Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Now, “Mainstream Moslems” abducting Christian girls in Nigeria

Last edition, we told the painful story of how so-called Boko Haram militants, supposedly Moslem extremists, were abducting Christian ladies and threatening to convert them to housewives in lieu of their wives arrested by the Nigerian military.  Now, it is supposedly mainstream moslems that are abducting Christian ladies, locking them away from society, on the ground that these ladies have freely chosen to become moslems.
As we write this, a 24 year old daughter of a pastor has been living in the palace of the Etsu Nupe of Bida, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar for over six months.  This is supposedly on the instruction of the Shariah Court who has ruled that she be kept on “protective custody” away from her biological father.  Since when have Christians started to kill their own children because they choose another religion?  This so-called honour killing is entirely an Islamic thing; and it is a clear indication of brainwashing the lady has received that she believes his pastor dad could even contemplate such an action.
Charity Uzoechina left her Abuja home for school at the Federal Polytechnic Bida in January, but the next communication the father will receive about her daughter is a phone call from palace aides to the Etsu Nupe (on March 1) inviting him to come have a chat with her daughter who, they informed him, is now in their custody, having become a muslim since February 15.  According to reports, within minutes of the interaction the next day, the obviously brainwashed lady started yelling that her father had threatened her and she could no longer return to living under his roof!  A few days later, the Sharia Court gave its ruling on “protective custody”.  The Christian father got the Sharia court summon the same day as the case was heard, tried, and executed!  He has filed an appeal with the same Sharia court challenging  its jurisdiction to try him, a Christian.
 It is interesting to note that none of the interview reports could claim Charity suggested her life is in danger with her dad.  Only the deeply Islamic Weekly Trust newspaper suggested they had anything close to a face-to-face “exclusive interview” with Charity, and she was asked specifically about the nature of the “threats” from her father :

Q: What did he do to you amounting to a threat?
A: In the first place you know, I put on Hijab (veil), he said I should remove the Hijab. He was angry and used some harsh words on me, directing that I should remove the Hijab, but I refused. He threatened to take me to a village where nobody will set his (sic) eyes on me. So I became scared of him, therefore I refused to follow him. That is it.

Later on in the interview, Charity added a new dimension of threat when she claimed the reason she could not go anywhere or “even continue with my schooling” is that her dad “is still bringing people up till now to keep watch on me”.  The interviewer asked for clarification:

Q: How do you know that your father has assigned people to keep watch on you?
A: There was a time that I wanted to go out, information came to me that my father was around and I had to stay back since I don’t want him to take me away. I know that if I go out anytime, he’ll pick me up.

Very simple, “information came” and she knew. That was it!  Of course it is such “information,” probably with a generous dose of hypnotism, that has been feeding the mind of Charity with stories of how the Etsu Nupe and her new palace friends have now come to suddenly love her more than her own biological family.  This effectively is the mind-fetter, chaining down the poor girl and the several others in her position. Just as she had also amassed enormous information about the intricate workings of the Islamic world to be petitioning organizations, like the JNI and Sharia court. to press for her new rights as a moslem –supposedly all on her own volition, based on what she has “been reading about them”.
One should not be surprised however, if the several “legal documents” the Etsu Nupe has been basing his claims on did contain allegations that Pastor Uzoechinna could indeed kill her daughter, Islamic style, for the so-called conversion! According to a newspaper report: “Be that as it may, the Etsu Nupe is not in any way moved by the Pastor’s arguments, instead the emirate has produced legal documents where Charity reportedly said she had converted to Islam and alleged that his father could kill her for the action hence the need to seek protection from the Palace and the Sharia Court, which the court granted”
However, such “honor killing” is an entirely Islamic thing, formally codified into their Books.  According to this site, both the  Quran (9:11-12 and Hadith - Sahih Al-Bukhari (9:57) clearly instructs "Whoever Changes His Religion Kill Him" .  See also   Whereas there are thousands of cases of pious muslims killing or seeking to kill their kith and kin to demonstrate their religious piety, such an action is not only meaningless, but constitutes an abomination in Christianity! (See also Chapter 25 of Behold I come quickly, Book 3)
In any case, as pointed out by Pastor Uzoechinna, “If [Charity] has converted to Islam, must she practice at the Etsu Nupe’s palace? Is Etsu Nupe the chief security officer now? ….If they say I will harm her, let them release her to the Inspector General of Police, leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN or ask me to write an undertaking. Why is my daughter still under Etsu Nupe’s enclave?”
Unfortunately, it is when matters involve the Islamic religion that people seem to lose their sense of logic or sound reasoning.  As pointed out by Festus Eriye of The Nation newspaper, there is really nothing complicated about this case.  He has a simple common-sense proposition:

“Both the Sharia Court and the Etsu Nupe have … tried to defend themselves. The only missing voice in the hubbub is the most critical – Charity’s.

“Third parties have been regaling us with what she said or didn’t say. But this needless controversy can be cleared up in a minute if the lady at the center of the storm would be allowed by those in whose custody she presently is, to speak for herself.

“Every side claims to be telling the truth and yet we know there can only be one version of the truth. The only person who can clear things up is not being allowed to speak. All those interested in the unvarnished truth ought to ask why?

In the meantime, the Etsu Nupe is clinging to his “legal documents” and is refusing Charity to be presented at Court for cross-examination.  Neither will they allow the mother any access to her.  What a way to make converts!  See more details about this bizarre case, as compiled by Nigeria Newspapers Online at 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Final Conversation between Morsi and Sisi (Posted by Raymond Ibrahim)

As the high drama in Egypt unfolds, Raymond Ibrahim has posted transcript of the last conversation between Egyptian ex-president, Morsi, and the man who informed him of his removal, army general Sisi.  It's clear Morsi had been nothing but a puppet of the Moslem Brotherhood, who is now reacting just like Morsi had threatened. As usual, again, Christians bear the brunt of the reaction (see
Meanwhile, the world awaits the evidences Sisi claimed the army has concerning Morsi and the MB with respect to compromising Egypt's national security.  Here is wishing Africa's oldest culture well in her extra-trying days.

The transcript:

On July 5, El Watan (“the nation”), one of Egypt’s most popular newspapers, published the final dialogue between General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Dr. Muhammad Morsi, which took place on Tuesday July 2, a few hours before Morsi’s final speech to the Egyptian people. A reporter who was taken to an adjacent room was allowed to witness and transcribe their conversation from a TV screen. I translate the entire speech as it appears on El Watan below:

Exchange Between Morsi and Sisi
Morsi: What’s the military’s position concerning what’s going on? Is it just going to stand by watching? Shouldn’t it protect the legitimacy?
Sisi: What legitimacy? The entire army is with the will of the people, and the overwhelming majority of people, according to documented reports, don’t want you.
Morsi: My supporters are many and they won’t be silent.
Sisi: The army will not allow anyone to destroy the nation, no matter what happens.
Morsi: What if I don’t want to leave?
Sisi: The matter is settled and no longer up to you. Try to leave with your dignity and tell those whom you call supporters to go back to their homes in order to prevent bloodshed, instead of threatening the people through them.
Morsi: But this way it will be a military coup, and America won’t leave you alone.
Sisi: The people concern us, not America. And since you’ve started to talk this way, I’ll talk to you candidly. We have evidence to condemn you and to condemn many governmental officials of compromising Egypt’s national security. The judiciary will have its say and you will all be judged before the whole people.
Morsi: Okay, can you permit me to make a few phone calls and then afterwards I’ll decide on what to do?
Sisi: You are not permitted; but we can let you check up on your family only.
Morsi: Am I imprisoned or what?
Sisi: You are under arrest from this moment.

Read the rest of the exchange at