Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Priests Who Teach the Difference (Ezekiel 44:23)

I would argue in earnest that in fact this is something once common in the church which has all but disappeared today: teaching "the difference between the holy and the profane" and "the clean and unclean".

There is so often a strong connection between the dilution or even disappearance of the Bible from the pulpit, and the rest of a church's activities embracing worldly approaches in place of biblical ones. If the Word is not taught, it is far less likely anyone will be equipped to contrast the "profane" or "unclean" practices which has been allowed entrance and even incorporation into what is called "church".

This most commonly comes up when something is challenged as being "worldly" and the response provided, "What is wrong with making church relevant to the modern day?" There is a lack of knowledge of the definition of the biblical standard much less how to apply it.

So the lyrics are no longer important, only that the sound is polished
and professional; the message from the pulpit cannot make anyone uncomfortable and must always be "positive" and "uplifting"; it is not possible to hold anyone accountable for sin because that is considered unloving and judgmental. Since there is no difference designated within the church proper "between the holy and the profane" or "the clean and the unclean", why are we surprised when so-called believers cannot and do not make any such distinction in the course of everyday life?

And so goes all the polls and research confirming that there is no longer a statistical difference between "church-goers" and "non-church-goers" for any moral or spiritual issue that can be named. The divorce rate and attitude about divorce? No difference. The stance on homosexuality, sex, and even adultery? No difference. Abortion, euthanasia,..? Statistically the same.

But this leads to a situation in our church meetings which God takes to a whole other level. God calls it "your abominations" (Ezekiel 44:6-7). When people can no longer tell the difference it is not long until they adopt things which by God's standards are unquestionably "profane" and/or "unclean". (This is really at the heart of the discussion when something is designated as being "Emergent", "Ecumenical", or "Purpose Driven".)

We will never be able to successfully engage the world effectively until we face the fact that much of what is going on under the umbrella "church" is in fact biblically defined "abomination". The sooner that the church returns to adhering to the standard of differentiating between "holy and profane" and "clean and unclean", the sooner all those other issues will be materially impacted. I think we are going to have to become the priests who teach the difference.

Danny Isom – (culled from www.morielApril 9, 2010

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