Thursday, December 16, 2021

Glory to God Almighty, the Siege is Over!

There could be no doubt that some titanic spiritual conflicts occurred in Africa over the past one week.  The saga kicked off with the clearly unreasonable and unscientific knee-jerk response of the western world to the announcement of the omicron variant, leading to what UN chief Guterres called “travel apartheid”.  The hyprocrisy was so glaring that erstwhile loyal and dedicated docile disciples of the globalists in Africa began to scream out their protests.  This is a good sign that some spell is waning, and good-hearted Africans are now not only doing their own reasoning and risk assessments, they are finding their voices to announce their position to the world. At long last our people have stopped uncritical swallowing line, hook, and sinker whatever garbage is pushed on them by supposedly infallible benevolent experts from the West. 


It is in that context that we foresaw Anthony Fauci’s planned trip to Nigeria as possibly an attempt to “remediate” the situation.  But if that trip at all happened, it wasn’t given much publicity!  It would appear to us that the matter has simply gotten out of hand.


Rather than the PSC Summit becoming the high event in the week December 5 – 12, it was two Christian events that dominated the air-waves both physically and spiritually.  Shillo, convened by the Living Faith Church brought together hundreds of thousands to Canaanland, Ota in Ogun State between 7th and 12th, while the 24th edition of the Holy Ghost Congress convened by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (6th -11th) drew a couple millions of worshippers to the two auditoria of the Church at the Redemption Camp, in the same Ogun State.  The Holy Ghost Congress was prophetically themed “The Siege is Over”!


Without any doubt, the major devastating power of COVID is associated with Lockdowns, a modern terminology for Siege!  As people stayed indoors away from sunlight, and isolated from one another, their immune system plummets dramatically.  The resulting increased medical casualties, hyped by a gullible press, throws up fear and mass hysteria thus enabling a disease to which people have over 99.5% natural recovery to become the premier pestilence terrorizing the entire planet for two solid years! (see our previous article here).


So what are the evidences that the Siege is indeed over?  The twin-torment of COVID after all is the petrifying fear generated across Society, together with the discrimination and hostility engendered between the vaccinated and the vaccine-free.  At the Holy Ghost Congress millions of Nigerians freely interacted with one another, without any fear of some disease.  Similarly, nobody questioned the vax status of their neighbor, and apart from the Altar area among Pastors, the decision to be masked or unmasked was left to the individual!  These are the clear physical indications that COVID has lost its power in our society. And the event was beamed live to million others across several nations of the world!


We can boldly trust the LORD that with the massive shift that has already occurred in the spiritual realm, other evidences would soon start streaming in. om the physical.  For instance, we expect people to begin to find their voices to challenge all the unjustifiable orders being recklessly spurted out by the Executive arm of government (as if the Legislature and the Judiciary are totally non-existent)!


It is interesting to note that it would have been extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, stopping the Holy Ghost Congress based on any of the existing COVID-19 protocols. With one of the auditoria at the Redemption Camp measuring 3 km by 3 km, it could host up to 9 million people maintaining the required 1 metre “social distance”!  Nobody could have imagined this being an issue a few years ago when the man of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye caught the vision for such an auditorium.  Clearly the Almighty God is always several steps ahead of the Enemy.  Glory to His holy name!


See you next week, God willing.


 Last Friday (3rd December) we suggested, strongly, that in her various responses to the COVID-19 debacle, the Nigerian government is being pushed around by powerful external forces, and that Government might actually be wistfully looking up to the Nigerian people to save the situation by outright mass civil disobedience if necessary!


The following Monday, an extra-ordinary two-day Summit convened by the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 kicked off.  Tagged ‘Pushing Through the Last Mile to End the Pandemic and Build Back Better’ it was supposed to bring together relevant stakeholders from diverse sectors.  One of the stated key objectives was to “identify resources and develop strategies that will actualize the country’s expressed international commitments towards ending COVID-19 by 31st December 2022.” Clearly, actualizing “international commitments” (such as timelines for getting certain fractions of the population jabbed wotj the experimental vaccines) remains a cardinal goal in our official COVID-19 response.


The star attraction advertised for the Summit was Dr Anthony Fauci, the central figure in determining COVID response not only in the US, but literally in the entire world.  However for whatever reasons, he apparently failed to turn up at the Summit. Other high-profile absentees included the two Ministers of Health, as well as the Permanent Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH). It is instructive to note that the FMoH together with the NCDC are the two prominent local Partners, out of the 15 listed Partners behind the Summit, featuring names like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative, USAID, WHO, UNDP, Biosensors, and a few multinational companies.


We had earlier pointed out on many occasions that the NAFDAC has been totally emasculated and reduced to a puppet in this business of COVID-19.  Worse still, even in the few caricature official roles that is left, the NPHCDA is further sidelining the NAFDAC, for instance in the meaningless announcement of the “approval” of “Booster” doses for COVID in Nigeria.  What is coming out from the PSC Summit is that there is an even bigger turf war going on higher up, between the Federal Ministry of Health and the PSC.  Alluding to this turf war in his remarks at the Summit, the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan had referred to the PSC as an “interventionist outfit”. Clearly the external forces pushing their nauseating directives on us find it very convenient operating through such emergency “interventionist” outfits.


Without any doubt the star presentation at the Summit was the emotional-laden speech by Nigeria’s COVID-19 Czar, Prof Oyewale Tomori.  (The video clip of the speech pops out by default as one visits the Summit official website; and the clip has gone viral on social media as well.)


Going poetic, the eminent virologist lamented:  “COVID is not the enemy, Lassa fever is of minor league, Yellow fever is yellow livered, Monkeypox is child’s play, Cholera is a dehydrator, our underdevelopment and backwardness rest on four pillars.” In further poetic rhymes, accompanied by shaking, sniffling, and actual weeping, Prof Tomori identified  the four pillars behind all our problems as “Lack of patriotism”, “Self-interest”, “Corruption”, and “Shamelessness”.


Now that the problem is identified, (and certainly it is NOT COVID), what is the solution: Could it be the compulsory jabbing of every single Nigerian with an experimental “vaccine” which is known to neither prevent infection nor transmission of the COVID vector? To add salt to the injury, government plainly states that neither it, nor anyone else anywhere, will be liable for whatever adverse health effect befalls the recipient of such experimental gene-therapy product mischievously labelled “vaccine”.


 The four pillars identified by Prof Tomori are no doubt lurking at play somewhere here!

Monday, December 6, 2021

COVID JABS: And the Mandate takes off


Here we are on the other side of December 1!  And the Federal Government of Nigeria indeed did roll out the vaccine mandate for all her employees as threatened!  As we imagined and expected, the implementation was more like that of an obedient servant playing to the gallery to please a cane-in-hand master.


Most of the enforcement of the mandate happened at the Federal Secretariat at Abuja; and even there several other entrances were left unmanned by the certificate-Checkers, while the news cameras stayed riveted at the main gates  documenting to the world that government had indeed complied with what clearly appears to be  instructions “from above”. (Feel free to read that as “from abroad”). Presumably the terms of some deals somewhere have now been fulfilled!


While this might cursorily appear to be a small storm-in-the-tea-cup step, it is indeed a giant precedent-setting leap that can now be leveraged to further abrogate citizens freedom and rights with greater impunity.  First, there were the panicking thousands currently thronging the jabbing centres to receive a shot of clearly EXPERIMENTAL products whose contents, potency, or even safety remain hazy; and for which every authority had washed their hands off whatever adverse health effects attend!  But beyond this, the “successful” implication of the illegal “100% Executives, 0% Legislature” mandate without any qualms from our usual fire-brand freedom fighters now opens the door for selective enforcement. Individual civil servants deemed to be the arrowhead of “vaccine hesitancy” can now expect “special treatments” without any sympathetic outcry coming from any quarter!


Yes, while one or two little-known freedom advocacy groups are threatening litigations (that is if the courts will be allowed to sit!), the labour unions, incredibly, are only begging for a month or two delay in the implementation of the mandate - to make it less stressful for all to comply across rank and file!  Government can hardly wish for more effective cooperation anywhere! 


Beyond all these, indications are already emerging where next government will be directed to strike.  Obviously this would be in the private sector, and specifically, Okada riders and other operators of public transportation can brace up for their turn!  Imagine the scenario when the Nigerian police gets authority to demand together with Driver’s Licenses and Vehicle papers, the Covid vaccination certificates from transport entrepreneurs! 


Here are some tough foods for thought: Is government indeed unaware that the overwhelming majority of Nigerians are opposed to the COVID injection and with good reasons too?  Why is it that people who pay princely fees and patiently endure long queues to obtain real vaccines (like that for Yellow Fever or hepatitis, for instance), should now need to be brow-beaten before they would receive another “vaccine” offered absolutely free of any charge?


Isn’t it government itself that is shouting that getting a COVID jab does not guarantee non-infection and “vaccinated” people must therefore continue with the same protocols as the unvaxxed?  Or wasn’t it the health Minister himself that conceded on national TV that the country indeed signed a certificate indemnifying the marketers of the vaccine from whatever liability may arise, for whatever cause, in the course of using the product?


Is government not aware that the vaccine it is pushing here has not helped heavily-vaccinated nations (some 100% vaccinated!) like Gibraltar, Seychelles, Israel, etc, or that entities like Croatia, Singapore, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi provinces in India, and Florida State in the US are all coming out of the Covid quagmire as they exchanged their previous utter reliance on “vaccine” with other well-tested options such as the drug Ivermectin? Indeed isn’t it common knowledge that the experimental vaccines still being pushed here had been designed to combat virus variants that have likely gone totally out of circulation, thus formally rendering the “vaccine”  abjectly useless as a tool against COVID?


Definitely the government is very much aware of these, and possibly more.  Surely the government knows the forces and cabals that are twisting her arms and forcing her to announce absolutely indefensible policies.  Might it be that government itself  - like King Darius after ordering Daniel into the den of lions - is silently praying for deliverance from this situation? Might it be that government is actually wishing that the people would help it out by rising to resist a patently odious policy?  A government under foreign blackmail will never voice out any of these very plausible cries.  But we can all read its lips!


Yes, a people deserves the government representation it gets. If we keep quiet at this period, we all shall have serious explanations to make to the coming generations who will bear the full brunt of the circumstances currently unfolding.

And Now “Booster Shots” approved in Nigeria!


As one tries to recover from the mindless mandate of a totally useless yet considerably dangerous product that forces  people to wonder what conspiracies must be at play, boom boom come further dazzling shots from the government!


The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) announced evening of Friday 3rd December that booster shots have now been “approved” in Nigeria. There was no attempt to justify the rationale for extra doses in a country where less than 2% of target population have received even the regular double dose. A booster would make sense in a society where the regular dose is demonstrably failing and a desperate way out is required. Not only were there no data provided to even attempt a justification of this totally illogical decision, the NAFDAC seems to have become totally side-tracked, even in the matter of formally announcing such an “approval!” 


Instructively, until his appointment as the CEO of NPHCDA in 2017, Dr Faisal Shuaib, was a Senior Program Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in Seattle, USA. Little wonder then, that virtually all our policy decisions on vaccines always happen to fall squarely in line with pronouncements publicly made by Mr Bill Gate. One of those infamous pronouncements (made way back in April 2020), was that “almost every person on the planet” will be required to get the COVID vaccine!


Presumably this “approval” of booster shots for COVID is merely preparing the ground for its eventual mandate with time, as is the case for instance in Israel where doubly-vaccinated people are now regarded as unvaccinated unless they receive a third “booster” shot.  Also, it is no secret that the international powers that be have been bandying it about that in the near future, such booster shots would become regular, possibly six-monthly affairs.  And of course they would be mandatory.


It is instructive to note that the previously compliant head of the US FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review, Dr Marion Gruber, together with her deputy Dr. Philip Krause, abruptly resigned their jobs from that Agency late August.  This followed the  insistence of Mr Joe Biden that booster shots for COVID jabs should be summarily approved in the US; even while there had not even been any pretense of a clinical trial to check either the safety or the efficacy of such protocol!


Possibly, the NPHCDA will be citing Omicron variant to justify the booster shot; but the clear indications from scientists in South Africa is that Omicron is afterall “extremely mild”. This feature, if it turns out to be correct, together with its touted higher transmission rate, might soon drive out other more deadly variants, thus closing the chapter on COVID!  The western world however prefers to disregard this possibility and would rather cleave to other opposite and much less likely apocalyptic scenarios. Omicron obviously comes in handy to cover gaping failures of the “vaccines” particularly as even worse outcomes are feared for the fast approaching winter season.  Of course, travel bans and other economic strangulating measures are always helpful to further pressurize “recalcitrant” national governments and compel them do the senseless bidding of the globalists.


Our hope is that with the petty politics and shameless intrigues plainly on display in the western world’s handling of Omicron variant, and the outcry already emerging from different quarters in Africa, more people will finally begin to understand that indeed there is more coming after the number 6, than just the number 7!


See you next week, God willing.  Shalom!

Monday, November 29, 2021


As the December 1 date of reckoning approaches when the unprecedented daring mandate of a medical product for all Nigerian civil servants by the FG will get to be tested, a gloomy uncertain atmosphere hangs over the land. The battle line became decisively drawn with the release of a government circular (26th November) formally ending the “work from home” directive for all concerned civil servants; and simultaneously announcing the requirement of COVID vaccine certification (or negative recent PCR results, for now) by “all Federal Government employees” as a necessary condition to access government offices. At a time, when mass protests are entering their second straight week in places like Austria, one can only wonder exactly what is pushing the government in Nigeria into a battle it apparently can’t afford to be engaged with at a time like this. 

One of the first salvos piercing the atmosphere has been the widely trending Open Letter to the President, written by Apostle Moses Oludele Idowu, dated 25th November. We have always held that one of the most effective strategies available to fight this clearly unjustifiable mandate in Nigeria is at the Court of Public Opinion. And the article does quite a great job of this!

In addition to rehashing the well-established points about the total lack of merits of the vaccine on the various grounds of law, logics, science, or ethics, (similar to the Letter to African Leaders or the Press Statement by our Coalition), the Apostle brought into the fray, at least one additional significant factor which might prove critical in the event of the case moving further to the law courts. 

This is the conflict with the clear provisions in the Nigerian Bill of Patients Rights (PBoR) of 2018. In its opening page, The PBoR is described as “an aggregation of patients’ rights that exist in other instruments including, The Constitution, Consumer Protection Act, Child Rights Act, Freedom of Information Act, National Health Act, the Hippocratic Oath, other professional ethical codes and sundry regulations” 

At least three of the dozen Rights enshrined in the Bill are violated with impunity by government’s requirement that civil servants must receive a medical jab; even when that government itself admits that the jab, (for which it will not be liable in the event of any adverse event), prevents neither infection nor transmission of the coronavirus. Its chief value in a vaccinated person being some nebulous “mitigation of the severity of the consequences” of such an infection. 

The very first Article in the Bill of Rights, titled Access to Information, plainly requires that a patient must “have access to all relevant information in a language that the patient understands, including complete and accurate information about diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, other procedures and possible outcomes.” The Provider of services is particularly required to “Inform patient whether proposed treatment or procedure is experimental or part of ongoing research.” Evidently all the vaccines available in Nigeria are granted only EXPERIMENTAL USE AUTHORIZATION and clearly they are part of an ongoing research - since most of the outcomes (efficacy, adverse effects, etc) are only just becoming known with their mass use. To worsen matters, as we reported last week, even for the only vaccine approved by any health authority anywhere (Cominarty by Pfizer – not available in Nigeria, by the way), the US FDA is requesting for a leave of 55 years before relevant information about contents and outcomes of clinical trials could be made available to the general public! 

Article 9 in the PBoR further permits any Nigerian citizen to decline any supposed medical care. It specifically spelled out that “Patients at all times, retain the control of their person and must be informed of their power to decline care upon full disclosure of the consequences of such decisions.” Extending this further, Article 10 further provides that “Patients have the right to consent or decline participation in medical research, experimental procedures or clinical trials in the course of treatment.” Although the Bill grants that “Provider may detain patient in the interest of public health” this is certainly not applicable for an experimental gene therapy being marketed as vaccine, which is known to be incapable of preventing transmission of the virus. Indeed, as we pointed out before, nations with 100% vaccination rate (such as Gibraltar and Seychelles) are still very much in the throes of COVID and are counted among the worst hit. 

Meanwhile, just as predicted, the arrival of yet another new variant of coronavirus deemed to be “of concern” by the WHO has been announced. And with it, a new deluge of heavy-handed restrictions. Interestingly, Indonesia says it is banning arrivals from Nigeria because of this supposed new threat! As is the case for the delta variant, it is emerging that the hype being accorded the new Omicron variant, is attributed to its supposed high infectivity rather than its deadliness. This is at least true for unvaccinated people, especially those who have acquired the robust long-lasting immunity associated with natural recovery. The experimental vaccines being marketed however were developed for a particular variant in mind. And this seems to be one of the major reasons for the high casualty currently associated with COVID in heavily vaccinated countries like Israel, Singapore, Scotland,………… 

 God willing, see you the other side of December 1!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

And the Proverbial Truth is now catching up with gone-ahead Lies, at last  

Austria commenced the unbelievable step of requiring unvaccinated people to stay off not only shopping centres, public transportation and other public spaces, but even the very street itself! From Monday Nov 15, law enforcement officers were seen patrolling the streets and demanding to see the COVID vaccination card of people even in their personal cars! 

In forming the NOMANDATORYVAX group last year, we had tried to explain to a befuddled Nigerian public what “mandatory vaccination” actually meant.  Many thought this can be equated with the demands by some foreign countries that certain vaccines be received as entry conditions into their territories.  As we explained however, mandatory vax means you literally become a persona non-grata in your own community.  A pariah, like a leper! 

But then in the same Austria, Mr Truth is rising himself up as from a drugged sleep!  Unions of the Police, as well as the military, have now issued statements that they consider it illegal to prevent citizens from moving peacefully on the streets; going further even to  affirm that citizens had right to assemble and protest peacefully.  Finally, they dropped the bombshell: they not only endorse the mother-of-all protests announced by civil groups as coming up at the weekend, they actually would be part of it!  Lo ba tan!

We wait to see how this eventually plays out, particularly what inspiration is transmitted to  freedom-seeking people in other nations and climes. Most of Europe is currently witnessing massive protests (see for instance  Similarly in the United States, the battle is being fought in the courtrooms.  For now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the US has been restrained from carrying out Biden’s order that unvaxxed workers be sacked en masse.  Mr Biden had ordered that, by January 4 next year, all organizations with 100 employees or more must sack any staff who refuses to take the COVID injection.  Apart from this sweet relief following the actions of some states that went to court, the state of Florida has actually issued her own legislation, proscribing any organization from sacking any worker on account of their vaccination status!

Meanwhile, we await what December 1 will bring in Nigeria as government desperately seek to dance to the tune of her foreign puppeteers.  The latest charade along that line is the announcement that Corpers in the new Batch C set to resume on November 24 would not be allowed into the camp, nor NYSC offices except they are vaccinated!