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Germany Preparing for War: Doctors Are Being Drafted - article by

The German government has begun sending out Conscription (Draft) Orders for military service and the people being drafted into the Army are DOCTORS!  SuperStation95 has confirmed two (2) individual Doctors who have received the Draft Orders.  One must report to a military center to begin Army service in eight (8) days, the other is required to report in fourteen (14) days. The notices make clear the Doctors “are not to talk about this with anyone.”
It is now ultra-clear that European governments are preparing for war.  This Drafting of Doctors comes less than one week after the German government issued a 69 page document to their citizens calling for the “immediate stockpiling of food and water” and justified this urgent action by saying “in case of an emergency which threatens our existence.”    One day later, the Czech Republic told its citizens to begin “preparing for the worst.”   Five days later, the government of Finland began quietly telling its citizens, through local government Councils, to begin stockpiling food and water, to prepare for something bad.
On Monday, August 29, we reported that Russia had mobilized Reserve Army Troops for the first time since the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.  Yesterday, Tuesday August 30, we have found that the total mobilization is actually 80 mobilization brigades.  About 10 tank brigades, 30 motor rifle brigades, 20 artillery and 20 other support brigades. So about 300,000 men. Our original story appears HERE.
SuperStation95 reached out to our contacts in the Pentagon, The Intelligence Community and the State Department and the answers we’re getting are very serious.
According to the Pentagon, there has never been a mobilization like this in Russia before.  The shear size of it is described by seasoned Pentagon officials as “staggering!”  According to two separate sources in the Intelligence Community, various intel sources indicate the Russians intend to take action – but they are not certain if that action will be in Ukraine, Syria or . . . Turkey.  The fear is that the size of this mobilization may mean “all of the above.”
Our source in the Pentagon put it this way:
Russia has also mobilized divisions of the National Guard, and the NAF is mobilizing its reserves to go from 35,000 men to 95,000.
Russia has assured this will be a coalition war by sending its CSTO allies to the Belarussian-Polish border. So that includes units from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
When you count it all up, Russia and allies now have something like half a million men on alert opposite Ukraine, the Baltics and Poland.
I’ve never seen anything like it.
Reservists in the Southern, Central and Western Military Districts are being called up, and trucks from the civilian sector are being transferred into military service as per the mobilization plans. In addition, workers in militarily vital industries in southern Russia are being conscripted into the Ministry of Defense – they can no longer quit or transfer without military approval for the duration of the alert.
According to the Russian Ministry of Defense
“There will also be carried out conscription of citizens from the reserve supply of automotive technology and the formation of military units of territorial defense in the Southern, Central Military District and the Northern Fleet.
Field offices of Bank of Russia for the first time will take the financial security troops apart from the permanent dislocation points. In addition, a number of enterprises of the military-industrial complex in southern Russia will test the willingness to carry out tasks for the supply and repair of weapons, military and special equipment.”
To understand the magnitude of what’s taking place, consider that 3 military districts each with ~ 50 administrative units (oblasts+republics).  Only Stavropol has called-up 4600 reservists. If the average reserve call-up elsewhere is only half (average 3000) that makes this call-up of Russian Reserve Troops about 150, 000 !!!
Stavropol is home to a BKhiRVT. That’s a mobilization brigade, all the vehicles and weapons but no troops. They have now manned it with 4600 reservists, adding another maneuver brigade to the 49th Combined Arms Army. There are accounts of multiple BKhiRVTs in several Military Districts being manned.
This call-up of Reserves is almost unprecedented. They’ve never called up the reserves. Not for Crimea, or Georgia, or even even Chechnya.
In scale, this is closer to the mobilization for the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.
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Sanhendrin appoints High Priest for the Third Temple

As the re-institution of the Jewish Temple and sacrifices draw near, the Wise Virgin knows that the Rapture of the Church beckons!
Rom 11:25; 2 Thess. 2:3-7, Daniel 9:27, etc
Rabbi Baruch Kahane (Courtesy)A significant step was recently taken towards reinstating the Temple service when the nascent Sanhedrin selected Rabbi Baruch Kahane as the next Kohen Gadol (high priest). The selection was made as a precaution for Yom Kippur. If the political conditions should change, allowing the Jews access to the Temple Mount, they will be required by Torah law to bring the sacrifices. Rabbi Kahane is confident that if that should happen, Temple service could begin in less than one week.

Rabbi Baruch Kahane (Courtesy)
Rabbi Kahane is a prominent scholar, knowledgeable in the complicated laws pertaining to the subject of the Temple Service. He is part of the Halacha Berurah Institute, established by Rabbi Avraham Isaac HaCohen Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel, which deals with the elucidation of Jewish law from its Talmudic sources (Oral Law) and commentaries. He has played a prominent role in all the reenactments of the Temple services performed to date.
This year has already seen much Temple-oriented activity: the Temple Institute has created a registry of kohanim; established a school for educating men of the priestly class in the details of the Temple service; and performed reenactments on all the holidays, including the especially significant Passover sacrifice.  Details here

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Governments not doing enough to protect Christians in the North – CAN

Governments not doing enough to protect Christians in the North – CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has decried the recurring and unabated spate of the killings of Christians in the Northern part of the country on account of alleged blasphemy, stressing that such killings have become too many and requires urgent attention. Recently, about eight persons were killed on Monday in Talata-Mafara community in Zamfara State following violence that erupted over alleged blasphemy by a student of the Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata-Mafara. The student was alleged to have made a blasphemous statement against Islam and Prophet Muhammad and was consequently attacked by a mob.
But the Chairman, Northwest Zone of CAN, Bishop David Bakare, while addressing newsmen in Kaduna yesterday, ‎said, “It has become necessary to make this statement in the face of the incessant unwarranted killing of Christians in Northern Nigeria.
“Northern Nigeria in recent time has become killing fields where Christians are murdered without restraints and governments at all levels are doing about it.
“In Kano, a Deeper Life church pastor’s wife was accused of blasphemy and killed, only for everyone to hear later that she never uttered any word of blasphemy against Islam or Mohammed.
“During Ramadan, a young man was attacked by Moslems and severely wounded in Kaduna because he was found eating during fasting.
“There is the well publicized hacking to death of a Redeemed pastor’s wife in Kubwa, FCT. And then the ECWA pastor who was murdered in Nasarawa State.
“Just last Friday, a Redeemed pastor was shot in his farm by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Kafanchan, Kaduna State. Few days ago in Zamfara State, a boy was accused of blasphemy and attacked. The incident led to the killing and burning of eight Christians in the state.
“Early this year, the Zamfara state government pulled down several Christian places of worship including an Anglican auditorium, a Catholic building and an NYSC Secretariat chapel among others.
“Beyond government rhetoric, nothing concrete has been done to stem the tide. These heinous crimes continue unabated. No arrest has been made, no one has been prosecuted. This inaction on the part of government leads one to say that governments at all levels have abdicated their responsibilities of securing lives, especially lives of Christians in Northern Nigeria
“On behalf of Christians and the CAN president, we call on the federal and state governments to rise to the occasion and ensure that this Zamfara incident is not treated as the other ones. Arrests must be made, the perpetrators must be made to face the full weight of the law so that justice will be seen to have been done. If these are done, then shall all Christians in Northern Nigeria have confidence that they are secured here,” he stressed.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


The article below, dated 8th August, 2016 is  a Press Release by Solomon Asemota, SAN
For and on behalf of
National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF); Nigerian Christian Graduate Fellowship (NCGF); Think Tank For The Body Of Christ; Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON); Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSIN); Students Christian Movement (SCM); Christian Professionals Forum (CPF); Ministers Prayer Network (MPN); International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ); Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA); International Prophetic Ministerial Association (IPMA) (Inc. Worldwide College of Bishops & Ministers, Africa, UK & USA); Intercessors Without Walls (IWW); Wailing Women International (WWI); Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship; Nigerian Fellowship of Christian Students (NIFES); University Joint Campus Christian Fellowship (UJCM); Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF); Nigeria Supreme Council For Ecclesiastical Affairs (NSCEA); African Association for Ecclesiastical Affairs (AAEA), The Preacher (TP).

Islamist Jihadists of the Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri Ethnic Nationalities, who are Negroid immigrants to Nigeria, are pushing the nation to an implosion. It is therefore imperative that the remaining 386 Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria should, as a matter of priority, convene a Conference to demonstrate to the few Islamist Jihadists of the three Ethnic Nationalities the grave danger of Islamism as a system of governance.  Nigerians are reminded that the present distress in the nation is not an act of God but man-made. The brazen and audacious imposition of Islamist Jihadists into key positions in the country is not an expression of religious piety but a deliberate manipulation of religion for cultural and political domination by three Ethnic Groups. This Agenda commenced in 1975 after the overthrow of General Gowon. The Islamist Jihadists are a violent and domineering strain of Islam rejected by mainstream Muslims
We are reminded that after the Arab Spring, Tunisia and Egypt elected Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood into power. One year later, the two Arab Islamic Nations staged another revolution and sacked them. If Arab Nations could not tolerate Islamist Jihadists’ domination, we wonder how Nigeria, a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic nation would cope with the dire consequences of flooding government with Islamist Jihadists. The signs are ominous that the Islamist Jihadists, a minority in the three Ethnic Nationalities of Arab ancestry, have contrived a malevolent agenda against the other 386 Negro Ethnic Nationalities that make up Nigeria. These Negro Ethnic Nationalities and non-Islamist Jihadists must rise to contain the present challenges especially the activities of the murderous Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen that is now being strengthened with the discriminatory appointments that weighs very much against non-Muslims in Nigeria. The distinction between Negroes and Negroids is necessary to reject the assumption of superiority of the Negroid of Arab descendants in Nigeria.
It is pertinent to explain that there is a difference between Islam and Islamism. While Islam is a Religion, Islamism is but a political ideology that holds that Islam is not only a religion but a political system that must dominate wherever Islam is practiced in the world. Islamism is the ideology driving the Taliban, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and others. Islamism operates through religious terrorists and stealthily through “Civilization Jihad” (deceit) both seek to undermine democratic societies and convert them forcefully to Sharia States.

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Gatestone Article on Buhari's Government targeting Christians

  • President Muhammadu Buhari, a former military dictator, rather than concentrating his efforts on Boko Haram, has instead mounted a campaign of intimidation against his Christian opponents in the south of the country.
  • 50,000 children are facing death by starvation, according to Western aid officials. In May, the Nigerian military killed at least 15 people at a peaceful Biafran protest.
  • "Mr Buhari is diverting vital resources away from the campaign to pursue his own political agenda," explained a senior Western official. "The Nigerian government, which is receiving significant amounts of foreign aid, needs to understand that its main priority is to deal with Boko Haram, and also to make sure that Nigeria does not suffer the worst humanitarian disaster in its history."
The failure of Nigeria's Muslim President Muhammadu Buhari to tackle the Islamist fanatics of Boko Haram has resulted in an estimated 50,000 children facing death by starvation, according to Western aid officials.
A total of 500,000 people have been made homeless during Nigeria's bitter seven-year conflict with Boko Haram, and aid workers now fear the vast majority of them are in urgent need of food, shelter and medical care.
But hopes that Mr Buhari would intensify the military effort to destroy Boko Haram, an Islamist group with close links to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Syria (ISIS), are fading, following the Nigerian leader's decision to promote his Muslim allies to key government appointments at the expense of his Christian political opponents.
Last month Stratfor, which provides business with geopolitical analysis, reported there was growing frustration in northern Nigeria over the blatant favouritism the president is displaying towards his Muslim allies.
According to Stratfor, 77 of the 122 appointments Mr Buhari has made since his accession to power in May last year have gone to northerners, increasing ethnic tensions with the predominantly Christian south of the country.
Western officials say Mr Buhari's obsession with settling scores with his political opponents has had a negative impact on Nigeria's military campaign against Boko Haram, and left the government unable to cope with the mounting humanitarian disaster in the north of the country.
The French charity Doctors Without Borders is now warning that a total of 244,000 children have been left homeless and hungry as a result of the fighting, and that one in five of them will die in the coming weeks unless urgent aid is provided. A spokesman for the children's charity, Unicef, commented: "Some 134 children on average will die every day from causes linked to acute malnutrition."
Aid officials believe that much of the blame for this disastrous state of affairs lies with the government of Mr Buhari, a former military dictator, who, rather than concentrating his efforts on Boko Haram, has instead mounted a campaign of intimidation against his Christian opponents in the south of the country.
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, rather than concentrating his efforts on Boko Haram, has instead mounted a campaign of intimidation against his Christian opponents in the south of the country. Pictured above, Buhari (left) meets with Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on November 23, 2015, in Iran. (Image source:
A senior Nigerian security officer recently confided to Western diplomats that so many of Mr Buhari's political opponents had been rounded up that Nigeria's prison system could no longer cope.
And Mr Buhari's decision to target supporters of the country's former Christian president, Goodluck Jonathan, in the south of the country, recently prompted criticism from British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, who said, "It's obviously a major concern."
Mr Buhari's tactics have also succeeded in reviving tensions with Nigeria's Biafran community in the south of the country, who were involved in a brutal civil war for independence in the 1960s.
In May, the Nigerian military killed at least 15 people at a peaceful Biafran protest.
"One of the reasons we have this humanitarian crisis in northern Nigeria is that Mr Buhari is diverting vital resources away from the campaign to pursue his own political agenda," explained a senior Western official. "The Nigerian government, which is receiving significant amounts of foreign aid, needs to understand that its main priority is to deal with Boko Haram, and also to make sure that Nigeria does not suffer the worst humanitarian disaster in its history."
Mr Coughlin is Defence and Foreign Affairs Editor of London's Daily Telegraph.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


As the Islamization of the strategic Education sector which we wrote on very recently (CA! Vol 19 No2) continues with absolute blatancy, the Registrar of JAMB Prof Dibu Ojerinde has now been unceremoniously given the boots.  His replacement is no other person than the Secretary General of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs - Professor Ishaq Oloyede.

Prof Oloyede is not noted for finesse in his raw promotion of Islam and Islamic values; whether as Vice Chancellor at University of Ilorin, or in his more recent appointment as Secretary General of the Nigerian Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs.  It's ominous that the NSCIA could not find any proxy suitable for this job than the Chief Executive himself!

As we pointed in passing in the article, Islamists plod on with their Islamization plans for Nigeria, with government's recent scrapping of any form of Post-JAMB screening by the Senates of individual Universities, JAMB is now able to funnel candidates into Nigerian Universities directly "from the top," without any local quality assurance mechanism permitted at the University level. Hours to the announcement of Prof Ishaq Oloyede as the new JAMB registrar - on a Sunday, even the existing Admission List to the Universities were withdrawn for some spurious reasons.

Prof Oloyede is not the only NSCIA man on the new list of 17 new heads of Education parastatals approved by President Buhari. Also on the National Executive Council of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs is Dr Hameed Bobboyi who is now announced as the new helmsman at the Universal Basic Education Board.  See No 12 on the List of NEC Members - Under Notable Personalities.  The two other critical educational agency, TETFUND and the NUC are also manned by Moslems.  Four Chief Executives of Educational Parastatals are left untouched by the new announcement; and they are conspicuously all Moslems. (see details in the newspapers, for example:

We leave the rest to the reader on how deeply involved in the governance and policy making of Islam in Nigeria are the rest of the hordes of Islamic names on the new list of chief executives in charge of education in Nigeria.