Sunday, July 28, 2019

Nigeria: The obsessive call for Pastor Adeboye’s media comment on public issues

“And ... the scribes and the Pharisees began to urge him vehemently, and to provoke him to speak of many things:   Laying wait for him, and seeking to catch something out of his mouth, that they might accuse him. “ Luke 11:53-54

Barely 48 hours after his passing a scriptures-coated comment on the COZA rape saga (Saturday July 6), elements of the Hypergrace (once-saved-always-saved) movement launched a vicious counter-attack on the revered Pastor E.A. Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Monday July 8).  Mobilizing substantial resources, and garnering considerable media presence at very short notice, some motley crowd staged a protest outside the Redemption Camp demanding that Pastor Enoch Adeboye must plainly speak out against President Buhari!
As comical as this show ought to be, a good number of Christian folks, especially on social media, betrayed their inner grouse against the man of God with the way they celebrated this railing, with some even hailing it as the beginning of revival and purification of the Church!  This sad reality alone would be a good reason for a discerning Adeboye to mind what he says publicly!

Adeboye’s positions on national issues have always been clear to any of his followers both within and outside the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), however.  Right from the build-up to the Church’s 2018 Convention themed “Dominion” (which theme Pastor Adeboye introduced with the so-called herdsmen-farmers “clashes,” citing Gideon and his countrymen as farmers being impoverished by ravaging Midianites herdsmen – Judges 6:5); to the explosive 3-hour prayer for the nation, broadcast live throughout the whole world in February 2018; as well as regular public prayers at each Holy Ghost service asking for speedy Divine judgement on those persecuting the Church in Nigeria and those bent on disrupting God’s agenda for the nation at large; Adeboye’s position on the marauding herdsmen in Nigeria is certainly clear to those who care to know.  

And without any iota of doubt, the federal government is most certainly acquainted with this position!

Adeboye’s prescription on the way out of the dire situation is also very clear and without any ambiguity.  His position is that the problem confronting the nation is unprecedented and utterly hopeless to the extent that only God’s mercy can save the nation.  To underscore this position, all parishes of the RCCG were mandated to add to their regular schedules, formal DAILY prayers requesting God’s mercy for Nigeria.  In plain terms, that amounts to putting troops under his command at maximum state of alert possible!

Unfolding revelations and developments are showing very clearly how bad indeed the situation in Nigeria is. With the news now in the public domain that over a thousand cells of foreign Fulani mercenaries, wielding sophisticated military-grade weapons, are already ensconced in various forests in Yorubaland (alone!) in the guise of being herdsmen; several in-depth analyses and commentaries have concluded that war is simply inevitable in Nigeria. One commentary by Basil Okoh, and another – attributed to the respectable Nuhu Ribadu, himself a Fulani, convincingly argued that even the Nigerian masterminds and paymasters might not be able to call these foreign mercenaries to order or request them to back-up from their mission to replicate down south the ravages being inflicted on communities in the middle belt region of Nigeria. It is clear these desperate homeless foreign mercenaries would rather see Nigeria burn than return to the Mali, Chad, CAR, or wherever they came from now that they are already at the borders of their promised lebenstraum. (see our write-up on the drivers of the herdsmen-farmers clashes here).

As the various ethnic groups publicly announce their counter-mobilization for war to preserve their own nationalities, what other hope for corporate Nigeria except God’s mercy and intervention? What other word should come out from a revered man of God, of the stature of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, than to call for and lead prayers for God’s mercy?

Even then, it is open knowledge that the two key arrow-heads of the opposition against General Buhari’s fundamental agenda of establishing the infamous Fulani Rugas (now deceptively being portrayed as mere Cattle Ranches) in the country are the executive governors or Benue (Samuel Ortom) and Akwa Ibom (Udom Emmanuel) states.   Very publicly these two-some affirm that it is Adeboye’s counsel, prayers, and encouragements that is providing them strength to withstand the enormous pressures they constantly have to bear. (see here, for example).  This is not to mention ex-Governor Ambode of Lagos, a Worker in the RCCG, who so demonstrated his independent-mindedness that despite being lauded as one of the best-performing governors of his time, his party chieftains bluntly refused him a second-term!  

Similarly, outside of government, arguably the most outspoken and extremely influential duo who are confronting the federal government today on issues of governance are retired Generals Olusegun Obasanjo (former President) and T.Y. Danjuma (former Defence Minister).  It is an open secret that these are long-time confidantes and associates of Pastor Adeboye. 

Can two walk together unless they agree?

Yet all the opponents point out is the nation’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, who is a senior Pastor in the RCCG.  Would they he share his dissenting opinions (if he has some) against his boss through the open media?  What makes this expectation most nauseating is the fact that, considering the desperation with which many of these critics (or their associates) lobby even for ministerial or lesser appointments with the government of the day, they would certainly be happy to replace the Vice President in that office!  The precarious office of the Vice President is like a dormant volcano, and there could be little doubts the Islamists currently at the helm of affairs in the country would feel more comfortable with a fellow Islamist in that space. 

As a sad example of these realities, Femi Gbajabiamila, an elder in a well-respected Pentecostal Church in Nigeria shamefully converted to Islam and went on Hajj to Mecca in order to be considered for the position of Speaker of the Junior Legislative Chamber. By the way, nobody is holding his eminent Pastor responsible for this action!

It is clear that a media quote from Pastor Adeboye, as being irrationally demanded by this motley crowd, would only be reflected onto the Vice President for whatever nefarious agenda they had in mind. And the timing of this rabble-rousing coming on the heels of the comments by Adeboye on the deadly hypergrace doctrine is surely not coincidental.

Even more astonishing is the fact that the man chosen to lead the “protest” against Pastor Adeboye was none other than the controversial Charly Boy who lays no pretension to being a Christian, nor care about basic integrity. Why, only a few weeks earlier, Charly Boy was forced to admit in the media that he collected an unnamed “nine figures” amount (that is 100 million naira at the least) from Buhari Campaign team for the “proprietary right” to use his song in Buhari’s campaign.  While this was unknown to the public, he was also leading the highly publicized “Our Mumu don do” protests against the same Buhari!  And this same man is taking to the streets with no other gripe against Pastor Adeboye other than to demand the man of God should engage in such public stunts himself! 

It is a sad reflection on the state of the Church in Nigeria, that any Christian at all will for a moment give heed to this charade of a protest, talk less of gleefully hailing it.  Ouch!

We close this piece by pointing out what is now public knowledge. How the late dictator Sanni Abacha felt compelled to order the arrest of Pastor Enoch Adeboye early June 1997 ( .  As the story goes, Abacha was pointedly advised by his marabouts that as long as Pastor Adeboye is praying in “that bush” in the Redemption Camp, Abacha could forget the idea of successfully transmuting to a civilian president!  It’s much like the case of another power-drunk leader, Queen Mary of Scotland who a couple centuries ago publicly lamented concerning another praying Christian: “I fear the prayers of John Knox than all the assembled armies of Europe!”.

CA! enjoins all Christians of good conscience to join in the prayers for God’s mercy for our nation.  Of course, from the Biblical injunction to Watch and Pray, this does not suggest at  all that other options for self-defense should be neglected.

Friday, July 26, 2019


Below is a Release by the US-Nigeria Law Group, signed by Barr. Emma Ogebe.

A proof of life video released last night of aid workers abducted last week contains the unsettling report that heroine Christian Schoolgirl Leah Sharibu has been killed.
Below is our forensic analysis of the said claim:
  • The video appears to have been released through the recognized conduit of the terror group, however, the video does not contain the watermark signature bearing the emblem of the terror group’s flag
  • The video does not contain the usual Islamic songs used by the terrorists
  • The video does not contain any remarks, input or demand whatsoever from the terrorists themselves.
  • Without clear identification of the abductors in a muddled field of contenders, ransom negotiations can be confusing.
  • The hostage speaker Grace is reportedly one of the recently captured aid workers in an attack on July 18 less than a week to the video recording. She would likely not have any knowledge of or interaction with Leah Sharibu within the space of just six days.
  • The hostage speaker Grace narrated that two Red Cross workers Hauwa and Zipporah were abducted and then killed. There was no hostage named Zipporah executed by the terrorists.
  • The hostage speaker Grace said they were held by the “army of Calipha.” This does not easily identify whether it is the terrorist splinter group now known as Islamic State West Africa Province or the original Shekau-led Boko Haram. The former abducted Leah while the latter abducted the Chibok girls.
  • The statement on heroine Christian Schoolgirl Leah and aidworker Alice’s death could have been a misperception or misconception of the speaker Grace erroneously assuming they were killed.
  • Alternatively the statement could have been foisted on the hostage as part of psychological warfare and negotiating strategy.
  • It seems out of character for a principled terror group who declared in a message last year that they would not kill Leah and Alice but hold them as slaves to now break their own word. Unlike killer Fulani Herdsmen, the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists have rules of engagement, scruples and codes of honor.
Based on the foregoing forensic analysis, we are unable to conclusively conclude that Leah and Alice are deceased.
There is simply no sufficient or credible evidence to support the report of their deaths.
Accordingly we:
  • urge the international community to continue to pray for and demand her release
  • urge Nigerians to protest for Leah, Alice, Grace and others release
  • condemn the Buhari Government’s continuing secrecy on significant military losses that has led to the sacking of enter villages in Chibok and Askira Uba Local Government Areas, Madagali and Gwoza to mention a few. Indeed the villages of several of the Chibok girls in USA have fallen to Boko Haram and their families displaced in attacks worse than occurred before this administration came in.
  • urge continued prayer and support for the Sharibu family whom rather than receive the return of their daughter Leah were subjected to insults by the Nigerian Embassy in USA
  • urge the protection of vulnerable aid workers and innocent civilians
  • seize this opportunity to condemn the non-payment of death benefits to widows and orphans (Next of Kin – NOK) of gallant officers killed in action (KIA) in the war on terror and demand immediate payments thereof.
Emmanuel Ogebe, ESQ

Thursday, July 18, 2019



The Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (a coalition of 63 Christian groups, to which Church Arise! subscribes) is calling on the National Assembly of the Christian Association of Nigeria to investigate the allegations of massive bribery that accompanied the election of Rev Supo Ayokunle for a second term as the President of the CAN. (see letter below)


The National Assembly of the CAN is expected to meet today Thursday July 18 to either ratify or reject the election result.


Many spiritually-conscious individuals consider the unprecedented visit of a delegate from the Miyetti Allah (Cattle Breaders Association of Nigeria) to the Christian Ecumenical Centre at Abuja on the eve of the meeting of the National Assembly of the CAN as actually meant to influence that meeting. (


The Miyetti Allah said it has come to discuss peace, but many believe the core of the delegation were actually marabouts who had come to cast spells, probably laden with financial-political "carrots" to induce delegates to the CAN National Assembly Meeting.


Bottomline: Christians, Watch and Pray, that the counsel of the Almighty God will prevail in the affairs of Nigeria.

"This was the very day that the enemies of the Jews had planned to overpower them, but the tables were now turned: the Jews overpowered those who hated them!" Esther 9:1b (Message Version.)


 Christian Social Movement of Nigeria



Coalition of 63 Christian Groups and Christian Fellowships

16th July, 2019

The National Assembly
Christian Association of Nigeria
National Christian Center

Dear Sirs,

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was founded in 1976, is established to represent all Christian denominations and is to be a voice for all Christians. In line with the evangelical mandate of the Church, leadership of this body should be exemplary and demonstrate ethics that endear non-Christians to the faith.

Worldly traits such as bribery and corruption, which Nigeria and Nigerians are known for should be very far from Christian leadership, most especially if the Church is to play its role as the light in the darkness of the world and salt in the tastelessness of the earth. Mat 5:14.
Shockingly, rumors and allegations now abound and is being freely circulated around that bribery and inducements played a major role in the recently concluded election of the CAN President.  At this particular time in the history of the Church in Nigeria, when the Church needs the Lord to arise in defense of His people, having a leadership of the Church embroiled in bribery and graft is most unacceptable.

In view of the various information being circulated it is imperative that the National Assembly of CAN, as the custodian of the standards and ethics in the Association and who are charged with the responsibility of ratifying the results of election, investigate such with a view to ensuring that righteousness is enthroned.

Referencing the Holy Book: 1. Job 15: 34 and 2; Psalm 26:10, we humbly request that CAN takes time out to wait upon the Lord for His clear instruction so that His chosen leader emerges; leadership that is not tainted and the future of the Church in Nigeria that is not jeopardized.

We remain hopeful that the remnant of the body of Christ will arise and do the needful so that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified. Amen. 2 Thes. 1:12

For and on behalf of Advocates for Freedom and Democracy,

Dr. Olalekan Jesuleye

Rev. Eric Ighalo

Dr. Rotimi Gabriel