Friday, July 30, 2021

Hepatitis versus COVID-19 in Nigeria - Dia is God o!

 As usual, Nigeria dutifully joined the entire world to mark the World Hepatitis Day on Wednesday 28th July.  A day earlier, Mojeed Alabi and his team at Premium Times sought to get information from the Federal Ministry of Health, concerning Hepatitis.  This was how the PREMIUM TIMES reported their experience: 

The spokesperson of the federal ministry of health, Olusegun Adesola, simply told our reporter on the phone that he did not know who to recommend for the requested interaction.

He said; “I don’t know anyone that can speak on hepatitis for the ministry.”

The same publication went on to quote Health Minister Osagie Ehanire as  estimating “that about 20 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis B and C.  

That in the language of COVID-19,  is 20 million “cases” of the hepatitis virus.  Yet not one officer to man a hepatitis desk at the Federal Ministry of Health, even on World Hepatitis Day!

Meanwhile, about the same time, the great “Pandemic” COVID-19 with officially confirmed  all-time 172,821  “cases” (out of which 165,000 had fully recovered)  was getting fresh  36 billion naira to fight it in the same country! How long will this charade continue?

PS: We muse on the millions of Europeans that have been pouring out unto the streets to fight for their freedom, which is being snatched away with the introduction of the notorious Health Passes/Passports schemes.  Interestingly, the mainstream media remained virtually muted on the momentous proceedings! We’ll see how it works out.

More Abracadabra: Patent for COVID-19 TREATMENT AND CONTROL filed Before the Outbreak of COVID-19


You need to watch this video ( It is an explosive presentation made by David E. Martin at the German Corona Inquiry Committee on July 9th  Martin is the CEO of M-CAM a major global player in risk assessment of “intangible assets” As part of their monitoring work, they have identified and thoroughly studied the over 4,000 patents issued around SARS coronavirus, beginning from the  late 1990s.  Sorting through the trail, they found that the exact genetic sequence affirmed by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV)  as uniquely identifying the virus responsible for COVID-19 already existed in nearly 120 patent records, as far back as 1999.  Sobering Fact, nothing novel in the “Novel Coronavirus”!

In a series of mind-boggling revelations, Dr Martin showed that exactly three days after the US CDC filed a patent for COVID-19,  a company which later became part of Pfizer, filed another patent for the “treatment and control” of exactly this same coronavirus.  All of these before Wuhan in December 2019!  Other gruesome revelations included the fact that the US DARPA seriously considered this same SARS COV-2 virus for use as a malleable bioweapon in 2005, and the CDC itself considered it as a promising vector for delivering HIV vaccine nearly 20 years ago!  If you want the facts in print, rather than video, then you need to download the 205-page Dossier:

With all these FACTS now in the verifiable public domain, no literate person (who decides to block ears and mind from these realities)  would have any valid excuse to continue to play the fatal role scripted for them by unscrupulous global new age adherents.

While it is not clear where exactly we are headed, it becoming increasingly clear that the whole idea is to usher in the concept of the so-called mRNA “vaccines.”  These are computer-generated sequences of nucleic acids that turn the human body into a factory for producing viral particles which the body then responds to with the production of antibodies.  Apart from the hot contention on whether or not this product actually qualifies to be called a “vaccine” (it is not designed to prevent infection in the vaccinated – only a nebulous concept of preventing ”serious disease and hospitalization”); it is now clear that it needed the still largely mysterious compound, Graphene Oxide (GO) nanoparticles to facilitate its uptake in the human cells (see .  Meanwhile scores of scientific papers from pioneer workers on GO seriously warn it is not to be used in humans.  The long and short is that mRNA vaccines are now on their way.  And Africa is the prime target as the next mRNA vaccines are touted to be those against Malaria! (see for instance

Again, we wonder, why will any literate person pretend not to see all these easily verifiable hard facts? No matter the carrot they are offering you or the stick they are wielding, you have God to answer to!  Enough said.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Yet, nobody, but the living God controls “tomorrow”!


The Bible says there is nothing hidden that will not be brought to light.  It is true that several experts (including many that we at LivingScience hold in great respect) continue to predict dire consequences for people who have received the experimental COVID vaccine. And it is equally true that we also currently have no scientific premise that could offer hope for any better outcome better than these dreadful outcome.  Yet, at LSF, our faith in the Creator is inexorably linked with our Science.  We hold it that nobody can rule it out that the LORD might indeed wish to provide a way out of the noose for already-vaxxed people.  For instance, at a time we all feared that COVID would indeed decimate the global population, out of the blues came hydroxychloroquine, followed by the silver bullet drug, Ivermectin.  If indeed the LORD would wish to provide a way out of the current quagmire, the LivingScience Foundation would wish to stay prepared at the frontlines to receive such strategies and be part of the solution.  That’s just the way we reason.  That’s why we exist.  We appreciate and sincerely thank our Partners who have been encouraging and supporting us on in this our peculiar calling.

And now, Europe bold-facedly proclaims Africa’s version of Astra Zenica jab inferior!


Another shocking revelation of how Europe sees Africa was the blunt affirmation by Europe that the Astra Zeneca “vaccines” she “generously donates” to Africa, do not after all confer same benefits on recipients as those distributed in Europe and other developed nations!  Vaccinated folks from Africa would therefore not qualify for Europe’s dubious “green pass” which allows travelers unimpeded travel experience in the European territory. All this notwithstanding, this EXPERIMENTAL medical product continued to be forced on people here in Africa.  It is particularly saddening seeing efforts to subtly force it on people, who are vulnerable by virtue of their being under some training or authority.  But while some were able to call off the bluff (e.g. at some NYSC camps, according to official sources), others had to quietly accept their fate.  For instance, we learnt, on good authority, that though the vaccine was initially massively shunned at the School of Nursing Osogbo (Osun State, Nigeria), it wasn’t long that the hapless trainees got “encouraged” to change their mind, and now, almost every one of them has received the jab.  Yes, athletes at the National Sports Festival Edo 2021 were all mandated to receive the jab, but at that time nobody had all the incredible statistics of alarming adverse and concerning effects as we now have.  Some people are already preparing charges of “crime against humanity” against the brains behind these experimental products being called vaccines.

Meanwhile more lights are being thrown into the magnetofaction properties being exhibited by the experimental mRNA vaccines.  Has to do with the graphene nanoparticles which are now known to be present, in clearly unreasonable levels in these products.   Surprisingly, some claiming scholarship, still attempt to deride this magnetic phenomenon globally reported across social status, race, nationality;  and now overwhelmingly affirmed in hundreds of peer review scientific papers.  Apparently, this well-established practice, is needed to facilitate the uptake of nucleic acids into every nook and cranny of the body.  Including places they are explicitly forbidden by nature to access, placing them in the same class as GMOs.  Alarmingly, even the service providers clearly warn against their use in humans, not even for research. Hmm…!

Rising COVID “cases” in the UK, yet Covid measures being eased!


The COVID abracadabra continues ever more intriguingly.  Now, the UK affirms that COVID cases of various strains are rising, but in some complicated risk assessment analysis, they determine that COVID restrictions should be eased!  Masks are no more mandatory, neither is social distancing. And the concept of lockdown has become a total anathema!  How come? The reasoning, essentially, is that Summer is at the corner and the impact of sunlight in demolishing COVID is established beyond any reasonable doubts. Added to this is the admission that since the rising “cases” do not actually translate to disease and the hospitals are far from being swamped with COVID cases as predicted by the scary models, there is really no “hospitalization peak” that needed to be “flattened”.  People should therefore be rather encouraged to learn to live with the virus; and anyone who catches and develop COVID should avail themselves of the many effective treatment options available.   

The wonder in this development, of course, is that these are the very same reasoning that had been derided and castigated for so long! 

For instance LivingScience had reached these same conclusions much earlier in the COVID saga, where we pointed out the absurdity of equating “cases” with “disease”.  Why, each of us has more foreign microbe cells in our bodies than our own human cells. So why so much ado about the presence of yet another particle-organism, if it is not debilitating or life threatening?

And yes, all these favourable parameters, (sunshine, low hospitalization, and availability of effective treatment options) have always been present with us in Nigeria! While we indeed, did see videos of patients sleeping on the corridors at LUTH  due to lack of hospital beds, it had nothing to do with COVID!  And till date, according to the NCDC, the total COVID deaths in Nigeria (all cases – including with comorbidities, and those with fake, wrong, or even NO diagnosis), since February last year, tallies up to 2,122.  Every untimely death of course is tragic; but that’s how many people die and continue to die of diarrhea EVERY FIVE DAYS in this same country, chiefly for lack of potable water! Another 2,122 die EVERY THREE DAYS of air-transmissible tuberculosis yet no emergency has been declared concerning these preventable conditions.

So, as the abracadabra goes on, more stringent measures are being recommended for Africa even as things ease-up in Europe.  For instance, the President of Sierra Leone a few days ago came out to read the script he had been handed: declaring total lockdown in that country on account of COVID “third wave”.  We watch and see if the globalist taskmasters will dare come down here to Nigeria with similar evil script, as they are no doubt drooling to do.