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Your Mobile phone: The Spy at Hand

Personnel bugging just became easier with recent developments in “spy phone” software. With any of the increasingly easily affordable and available remote wiretapping programme installed on your phone, that phone becomes a microphone that can be used to eavesdrop on you thousands of kilometers away! According to Newsweek (June 6, 2009) “ The programs are inexpensive, and the transfer requires no special skill. The would-be spy needs to get his hands on your phone to press keys authorizing the download, but it takes just a few minutes-about the time needed to download a ringtone.” Phones given as gifts –by the boss or a suspicious lover, for example, could more easily come pre-loaded!
Newsweek describes some of the stunning powers now widely available in the new generation of -user-friendly spy-phone software : “ The latest programs can silently turn on handset microphones even when no call is being made, allowing a spy to listen to voices in a room halfway around the world. Targets are none the wiser: neither call logs nor phone bills show records of the secretly transmitted data.”
More than 200 companies currently sell spy-phone software online, at prices as low as $50. For now, according to the Newsweek, antivirus and security programs developed for computers require too much processing power, even for smart phones. Moreover, most people still haven't given the threat much thought. (
Yea, the new world order mafias definitely don’t want anyone thinking anyway.

Copenhagen: A sound defeat for a hyped agenda

The expectation by many environmental NGOs /civil society groups to use their scientifically-dubious “man is warming up the earth” position to further their agenda towards global governance, did not quite meet with the hoped-for success at the recent Copenhangen Conference. Kim Carstensen, Leader of WWF's Global Climate Initiative simply could not hide his disappointment as he lamented: "Copenhagen was at the brink of failure due to poor leadership combined with an unconvincing level of ambition". But New World Order advocates, schooled in their famous Hegelian principle of achieving landmark successes via series of small almost imperceptible changes, are not known to give up so easily on their Agenda. So it is not surprising that Carstensen concluded with the words: “We are disappointed but the story continues." (
The hiccups at Copenhangen were due to three major difficulties: the issue of long-term climate aid for poor countries, the need to have international verification monitoring of emission levels of each country to ensure they are meeting their commitments, and more fundamentally, the issue of whether the agreement to be developed would be legally binding or just a political deal. Overall, the final document agreed on was a far cry for the much touted treaty that would have established an entity called "Conference of Parties" (COP) which would be responsible for defining and implementing taxing policies for all nations who are members of COP. (see Bill Wilson, "Copenhagen Climate Conference Ruse to Establish Global Government Even to Rule Over American Youth," ,
Though available scientific data are largely unsupportive, green movements insist that man, largely through the release of carbon dioxide – as in cars and other machines associated with development, is the main culprit for causing global temperature increases. [In reality average global temperatures have not increased in the past ten years – and there are better scientific explanation for the increase in temperature witnessed during some period of the last century – basically in terms of solar activities and cloud covers. There are glaring evidences that the world was much warmer than today, some centuries ago. Please see our previous articles, e.g. Vol 11 Nos 1 and 3). The suggested solution is that nations either reduce their carbon emissions and/or pay some global tax on them. Several valid concerns, including the vital role that CO2 plays in growth of plants (our ultimate food source) are quickly waved aside without any valid answer. But more alarming are the so-called geo-engineering options.
In one version, billions of dollars are to be used in deploying so-called "cloud ships". Some 1,900 of these wind-powered unmanned ships are to sail the world's oceans, suck up seawater and spray it out in miniscule droplets through tall funnels to create large, white clouds. It is expected that the clouds would reflect approximately one or two percent of the sunlight that otherwise would heat up the ocean, with the result of cancelling out the greenhouse effect intensified by increasing levels of carbon dioxide being observed in the atmosphere. Incidentally, the basic principle here is quite similar to one used by Svensmark to prove that cloud formation and coverings, which follow activities of the sun, are by far more important factors governing environmental temperature on earth, than CO2 concentration for instance. (See CA! Vo l 11 No1 &3 etc, ).
Another geo-engineering scheme, (actively being sponsored by the infamous US organization, The Council for Foreign Relations (CFR)), is even more audacious. Called “global dimming”, it involves plans to actually pollute the upper atmosphere with sulfur and microscropic particles in order to create an earth shield, in processes expected to mimick the cooling effects from volcanoes. The scheme is reminiscent of efforts by the U.S. military in the 1970s to explore detonating nuclear weapons to make the climate somehow more favorable. Which efforts led the United Nations in 1976 to quickly adopt a convention that prohibited the use of military weapons as a climate-change technology. (,)
Ironically, the CFR experts acknowledge that adverse climate changes, such as inducing droughts, could be caused in turn by geo-engineering efforts to fill the stratosphere with sulfur. However they reason that "The highly uncertain but possible disastrous side effects of geo-engineering interventions are difficult to compare to the dangers of unchecked global climate change." (,
Meanwhile, the troops are back to the trenches, preparing for the next engagement on the environment scheduled for December 2010 in Mexico City.

"Youths" torch over 1,000 cars across France overnight

Just like a repeat of a similar incident in 2007, but this time with greater ferocity, muslim youths, aggrieved by the accidental deaths of two young muslims who were in the act of fleeing from the police during new year eve’s celebrations, mobilized against the French authorities, and burnt overnight, over a thousand cars. Imagine that level of arson , if you can – happening in one single night! 398 people were arrested over the incident.
CBC News, January 1.

Morals decline linked to belief in evolution

It’s now scientifically documented: belief in evolution is directly linked with moral decline in society. An article by the Creation Ministries International, republished on 21/10/09 reported on a research survey of 1,535 people, conducted by the Australian National University, which confirmed that belief in evolution is associated with moral permissiveness. For instance, the survey showed that people who believed in evolution hold “a substantially more permissive view” on pre-marital sex than those who reject the theory of evolution.
The findings were similar on the issue of abortion. According to the report, “As all prior research on the topic would lead us to expect, atheists and agnostics are more tolerant of abortion than are strong believers, and, even aside from the strength of their beliefs, church-goers are more opposed to abortion than are the unchurched. But, even aside from their religious views, Darwinians are especially tolerant of abortion.” Check it out, church people who embrace abortion often tend to be Darwinians.
In its conclusion, the paper affirms that the “conflict over the theory of evolution is not just a simple issue of acceptance or rejection of a scientific thesis—as scientists generally view it—but also a dispute with a moral dimension, with implications for sexual morality, abortion, and similar issues.” (see for details and references)


“The greatest problem the world is facing today is…. the attack on our youths… The Internet … has become an avenue for the enemy to attack humanity. This is a problem facing every nation, rich or poor, first world or third world." Pastor E.A. Adeboye (addressing the UN Prayer last Sept. (see report in CA! Vol 12 No 5)

When Pastor Enoch Adeboye, in the quotes above, identified as THE most important problem facing all nations today, corruption of our youth, especially with the influence of the Internet which gives ready access to “terrorism” and bomb-making techniques, among other vices, some people thought he was out of touch with realities and is taking his religion too far . At least some chaps said that much on Nigerian internet groups (see, for example

One Nigerian who today is having a better personal understanding of the danger Pastor Adeboye was referring to is Alhaji Abdulmutallab – by most reports, a hardworking, highly respected gentleman who tried his best to bring up his children in piety as he best understands – through Islam. The respected Nigerian banking scion is the father of would-be Al qaeda Christmas-day bomber on Northern Airline flight 253 to Detroit, USA. Though young Umar Abdulmutallab had been introduced to radical Islam most of his life (his eminent family being a leading force in the Sharia movement in Nigeria), apparently the quantum leap to terrorism, at the level which became uncomfortable for his family, came through a casual internet contact with Yemen. According to several reports, following a detailed investigation of his “internet trail” (, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is believed to have turned to the internet to overcome loneliness and find "a true Muslim friend". Ultimately and inevitably, as he disclosed to US investigators, “a radical Imam he met over the Internet hooked him up with a terror boss in northern Yemen” The rest is history.

The Church could learn some lessons from this unsavory development. One is the need to pay more attention to our youths – our most valuable God-given resource. While most Nigerians (Christians in particular) treat their youth as kids who don’t understand “the real world”, militant Islam understands far better. Not only must the coming generation be protected from predators such as Alqaeda and their ilk, our youths ought to be encouraged, challenged and allowed to fulfil their destiny.

Another lesson is the need to appreciate the insidious nature of the new frontier the devil is using to viciously attack mankind (youths in particular) - the Internet. While many Christian leaders seem barely aware of the existence of the Internet, we see groups like Al Qaeda putting it to devastatingly potent use. Not only does Al qaeda actively recruits operatives (youths of all nationalities – including American, British, Arab, and as we have lately learnt, Nigeria) via the internet, thousands of coded details of nefarious instructions are locked away in several innocuous-looking webpages. With e-terrorism, there is no more need to carry about on one’s person, potentially incriminating papers!

While many are aware of youths being drawn into immorality such as pornography, drugs, etc via the internet, only few seem to appreciate that “piety” can as easily be used just as well, to indoctrinate people, via the Internet, straight into destruction. The Internet has a great potential both as a source of good (eg Rifqa Barry – another moslem, was literally saved via the Internet, see story on page 2), and at least on equal measure, for evil. The challenge in this article is that it is time Christian leaders in particular, began to appreciate this incredibly enormous capacity – and hopefully arise to checkmate the 419-ners, porn merchants, and yea, the terrorists currently having a field day on the ethereal world.

Related to the subjects raised above is the issue of higher education. It is heart-warming that more and more Christian organizations are investing in University education in Nigeria (with the Deeper Life Bible church and Christ Life Church, among those set to become new entrants into the field). Hopefully all these Christian educational institutions will prove to be centres of excellence where our most valuable resource – the youths, will be nurtured and released to play their God-given role in world affairs, even in these peculiar end times. It sounds ironic, but the Church can indeed learn something from Al Qaeda!

Battle against conversion from Islam hots up in the US: Update on Rifqa Bary

Last edition, we reported the case of Rifqa Bary, a young Sri Lankan girl living in the United States, who converted from Islam and practiced Christianity in the closet for 4 years before being discovered by his father. When persecution from the dad (spurred by the local mosque) became life-threatening, Rifqa fled home and was hosted temporarily by a Christian couple she had met on Facebook. Rifqa and her Christian friends are now urging the court to allow her (being still a minor, at 17) stay in a state facility for minors, while the father and the Noor Mosque want her back home.
Ordinarily, in the state of Ohio, a child can become a dependant of the state simply by showing the court that there was a conflict in the home. Although as many as over 50 people who are familiar with Rifqa (including several classmates) could testify to the fact that she greatly feared for her life long before she fled from her parents in Ohio, this case is not the ordinary child-run-from-abusive-home story, in which case it would have been easily long concluded. Here, fully leading the battle for the Islamists is the US Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) , which has virtually limitless financial resources at its disposal as well as strong roots with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, well-known sponsors of terror (see the previous story on Egypt for example). The resulting legal, social, and spiritual battle is intensive and anything but childplay.
Ahead of the critical next stage, scheduled for Jan 28, Robert Spencer of JihadWatch has published a report by Jamal Jivanjee, (a friend of Rifqa and fellow ex-moslem) to expose the strategy of CAIR and to request for prayers. The case will set precedent, not only legally but also in terms of encouraging individuals to freely choose which religion they wish to practice (Imagine this being an issue – right in the USA itself. What then would Saudi Arabia not do!)
As shown by, Jamal Jivanjee the two-fold strategy of CAIR is first to get and keep Rifqa isolated and discouraged, while at the same time intensify their smear campaign against the key people who LITERALLY saved Rifqa by offering her a temporary home. According to Jamal, since the last hearing on the matter on December 22, “Rifqa has been literally cut off from the outside world. Currently, Rifqa has absolutely no official visitors list ….and has not been allowed to have phone contact with any of her friends!”. On the other hand, three individuals, (Brian Williams of Columbus, and Blake and Beverly Lorenz of Orlando Florida)  who LITERALLY saved Rifqa's life by helping her when she fled her home are under serious character assassination and they are being portrayed as predators who lured a very impressionable new convert away from her parents. None of these is of course correct. (see the story and updates at
We would like to urge Christians everywhere to join in praying for Rifqa's encouragement, strength, and wisdom as well as for wisdom for her legal team. Readers of CA! who could spare the effort, are also encouraged to send an email to the Director of Children’s services at Franklin County Children’s services (where Rifqa is currently residing while the court case lasts) to politely request a review of the worsening isolation of Rifqa. The address is:

Forced Islamization via rape of Christian Girls Supported By Egyptian State

The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) has reported a recent broadcast on the Christian TV channel “Live TV”, highlighting the phenomenon of abduction, rape and forced Islamization of Christian girls in Egypt. Featuring testimonies from dozens of actual victims, the shocking documentary was beamed to some 60 million Arab speaking viewers in Egypt and around the world in mid-November, 2009. According to the program’s moderator, Rasheed El Maghreby, "Our role is to expose those behind those crimes."
Apart from the victims and their families, also interviewed was Magdi Khalil, an authority on Coptic affairs who has made extensive field study on forced Islamization of Christian minors in Egypt. Mr Khalil showed that these heinous crimes are carried out by organized Islamization gangs with full government funding and backing by the State Security.
As is practiced in several other moslem nations Christian girls are deemed converted to Islam when abducted, raped and forced into marriage with moslem grooms. [In places where Moslems do not freely command coercive state apparatus, as in Southern part of Nigeria, abductions are seldom carried out, but it is highly encouraged that Christian girls be lured into marriage, explicitly for the conversion value.] Certainly a most despicable way of making religious converts!
In Egypt, apparently the situation is of epidemic proportion, as highlighted by the show on LiveTV. Coptic Pope Shenouda had raised the alarm during a lecture in 2004 that he was receiving thousands of letters of abduction of Christian girls through certain Islamic store chains which lure them away by telling them they had won a prize and have to go to an upper floor in the building to collect it.
Several international organizations have criticized Egypt regarding forced Islamization of young Christian girls, among which is the International Religious Freedom report from 2005 to 2009, the Helsinki Commission Report of November 9th, 2006, Human Rights Watch Report of November 12th, 2007, and on November 10th, 2009, Christian Solidarity International issued a report quoting 25 cases of forced Islamization of minors.
Apart from the Egyptian state, as shown on Live TV, funding for forced Islamization of girls also flows in from a financial network of dozens of companies, charities, and banks such as Bank of Islamic Solidarity, Faisal Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Islamic Relief Organization, as well as numerous companies created through money-laundering operations, and which are supervised by the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently, the Islamist ladies and gentlemen behind this network have no compunction about doing evil so that “good” (as they deem it) might result – a position vehemently denounced in the Bible (see Rom. 3:8)

Vatican looks to heavens for signs of Alien life

The Vatican has called in experts to study the possibility of extraterrestrial alien life and its implication for the Catholic Church. In a five-day conference organized by the Vatican late last year, Jesuit priest and director of the Vatican Observatory, Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes declared: "The questions of life's origins and of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe are very suitable and deserve serious consideration," He said the possibility of alien life raises "many philosophical and theological implications" but added that the gathering was mainly focused on the “scientific perspective” and how different disciplines can be used to explore the issue.
Earlier in 2009, the Vatican had sponsored a conference on evolution to mark the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species." Snubbed and declared unwanted at that conference, were proponents of alternative theories, like creationism and intelligent design, which see a higher Being rather than the undirected process of natural selection, behind the existence of species. Oops, extraterrestrials can exist; no Higher Being can! Full Report here

Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent.

In what is being portrayed as a kind of global glasnost (remember the policy of “new openness” used by Mikhail Gorbachev to dismantle the USSR and usher the Agenda of global governance to a new level?), it is being reported that the Obama administration is about opening previously secret files to the public; and declaring that aliens from other worlds do exist for real
The accuracy or otherwise of this report ( will certainly be proven in no time, giving the suggested dates of either 2009 or 2010! However, it cannot be denied that there is indeed an explosion in reports of so-called activities of extra-terrestrials. Very significant is the fact that one of the clear leaders promoting this “new openness” on extraterrestrials is none other than the Vatican itself (pls see next story from Associated Press).
Of course, man is NOT the only sentient being living in the Universe! The activities of myriads of spirit beings have been firmly established and documented, right from the days of Noah when non-human beings, Nephilims, interacted intimately with the human race. The current epidemic of so-called UFO appearances and associated events such as Marian apparitions is thus another confirmation that we are in the end times. For as the Lord said, “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” - Mat 24:37.
It is amusing seeing UFO-logists insisting on their own interpretation of events, under the guise of some science fantansies. For instance, ogbanjes and other familiar spirits that are freely roaming the entire planet today (ranging from water spirits, “helpers” and major-domos of traditional cults, to “friends,” “angels,” and “ascended masters” of the new age movements) are supposedly extra-terrestrials. [well, they might indeed be so called, legitimately!]. Even clearly explained Biblical events like the rapture of Elijah in a chariot of fire are heatedly interpreted as UFO abductions using alien technology! (Please see our previous article on the subject in Vol 11 No 6). A similar explanation probably awaits the next scheduled rapture – that of millions of Christians any moment from now!
In the next edition, by God’s grace, we shall examine the concept known as “The Singularity”, referring to the possibility, (and imminence) of our society undergoing a fundamental technological jump that blurs the divide between man and machine. What with the various prosthetics increasingly becoming available to enhance the ability of man! We predict that the crowning of such prosthetics would be the implanted microchip, after which the matching between man and the “extraterrestrials” will be perfected. The Church is the spiritual force delaying these impending events (2 Thess. 2:6-7). The handwriting is clear and bold: The Rapture Flight is Boarding.

In Egypt, Christians mowed down by Muslims, right on Church lobby

At least six Christians, coming from a midnight Church service, were mowed down by machine gunfire by three
Moslem men who drove by and sprayed bullets into a crowd of churchgoers in the town of Nag Hamadi in Qena province of Egypt on Wednesday January 6, early in the new year. Nine other Christians were wounded, three of them critically.
This drive-by shooting was the climax of a series of intensive hostilities against Christians in the town following rumours that a churchgoing man had raped a Moslem girl in November. “Muslim residents of Nag Hamadi and neighboring villages rioted for five days in November and torched and damaged Christian properties in the area after the rape.” Bishop Kirollos of the Nag Hamadi Diocese told The Associated Press " This is a religious war about how they can finish off the
Christians in Egypt,"
When Christians gathered at the church the next day and tried to protest this latest outrage, they were met with the full fury of the police who freely used teargas and also fired shots into the air to confine the peaceful assembly within church grounds. Meanwhile, compare the irony of this story with the next, also from Egypt

Fresh Islamic Mayhem: Bauchi On The Boil Again

No fewer than eight people, including two soldiers and four children, were killed while a number of houses were burnt in the latest fracas by yet another fringe Islamic group as the year 2009 rolled away. Centred around Bauchi, site of the bloody Boko Haram uprising only a few months earlier, the new rampage involved an Islamic sect called Kala-Kato who were said to be demanding the release of their leader arrested by the authorities. At least 30 members of Kalakato also lost their lives to Nigeria’s military might. The four innocent children burnt to death had sought refuge in a house, which was burnt down by minors, supervised by adult members of Kalakato. According to the Nigeria Red Cross, “no fewer than 1000” forsook their homes and sought refuge at the Industrial area.
Government’s response to the latest in the incessant, predictable mayhems in Northern Nigeria is again meaningless and disappointing – as usual. According to a report in the Nigerian Tribune, the “Bauchi State Government is to set-up an inter-religious committee, consisting of all religious stakeholders with the aim of promoting religious harmony among the people of the state.” As if to say the one-sided madness was due to some religious disharmony between “all religious stakeholders” – meaning Christians and Moslems!
Reporting further, the Nigerian Tribune newspaper explained that, “according to the Special Assistant to the Governor on Media Affairs, .. the objective of the inter-religious committee” [when eventually set up], would be “to give warning signals of any perceived religious crises with a view to nipping it before it erupted.” [Sigh! Yawn!] How more could a government admit the failure of its security units than this kind of statement? Or the fact that it considers the development apparently only a minor incident to be addressed by mere media-directed rhetoric, when it is the assistant to the governor - on media issues - that was directed to make a statement!

In Maylasia Churches firebombed as Court grants that non-muslims may refer to God as Allah.

Several Churches (over 7 at the last count) are being firebombed by irate muslims who say they are protesting a Court ruling, on 31st December, that allows that non-muslims may use the Arabic word, Allah, to refer to God in the Malayan language. In 2007 the Government had banned such use, but the catholic newspaper, the Herald, which has several publications in Malayan challenged the government’s order in court. Although the government immediately indicated it would appeal the Court verdict overturning its order, the ubiquitous “Islamic extremists” are already taking the law into their own hands.
Christian groups in Malaysia argue that Allah is an Arabic name for God which predates Islam whereas Malaysian Muslims contend that the word should only be used by Muslims. Their fear, as articulated by the government, is that “making Allah synonymous with God may confuse Muslims and ultimately mislead them into converting to Christianity”.
Ordinarily, the Allah ban is unusual in the Muslim world. The Arabic word is commonly used by Christians to describe God in many countries including Egypt, Syria and Indonesia. In fact, in countries like Nigeria, ironically, it is Christians that are suggesting that Allah is a proper name for the God of Islam and should not be used as a generic name for the God of the Bible, Jehovah.(see and also,,
Thankfully, many Muslims in Malaysia have condemned the firebombings, and Prime Minister Najib Razak, during a visit to one of the worst-hit churches, the Metro Tabernacle, announced a grant of $147,000 for rebuilding it at a new location . This gesture has been described as a major concession in a country where permission is rarely given for building new churches or temples. ( The government of Nigeria can learn some lesson about sincerity from that!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Akin to the tsunami that swept the Asian-Pacific coast at Christmas time in 2004, tens of thousands are feared dead as Haiti experienced its worst earthquake in 200 years, mid January..
Within one minute, it was all over and many lives (even of survivors) would never remain the same again. Another sharp reminder about the frailty of man’s life. The casualty was so much due to the closeness of the quake to the densely populated, and highly built-up country’s capital Port-au-Prince. Scores of notable buildings, of cathedrals and even the State House, were all leveled. The catholic Archbishop (spiritual leader in a country where 80% are nominal Roman catholics) was one of the earliest confirmed casualties.
Virtually all nations on earth are bending over backwards to send help (men and materials) as the critical 72 hour window during which lives can still be saved, ticked away. If only humanity could learn to work for the common good of all in times of peace as in times of emergencies!
We commiserate with the people of Haiti and commend those already doing what they could to offer a measure of relief. We encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to reflect on the FACT that one day, without notice, the Trumpet will sound and Jesus will fulfil His promise of coming back again to take home His own.


Nigerians begin to see through World Government’s Obama

In several previous articles, we have clarified the point that while we were excited to see a hardfighting underdog, and a blackman for that matter, attain to the highest political office in the world – the US Presidency, we have to face the reality that the US presidency had long been compromised, and is only awarded to favoured candidates according to dictates of some cabals whose central agenda is world governance. The eventual success of this agenda is guaranteed by the fact that it is firmly in tandem with God’s own stated agenda - see Rev 17:17. []
Many Nigerians were however not convinced they should not celebrate more heartily the arrival of the time of the black man. Even if it is hinged on promotion of anti-family policies (abortion, homosexuality, etc), that is surely America’s problem! Nothing seems capable of dousing the excitement of the average Nigerian. Not even the ‘snub’ of Obama’s failing to make courtesy stops on his maiden African trip to his homecountry Kenya or Nigeria (the largest black nation on earth, and die-hard Obama fans); or his almost obscene pandering to the Arab-Moslem world, at the expense of Israel, most vividly exemplified by his literally prostrating for the Arabian sultanate (the repeat at Japan being merely an attempt to reduce the obvious association of this action with Islam). Not even the oddity of Obama’s being nominated for (and subsequently awarded) the Nobel Peace prize when he had barely spent two weeks in office. A prize awarded ahead of performance looks more like a bait! (see
However, many Nigerians could not help being out-raged, and consequently are becoming cured of their Obamania, with the recent classification by the Obama administration, of Nigeria as a country of concern in international terrorism, with the added implication that Nigerians would henceforth be subjected to special stringent checks at the airports before being allowed into US bound planes!
One only has to recall reports of shabby treatments meted to eminent Nigerians [including Bishops and laureates], even before this classification, to shiver, at what the new development would mean for the average Nigerian.
And why this classification? A young Nigerian who had spent most of his adult life outside Nigeria, had been influenced and recruited into Islamic terrorism from outside Nigeria, had been reported by his own father to the American Embassy (and the CIA) as having fallen into bad influence abroad and could constitute danger to American interests, had bought the ticket for his trip to America in Ghana where he had spent weeks and had only come to board his plane in Nigeria (spending less than half an hour in the country)…… well, such a fellow tried to blow an airplane, which he boarded in Amsterdam; and presto, ALL 150 million NIGERIANS are to be blamed for that!
Surely, the Obama administration could obviously not be that deficient in logical reasoning (sounds very much like the logic of moslems killing Christians in Northern Nigeria, because one man in faraway Holland , supposedly a Christian nation, drew some cartoon of the Islamic prophet!) Rather, it yells about some people desperately looking for some opportunity to further a long-desired agenda - the introduction of beefed up intrusive security searches, beginning from the airports. And what better scapegoat than a country without a sitting president at the moment? Only incurably westernized Nigerians can fail to see the low esteem the US has for her great African ally, Nigeria! Could Obama have made such a declaration for Indonesia, Egypt and other US allies even where these are clear hotbeds of Islamic terrorism? Not to talk of Britain, whose citizen Richard Reid (aka Abdul Raheem), was in 2001 involved in quite similar circumstances as Abdulmutallab. Why, the same Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who apparently radicalized Farouk was also the same guy who commissioned U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the American-born Muslim who mowed down with automatic weapons 12 soldiers and one civilian (and wounding dozens of others) 7 weeks earlier, at Ft. Hood, Texas. How then should the US government classify all its citizens!
The story-line of American authorities failing to respond to clear prior warnings by Abdulmuttalab’s dad, and hitting back immediately with a sledge-hammer, smells very much like previous infamous American designs such as Pearl Harbour (1941) or the 9-11 (2001) attacks, where enemy action was allowed to scale through in order to justify a pre-determined course of action (“response”) by Uncle Sam.
For the purpose of clarity, we state that the no-longer hidden goal of world government cabals is to continue to use so-called global problems ( including terrorism, man-made global warming campaign, economic meltdown etc,) to impose on nations of the world obnoxious policies and practices designed to achieve total absolute monitoring and control of every individual on earth; and the strengthening of transnational agencies which will eventually lead to the formation of a one world government under a charismatic leader, who the Bible predicts will purvey values directly opposing those of the Lord Jesus Christ – wherefore that man is otherwise known as the antichrist

Friday, January 15, 2010

Re:Warning from Hell

We offer a few words on the alleged vision attributed to a respected elderly man of God (Prophet Obadare), that another respected minister (late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya), was seen in hell, specifically on account of the miniskirts and hairdo she wore while on earth and that she appealed that the elderly minister relay a message back to warn her people on earth.

Apart from the reported renunciation of the story by the now retired elderly minister from his base in the US (– see, ), it is categorically stated as a fact by those who should know that the lady minister never wore minis while on earth. According to her husband: “Met her at age 19. She passed on at age 45. She never wore a Mini skirt.” ( Others aver that she would not even condone it from her junior ministers. Furthermore, from the clear teaching of the Lord in Luke 16:27-31, the request by the rich man that warning message be taken from hell to warn his folks on earth was rejected on the grounds that those who do not heed the living Scriptures preached by living ministers could not be helped by messages of a minister sent back from the dead.

So, while it is the undeniable sobering fact that there will be surprises in heaven and hell in the after life, and that only the Lord Jesus should be our ultimate model and mentor, it is also true that the judgment belongs only to Him and Him alone. It is important that the Church does not allow herself to be unduly distracted or divided by issues that lack credibility, not only in the light of simple verifiable facts, but also on Scriptural grounds - as well as based on the fruit produced within the Body of Christ.