Monday, November 29, 2021


As the December 1 date of reckoning approaches when the unprecedented daring mandate of a medical product for all Nigerian civil servants by the FG will get to be tested, a gloomy uncertain atmosphere hangs over the land. The battle line became decisively drawn with the release of a government circular (26th November) formally ending the “work from home” directive for all concerned civil servants; and simultaneously announcing the requirement of COVID vaccine certification (or negative recent PCR results, for now) by “all Federal Government employees” as a necessary condition to access government offices. At a time, when mass protests are entering their second straight week in places like Austria, one can only wonder exactly what is pushing the government in Nigeria into a battle it apparently can’t afford to be engaged with at a time like this. 

One of the first salvos piercing the atmosphere has been the widely trending Open Letter to the President, written by Apostle Moses Oludele Idowu, dated 25th November. We have always held that one of the most effective strategies available to fight this clearly unjustifiable mandate in Nigeria is at the Court of Public Opinion. And the article does quite a great job of this!

In addition to rehashing the well-established points about the total lack of merits of the vaccine on the various grounds of law, logics, science, or ethics, (similar to the Letter to African Leaders or the Press Statement by our Coalition), the Apostle brought into the fray, at least one additional significant factor which might prove critical in the event of the case moving further to the law courts. 

This is the conflict with the clear provisions in the Nigerian Bill of Patients Rights (PBoR) of 2018. In its opening page, The PBoR is described as “an aggregation of patients’ rights that exist in other instruments including, The Constitution, Consumer Protection Act, Child Rights Act, Freedom of Information Act, National Health Act, the Hippocratic Oath, other professional ethical codes and sundry regulations” 

At least three of the dozen Rights enshrined in the Bill are violated with impunity by government’s requirement that civil servants must receive a medical jab; even when that government itself admits that the jab, (for which it will not be liable in the event of any adverse event), prevents neither infection nor transmission of the coronavirus. Its chief value in a vaccinated person being some nebulous “mitigation of the severity of the consequences” of such an infection. 

The very first Article in the Bill of Rights, titled Access to Information, plainly requires that a patient must “have access to all relevant information in a language that the patient understands, including complete and accurate information about diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, other procedures and possible outcomes.” The Provider of services is particularly required to “Inform patient whether proposed treatment or procedure is experimental or part of ongoing research.” Evidently all the vaccines available in Nigeria are granted only EXPERIMENTAL USE AUTHORIZATION and clearly they are part of an ongoing research - since most of the outcomes (efficacy, adverse effects, etc) are only just becoming known with their mass use. To worsen matters, as we reported last week, even for the only vaccine approved by any health authority anywhere (Cominarty by Pfizer – not available in Nigeria, by the way), the US FDA is requesting for a leave of 55 years before relevant information about contents and outcomes of clinical trials could be made available to the general public! 

Article 9 in the PBoR further permits any Nigerian citizen to decline any supposed medical care. It specifically spelled out that “Patients at all times, retain the control of their person and must be informed of their power to decline care upon full disclosure of the consequences of such decisions.” Extending this further, Article 10 further provides that “Patients have the right to consent or decline participation in medical research, experimental procedures or clinical trials in the course of treatment.” Although the Bill grants that “Provider may detain patient in the interest of public health” this is certainly not applicable for an experimental gene therapy being marketed as vaccine, which is known to be incapable of preventing transmission of the virus. Indeed, as we pointed out before, nations with 100% vaccination rate (such as Gibraltar and Seychelles) are still very much in the throes of COVID and are counted among the worst hit. 

Meanwhile, just as predicted, the arrival of yet another new variant of coronavirus deemed to be “of concern” by the WHO has been announced. And with it, a new deluge of heavy-handed restrictions. Interestingly, Indonesia says it is banning arrivals from Nigeria because of this supposed new threat! As is the case for the delta variant, it is emerging that the hype being accorded the new Omicron variant, is attributed to its supposed high infectivity rather than its deadliness. This is at least true for unvaccinated people, especially those who have acquired the robust long-lasting immunity associated with natural recovery. The experimental vaccines being marketed however were developed for a particular variant in mind. And this seems to be one of the major reasons for the high casualty currently associated with COVID in heavily vaccinated countries like Israel, Singapore, Scotland,………… 

 God willing, see you the other side of December 1!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

And the Proverbial Truth is now catching up with gone-ahead Lies, at last  

Austria commenced the unbelievable step of requiring unvaccinated people to stay off not only shopping centres, public transportation and other public spaces, but even the very street itself! From Monday Nov 15, law enforcement officers were seen patrolling the streets and demanding to see the COVID vaccination card of people even in their personal cars! 

In forming the NOMANDATORYVAX group last year, we had tried to explain to a befuddled Nigerian public what “mandatory vaccination” actually meant.  Many thought this can be equated with the demands by some foreign countries that certain vaccines be received as entry conditions into their territories.  As we explained however, mandatory vax means you literally become a persona non-grata in your own community.  A pariah, like a leper! 

But then in the same Austria, Mr Truth is rising himself up as from a drugged sleep!  Unions of the Police, as well as the military, have now issued statements that they consider it illegal to prevent citizens from moving peacefully on the streets; going further even to  affirm that citizens had right to assemble and protest peacefully.  Finally, they dropped the bombshell: they not only endorse the mother-of-all protests announced by civil groups as coming up at the weekend, they actually would be part of it!  Lo ba tan!

We wait to see how this eventually plays out, particularly what inspiration is transmitted to  freedom-seeking people in other nations and climes. Most of Europe is currently witnessing massive protests (see for instance  Similarly in the United States, the battle is being fought in the courtrooms.  For now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the US has been restrained from carrying out Biden’s order that unvaxxed workers be sacked en masse.  Mr Biden had ordered that, by January 4 next year, all organizations with 100 employees or more must sack any staff who refuses to take the COVID injection.  Apart from this sweet relief following the actions of some states that went to court, the state of Florida has actually issued her own legislation, proscribing any organization from sacking any worker on account of their vaccination status!

Meanwhile, we await what December 1 will bring in Nigeria as government desperately seek to dance to the tune of her foreign puppeteers.  The latest charade along that line is the announcement that Corpers in the new Batch C set to resume on November 24 would not be allowed into the camp, nor NYSC offices except they are vaccinated!


 There seems to be no end to the incredible audacity being displayed by the COVID vaccine pushers, as they continue to trample down even the most basic calls for decency and transparency.  Two weeks ago, we referred to the drama involved in the eventual release of the Contract document between the EU and Vaccine manufacturers for parliamentary and public scrutiny.  After a prolonged and persistent struggle by some radical members of the European Parliament, the pharmaceutical companies agreed that the document could be released in a “redacted” form. And that turns out to mean, simply blotting out entire pages on and on! See here again for that unbelievable video clip.

An equally incredible version of the same tale is currently playing out in the US.  While on Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status, a developer of a medical product is not obligated to reveal the actual contents of the product. And you bet, none of the developers of the COVID jabs provided such a detail.  However the law requires that all relevant information must be provided before full licensure.  With full approval now given to the Pfizer’s  COVID vaccine (marketed under the brand name Comirnaty)  a group of more than 30 academics, professors, and scientists from the most prestigious universities in the US, requested access to the data and information submitted to the FDA by Pfizer to process the issuance of the license.   The request was hinged on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and could not be legally rejected.

It took three months to obtain a response from the FDA.  And that response was an appeal to the Courts for leave to release the documents in batches over FIFTY-FIVE years.  In short, the plaintiffs (and the general public) should exercise patience till the year 2076 before obtaining the required information! Read details at

This incredible and outrageous request by the government agency, FDA, was based on the claim that the documents requested are voluminous and it would require the said 55 years to review and redact them prior to release to the general public.  However, it had taken the FDA only 108 days to purportedly review all the same documents as submitted by Pfizer, leading to the issuance of the full approval in August!  Furthermore, Title 21, subchapter F of the FDA’s own regulations stipulates that the agency “is to make ‘immediately available’ all documents underlying licensure of a vaccine."

Meanwhile, based on the official availability of an “approved” vaccine for COVID, the US government (and stooges all over the world) could now legally require citizens to be jabbed if they want to keep their jobs and continue to have basic access and interactions with the rest of society!

With straight faces and claims of desperately seeking the public higher good, governments are insisting that unless unvaccinated members of the public receive the injection into their bodies, the vaccinated cannot be protected.  The simple question however, is:  if the vaccine did not protect the vaccinated, why would it protect the unvaccinated if they should opt to receive it?  Apart from the illogicality of the position, factual evidences from a place like Gibraltar, with 100% vaccination status, and yet a gory COVID-19 situation confirm the utter uselessness of this expensive medical intervention being forced on all mankind. See the latest news from Gibraltar where “booster” shots are now routine and Christmas has already been “cancelled” as a result of spiraling Covid cases. (see

It will be recalled that in Nigeria, the NAFDAC makes no pretentions about ascertaining the safety of the vaccines “donated” to Nigeria.  A statement on her website clearly states that the NAFDAC will use “Reliance” or “Recognition” to expedite Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) for vaccines already approved by more “matured” regulatory authorities elsewhere.  In plain terms, the NAFDAC simply rubber-stamps decisions made by more “matured” counterparts in foreign countries!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

More Drama around the world on Mandatory COVID Vaccination


High drama is expected to unfold as the December 1 deadline stipulated by the FG of Nigeria that all public workers get jabbed for COVID draws near.  With abundant data from all over the world, there is now no question anymore that the experimental injections, known to be incapable of preventing infection or transmission of COVID pathogens, nevertheless posed significant known adverse health outcomes (including death) in the short term, and possibly equally horrific unknown ones in the long-term.

While we await what drama would unfold in Nigeria in a fortnight, there is no lack of high drama in other locations across the globe.  Recently unfolding ones include the dismissal of the Vice President of Polynesia, Tearii Alpha, from office for his blunt refusal to get the COVID jab. The Speaker of the national Assembly, Gaston Tong Sang is also among other high government officials who have decided to shun the experimental injection – but the process of removing a Speaker is more involved, than that of the VP which the President could unilaterally effect.

Even then, it is clear that the President Edouard Fritch was only implementing scripts forced upon him by globalists.  Earlier in August, immediately after dutifully announcing the latest COVID measures, President Fritch and other prominent politicians had joined then VP Alpha in his wedding bash where they flouted every one of those protocols just announced!  Even now, Mr Alpha still gets to keep his influential job as member of the cabinet and minister in charge of Agriculture, Blue Economy and Research. Clearly, Polynesia is merely playing to please the gallery – possibly France’s Macron.  We mentioned before, the incredible story of Hillary Clinton publicly berating UK’s Boris Johnson on his reluctance to introduce Vaccine Passports, and  sack enmasse unvaccinated government workers. (see )

In other places, the carrots and stick approach continues.  For instance in New York, children who receive the jab are offered $100 immediate cash, and are entered into a draw for a possible scholarship up to University level.  In Vienna, we see a brothel inviting men to come get jabbed and have free half an hour sexual experience with any lady of their choice.  In Australia, elected members of Parliament who refuse to get jabbed can no longer vote (even electronically), and Premier of Victoria state, Daniel Andrews, is on his way to being granted powers to declare state of emergency indefinitely, following any pronounced pandemic!

Yet, some people cannot see anything abnormal in any of these developments!  Hmmm!

See you next week, God willing.


Sunday, November 7, 2021


Last week we asked, despite progressive waning in the clamor for mandatory vax in several parts of the world, why is Nigeria just picking up that trail, especially with no noticeable difference in the COVID-19 situation in the country?

Of course there is no question the government is being arm-twisted.  By the same globalist gang that would foist gay marriage, GMOs, and similar agenda on us. But why are they so desperate on this COVID vaccine issue, desperate to the point of doing totally away with any pretense at decency and reason!

The answer that pops out is that they are in a race against time. They desperately need to get as many people as possible to take the jab NOW, before it becomes absolutely impossible to market the toxic product any further.  For as we indicated earlier, the COVID jab is its own worst enemy; and it’s only a matter of time before majority of people began to question why they should embrace all the associated adverse effects (known and emerging) at the price of literally zero benefits!

Already, there is no question that the more a society gets vaccinated, the worse its COVID palaver.  Both in terms of infectivity and consequent hospitalization at ICUs.  From Seychelles, Gibraltar, Israel, USA, UK, Singapore…. The list is endless.  At the same time those nations who are making a U-turn away from vaccine towards early use of therapeutics like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are witnessing dramatic positive changes.  From Japan, Hungary, to big states like Florida in the US, and  Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in India,  the fact is clear and incontrovertible. As it is said, You don’t argue with success!

COVID vaccine is certainly not going to save any people, and no reasonable nation should begin to push that option, to the point of making it compulsory for all, COVID-recovered or not, frontline at-risk or not.

To date, the official story for the failure of the “vaccine” is that it is  ineffective against new variants popping up, and maybe more jabs in the form of “boosters” would provide some succor – even if that becomes a never-ending exercise every six months.  But the elephant in the room for those who have been following the subject keenly enough, is the issue of Antibody Dependent Enhancement  which is clearly severely aggravating the cases. 

So are people set to realize the utter senselessness of getting a product which is plainly advertised as guaranteeing neither protection from infection, nor transmission to other people; yet carrying significant risk of serious health impact, including death – even on the short term? Especially when, everybody involved in mandating or administering the product is quick to wash their hands off any potential liabilities!

So we thought, until we now see a new layer of deceit emerging! As the globalists are now warning us, it is time we started preparing for the next pandemic -Marburg!

It is the same story all over. The PCR technique for diagnosing COVID was patented long before the the supposedly “nouvelle” COVID19 pandemic happened at Wuhan.  As soon as COVID was announced, the PCR became the official tool for diagnosis. A year and half later, having been used to justify the lockdowns and now the vaccine, the US CDC has announced that the PCR test is actually unreliable and riddle with false positives.  It will no longer be valid as from end of this year!

Now exactly the same scenario is playing out! With Bill Gates and associates announcing that we should expect a Marburg pandemic, PCR test for mass diagnosis as well as vaccines for Marburg are  being swiftly developed!

The real complication in the story is that a major symptom for Marburg is “massive hemorrhaging”  which happens to be one of major adverse effects associated with the Covid jab.  With the third COVID jab already being mandated in places like Israel and the US (instructively, the Head of US FDA and her assistant resigned to protest Biden’s insistence on the third jab when there was absolutely no test as to its safety!); it is clear that, sadly, the world should expect an epidemic of unexplainable blood hemorrhaging!  With a PCR test around to “confirm” the presence of Marburg virus in such people, it might be possible to again exculpate COVID jabs from the development!

We pray the Almighty God open the eyes of the nations to this ongoing grand deceit.