Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Akinola retires, successor restates ban on same-sex marriage

After a glorious term in office that saw the Church of Nigeria rise to play key leadership role in the Anglican Communion worldwide, Archbishop Peter Akinola has retired from the exalted office of Primate of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria.
However the leadership of the Church of Nigeria has made it clear that its stand on sexual purity was a collective decision which will continue, even after the exit of Archbishop Akinola.

Restating the position of the Church, the new Primate of the Anglican Church, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, at the formal ceremony that had then acting President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan in attendance, said, “We do not approve of a homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriages. Some want us to see it as a normal alternative lifestyle to marriage between male and female. We are saying we are sorry, we cannot accept this in the church..”

Referring specifically to the suggestion by the bishop of Liverpool that the Church should allow individuals to decide what they wish to believe or practice on the matter, Archbishop Okoh said: “My people, the danger in this kind of teaching is that it establishes two authorities in the church - the scriptures on one hand and the canon of deviant sub-culture. It is intended to destroy the established standard of morality as it is written in the Bible.” Did someone say “Praise the Lord” to all these?

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