Wednesday, May 19, 2010

India Evangelist Hacked To Death

An evangelist with the Bethel Assembly church in Jamalpur, India was brutally murdered in the night of Sunday May 2, after participating in the showing of the “Jesus film”. The mutilated body of Ravi Murmu, 30, was found with his right hand cut off, and deep cut wounds on his neck and other parts of his body, according to witnesses. The killing had all the regular signature of Hindu militants as the attackers did not confiscate personal belongings, including his motor bike, mobile phone, watch and Bible. Ravi who is survived by his wife Rinku, eight-year-old daughter Celesty, and his widowed mother was buried the next day, Monday, May 3. Details at

Such deadly attacks against devoted Christians by Hindu militants are unfortunately increasing in frequency in several parts of India. Only two weeks earlier, on Saturday April 17, some “10 Hindu extremists” forced their way into an evangelistic event organized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the town of Betul in Madhya Pradesh. According to a statement by the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) , the militants "broke glasses of vehicles, electrical lights, furniture and mercilessly beat the Christians with their sticks." The response of the Christians was to scatter, each trying to escape. It was soon realized however, that Pastor Amit Gilbert was missing. A search party was constituted, and the dead body of the Pastor was found in a well. His hands were tied, and a post mortem showed he had "a big wound on his head and back." See details at

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