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Jan Markel releases new teaching DVD on the New World Order

Below is an advert for Jan Markel new teaching DVD on the New World Order.  Jan, by the grace of God, is one of the leading Bible Prophecy teachers of our generation.  From

"In 2017 I made a DVD teaching on the rush to the one-world system: The New World Order. Things changed -- and advanced -- so much in two years, that I re-made the DVD a few weeks ago.  

"The New World Order is just code for a one-world system. And the plans for this behemoth system are hidden in plain view. It's a five-thousand year scheme. This is not a stealth effort.  

Updated and Revised!
60-minute DVD teaching by Jan Markell
Find it here for $12 + S/H

Find a trailer here:
Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy: NEW & UPDATED SUMMER 2019

Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy: NEW & UPDATED SUMMER 2019
Nimrod was the first globalist and how did the Babylonian system work out?  None of the ensuing efforts will succeed either! But, here are the players.

Where there is an asterisk, this is all-new information:
  • The "useful idiots" of Satan being used to implement the globalist system from secret societies, to the banking cartels, to a dozen United Nations' gimmicks, to the "deep state".**
  • The obstacles to the globalist system: America, Christianity, and Donald Trump.
  • Why turmoil in Europe is playing into the hands of the globalists and their efforts.
  • Why Emmanuel Macron was hand-picked to save Europe -- the current hub of global government.
France's Macron Says he will govern like a Roman emperor
  • How the Rothschild, Weishaupt, Rockefeller, and Soros empires have been the key players.   He who controls the money controls the world.**
  • Why the two primary players are the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations. Throw in the Federal Reserve Bank scheme and learn of its key role.**
  • What's the role of Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and the Green New Deal**
  • How the "Vicar of the New World Order," Pope Francis, plays into this scenario. He has called for a "single authority" to implement it.**
  • How the billionaire cabal of Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Koch,  and more, are pushing for this system. What's in it for them? **
  • How the open borders crowd is gaining strength and speed to hasten a global, no borders, one-world system.**
  • How Mikhail Gorbachev stepped down from power in Russia to dedicate his remaining years to global government.**
  • How the plan is hiding in plain site on the Georgia Guidestones.**
  • Why the "Earth Charter" and "Ark of Hope" are key in this scheme.**
  • How a strange ceremony at the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016 was an 8-hour globalist parody celebrated by world leaders!**
Choreographed 8-hour globalist ceremony, June, 2016, celebrated by world leaders at the Gotthard-Base Tunnel.
  • How the entertainment industry has been saturated by the globalists and how singer Celine Dion is their most prominent useful idiot promoting gender-neutral clothing for infants and toddlers. See shocking footage of this scheme. **
  • How even Russia and the Arab world are preparing for the New World Order or one-world system.**
  • How the globalist Arch of Palmyra, a remnant of the Temple of Ba'al, destroyed by ISIS in 2015, plays into this New World Order.**
  • How the environmental agenda is the primary tool being used by the one-worlders today.
  • How the Freemasons, Illuminati, Club of Rome, League of Nations, Bilderbergers, and many more, have been plotting and scheming for global government for centuries.
  • How the global community is expecting, and even longing for a crisis, to implement this plan. While they think it will be economic, environmental, or WWIII, it will ultimately be the Rapture of the Church.
No, the believer does not have to fear the impending globalist system but the obvious nearness of its implementation should remind us that the King is coming any day. This system is ready to be birthed. It's called the Time of Jacob's Trouble, Daniel's 70th Week, or the Tribulation.

And God sits in the Heavens and laughs at these scheming men who haven't been able to make it work since Babylon! (Psalm 2:1-6) God allows them seven ignominious years where the result is hell on earth, because they have left God out of the equation! 

Jesus Christ will install perfect global government. It is called the Millennium.


Rejoinder from CSMN on article in The Nation - How Ayokunle won CAN Election

Rejoinder - The Nation - How Ayokunle won CAN Election

25th June, 2019
The Editor
The Nation Newspaper
Dear Sir,
For the second time in two months, the NCEF is compelled to write and correct wrong impressions created about the Christian Elders by journalists of The Nation Newspaper. On 18th April, 2019, the NCEF had to issue a rejoinder to an article by Mr. Sam Omatseye titled “What kind of Elders?” Again, in the wake of the recently conducted election of CAN, Mr. Sunday Oguntola, another journalist with The Nation newspaper made comments in his article “How CAN President Ayokunle Was Re-elected”, published in The Nation on Sunday 23rd June, 2019 which NCEF considers disturbing and should be corrected. We hope The Nation would publish this rejoinder the same way it published the original article.
NCEF is taking these painstaking measures bearing in mind that history is being written in all that is evolving in the Nigerian Church, particularly under a Government that openly harbors anti-Christian sentiments judging by the tepid response it has accorded the genocide going on in Christian dominated areas of the country. In recent times, more prominent Nigerians have lent their voices to condemn what is now openly described as “Fulanization” and “Islamization” agenda in Nigeria. These concerns are in the public domain.
Before proceeding further, it is necessary to assure Nigerian Christians through this rejoinder that NCEF is “not fighting CAN”, neither is it involved in any contest for temporal power or influence in the Church. On the contrary, NCEF is advocating for CAN and for Christianity. The Christian Elders, having full knowledge of what is going on in the apex body of Christianity in Nigeria, are actually resisting mismanagement and the abuse of CAN. It is clear to the Christian Elders that if they do not arise and intervene, there is a generation of Christian leaders determined to compromise the collective interests of all Nigerian Christians to satisfy personal selfish interests. In the recent past, there have been attempts to make the advocacy of NCEF seem like power tussle with some CAN Officials. This is nothing but misrepresentation of facts.
NCEF had refrained from making comments about the election of CAN after giving its counsel to the Church before the CAN election. As Christian Elders, the NCEF has fulfilled its obligations to the Church and to Nigerian Christians and felt no need to comment again about the outcome of the election. However, the article under reference, which NCEF perceives to be an attempt at historical revisionism, is compelling the NCEF to make the following clarifications, for record purposes.
NCEF is not unaware that Mr. Oguntola, the author of the article, is a member of the Baptist Convention, the denomination headed by Rev. Ayokunle, as President of the Convention. This may in part be responsible for the skewed narrative of the role NCEF played in ensuring that truth and righteousness remain paramount in Christian Administration in Nigeria. It is therefore uncharitable for anyone to seek to present the good done by the NCEF as evil.
“While his critics backed by the elders’ forum wanted CAN to endorse a candidate between President Muhammadu Buhari and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Atiku Abubakar, his supporters opted for a more conservative approach.”
This statement is misleading. Apart from being incorrect, it is certainly a deliberate effort, most probably backed by Rev. Ayokunle to distort narratives.
The intention of the author in making this incorrect statement is to seek to equate NCEF with the politics of Rev. Ayokunle which is geared at undermining Christian interest. NCEF has always put the interest of Christians first in its advocacy.
Where and when did NCEF opt to endorse either Atiku or Buhari as Presidential candidate BEFORE the 2019 General Election? All the political intervention of NCEF was aimed at building Christian consensus so that a Christian candidate can emerge as the Third Force. This goal was behind the meeting NCEF held on Friday 30th November, 2018 with thirteen (13) Christian Presidential Candidates with the objective of persuading them to agree on a consensus candidate. The Christian Presidential Candidates gave NCEF the mandate to endorse one of them which NCEF met to deliberate on in Abuja on 10th December, 2018. It was on this very day that CAN under Rev. Ayokunle unceremoniously intruded into the process and summoned its version of political meeting which included two Muslim candidates.
The intrusion of Rev. Ayokunle into the political consensus process formed part of the Report of NCEF titled FACTORS HINDERING CHRISTIAN POLITICAL CONSENSUS FOR 2019 ELECTIONS in which the Christian Elders openly affirm that Rev. Ayokunle deliberately frustrated Christian political consensus. The position of the NCEF on a Christian President was not based on religious bigotry or discrimination but on the simple realization that a jihad has been launched in Nigeria. Under jihad, every Muslim is expected to participate in, or at the least, support those waging the jihad. NCEF concluded that under the circumstances, a Christian President would be required by Nigeria to put an end to the jihad and restore security and peace to Nigeria. AFTER the Election, which was full of intrigues and manipulations, NCEF encouraged Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to challenge the result since it was clear the Democratic process was flawed. This is in line with the advocacy of NCEF for Democracy.
Therefore, it is very wrong, for The Nation to claim that NCEF wanted Rev. Ayokunle to endorse either President Buhari or Alhaji Atiku. The statement is not correct.
“Expectedly, the CAN President fired back the salvo, alleging he was being blackmailed for choosing not to mortgage resources of the association to a few vested cronies.”
The statement above is meant to cast aspersion at the NCEF that it is “fighting” for money which Rev. Ayokunle refused to release to it. The author is most uncharitable to the distinguished Christian Elders.
It is absurd for anyone to write that Rev. Ayokunle complained of being “blackmailed for choosing not to mortgage resources of the association to a few vested cronies.” The attempt to whitewash the President of Baptist Convention is pathetic. Ironically, in the same article, the author wrote, “Otubu, who served as Vice National President, fought Ayokunle to standstill, accusing him of corruption, high-handedness and embezzlement.”
Could a man whom the Vice President of CAN “fought to standstill” on charges of “corruption, high-handedness and embezzlement” complain that he was being “blackmailed” for “not mortgaging the resources of the association to a few cronies”? Upon which moral ground would Rev. Ayokunle stand to make such statement?
The evidences of fraud, conversion of CAN funds, violation of CAN Constitution to aid corruption, under this CAN President, abound. The Apostle Bamgbola Committee attempted to sweep these evils under the carpet by producing a one-sided report, but it did not work.
What would have worked is a simple, “I am sorry; it was an error of judgment.” Genuine repentance and restitution would have resolved these issues since July 2017. What has exacerbated the contention in CAN is the unrepentant attitude of some CAN Officials. It is written, “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.” Pro. 28: 13
 The more they attempt to suppress the truth, the more it bounces back in their faces. Truly, it is a sad season for Christianity in Nigeria.
Nigerian Christians are yet to be persuaded that leadership is crucial to their survival. If their leadership is compromised and treacherous, it would affect their survival under jihad. Rather than maintain the legendary attitude of docility, the time to act is now; it is of no use declaring prayer and fasting when the enemy has completely conquered them.
“One, he had the backing of arguably the largest and most powerful bloc in the association, the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN), … The bloc has produced three of the last six presidents of the association. The Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN) comes second with two former presidents…”
The information above needs to be corrected and placed in proper perspective. It is CSN, (the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria) that has produced three CAN Presidents as follows: Cardinal Ekandem, Cardinal Okogie and Cardinal Onaiyekan. The CCN (Christian Council of Nigeria) has produced as CAN President, Rt. Rev. Akinola and Prelate Mbang. Rev. Ayokunle is currently the third CAN President produced by CCN.
Having clarified the above, it should be stated that equity and justice breed unity and peace. CAN is made up of five Blocs which have held the office of the President since 1976 as follows:

CSN – 22 years
CCN – 15 years (as of 2019)
CPFN/PFN – 6 years
TEKAN/ECWA – 0 years
OAIC – 0 years
NCEF, in 2015, had counseled that to promote equity and balance in the body of Christ, as prerequisite to strengthen unity and harmony, the two Blocs that have not had the opportunity to produce the President of the Association should be permitted to do so. NCEF came to this conclusion after its Unity and Reconciliation Meetings with all the five Blocs of CAN in 2015 and this issue was raised by some of the Blocs as one of the factors hindering Christian unity in Nigeria. In the 2016 and 2019 CAN elections, this sensitive issue was repeatedly ignored.
It would have taken nothing out of the Blocs that have produced the President of CAN for many years to permit other Blocs the opportunity to do so. This would have strengthened Christian unity and promote brotherly love.
It is disturbing that Christians that are most vociferous about restructuring and equity in Nigeria find it difficult to practice equity within the Church. This is unfortunate. With the nomination of Rev. Ayokunle, we are faced with a scenario in which CCN Bloc wants to produce the President of CAN for a total of 18 years while TEKAN/ECWA and OAIC Blocs would not have had such opportunity at all. This realization formed part of the rationale for the request of the 63 Christian Groups in AFD (Advocates for Freedom and Democracy) that a Christian leader from the North should be permitted to produce the next President of CAN.
NCEF wonders how this lopsided arrangement could promote “That they all may be one” which is the Motto of CAN. One could only pray that Nigerian Christians would summon sufficient courage to address this issue, more so, when the nominated CAN President is morally challenged. There are better candidates who could do this job.
“Many well-meaning Christians were disgusted by the mudslinging that characterised the electioneering activities.”
Before the CAN Election, NCEF issued a statement titled “CAN: TIME TO HALT THE DRIFT. In the statement, NCEF, as Christian stakeholders, issued an “abridged performance report” of the first term of Rev. Ayokunle and strongly recommended that he should not be permitted to continue in office as President of CAN. For a man whose first term was filled with contention, strife, division, violation of CAN Constitution and allegations of corruption in an organization whose Motto is: “That they all may be one”, such demand is appropriate. After the NCEF had written, the Coalition of 63 Christian Groups called Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) also wrote to CAN Officials recommending that Rev. Ayokunle should not contest re-election. The 63 Christian Groups suggested that someone from the North, the area most affected by the jihad in Nigeria should be permitted to lead the Church under the present circumstances.
It is very unfortunate that these interventions are included in what The Nation newspaper is referring to as “mudslinging”. NCEF wonders when speaking the truth has become “mudslinging”. Should Christian Elders fold their arms and permit morally challenged persons to lead the Church? Then, why are they Elders? Culturally and Scripturally the Elders are meant to act as moral standards and bastions of truth. Rather than commend NCEF for playing its role, uncharitable persons in the Church chose to disrespect and dishonor them.
Exposing the truth and giving correction to the society is also the function of the media of which The Nation newspaper itself is a member. Would it be right to describe the exposures of misconducts in the society and in the polity by The Nation newspaper as “mudslinging”? To add to the riddle, Mr. Oguntola is himself a member of the AFD and he was aware of the letter of the 63 Christian Groups but made no attempt either to object or stop it. It is therefore curious that the first salvo of his article was fired at what he himself was involved in. So, who was doing the “mudslinging”?
“Ahima didn’t not only have access to resources, … The combination of ethnic sentiments and heavy war chest worked for Ahima.”
This is misinformation. It was actually the other way round.
Decency would not permit the mention of details of the last CAN Election but the fact remains that the CAN Election was heavily monetized and credible sources in the Church claim that various sums ranging from N300,000, N500,000, and N1,000,000 were allegedly offered by the incumbent  to some delegates to secure their vote. Even before the election, there was a report placed in the public domain that the incumbent was offering some delegates N300,000 in exchange for vote. To the best of our knowledge, there has been no rebuttal of the news item.
Nigerian Christians should be interested to investigate these allegations as well as ascertain the source of the money. Decency would not permit certain information to be shared by NCEF in the public domain. Nigerian Christians should cultivate the practice of demanding accountability from Church leaders. Total acquiescence to whatever Church leaders do is what brought Christianity to its current deplorable condition. The attitude of folding the arms and doing nothing while unrighteousness multiplies in the Church is not a Christian virtue. Christians are commanded to “resist” evil.
It should be stressed that this is not how Christian leadership should be appointed. This is degrading the Body of Christ and this generation of Christian leaders shall answer before the Lord for this infraction on holiness and righteousness. Everyone who participated in promoting unrighteousness in the Nigerian Church shall answer before the Lord. The National Assembly of CAN has the oversight to look critically into this election.
Contrary to the title of the article under consideration that Rev. Ayokunle has been “re-elected” as CAN President, the fact in this case is that Rev. Ayokunle has NOT yet been re-elected. According to the Constitution of CAN, Article 14, d (iii, iv & v) he has merely been “nominated” by NEC to be the next President of CAN. Article 14, d (v) makes it clear that his nomination can still be nullified by the National Assembly of CAN. Until the National Assembly ratifies the election done by NEC on 18th June, 2019, it is not valid. The National Assembly will meet in July to confirm or disannul the election. On that day, the decision shall be taken whether Christianity shall survive in Nigeria or not.
In view of the crucial need to resolve the leadership crisis currently plaguing the Nigerian Church in the past three years, Nigerian Christians should note that Article 14, b (iii) of the CAN Constitution stipulates that any candidate for the position of the President of CAN should “Be a leader without reproach, having a good reputation and personal integrity …” This is the Constitutional provision.
There is still an opportunity for Christians to look into this matter and take decisions based on truth and righteousness. There would be no need to be passive and indifferent only to start convening prayers and fasting when the consequence comes upon Christians. A stitch in time saves nine.
NCEF wishes to assure Nigerian Christians that it is not “fighting CAN”. The Association is our collective institution. What NCEF is resisting is mismanagement of CAN to satisfy personal selfish interests at the expense of Christian blood and Christian lives. There is too much at stake for Christianity to accommodate a corrupt and compromised leadership in its apex body. The past three years have been dark days for Christianity in Nigeria. Because of the great diversity of the Nigerian Church, Christianity in Nigeria shall always require a central body. This central body should be manned by men of integrity who shun corruption and filthy lucre.
In this period when the Church is facing existential threat from forces of jihad, Christianity requires leadership that is above board and committed to the progress of the Church and well being of the people of God. NCEF regrets very much all the contention that has been brought into the Church by unsanctified leadership and prays that Nigerian Christians will summon the moral courage to insist on leadership like Jesus Christ in the apex body of Christianity in Nigeria.
God bless the Nigerian Church.
For and on behalf of NCEF,
Bosun Emmanuel
24th June, 2019

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Alabama gov. signs law allowing Briarwood Presbyterian Church to have own police force

After several years of seeking to establish a private police force to adequately protect its church and school campuses, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed legislation allowing the Briarwood Presbyterian Church to do just that despite objections from critics.
The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Ivey approved the legislation some two week ago.
In a statement on the approval, Briarwood said that despite having a great relationship with local law enforcement agencies, establishing a private police force had become necessary because the state was unable to provide adequate security for the approximately 2,000 students and faculty of Briarwood Christian School located on two campuses in unincorporated Jefferson and Shelby County due to budget cuts.
“Briarwood also recognizes the state budgetary issues identified by the Emergency Task Force on School Safety and Security which coupled with the demand for APOST certified qualified first responders creates stress on our law enforcement departments. This can and does lead to full-time staffing issues for both campus locations,” the church said.
“Alabama Code 16-22 allows certain educational institutions to appoint and employ one or more suitable persons to act as police officers to keep off intruders and prevent trespass upon the institution property. The institutions currently provided the protection under this statute include a number that have less students than does Briarwood Christian School. We are grateful to the governor and our elected officials for approving our request to be added to the existing Alabama Code 16-22,” the church added.
The ACLU of Alabama argues, however, that the move by Briarwood to establish its own police force is a violation of the Establishment Clause that the church has been pursuing since 2015.
“These attempts to undermine the separation of church and state are a threat to our freedom of religion and a violation of the Establishment Clause. For that reason, we will continue to fight any plans to create a state-sanctioned, church-operated police force,” the organization said in 2017.
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Rev. Solomon-Ahima, Incumbent Ayokunle Battle To Lead Christian Association Of Nigeria [Sahara Reporters]

 From Sahara Reporters:

Barely 24 hours to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) elections, Rev. Caleb Solomon-Ahima has assured Christians of his commitment not to betray their trust if elected president of the religious body.

Solomon-Ahima, who is the President, Fellowship of Christian Churches in Nigeria (TEKAN), on Sunday gave the assurance in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jos.

The TEKAN president is challenging the incumbent CAN President, Rev. Supo Ayokunle, in an election scheduled for June 18 at the Ecumenical Centre, Abuja.

He described leadership as a “trust of the people” to be jealously guarded and kept for the benefit of the people.

“l am going into this contest with the sole purpose to rescue CAN and serve our Christian brethren by not only uniting them but lifting their spiritual lives to give their best towards the building of our Nation.

“When the church is united and in harmony with other faith for peaceful co-existence, then we can build a very strong Nigeria and give hope to the young ones.

“Nigeria is God’s Project, so we as Nigerians must believe in ourselves and God, our creator, for the desired growth and development as we work together as a team.

“We should know that even posterity will judge all our actions just as God will judge us all. So, we should fear Him in all we do, not to fail Him and His people,” he said.

Solomon-Ahima pledged to carry all Christians along in his administration if given the chance and urged the delegates to vote with their conscience in accordance with the will of God.

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Submission to the Inquiry into ongoing violence between farmers and herdsmen in Nigeria by the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief

This is a Draft of a Submission by Church Arise! to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief coming up sometime in June 2019.  The final version will be submitted in a coalition with some other Organizations for more effectiveness.
Joshua Ojo
10th June, 2019


1. What are the principal drivers of the violence?
The principal driver of the violence is the conviction of the Fulani leadership that Nigeria is “Allah’s gift” to the Fulani race to rule and subdue; and the consequent pursuit of a vision of establishing in Nigeria a territory where the Fulani people of West Africa could thrive, akin to the Nazis’ vision of a Lebenstraum for the Germans of Eastern Europe.
Islam religion is the principal tool for pushing this vision. Previous attempts to actualize the vision, under the war-cry of “dipping the koran into the Atlantic ocean” (ref 1) had been checkmated.  In recent times, having obtained a more favourable political configuration, these ethnic supremacists are making, as it were, a final desperate push to actualize their vision.  The current principal battlegrounds of Benue-Plateau region (and flashes in Osun-Kwara region) are precisely where the last attempt was stalled and thwarted. (Ref 2 and 3).  The current violence is therefore clearly a more determined resumption of this long-planned and adequately advertised Fulanization agenda.
The following very well-known quotes corroborate the above position and speak eloquently for themselves:
 “Allah has bestowed on me and my people the historic duty to spread the holy faith of the Prophet throughout the Caliphate and convert these pagans. If they refuse to accept Allah and his Prophet we will wash the earth, the forests, the mountains, the rivers and the streams with their pagan blood. Ours is a holy and righteous calling. We are doing the work of Allah”.
Usman dan Fodio, the father of Fulanis in present day Nigeria. cited in )
"The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future." – Sir Ahmadu Bello, leader of the North at Nigeria’s  Independence.  Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960. Republished on November 13, 2002, by the tribune Newspaper, Ibadan).

The current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is a prominent Fulani who has been described as the third Mahdi in the line of Uthman dan Fodio, and Ahmadu Bello (Ref 4).  On numerous occasions he has publicly declared his total commitment to the Fulanization agenda of his predecessors and mentors.  For instance, as military Head of State in 1985, he not only cast Nigeria’s vote against a Nigerian candidate, the frontrunner in the contest for the office of Secretary General of the then Organization for African Unity, he actively campaigned for the rival Fulani candidate from Niger republic, and openly celebrated his eventual victory (Ref 5).  Likewise in his second-coming as President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari pointedly told a disconcerted World Bank that all development efforts meant for Nigeria should be concentrated into the Northern East section of the country (Ref 6).  One of his infamous speeches declared his “total commitment to the Sharia movement” in Nigeria in the following words:
“I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria” . . . “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country”
—Mohammadu Buhari, in 2001, quoted in “Insurgency and Buhari’s call for full Sharia” Babatunde Oyewole,

After three consecutive losses at the presidential polls, Mohammadu Buhari vowed to quit partisan politics.  He was however persuaded to rescind the decision by the Fulani cabal who eventually installed him (Ref 7); and now is ruthlessly directing affairs of the country - as the first lady herself complained (Ref 8).  The blatant appointment of Fulani moslems to occupy every strategic sector in the nation is simply unprecedented, and is a clear indication of the pursuit of a sinister ethno-religious agenda. (Please see some catalogue by the Yoruba Council of Elders, Europe and America, addressed to the United Nations on June 1, 2019 in Ref 9).
All these are the principal drivers of the herdsmen-farmers violence which is only a contrived cover in the pursuit of the real Fulanization agenda.
Ref 1--Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of the Northern Region of Nigeria, 1957.

2. What role does religion play?  Is there evidence that violence is occurring for religious reasons? Is there evidence that violence is occurring for other reasons but manifesting along religious lines?
The secondary driver of the violence is the Islamic religion.  Religion is being used to bait, to divide and rule, or at least blackmail various players (both co-religionists and opponents) involved in the conflict.  Islam is being used to suppress a national outrage as people, groups, and organizations that ordinarily would not condone ongoing atrocities were either wary of being labeled Islamophobic -if they are Christians(see Refs 1,2); or they are reluctant to criticize fellow muslims for actions attributed (even if only cosmetically) to Islam.  Others understand that a rash response to an issue overtly portrayed as religious would only play into the hand of the Fulani supremacists, and escalate issues along religious lines.  Ref 3 
Furthermore, many die-hard jihadists cash on the Fulanization agenda to push their own private religious goals by perpetuating secondary violence against Christians (ref 4). On the other hand, moslems who refuse to buy the religious false narrative, particularly from the southern Nigeria, are being viciously and ruthlessly persecuted. Ref 5.
In short, religion has been an effective cover to prosecute the Fulanization agenda which is the principal driver of the herdsmen-farmer violence.

3. Is there evidence of the existence of organized, coordinated movements on either side which are attacking the other religious group for religious reasons?  If so, have these movements occupied any territory and who is leading them?
It is not the typical herdsmen that are involved in the attacks.  By standard operation, there are protective security personnel that trail groups of herdsmen on the field.  In the current situation, well-trained mobile militias are being deployed to mingle with these formal security units. Most of the atrocities that have earned the Fulani Hersdmen terror group the unenviable status of the world’s fourth most deadly terror group are actually carried out by this well-organized and well-coordinated militia.
According to first-hand reports collated by the US-based Chinua Achebe Centre for Leadership and Development (CACLD), members of the Fulani striking force at a particular location are actually assembled from several sources, including the nation’s official security forces.  This explains their ability to operate sophisticated military hardware, as well as  “disappear” into thin air after their dastard operations.  Furthermore, there have been reports of arms being airlifted into geographical areas where herdsmen strike was imminent (Ref 1). 
CACLD researchers described a typical Fulani herdsmen attack.  It begins with complaints brought in from herdsmen on the field, being passed to the top Fulani bourgeois leadership (which include governors and top national security chiefs), who decides whether or not an attack should take place. If sanctioned, “modalities will be mapped out and a date will be chosen for the attack. Most times, Fulani herdsmen in the military and police are notified and everyone sends a representative.  Neighbouring settlements send out representatives and arms cache are opened and arms are distributed to the participants”  The Report went further on:  “During an attack, every Fulani person in the area knows there will be an attack and all will contribute to make sure it goes on successfully. Fulanis in the higher levels of the military will ensure all commands under them stand down, and the top Fulani police officers will do the same. The road is then clear for the Fulani herdsmen to carry their attacks.”  (ref 2)
As submitted previously, religion is only smokescreen for these attacks.  Members of the hardcore Fulani militia have indeed been described as non-religious: they do not observe the regular Islamic prayers, and they subsist on alcohol and hard-drugs.  Not only Christian farmers, but even Christians in their churches are the prime targets of the Fulani militia cum herdsmen.  The obvious purpose of the attacks is to intimidate, terrorize, and eventually cause them to vacate their ancestral lands which are then taken over and populated with Fulanis imported from all across West Africa.
In January 2018, former Secretary to the Federal Government, Chief Olu Falae, described his gory experience in the hands of Fulani herdsmen in the southern state of Ondo; and averred that their clear mission was to “to take over the land permanently” (Ref 3). In a news report in 2018, a national newspaper listed names of over 54 communities in Plateau state that have been taken over and renamed by Fulanis (Ref 4).
Ref 3. Cattle colony, a provocative and repugnant proposal –Falae.

4. What evidence is there that attacks by members of organized criminal or terrorist groups have been attributed to groups of either herdsmen or farmers, or that they are arming/supporting herders or farmers to commit attacks?
The herdsmen-farmer conflicts narrative provides an extremely attractive cover to prosecute the Fulanization agenda.  As submitted in earlier statements above, evidences abound that organized terrorist groups are actually parading themselves as herdsmen. In 2016, the governor of Kaduna state, a prominent Fulani strategist, admitted that he paid undisclosed hefty sums of money to non-Nigerian “herdsmen” operating in Nigeria to cease their terror activities (Ref 1).  Obviously these funds only went to strengthening these terror cells and procurement of more arms.

5. Are the victims of the violence disproportionately of a particular religion? If so, why? Is there any evidence that casualties from either group are significantly underreported or over-reported?
As well-clearly established, the aggressors in the “herdsmen-farmers violence” are Fulani herdsmen, who are predominantly Moslem.  The farmers on the receiving end are predominantly Christian.  Since these are deliberate organized terror strikes to displace the farmers from their ancestral land to accommodate Fulanis from “all over the world”, the victims necessarily have been disproportionately Christian.
Casualties figures are fairly accurately reported by international organizations including The Religion of Peace ( ), US-Nigeria Law Group  ( ,  Open Doors (     

6.  How have poor rural communities financed the acquisition of sophisticated weapons like AK-47s?  Are both groups utilizing these types of weapons? If not, why?
Only one group, the Fulani herdsmen have access to sophisticated weapons. That is why the ongoing violence is more of a pogrom, with state protection.
There are simply too many corruption cases involving humongous sums, linked to key Fulani personalities reported in the open media, for one to make any attempt to list them.  The impunity with which these cases are quashed by the Fulani-dominated federal government (e.g. Ref 1 for a recent case), clearly suggests that significant amount of proceeds from such deals would evidently end up as “donations” to the Fulanization agenda, thus funding the militia.  Apart from such conjectures, government is known to be discussing an incredible N100 billion grant to the Organization (Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria) which is the de facto official spokesmen for the herdsmen.  As mentioned in question 4 above, the Governor of Kaduna state admitted he paid undisclosed sums to non-Nigerian herdsmen to placate them and get them reduce their activities.  These funds are obviously used to procure more sophisticated arms.
It has been observed that the cost of the weapons carried by the herdsmen security units far exceed the economic value of the cattle investment they are purportedly protecting.
7. What evidence is there of collusion between Government armed forces and either group?
First, there is no known single arrest or prosecution of the militiamen in the years they have been operating.  On the other hand, those who organize defences against the militia herdsmen are swiftly and efficiently arrested, and where truly culpable, prosecuted with uncustomary alacrity.  For example, three herdsmen were attacked, and one of them killed at Kadamun village in Adamawa state on June 1, 2017.  Barely 12 months later (June 11, 2018), 5 locals had been arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to death for the killing (Ref 1). This is a chilling confirmation of the warning by Kaduna State governor that “Anyone, soldier or not, that kills the Fulani” under any circumstances whatsoever has procured a “loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes” (Ref 2)
On March 24, 2018, highly-respected  General Theophilus Danjuma (retired), in an extempore speech at a University function in Taraba state counselled the various ethnic groups in Nigeria to resort to self-defence as the nation’s security forces have been compromised, and are definitely colluding with Fulani herdsmen.(Ref 3). Nobody could doubt that the former Minister of Defence had incontrovertible evidences at his disposal before making such weighty statement. At the subsequent Probe panel set up by the military to investigate General Danjuma’s allegation,  the chairman of  Taraba State Council of Chiefs and Aku Uka of Wukari, Dr. Shekarau Angyu Masa Ibi, proceeded to list several cases buttressing the claim of collusion between the Nigerian military and the killer herdsmen (Ref 4).
Please see also the response to Question 3 above, describing direct involvement of members of government security forces in either participating in militia operations; or units of government forces getting out of way precisely when the militia are about to strike.

8.  What actions or initiatives have been taken by the Nigerian Federal or State Governments, or civil society, to prevent further conflict?  Have any of these actions been successful?  Have any of these actions negatively impacted the violence?
Some states, particularly those not controlled by the political party at the national level, have promulgated laws banning open-cattle grazing.  These include Ekiti and Benue states.  These measures have produced very positive outcomes.  Even though the law at Benue state was violently resisted by the herdsmen association as well as the nation’s minister of defence (Ref 1), the Benue people have stoutly defended the law.  In Osun State, which is governed by the same political party as the federal government, a Committee to which local farmers report invasion of farms by cattle seems to be able to douse tension to a large extent, though its activities and modus operandi are not given much publicity.  Kaduna state, also controlled by the government at the centre has recently passed a hotly-contested law regulating formal religious activities as a means of addressing the conflicts.
On its part, the federal government has kept referring to the violence as “community clashes”  and advising the victims to go learn to live with their “neighbours” -  even when these so-called neighbours are declared to be non-Nigerians! (Ref 2)  The federal government’s position is that government-built Cattle Colony and grazing routes must be provided all over the nation to accommodate traditional open-grazing;(Ref 3) and more lately, that a radio station transmitting solely in the Fulfude language of the Fulanis should be operated by the federal government to ramp up appeal to them to desist from criminal actions! (Ref 4).  These measures are understandably not well-received by the non-Fulani nationalities in the country, and they appear to be further clear confirmations of the Fulanization agenda.
In the meantime, several civil and cultural societies are warning state governments not to give land for any cattle colony in their “ancestral land”. Many local militias are threatening to mobilize not only against the Fulani herdsmen, but also against any state government that collaborates with them in this regard. (Refs 5-7)



Ref 2.

Ref 5. Yoruba leaders reject cattle colonies, back ranching.

Ref 6. Urhobo have no land for cattle colony – Omo-Agege.

Ref 7. Cattle colonies: Buhari pursuing Fulani supremacy agenda, says Nwabueze


9.  What tangible, practical steps can be taken in the short and long run by the Nigerian and UK Governments, as well as the wider international community, to prevent further conflict?
The UK government with its vast intelligence facility, is obviously well-informed about all these incidents and their drivers.  The UK government could significantly contribute to resolving the crisis if it could be bold enough to discount short-term economic benefits from the current Fulani leadership in Nigeria and tell them the home truth, about the futility of their pipe-dream of subduing other ethnic nationalities in modern Nigeria.  The Fulani leadership may thus rethink their policy and perhaps look for more viable and peaceful alternatives to protect their strategic interests in a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.
This would be akin to the Trump approach to the long-standing Middle-East conflict, which is apparently producing some positive results.
More tangibly, the UK government could make it very clear to the Nigerian government that ongoing systematic killings are indeed grievous, and are totally unacceptable to important international partners such as the UK.  Key individual actors implicated should be appropriately threatened with sanctions including visa ban and freezing of bank accounts – measures that have proved effective in the past.
Other ideas that would obviously positively impact the situation, even if clearly unattractive to the federal government currently in office, include the establishment of State police, promotion of private-funded cattle ranches by those who have commercial interests in the business; removal of Sharia from the nation’s constitution; and issuance of ID cards to clearly distinguish between Nigerians and the “Fulanis of the world”

10.  Has the spread of fake news and misinformation impacted the conflict?  What tangible, practical steps can be taken to address this issue?
Fake news and misinformation have not significantly impacted the situation.  Usually the situations have been too grievous to be further exaggerated by fake news. Fake news have been used both by Fulani agents, especially to test the waters ahead of policies; and also by the opponents, trying to provoke mass reactions against government.  Traditional media tend to deliberately play safe by whittling down casualty figures.  Overall, in my opinion, the impact of fake news has been minimal on the humongous problem at hand.
11.   Do the religious communities in Nigeria view the conflict as being primarily religiously motivated?  If so, what impact does this perception have on tensions between these communities?  What steps can be taken to improve relations between communities?
Religious communities realize that the conflict is NOT primarily religiously motivated.  However they are acutely aware of the intense efforts to bring in religion as a major factor.
This reality makes religious communities that perceive the crisis as opportunity to push their religion (mostly, Moslems) to embrace the campaign.  Christians on the other hand understand the potential negative impact.  This has inevitably led to tension and distrust.
For instance, the new law passed by the Kaduna State legislature regulating the practice of religions as a mean of dousing herdsmen-farmers clash was heartily endorsed by several prominent Islamic groups, while Christians have largely rejected it and have taken the matter to court (Ref 1).
Prominent and respected Christian groups and denominations have repeatedly issued statements describing the herdsmen-farmer conflict as religion-related .  The Nigeria Christian Elders Forum has indeed made a submission to the UK-All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief in the ongoing exercise.
It is difficult prescribing a uniform set of solution for the herdsmen-farmer conflict all over Nigeria, as the expressions often vary from one community to another.  In all cases, it is instructive to note that it is the same Fulani herdsmen slugging it out with the other different ethnic nationalities all over the country.


Joshua Ojo, a professor of Physics at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, publishes the Christian newsletter and Blog, Church Arise! ( ,