor himself, following the inundation of the state with the plan by Bokos Haram to attack some Churches, more soldiers were deployed in the state and every church was supposed to be manned by security forces. Whatever happened to the soldiers deployed to the Victory Baptist Church!

End year Islamic rampage on Christians – Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria

It was not only in Nigeria that Islamic goons (whether working their own agenda, or as handy tools for others) set out to bring sorrow into the lives of many christian families.
Particularly attracting global attention was the massacre of Egyptian Coptic Christians at the Saints Church, Alexandria where 21 worshippers were instantly killed 30 minutes into the new year following a suicide bombing incident by Islamic hard-liners. The service had just ended, and the about 1,000 worshippers were felicitating with one another when the bomb went off, sending body parts in different directions and leaving blood spluttered on the walls.
When Christians staged demonstrations in at least three cities to protest what they see as the government's failure to protect their community, the police moved quickly to break up the gatherings. In Egypt, protesting against the government can be a very risky venture, no matter how good one’s course may be. Earlier in November, at least four people were killed when Egyptian state security forces unleashed volley of live ammunition on unarmed Coptic protesters, who were alleged to be converting illegally a warehouse into a worship center. They were later smoked out of that “illegal worship centre” by tear gas, leading to the suffocation of a four-year old.( Incidentally, live ammunition were also used by members of the Jos Joint Task Force on Security on protesting women who were insisting that the JTF was siding with moslems against Christians in the execution of their security mandate. At least six women were reportedly wounded by the action
Bombing of Christians began early in December with a series of bomb attacks on Christian places of worship in Indonesia.,-Archbishop-calls-for-calm-20211.html. The attacks by muslim hard-liners featured grenades, home-made bombs, and letter bombs. The series of bomb explosions were followed by forced evictions of house churches – carried out by muslim mobs. Barnabas Aid (on 21 Dec. 2010) reported that more than 100 christians were forced to flee house church gatherings by a 200-strong mob of angry Muslim extremists in Java. The government in this country with the largest muslim population in the world, refuses to provide land for church buildings; and when muslim extremists take it upon themselves to evict Christian people praying in their private homes, the police say they can’t intervene. The rioters, police sa,y had official permit for their ‘protests’, whereas the Christians don’t have any authorization to be using their homes for worship. Case close! (

Reactions from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)

Expectedly, the Northern CAN was one of the first groups to lament the bomb blasts. The body called “on every Christian in the North never again to watch helplessly, while these agents of Satan expand their network of terror on innocent citizens.” In a statement signed by the Northern CAN Chairman, Reverend Peter Jatau, and Secretary-General Elder Saidu Dogo, the body urged that the government must muster the courage to arrest all individuals and groups who are suspected to be involved in the acts. (Nigerian Compass, 30th Dec. 2010).
Reacting in a similar manner, the national body of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) observed, as reported by the Guardian, that “the explosions came so soon at a time of throwing political invectives by the country’s political actors in bids for political power. “ In a statement credited to her Secretary-General in Kaduna State, Rev. Joseph Hayab, the CAN noted that “There is no smoke without fire and the cause and effect relationship between such comments must be investigated thoroughly.”
The CAN further observed that: “Common sense will dictate that with the heavy presence of both uniformed and plain security operatives in [Plateau] state such movement [of bomb materials] cannot go undetected. That it went ‘undetected’ means that there is some collusion between the security agents and the perpetrators….Security agencies must convince Nigerians that there is no security lapses or they are not shielding sacred cows.” Concluding, the CAN said: “And these explosions must be investigated and the culprits brought to book no matter how lowly or highly placed they may be.” (Guardian Dec 26)
In his personal statements, CAN national president, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor called on the Christian community to remain calm to avoid playing into the hands of people who were out to destabilise the nation for their selfish designs. He spoke the obvious when “he alleged that certain powerful individuals in the society had perfected plans to destabilise the nation’s polity by provoking the Christian community to reaction and cause chaos and in the aftermath of the chaos make the country ungovernable.” Pastor Ayo said he was still making efforts to reach President Jonathan on how best to deal with the matter and assuage the victims of the bomb blasts by way of “adequate compensation.” Whatever that would mean!

NIGERIA: Travails of national re-birth

Days after a prominent presidential aspirant threatened to make the country ungovernable, the nation rocked with a new series of bomb blasts, causing massive losses of innocent lives. Over a hundred lives were lost in the first set of multiple explosions in Jos, on Christmas eve, with the bombs strategically located in Christian areas or church precincts. Security operatives quickly determined that the bombing, though obviously directed at Christians, was completely different in execution from the previous methodologies used by Moslems to attack Christians in the region. (Compass Dec 27). Amidst the wailings and the tears, discerning Christian leaders also called for restraints from their followers. The Christian Association of Nigeria particularly urged Christians to be extra vigilant and be prepared to defend themselves, but warned against “reprisals”.
Perhaps the masterminds of the bombs were disappointed that the anticipated massive retaliatory attacks by Christians on Moslems (in the religious battleground that Jos had virtually been turned to), were not forthcoming as expected. They would not give in that easily though. More bombs were detonated a week later on the new year eve, at the Federal Capital, Abuja, causing more losses of lives. This time, it was the Nigerian military that the bomb blasters obviously sought to instigate into violence, as the major blasts targeted a “mammy market” adjacent to a military cantonment. Yet again, the conflagration the unpatriotic villains sought for, failed to materialize as an outraged nation nevertheless took the developments calmly. In utter desperation, the barbarians started to slaughter Igbo traders at Jos (, banking on the restive N’digbo spirit to retaliate. Again, by divine restraints, no such counter bloodshed of innocent Hausa lives as anticipated, occurred in the South East. And the enemy had come to their wit’s end.
We believe that Nigeria’s march into national re-birth is firmly on course; as indicated, ironically it may appear, by all these developments.
The chief threat-maker in question, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, had warned that by insisting on contesting the 2011 elections, President Goodluck Jonathan was making peaceful change of government impossible, and therefore making violent change inevitable. When accusing fingers were naturally pointed out at him following the spates of bombing, Alhaji Abubakar indignantly wondered why “eminent Nigerians” should be thought of capable of instigating such monstrous acts, which he eloquently condemned. His earlier threats apart, however, the question is, who else but “eminent Nigerians” could have the capacity for executing such actions?
Unlike the independence day bomb blast which was claimed by people operating on a socio-political platform, a previously unknown Islamic group going by the name Jama'atu ahlus-Sunnah Lidda'awati wal Jihad, quickly set up a website, claiming responsibility for the end-of-the-year blasts. It wasn’t long before minutes of a meeting by the Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) held in Bauchi on 13th July 2010 came to the attention of security personnel.
Part of the minutes reads: "Sheikh Sani Yahaya JIBWIS on behalf of the JNI Chairman presented the challenges and the maltreatment against the religion of Allah by the Plateau State Government, the Berom Nation as well as the entire Christians.” And the resolutions? "Muslims in the state shall ensure that a few months before the general elections, Jihad will be declared in the state, which cannot be controlled even by security agencies, with great slaughter and massacre, which the Federal Government will have no option than to declare a State of Emergency in Plateau."
Clearly, the politicians who would make the country ungovernable have found ready tools in the jihadists. The wonder of it all is that, despite all the abundant clues to these no-brainer crimes, no one is yet being prosecuted! Even after some would-be bombers have been incapacitated by their own bombs and arrested, apparently they still can’t be arraigned. One of such incidents occurred at the Orientation Islamic Secondary School in Barakin Ladi, where an unidentified man was seriously injured and hospitalized while preparing bomb materials. Local residents had earlier reported to the police that some Islamic sect members were preparing bombs to attack them. At the scene, the police commissioner Mr. Abdulrahman Akano told newsmen: "We are investigating the man because his claims of mixing chemicals [for academic purpose] are not enough to explain what we saw." Later on however, (and as at the present time), the story seems to have changed; and oh, the unidentified Mallam could have indeed been just an innocent school teacher doing chemistry practicals! In another incident that offered clues on a platter of gold, as affirmed by Mr Bitus Kase, the member of the House of Representatives representing Jos East/Jos South Federal Constituency, the commissioner of police was transferred soon after a Fulani man was caught in Bassa Local Government Area with devices (The Sun, Dec 28, 2010). Bombs were not planted by ghosts, Mr Kase insisted.
We urge Mr President to resist the temptation and pressure to politicize these dastard crimes, for example by granting unofficial amnesty in exchange for political supports by any of the sponsors of these heinous acts. Nigeria’s march to true nationhood is on course, and these desperate evil bombers clearly have no glorious role assigned to them by the God of heaven in the matter. Goodluck Jonathan has assured Nigerians that the evil perpetrators would be fished out and punished. We pray that the Lord will grant the President’s prayer point he raised at the Redemption Camp during the last Holy Ghost Congress: for courage to do the right thing.

Website Review: The Star of Bethlehem (

On this very impressive site, Frederick A. Larson presents a convincing insight into the nature of heavenly bodies, and without necessarily quarreling with prevailing scientific explanations of their nature and purpose, shows irrefutably that the God of the Bible has a full control on their courses.
Harnessing the power of modern computers, plus the well-established detailed mathematics of Kepler, it is now possible to simulate how exactly the skies above a particular location on earth will look at any time, making possible accurate predictions of what future eclipses, comets tracks, and other interesting conjunctions will look like at a particular location at any given time. Well, the same tools can of course be used to re-enact how the skies looked like at some particular time (date, hour) in the past. This is exactly what Prof Larson has done and presented on his site, and an accompanying DVD.
What was the star the magi saw arising from the east, and how did it suggest to them that a Jewish king was being born? On the way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, the magi saw the star again, and it actually seemed to hover at a particular time, helping to confirm the identity of the location of the baby Jesus. Incredibly, all these are exactly how the planet Jupiter, the moon, the star Regulus the constellations of Leo - among other heavenly bodies - are programmed to move in the year 2 -3 BC, confirming the incredible power and wisdom of God who has set the stars above as signs and for marking seasons (Gen 1:14). It is literally mind-blowing to imagine that from the precise moment that the Lord flung the planets and other heavenly bodies into space with their predetermined orbits and speeds, they have been determined to make (based strictly on their natural courses) the unique, peculiar moves seen in the middle Eastern skies in the year 2-3 BC, precisely marking the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Little surprising to find other clear evidences in the skies, of an intense total solar eclipse, and the moon turning blood red as the Lord Jesus yielded His spirit for mankind on third April 33 AD. Log on to for a journey that will give you a new view of Christmas, the physical universe, and the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. [Please note, we do not necessarily endorse every opinion expressed in external sites]