Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Please, open the churches - CA! strongly recommends this online petition!

Please, open the churches

May 6 at 12:33 PM
Ann Kioko, CitizenGO 

After waiting more than one month in confinement, the Government still excludes freedom of worship even during this new phase when many economic and social activities are being reopened.

The time has come to make us heard!

We ask the Government to listen to the requests of the Christian people, allowing the restoration of Sunday worship and Eucharistic celebrations, respecting social distancing measures and all necessary precautions.
Dear Joshua,
The time has come...

We all looked forward to the press conference of President, a conference where he would introduce the new measures for this new phase in the coronavirus crisis where we are going for a gradual reopening of economic and social activity. In fact, after more than 1 month of total closure and confinement, social distancing, sacrifices and proven patience, the announcement of a progressive return to normalcy was expected from many.

The Christian citizens, in particular, waited in silence, obediently, hoping that the Government would grant the Church the possibility of restoring Sunday worship and the sacraments, responsibly and gradually... but this was not the case.

In the decrees and regulations already approved, there is not a single word in this regard. The time has come to make us heard!

That’s why we have launched this petition in support of the restoration of Sunday worship and the Eucharist. We want to support our bishops and our pastors and the entire Christian community in our right to profess and celebrate our faith. It is time to trust the faithful to protect themselves and others and not ban their worship or keep the churches shut!
Sign the petition to ask the government to let the Christian people reopen the churches and participate in Sunday worship and the Eucarist, letting the pastors organize themselves to avoid the spread of the coronavirus in compliance with health standards.
Restaurants, Supermarkets and public transport are open... but not the churches!

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that our President believes that Christian citizens are either plague spreaders or simply reckless ... or a group to be especially harmed.

Some bishops and some pastors have also spoken asking for a gradual reopening of the churches for worship: Pastors, Don Mutugi Majau, Joan Miriti, and Alex Gichunge have gone to the extent of sueing the Interior, Health and ICT Cabinet Secretaries, the Attorney-General and the Inspector-General of Police in a bid to restore worship.
Let our pastors feel our support! Sign the petition to ask the government to restore Sunday worship and the Eucharistic celebrations in churches.
Sunday worship and the Eucharist are at the heart of the Christian faith. If this is incomprehensible to many members of the political class, it doesn't matter... as long as they hear loud and clear from the voters, they will begin to understand. 

In any case, it remains a fundamental right of everyone - men and women - to worship and to express their faith. Fundamental rights are at stake!

If a way has been found to shop safely, work safely, exercise safely, our government cannot rule out the possibility of finding a way to participate in Sunday worship and the Eucarist safely.

We at CitizenGO, together with all active citizens, want to make our support felt to all the bishops and pastors who are working at this moment to affirm the right of every Christian to return to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
Sign the petition to support the bishops and the pastors who are struggling to enforce the right of all Christian people to return, in compliance with health standards, to access the Sunday worship and the Eucharist.
Thank you very much for all you do to defend freedom of worship.
Ann Kioko and the entire CitizenGO Team