Tuesday, March 21, 2023

2023 General Elections – Our Position

 Church Arise! endorse wholesomely the Statement below by the Christian Leaders Assembly in Yorubaland, with whom we are proud Affiliates.  We do not consider it necessary to issue our own separate Statement, but would love to remind the Body of Christ that it would be na├»ve to imagine that the Fulani Cabal is done with her scheming and is looking forward to handing over power to some Southerner.  We counsel that the Church takes time to discern and guard against the various subtle manipulations from this Cabal in the unfolding post-election developments.


The much eagerly-awaited 2023 General Elections are finally here, with the Presidential and National Assembly elections held on February 25, and the Gubernatorial and State Houses of Assembly elections held on March 18.  Results of the latter elections are currently being processed.  The elections mark a definite milestone in the nation’s history as new players are expected to come on board the political stage, leading to what many hope would be the new glorious Nigeria long-prophesied by several vessels of God in the past generations.

The Christian Leaders Assembly in Yorubaland is disappointed by the abysmal performance of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in conducting the elections given the enormous fiscal and intellectual resources committed to the exercise; together with the tremendous goodwill from citizens and other stakeholders both within and outside the country.  It is saddening that so much irregularities could be blatantly committed in broad daylight.  The low figure of 25 million total votes recorded (out of over 90 million registered voters) in the Presidential election, despite the obvious huge turnout of the electorate, is a clear confirmation that many were disenfranchised one way or the other.  The disenfranchisement was downright brazen and done with gross impunity in the governorship election, especially in Lagos and Rivers states.  It is not surprising that virtually all the key election Monitors (both local and foreign) have generally condemned the elections. 


Fortunately, the aggrieved parties are exploring the peaceful judicial option for redress and succor, rather than resort to organized violence.  We call on all those in authority to allow this option take its full course.  It is particularly important that the judgment of the Supreme Court granting access by the contending parties to required data and materials relating to the election be speedily obeyed.  This will ensure that this recourse to legitimate and peaceful adjudication persists.


At the Christian Leaders Assembly in Yorubaland, we believe that God can indeed choose and use whosoever He wishes, no matter how unattractive that choice might appear to human reasoning.  However, we have no doubt that the LORD would never require His people to endorse ungodly actions in order to bring about His supposed will.  We may not be involved in unrighteousness, in the expectation that it would somehow result in some overall “good”. (Romans 3:8, I John 3:7, I John 5:17).


We urge all Nigerians to not lose hope in our expectation for a new, glorious Nigeria. God’s programme is on course, and we may safely consider all the current turmoil as merely the Devil’s final desperate acts trying to at least delay the inevitable.  However, the LORD God Almighty has a track record in “taking the wise in their own craftiness”. His Word abides forever, and His counsel prevails over all others!


Shalom Aleichem! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Prof Joshua Ojo                                                                   Pastor Unction Olufemi

President                                                                            Secretary


Ile-Ife. Sunday 19th March, 2023