Monday, January 12, 2009


While the whole world (apparently) steps up demands that Israel terminates the on-going military operation at Gaza, few seems concerned that the Hamas has indicated it has no intention of stopping the barrage of rocket attacks (which recently passed the 10,000 mark) on Israeli civilian centres. The attitude of most of the world could be explained in terms of several factors including ignorance, fear of Islamic terror, or reasoning that Israel would be the more responsive side to deal with, etc.

Particularly painful is that nobody seems bold enough to tell Hamas to fight clean if it wants to fight rather than using innocent Palestinian children and women as human shields. This is an open tragedy which none of Hamas friends seem capable of addressing.

Meanwhile, with the mainline news outlets (such as CNN)so involved in unabashed anti-israel propaganda, the Israeli are taking to the internet, including the Youtube, to tell their own side of the story.

Check these links for some compelling hard facts to think about.