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1.1. Fellow Citizens, Gentlemen of the Press, Greetings from the LivingScience Foundation, Ile-Ife, a faith-based NGO seeking to enhance public health in Nigeria via optimal management of our God-given environment for sustainable development; and from the Christian Initiative for Nation Building, Osogbo, a civil liberty NGO inspired by the biblical injunctions that Christians serve as Salt and Light in their environment.  We welcome you to this briefing on a matter of urgent importance both to public health and civil liberties of Nigerians with respect to the ongoing-COVID-19 debacle.

1.2. The first case of COVID-19 was recorded in Nigeria two months ago on February 27th.  As at 25th April, there have been 1,182 laboratory-confirmed cases out of which 35 have died. 222 people have been discharged and certified virus-free, while the remaining 925 are still being observed/treated.  In the meantime there have been unprecedented impacts on our economy, and even more importantly on our social well-being, both at individual and community levels. We have stoically borne all these pains, not necessarily because COVID-19 is way more hazardous than other diseases peculiar to us in Nigeria, such as Lassa fever and malaria, but largely because the COVID-19 battle is seen as a global effort, and we wish to play the responsible global partner. However, it seems our literally surrendering our entire lives, livelihoods, and liberties to the COVID-19 response is only emboldening the global community to demand more of us, as if checking out our elastic limit!

1.3. Compulsory mass vaccination is now being seriously touted as the only way to close the COVID-19 season. As we shall be explaining shortly, we consider this not only unwarranted, but extremely dangerous both to public health and civil liberties; and even beyond. Based on previous precedents and current signals, it is evident that proponents of this idea would want to commence implementation in Nigeria and use their expected in route here to push the unpopular policy through in other nations where more serious resistance is envisaged. Through this medium, we seek to alert the nation to the implications of this totally disproportionate, unreasonable, and dangerous response, and call on all and sundry to rise and forestall its enactment.

2.0. A Question of Proportional Logical Response

2.1. In considering COVID-19 statistics and our responses to them, the figure to note is the relative number of recoveries and not the total number of cases as is currently being hyped!  It is obvious that the more tests are carried out, the larger the number of cases that would be confirmed.  The number of confirmed cases has value only when taken together with number of tests carried out.  This fraction would then give an idea about the prevalence of COVID-19 in the general untested population.  However, this parameter is now being skewed with the new policy starting off in Lagos state to first ferret out sub-population with COVID-19 symptoms, and then have the tests purposively administered on them.  We have no qualms with this procedure, however; since as already noted, the figure that really matters is the relative number of recoveries out of the confirmed cases.  As a matter of fact, it is generally understood that sooner or later, virtually everybody in a country would eventually contract the novel virus.  At some point, when about 70%  of the general population had been infected and recovered, “herd immunity” would be developed, and COVID-19 would lose its novelty status becoming just like its cousin, the seasonal flu in that environment.

2.2. In principle therefore, all the various measures being adopted by various countries are meant to “flatten the curve” of incidence of the disease; that is, slow the rate of spread, rather than prevent it entirely.  This is based on the understanding that the more people contract the virus at any particular point in time, the more the number of people who would likely require expensive medical resources, such as ventilators.  Calamity, such as was seen in Italy, could therefore result if the number of patients requiring these facilities overwhelms the available facilities. A surprising major feature of the COVID-19 pandemic is the relatively mild clinical presentations in Nigeria such that there are even fewer people needing the few high-tech facilities available. The report from Lagos, the major epicenter of the disease in Nigeria, speaks volumes.  Commenting on the 100% survival rate witnessed at Lagos state isolation centres a month after the index case, Commissioner of Health, Prof Akin Abayomi observed that the presentation in Nigeria has ranged from very mild to moderate, such that none of the patients required ventilators or any ICU treatment! The same story is repeated here in Osun state where all but two of the 19 confirmed cases (as at April 15) have been discharged hale and hearty from government isolation centres without any recourse to non-available medical facilities. In fact, the Director General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu was at a point quoted as noting that 90% of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria are recovering without any intervention at all.

2.3. It is against this background that we consider totally unacceptable, the insistence by some well-placed authorities, based on projections from discredited models and data from other climes, that mandatory vaccine remains a necessary next measure before a closure could be brought to the COVID-19 saga in any nation, including Nigeria. With the ongoing enormous blows to our uniquely oil-dependent fragile economy, the tearing apart of long-cherished traditions, ties, and values, coupled with the virtual neglect of other much more serious health hazards in Nigeria (such as cancer and road traffic accidents), it is clear that continuing to gullibly follow the globalist bidding is a suicidal trend that needs to be immediately arrested.

3.0. Understanding Mandatory Chip-delivered Mass Vaccination

3.1. So what exactly are the problems with vaccines? There are a number of established serious issues why many people urge extreme caution in the use of vaccines. Topmost is the issue of safety which is best appreciated by the firm insistence of vaccine producers that they cannot accept liabilities for any of the well-recognized health problems that might result from use of their products.  Some of these well-known safety issues are specific to coronaviruses, but sad enough, they are not being addressed in the ongoing race to come up with a COVID-19 vaccine. There is also the unpalatable reality that vaccines are still far from being as effective as many naively suppose them to be.  Even vaccines that went through the established due protocols, such as the flu vaccine, sometimes could only boast of about 10% effectiveness.  Many of the current efforts for a COVID-19 vaccine are seeking to fast-track the development, and skipping the traditional extensive safety testing on animals, they are moving straight to testing in humans.  There has been tremendous backlash to the propositions and alleged efforts to use Africans for this crucial trial/testing efforts. In concluding this section on efficacy, safety, and necessity of vaccines, we might also mention the rather embarrassing fact that several high-profile studies have documented that health indices could be much better in unvaccinated populations than vaccinated ones!  In short, while the value of vaccines in individuals or sub-groups clearly at risk might be incontrovertible, the same cannot be said of its blind mass deployment in society.

3.2. However our objection to the proposed COVID-19 vaccine is based neither on any of the sobering points above, nor on the obvious conflict of financial interests, involving the major proponents who are trying so hard to pass as pure philanthropists.  Indeed, our objection is basically not with the vaccine itself, but with its MANDATORY MASS DEPLOYMENT.  As mentioned above, since vaccines are not drugs to be administered to people who are evidently sick and clearly need some relief, compelling those who may not require a vaccine to receive one (especially in light of the associated health risks) is most unconscionable.  

3.3. Even more troubling is the proposed mode for administering the vaccine, which would involve chip-implants.   This is a direct consequence of the requirement that it should be mandatory. As clearly explained by these proponents themselves, given the now prevalent practice of people procuring fake certificates of vaccination (think of the fake immunization “yellow cards” common with travelers on foreign trips); fake-proof digital certificates must henceforth accompany new vaccines (irrespective of who developed them).  The technology for achieving this was announced last September, just as COVID-19 was staging its appearance on the world scene.  Tagged ID2020, the initiative was described as a “program to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity.” This technology, to be in form of quantum dot-based nanoparticles, is the dream product in cybernetics, a scientific field which seeks to meld man and machine together into a novel creature – a cybernetic organism, or simply cyborg.  There are considerable adverse health and social implications (including mass mind control), associated with this product and it has rightly provoked an outrage all across the nations of the world. 

3.4. The coercing rush towards mandatory mass vaccine is all the more unjustifiable, given the considerable progress that is being made to develop effective therapeutic drugs for COVID-19.  Recently in the news is the novel technique  developed by an Israeli company, Pluristem Therapeutics, which has demonstrated a 100% efficacy in treatment of patients with advanced cases of COVID-19. Using placenta stem cells injected intra-muscularly, Pluristem has been able to regenerate tissues already damaged by COVID-19 in seven Israeli patients taken from ICU.   The story is even better when COVID-19 is treated at the early stages of infection.  Chief among the emerging effective and affordable products is the much-maligned combination of zinc sulphate with hydroxycholoroquine, (and possibly the antibiotic azithromycin, where indicated).   The basis for the treatment regimen which produced 100% efficacy in 350 patients at a New York facility was described by the proponent, the French doctor, Didier Raoutt in a YouTube video.  An article by Yomi Lawal also cutely elucidated the mode of action of the combo which involves the synergistic facilitation of the influx of zinc (the main therapeutic agent) across the cell membrane by hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.  Incidentally, this description accords beautifully with one of the possible roles ascribed to microwave radiation (including 5G) in the COVID-19 debacle. With their well-established disruptions in the so-called Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels (VGCC) and the resulting over 7 million-fold increase in the voltage responsible for facilitating the influx of calcium intracellularly, it should not be surprising that this radiation (though non-ionizing) should produce deleterious effects which can be mitigated by zinc, a known antagonist to calcium. 

3.5. The cantankerous campaign against the use of hydroxychloroquine + zinc sulphate drug regimen is quite despicable, and revealing.  While globalists and their agents passionately argue that evidently sick people should not receive an established possibly life-saving drug simply because the formal procedure for testing the efficacy of the drug for COVID-19 in particular has not been completed, the same people with a straight face demand that people who are not sick must compulsorily receive a medical product with well-demonstrated adverse health consequences, and whose efficacy might be actually less than 10%!  In the meantime, whilst the uncertainties persist, the entire society is to be subjected to unprecedented, probably irreversible, damaging measures.  It is doubtful the full socio-economic costs of the lockdowns in Nigeria will ever be accurately tallied up.  For instance there was the sad report of at least 18 people reportedly killed by security forces enforcing lockdowns across the nation as at April 16 when the total number of COVID-19 deaths was still 12.  Not to consider the thousands adversely impacted by stress, hunger, loss of livelihood, robbery, and so forth, all indirectly associated with the various mandated measures. It is therefore totally unacceptable that we should be threatened with indefinite continuance of these draconian measures unless we accept to receive chip-delivered vaccines, despite the availability of effective and affordable drugs. According to Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a major coronavirus advisor to the WHO, conferences, concerts, sporting events, religious services and restaurant meals should be banned for another 18 months  “until we have a vaccine that protects everyone.” Summarizing such sentiments from globalists, the Guardian (UK) bluntly parroted: “Lockdowns can’t end until Covid-19 vaccine [is] found.”

4.0. Conclusions

4.1. In conclusion, we wish to register our sympathy with governments at various levels who, faced with an unprecedented crisis situation as COVID-19, are bombarded by conflicting suggestions from “experts,” many of whom are clearly under international pressures to push policies not necessarily serving the best interests of Nigeria.  It is sad observing that several of the adverts pushing these measures in our society are even openly acknowledged as being sponsored by well-known and heavily-funded globalist initiatives, such as the George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.  In any case, in our opinion, the various measures enforced have had both benefits (even some unintended) and downsides (including those unforeseen); and we should simply thank and give glory to the good LORD who has helped us navigate the minefields safely thus far.

4.2. We urge fellow-citizens to continue to cooperate with government even in these “try and error” measures; not only by compliance with duly-issued regulations, but also in providing relevant information and counsel to help guide the formulation of more appropriate regulations subsequently.  This Press Release is our own contribution along this line.

4.3. We reiterate, for the avoidance of doubts, that we welcome the development of vaccines for COVID-19 and other contagious diseases.  However taking the vaccines should be entirely voluntary, by individuals who perceive they stand sufficient health risks (probably based on occupation, lifestyle, age, or other vulnerabilities) to justify the receipt.  In that case there would be no need at all for any accompanying implant-based digital certificates. Neither would there be any need to unduly rush the development of such vaccines, side-stepping required safety protocols.

4.4. Rather than the current fixation on mandatory mass vaccination, the COVID-19 threat is better addressed via other options including drug development, public enlightenment, more concerted funding of local research on the environment-public health nexus, and general comprehensive overhauling of our health institutions. Charity should indeed begin at home: while it is nice cooperating in global fights against a pandemic, we must not lose sight of our peculiar battles at home.  A related sad example is the continued use of thimerosal (49.6% mercury)- containing vaccines (TCVs) in Nigeria which product has been proscribed in western nations for over 20 years.  After much politicking and feet dragging, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) upped its global battle against mercury poisoning in 2013, and decided to proscribe mercury in drugs and other medical and household products. But shamelessly, the UN body uniquely excluded vaccines from the proscription list!  The UNEP anchored this incredible exemption on the logic that since mercury in vaccines does not travel across national borders (indeed they reside in the brains of our babies!); its regulation in vaccines (and in vaccines alone) should be left to national authorities to handle rather than the global body. Of course, it has subsequently been a piece of cake hand-twisting individual African governments on the matter; and as we speak, Nigeria continues to be the major dumping ground for thimerosal-containing vaccines unaccepted elsewhere, thereby sustaining the operations of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, GAVI.  The health havocs associated with this situation alone far exceeds anything COVID-19 can inflict on us in Nigeria!

4.5. Our government and other local authorities are obviously under serious pressure from these globalists and foreign interests.  Just as the good people of Nigeria by our alertness and unflinching affirmation helped our government to ward off the pressures from the same global cabals on issues such as gay marriage and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, we must resist efforts to use dubious COVID-19 vaccines as the Trojan horse to usher in mandatory chip-implantations which would leave us nothing but zombies under the influence of these evil geniuses.

4.6. It was Albert Einsten who said:  “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

4.7. Thank you. Kindly spread this word as far as you are able.

Joshua Olufemi Ojo Ph.D
Professor (Health Physics and Environment),
Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State

President, LivingScience Foundation, Ile-Ife (+234 805 710 6482)
Samuel Adeniyi Oginni MBBS, MPH, Ph.D
Fellow, World Health Organisation (WHO) Field Epidemiology Training Scheme
Fellow, Emerging Leaders’ Programme of the World Heart Federation (WHF)
President, Christian Initiative for Nation Building, Osogbo (+234 803 384 1224)


1.0.  Preamble

As at 25th April:
Lassa fever:


2.0.  A Question of Proportional Logical Response

new policy :



3.0.   Understanding Mandatory Chip-delivered Mass Vaccination





4.0. Conclusions




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ID2020 Quantum dot-based Mark which will both deliver mandatory vaccines to people as well as provide confirmatory digital certificates. 5G-driven digital certificate will be needed to access social, financial, and commercial services as well as physical facilities; and those without it will automatically be subjected to “electronic lockdowns” equivalent to the prophecy in Rev 13:16-17.  Photo credit:


In a previous article, we discussed how the superficial, farcical response to COVID-19 by otherwise intelligent Nigerian health authorities clearly betrays an underlying global governance agenda. Within a few days, what might have seemed to be mere conjectures on our part, became further affirmed as notable global personalities stepped out and started proffering bizarre global governance solutions to the pandemic; solutions they had previously dismissed as mere conspiracy theories.  In this article, we throw light on the befuddling statistics being used to promote COVID-19 globally, review the tell-tale hyped Hegelian solutions already being proffered, suggest what the near future might hold in store, and finally offer some candid advice for all and sundry. 

While the academicians continue to discuss “systemic” versus “personal“ risk assessments, incorporation of socio-economic costs into the “flattening the curve” strategies, accuracy and reliability in identifying COVID-19 in the laboratory, and such similar cerebral and challenging issues; the folks on the streets are asking more direct and practical questions.  In what was meant to be an enlightenment public-service advert on a local radio station at Ile-Ife, a peasant lady reasoned that COVID-19 at best is only the disease of the elites and high government officials. She consequently challenged her supposedly more enlightened neighbour to show her just three poor people anywhere in Nigeria that are being afflicted by the virus.  The response offered her went like this: “Don’t be silly.  Are more advanced and capable countries not threading the same path as us? Just keep quiet and obey instructions!”  Surely, supposedly more enlightened folks reading this article should be excused if they demanded some more rational response to the question: “exactly what and where is the threat we are almost killing ourselves over?”

Defining the Problem

The science is quite straightforward. Trillions of microorganisms (indeed more numerous than human cells!) including several different types of viruses reside in our bodies at any point in time.  Most are harmless, while many are indeed very useful.  A few troublesome ones exist, like the flu (the influenza virus).  They show up at certain seasons, run their course, and are gone.  They have no known cure and they continue to exact their deadly toll on mankind season to season.  COVID-19 from all indications is just another one of these rascally viruses.  The only novelty here is that it is new and more importantly, it can be innocently transmitted by people who are totally without any symptoms. (See details in our previous article).

Now, the basic issue is not whether it is right or not to seek to rid society of even the littlest irritant of microorganisms. The question is, even if it were the worst plague ever known, at what cost could we reasonably seek a cure? Isn’t there a juncture where, to paraphrase Donald Trump, the “cure begins to prove more deadly than the disease?”

In the six weeks since the virus was first detected in Nigeria, there have been two hundred and thirty-eight confirmed cases and five deaths.  As confirmed by the health Czar at Lagos state, the supposed epicentre of the disease, so far 100% of the people quarantined for carrying the pathogens have all been discharged hale and hearty, with none of them requiring any expensive or high-tech medical interventions such as ventillators as we see from videos sent in from China and Europe. It was precisely the fear that these high-tech facilities could be required in large numbers, and consequently become swamped if there were sharp peaks in hospitalization rate, that led to the various “flattening the curve” measures being devised in those countries. And it is exactly those same measures that are currently uncritically being foisted on us here in Nigeria.  Not only are those measures clearly not designed to affect the COVID-19 situation in Nigeria, they are largely impracticable and unworkable in our peculiar socio-economic setting.  It is very reasonable to ask why we must bear such heavy burden of imposed measures when we clearly are not faced with the same challenges.  By the way, none of those countries have malaria for instance, which remains a top killer here, and which could be eliminated outright, were we to deploy only a fraction of the current anti-COVID-19 efforts to fight it. And even as we write, some 774 people have died this year so far, in the world’s worst Lassa fever epidemic, happening right here in Nigeria, with little press coverage. But we digress!

Obfuscating Statistics

Evidences are mounting that these measures which are totally absurd in our situation, are hardly justifiable even in those developed nations being used to foist them on us.  Vigorous debates on their appropriateness are ongoing virtually in every one of those nations, with the key issues all revolving around statistics.  What exactly do the figures being rolled out mean and what do they imply? 

Consider, for instance that in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "the flu (also called influenza) has caused an estimated 38 million illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths this season”.  When compared with the 367,629 “cases” (assumed to be same as “hospitalizations”) and 10,941 deaths attributed to COVID-19 as at April 7, one wonders if all the hullabaloo about COVID-19 is justified.  The standard argument is that unlike the other seasonal infections, COVID-19 is still a wildcard, and it is not yet clear when its season would end.  This uncertainty is then the major trump card, and it is not surprising that certain interest groups should prefer that even if at all the pandemic would be curbed anytime soon, the uncertainties should persist till some irreversible critical decisions have been taken. If possibilities coming from nations such as Israel, France, China and even within the United States itself, concerning upcoming effective treatments (or possibly even a vaccine), are factored in, then all the lockdowns and similar draconian measures in the US would become absolutely absurd.

Another pertinent issue related to the statistics is the question of what really is the mortality figure attributable to COVID-19?  In the language of cancer risk assessment, what is the number of “excess deaths” that are attributable to the disease?  Consider for example, a report just coming out of Israel  (7th April), reporting the 58th COVID-19 death recorded in that country.  According to the news report, “The 74-year-old, a resident of a nursing home, was admitted to the hospital for type of pneumonia which is uncharacteristic of coronavirus, and her first test for COVID-19 came back negative. After three days however, another test was performed, which turned out positive.”  An earlier investigation by an Israeli newspaper had shown that of the 21 deaths attributed to the virus in the country at that time, two had five pre-existing serious health conditions, one had four, two had three, eight had two, and five had only one pre-existing condition. Granted that even people with “pre-existing serious” health conditions should be helped to fulfil their years on earth, the pertinent question is: would these people not have died even in the absence of COVID-19? And, more importantly, are the incredibly enormous resources and efforts being deployed to curtail the transmission of the disease not better spent on strengthening the general healthcare system such that COVID-19 becomes absolutely innocuous?

A report suggesting unethical false classification of a COVID-19 death in the UK is particularly disturbing.  As the impression gained grounds that COVID-19 is only a problem for the elderlies with multiple pre-existing health conditions, people in the UK began to question the rationale for the extensive indiscriminate lockdowns.  It was precisely at this critical juncture that Britain conveniently reported her first young COVID-19 fatality.  It soon turned out however, that attributing the death of 21 year old Chloe Middleton to COVID-19 was only the product of a Coroner’s imagination stretched too far. Indeed Chloe was never even tested for the virus, and no post mortem was carried out, yet the Coroner certified it a coronavirus death.   The original report by the Guardian (UK) which indicated that the decision “raised eyebrows” at the hospital, has since been removed, and later sanitized.  But at least one media house had captured the original report which reads:

Middleton was taken to Wexham Park hospital in Slough last weekend after she had a heart attack. Attempts to resuscitate her failed and she was pronounced dead soon after arriving… A Berkshire coroner said the death was related to Covid-19 after being told Middleton had a cough, the source said. But this surprised medics at the hospital, who have not recorded it as a coronavirus incident.

The case has since been eclipsed by other reports, and now the youngest patient in Britain who had COVID-19 at the time of death was a 5 year old.  The point is, if such bizarre distortion of records could happen in the UK, what might not be happening in other countries with less established medical ethics and systems!  

Back home in Nigeria for instance, apart from the first COVID-19 death which was elaborately announced, details about the other four fatalities have been sparse.  The only constant in the reports was the refrain that the patient had severe underlying illnesses.”  Data from the NCDC website indicate that the second death occurred at the FCT on 30th March,  the third was recorded on 4th April at Lagos, the fourth at Edo on 3rd April, and the fifth again at Lagos on 5th April.   Of course it is a contradiction to have the third case on 4th April and the fourth case a day earlier on 3rd April, but such data processing error, troubling as it is, is not a big concern to us.  The issue here is the attribution of the deaths to COVID-19, which the Nigerian press, unlike their colleagues in the UK as cited above, is so docile about.

This is how the reputable Guardian newspaper reported the 4th April death, quoting Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi:

“Abayomi announced the death through his Twitter handle on Sunday, saying that it was the death of second COVID-19 patient recorded in the state.  We lost a #COVID19 patient; a 36-year-old Nigerian, male, who died in a private facility on April 4, 2020.  The total number of #COVID19 patients who have died are now two,” he said.  

“Abayomi, however, did not disclose further information about the medical history of the patient.”

This second death at Lagos was actually reported in NCDC’s Situation Report  No 37 for 5th April, suggesting the first Lagos death also occurred on the 4th April.  But then the press reported that death as having happened between 2nd and 3rd April.  Again, the date is not the issue, but the content of the report attributed to the News Agency of Nigeria  stating that the patient “was brought unconscious to LUTH Emergency late in the evening of Wednesday, April 2 by his friend”, and “he died a few hours later.” (sic, April 2 was actually a Thursday).

Now let’s make our point. One patient died at a “private facility” without any statement on his medical history, or whether he was tested for COVID-19 at all.  For the other patient brought “unconscious” to LUTH and dying “a few hours later,” it obviously would have been difficult carrying out any COVID-19 tests. In fact, in his case, the report says “his symptoms strongly suggested Covid-19” and “further investigations later revealed he had earlier performed a test at Yaba soon after he travelled back to Nigeria from Holland and the test was positive.”  The report however further noted that the patient had “...other health issues such as being a diabetic hypertensive patient. He had also undergone a kidney transplant for chronic kidney disease and was on immunosuppressant drugs.”  We are not suggesting that COVID-19 is not real in Nigeria, or that it does not kill; but clearly our highly respected thorough-bred medical professionals will not be lightly confirming diagnoses in this rather sloppy way, if they didn’t have some external people breathing hard on their neck!  Enough said!

We may not conclude this issue of convoluted coronavirus stats without examining the famous Italian figures.  At 16,523 deaths (as at 7th April), this is the highest mortality figure attributed to COVID-19 anywhere in the world.  A deeper consideration of some basic facts would however bring sound perspectives and clarity to these figures which have served more than anything else, to confound the public and consequently whip reticent governments into towing the path of blatant draconian measures all round the world. To start with, we can continue with the pertinent question:  how many of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Italy would have NOT occurred if the disease had not shown up, seeing that 99% of the mortality attributed to it has been conclusively shown to occur in elderly people with pre-existing illnesses? 

But the issues are beyond that. As painstakingly documented by Paul Doyon, Italy is closely linked with China (Wuhan city) in the massive deployment of the 5th Generation technology “5G” for telecommunication, and this probably  significantly affected the course of COVID-19 in Italy and the dismal statistics.  Despite desperate efforts to discredit the 5G - COVID-19 link, the science is settled.  Not only could microwave radiation in general (not just “5G”) make microorganisms more virulent, it could also weaken the immunity of people to their impacts. Some have pointed at the short range nature of 5G, and attempted to suggest that the risk to people would therefore be inconsequential.  However, it is exactly this short range nature that makes it necessary to have such enormous installation densities - one antenna required about every 100 metres for 5G to function effectively.  (For instance, about 10,000 installations were required for Wuhan city).  Another common fallacy is the comparison of man-made electromagnetic radiations with natural ones - from the sun for instance; and claiming that effects that don’t happen with the natural can also not happen with the anthropogenic radiation.  This comparison is not appropriate for several reasons discussed in detail in our technical paper.  So we have the well-cited facts of Italy being comprised of the oldest population in Europe, and these old, immune-deficient folks being exposed to the novel 5G electromagnetic waves at an unprecedented level.  As earlier pointed out, if we remove this consideration alone, the death statistics from Italy would plummet to a mere 1% of the current figures! It is therefore quite inappropriate to use the Italian scenario to prescribe solutions for other places, like Nigeria for instance. 

However, we might still add to the above considerations, the point excellently made by Tracy Beanz that Italy has become largely a vassal state of China. In her write-up, Tracy traced the history of the Italian tragedy from the gradual influx of Chinese pauper migrants in the early 1990s, to Italy’s signing the “One belt, One road” initiative with a now ruthless China in March 2019.  According to Tracy, “whole villages in Italy became Chinese villages, with the Chinese displacing the Italians who lived there, creating their own neighborhoods, and pushing out decades of Italian family owned business”. Quoting an aggrieved politician, she further writes: “The Chinese have their own restaurants and their own banks—even their own police force.  The long and short is that Italian authorities repeatedly accepted unreasonable instructions from China in their response to COVID-19 leading to Tracy’s pungent conclusion that: “It wasn’t chance. It wasn’t age. It wasn’t overall health, and it wasn’t the good-hearted nature of the Italian people that caused the virus to ravage their nation. It was a leadership who are now under the thumb of the Chinese government.”  Perhaps it is a combination of all these!

It is instructive that the perceived culpability of the Chinese in the (mis)management of COVID-19 in Italy was the major premise being cited by medical practitioners in Nigeria, in their current threat to down tools should the government proceed with its ill-advised plan to bring in Chinese “COVID-19 experts” to help us manage our non-existent problem in Nigeria! 

Contrived Hegelian Solutions

Having generated considerable panic response to COVID-19 using suspect statistics as highlighted above, the global elites are already proffering the “solutions” to the crisis. In a nut shell, the required solution can only be Global Governance.  Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK took the first shot when he called for an ad hoc international team with “executive powers” to lead humanity’s fight against coronavirus.  “This is not something that can be dealt with in one country,” he said. “There has to be a coordinated global response.”  At a virtual meeting of the G-20 a few days later, the leaders agreed  among other measures to “..accelerate the development and delivery of vaccines” using platforms that would be recommended by the WHO. They also “commit to do whatever it takes … to minimize the economic and social damage…,”  while noting that “Global action, solidarity and international cooperation are more than ever necessary to address this pandemic.”  All these are straight from the global governance script, as we have been highlighting in articles over the years.

Simultaneously with these developments at governmental levels was the announcement by Mr Bill Gates that he is already sponsoring the development of 7 candidate vaccines for COVID-19 . Although the first clinical trials have now started, Bill Gates said the entire exercise might last about 18 months. The interesting point with the Bill Gate’s vaccine solution is that it would be integrated with a digital certificate option (via implanted nanochips), so that those who are vaccinated could be verified and possibly excluded from the coming massive electronic lockdowns that would by default, be imposed on non-compliant refuseniks.  In the language of Rev 13:16-17, the lockdown would prevent people (no matter who they are  – great or small, rich or poor) from buying or selling unless they had the mark. Details of the technology based on fluorescent quantum dots embedded in the skin can be found here.

A few words on mandatory mass vaccination.  Vaccines are not made for the sick, they are valued medical solutions which, though carrying well-recognized risks on their own, are nevertheless applied to healthy people based on those people being perceived to be at higher risks to certain diseases.  Now while there is little argument about some situations which put people at risks easily adjudged higher than the risks associated with vaccines (e.g. medical practitioners, travellers, prostitutes, homosexuals, etc), it is a different ball-game assessing risks to the general populace in a generic way that discounts their individual peculiarities. The problems arise basically because vaccines themselves are still “works in progress,” with the effectiveness of some plummeting to as low as merely 19%, while still carrying considerable health risks.  Indeed, in several documented studies, the health indices could be much better in unvaccinated populations than vaccinated ones! The issue therefore comes to a head when an individual self-evaluates that his risk to a certain disease does not justify his taking a vaccine;  while some authorities still insist that the risk of his infecting other citizens by his continuous interaction with society without a vaccine is unacceptable to the State!  That’s the whole basis justifying lockdowns!

Many Nigerians are unaware of the ongoing hot contentions on mandatory vaccination largely in Europe; and that the same is a major issue in the coming US Presidential elections, which globalists see as a do or die affair!  It has however been reasonably suggested that our current troubles in Nigeria with Boko Haram and killer herdsmen might actually have been facilitated by people who would soften our “stubborn resistance” to key elements of global governance such as GMOs in food, gay marriage, and vaccines!  Please see here for a discussion of issues that have bred a general distrust of mass vaccination exercises in Nigeria.  Suffice to emphasize here, that globalists are absolutely ready to go to any extent to push this agenda through.  In 2011 in Malawi, an NGO acting for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, actually trailed people into their hideouts and compelled them to receive their measles vaccines at gun point!

However, in the overall global governance agenda, the mandatory vaccine is only a means to the real big goal – implanting a chip in all humans on earth.  That is why the current proposal of Bill Gates combining the proposed coronavirus vaccine with a chip-based digital certificate is noteworthy.   The reader may check Chapter Four of our book Behold I  Come Quickly, for an extensive compilation of various ploys (both carrots and sticks) already put together to gradually get the bio-chip implanted into every human being on the planet.  

As we have previously explained, once chipped, not only the implantee’s actions but his emotions, and desires can be monitored and easily controlled.  For instance, implantees can be made to feel depressed or excited according to the whims of the controller of the technology.  They will “love” to cheerfully do whatever they are asked to do – no matter how outrageous it would have been to them previously, ranging from the immoral to the outright criminal – as conceptualized in the popular novel,  the Manchurian candidate.

The link holding all these global governance elements together would be Artificial Intelligence (AI), which brings us back to the 5G issue.   Extraordinarily fast network is required to provide the hub and basic infrastructure needed for the new world order based on “internet-of-things,” including the fusion of man and machine on which the likes of Prof Kevin Warwick have been collaborating with the US DARPA.  AI and 5G would also play key role in space control, advance weaponry, autonomous self-driving vehicles, and other futuristic developments. 

However, while the masses of the world would embrace 5G for the superficial tickling benefits described above, the globalists have a much deeper need for it.  It is needed for the new spirituality and religion.  For instance, the ultimate goal of the implanted chip will not just be to control people’s ability to buy and sell (Rev 13:17).  Restrictions of buying and selling and other lockdowns are mainly to serve in forcing the chip on people!  Once the chip is implanted, the deed is done. The end goal of being able to influence peoples’ actions, thoughts, and emotions is ultimately to engineer them for worship. The devil desperately needs sons and daughters of Adam who would bow and worship him (Isa. 14:13-14, Mat. 4:9)   That is why as we explained previously, the Bible indicates that those who get the mark of the beast are irretrievably lost to the devil (Rev 14:9-11, 16:2).

Prior to the implanted chip, Satan has extricated worship from people using drugs, sex, love of money, fame, occult rituals and other psycho-affective  agents.  The chip will up the game significantly and will guarantee the devil of the intensely fanatical foot soldiers he needs in his rebellion against the Most High.  Please see a brief summary of this point here.

Anthony Levandowski, founder of what is called the AI (Artificial Intelligience) Church describes a new god referred to as “Whatever”, which the AI community believes is going to emerge at some point when the internet-of-things has become operational.  With the internet as its nervous system, the world’s connected cell phones and sensors as its sense organs, and data centers as its brain, the ‘whatever’ will hear everything, see everything, and be everywhere at all times. The only rational word to describe that ‘whatever’, thinks Levandowski, is ‘god’—and the only way to influence a deity is through prayer and worship.”  “What is going to be created will effectively be a god,” he surmised. “if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?”  With this kind of system, it is not difficult to imagine the antichrist setting up an image, and  “give life to the image so it can talk…” as described in Rev.13:15.

Of course, as we have repeatedly highlighted, there are two wings needed for the new world order (NWO) to fly: the one world government aspect under the antichrist, and the one world religion under the false prophet.  The NWO is actually a resumption of the disrupted project in Genesis 11:1-8 when in defiance of God, men decided to “build a city and a tower”.  The city being the state component and the “tower that reaches the heaven” the religious component of the NWO.  It is in this concept that the well-known efforts of the current Pope (predicted to be the last Pope) to bring about a new world religion synthesized from all the existing ones is notable.  We can’t begin to discuss that in this essay, but to show there are intense activities along that dimension, we point out that the Pope intends to bring the youths of the world together to launch a Global Educational Pact  It is envisaged this would change their attitudes to religion and social values, (including the issue of homosexuality which the Pope has consistently endorsed.)   Previously scheduled for 14th May,2020m,  the event has now been shifted to October 11-18 apparently due to the ongoing lockdowns.

So here we are in April 2020, faced with proposals being formally presented by Bill Gates requiring the world adopts BOTH mandatory vaccine and mandatory chipping in one clean swab!  And perfect timing too, since it turned out that a Project, called the ID2020 Alliance conceived in 2017 has been working tirelessly to develop just exactly the system being proposed by Mr Gates.  From inception, the project was expected to take off in 2020 (hence the name); and it was concluded right on schedule last October.  The readiness was announced in terms of the technical certification “Mark” which is now unveiled!  About the same time, a “table-top” simulation exercise (called Event 201) considering the various socio-economic scenarios should there be a coronavirus pandemic in the world was carried out under the leadership of Mr Bill Gates.  A few weeks after these two events, very conveniently, we found ourselves requiring their prescriptions!  You could either celebrate the foresight and genius of these globalists or scream conspiracy!

Way forward Nigeria

It is evident that Nigeria and sub-sahara Africa in general has been enjoying some providential shielding from the coronavirus scourge so far.  However, it would be totally ill-advised to start celebrating our “coldspot” status at this stage.  As we have detailed above, there is an agenda to it all, and sub sahara Africa is obviously meant to be the major theatre.  It is not at all reasonable to expect the globalists would backup at this juncture so early!

Despite the relative calm here, some western nations are evacuating their nationals.  And as further indication that the world is still waiting for a second phase to the ongoing pandemic, we may note unexpected activities such as the procurement of 10 million coronavirus masks by Israel, and significantly, that being handled by her secret service, Mossad.  The WHO has repeatedly affirmed that masks are not needed to prevent transmission of the current strains of coronavirus – about 8 of them so far identified, since they are not air-borne.  But then nobody can call the Israelis foolish!

Another area Nigeria needs to exercise caution is in the roll-out of 5G infrastructure.  Ongoing accusations and denials about the exact status of the technology in Nigeria is unfortunate, but is typical of how the government handles extremely important public health issues – including genetically-modified foods, for instance.  Concerning 5G, the correct thing to do is carry out impact studies first  – determining those who would be most vulnerable, under what conditions, and what mitigation measures would bring down the health hazards considerably – before moving forward cautiously. For instance, one of the principal modes of actions of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on man is via well-understood disruptions in the voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC) of the cell membranes.  And there are already a good number of affordable therapeutic solutions that can inhibit these disruptions and possibly mitigate the deleterious impacts of 5Gs.  But we should first own up to the problems and commit to honest diligent research.

Christians, as Salt of the earth and Light of the world, have primary responsibilities in advocating for sustainable development of our nation to the glory of God.  Like so many Biblical characters (from David, Daniel and company, to the Apostles), it is our privileged and sacred duty to take a stand for the values of the Kingdom of heaven at a time like this, and we can trust the almighty God to faithfully do His own bit.

As for globalists and their mesmerized fans who, in their rage and vain imagination, are taking counsel together against the LORD and against his anointed, saying “Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us;”  we simply wish to remind them that the Most High God Who made the heavens and the earth is still securely seated on His throne. And His simple message for such a time as this is:

And the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be made low: and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day. And the idols he shall utterly abolish.”   Isaiah 2 verse 17-18.

To those wondering what on earth God is doing, and why He is allowing all these disruptions, we submit that God’s having foretold all these events thousands of years ago, shows clearly He is in control.  In Rev 17:17 the Bible declares ahead that a global government structure that excludes the almighty will transiently operate on the earth in the very last days.  But, according to the Bible, it is actually God’s will that the globalists would be effecting!

“For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.” Rev 17:17  

In other words, it is actually God’s plan that a global government scheme that seeks to exclude Him should be hatched, and should “succeed” for a short while.  The whole point is to allow the rebels play out their cherished “animal-farm” ideas and see if these are indeed superior to God’s ways, as they are insisting. After the entire project has been shown to be the utter failure it would be just like the Orwellian Animal Farm, nobody will be able to justifiably accuse the LORD of being a despot (Psa. 51:4); when He now swings in and install His everlasting righteous Kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven.

In the meantime, the desperate plans of the globalists will continue to suffer various setbacks until the time appointed by the Almighty God. When that auspicious time arrives, the Church will be evacuated from the earth in what is known as the Rapture (like it happened to Enoch and Elijah before); while the nation Israel will be assisted to the hiding place prepared for her here on earth Rev 12:6  till the antichrist and the false prophet have finished messing themselves and their society up thoroughly and the LORD comes with the intervention.

The antichrist and the false prophet will thereafter be consigned to hell fire, together with their boss, Satan.  (Rev.20:10).

Anyone who chooses to follow these boastful losers at this present time should be prepared to accompany them for all eternity in the hell fire (Mat 25:41, Rev. 20:15); but the Good News is that anyone seed of Adam, who would ask to change sides and come over to the Lord Jesus is always ever welcome, irrespective of the burden of sin they may be carrying (John 6:37, John 10:29).  His very name, Jesus, means the One who has come to save people from their sins (Mat.1:21).

Ile-Ife, 9th April, 2020