Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Naval Blockade and the Flotilla

It’s no longer news that Israel maintained her resolve to prevent uncleared flotilla of ships, backed by Turkey, to force itself into Gaza ostensibly to discharge humanitarian materials. It is amazing that even with videos of Israeli soldiers being welcomed aboard with severe beatings with iron rods, and being slashed with knives – probably by people with military background in civilian clothings, many still prefer to hold Israel as the aggressor!

From the facts in the news, Israel offered that the ships be docked first at Ashdod and if the contents are found to pose no security threat to Israeli, would be moved over by land to Gaza. Failing to agree to this, Israel announced it would take over the ships, tow them to Israel and deport the occupants. One wonders if America or Russia or Britain …. not to talk of Iran or Turkey would agree to anything more civil than that. With the reception the IDF soldiers got, the deaths recorded were inevitable – it was either the soldiers or the “humanitarian activists”!

Moriel ( written a commentary which we endorse 100% and therefore would refer our readers to :

Response to Israeli Blockade Action
And Reaction To Biased Media Interpretations of These Events
31st May, 2010

Moriel is not a political organization and engages in diverse humanitarian activity itself from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia to Haiti. Moriel does not give carte blanch to Israel or any other government to do as it wishes in violation of the protocols of human civility, our views of the scripturally prophetic significance of contemporary Middle East events notwithstanding.

Moriel does however, defend both the rights of Christians persecuted brutally and savagely throughout the Islamic world to the near silence of the international media and the right of the Judeo-Christian world to defend itself from the militant Islamic aggression that saw everything from the London tube and bus bombings, to the September 11th attacks, to the Paris riots, to the Sydney riots, to the Bradford riots, to the Mumbai Massacre, to the Dutch Van Gough murders, to countless other inhumane atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam, many of which are directed against other Muslims such as that which transpired the previous day in the mosque attacks in Pakistan.

Along with the mass extermination of millions of Black African Christians in Sudan to the Islamic extermination of hundreds of thousands in East Timor, tens of thousands in the Philippines, and countless more throughout Africa to the unspeakable suppression of the religious freedom and human rights in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and elsewhere, we see similar official anti-Christian policies undertaken by the Iranian animated Islamic Hamas government of Gaza and the forced expulsion of Southern Lebanon’s Christian population by Syrian and Iranian animated Hizbollah.

As a Judeo-Christian organization we thank God and Israel that at least one Middle East nation protects the religious liberty and human rights of its Christian population – facts this same biased international media machine of the BBC, CNN, and the so-called and gross misnomer “INDEPENDENT” newspapers and other producers of editorialized news choose to ignore.
Most of all Moriel monitors the progress of the Middle East events in light of scriptural eschatological prophetic prediction.

Let us address the hard facts:

1. Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in a stupid misplaced quest for peace with those heathen fundamentalist Islamic savages (for whom there can be no peace) only to see the Gaza strip within 24 hours misused to attack Israel with rockets supplied by Iran, forcing Israel to enact a naval blockade in self-defense.

2. The suffering of the people of Gaza is exaggerated in contrast to what the Islamists do to Christians in Sudan (whose cries these same pro-Hamas so-called humanitarian hucksters turn a deaf ear to).

3. The hardship in Gaza is a direct result of the Fatah regime of Mahmoud Abbas and his predecessor Yasser Arafat stealing, pilfering, embezzling, misappropriating, and misallocating the humongous amount of international financial aid foolishly squandered in Gaza and just as foolishly provided to these thieves by the American and European governments, and by the great money shredding machine known as the UN.

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