Monday, November 8, 2010

Social Gospel gulping up the True Gospel in the US

Two important recent developments in the US underscore the increasing shifting and sifting of the Good News from a message that brings salvation to the total man, beginning from his spirit and working outwards to the soul and body; to one that focuses entirely on the body – and seeking to effect the change by means and methods developed by man.
First is the reluctant admittance by leader of the “progressive Christian” Sojourners movement, Pastor Jim Wallis, that he, over the years, accepted funding from leftist atheist billionaire George Soros. What communion could there possibly be between Belial and Christ! Pastor Wallis, after prior vehement denials of receiving funding from a non-christian group, made a volte-face turn around - when confronted with hard evidences. He thereafter declared that he had no apology for at least three documented grants, totaling about $325,000 he got from Soros’ Open Society Institute. Wallis, who is the new adopted spiritual mentor of Barack Obama (following the US President’s forced denunciation of Rev Wright at the heat of the US elections in 2008), told Christianity Today: "I have no apologies for taking a donation …from Open Society. We'd do it again."
George Soros is known for his strong views and supports for abortion rights, euthanasia and re-definition of marriage contrary to established Judeo-Christian values. (For more on this, see He is sometimes referred to as Judas Iscariot, he being a Jew that is stridently anti-Israel. See his latest donation, largely to undermine Israel’s interest, at
A second even more alarming development, reflecting the increasing subordination of the Gospel to man-made social gospel, is the arrival of a new spokesperson for Christian orthodoxy in America – the Mormon Gleck Beck.
At a rally at the base of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, 28th August, 2010, Glenn Beck (who is a Fox news commentator with enormous followership in the US) assembled some top evangelical celebrities to give testimonies, after which he preached about “a God and country revivalism that leaves the evangelicals cheering that they’ve heard the gospel…” (
While everybody is obviously entitled to their opinions, and efforts seeking to promote godliness and sanity in society obviously should be applauded, the issue is the engulfing of the Gospel by this new social gospel. As we have pointed out several times previously, individuals who wish - no matter their faiths or lack of faith - might indeed validly join forces to address social issues, say through an NGO. However, it is extremely dangerous to do so on the platform of faiths, thereby suggesting that some issues are more urgent or important than purity of faith! For Christianity, where faith is everything, this is nothing less than a death knell! For a feel of the intense debate on Glenn Becks assuming the position of official spokesperson for evangelical Christianity in the US, see Also the radio discussion: Are Christians selling their soul for patriotism? - Jan Markell, Brannon Howse, Eric Barger, and Ed Decker Discuss the Glenn Beck Issue.
For those who are only familiar with the neat and proper white and black dressing of Mormons (aka Church of the Latter Days Saints), part of their core beliefs is that God was once a human like us (starting off from one of a named planet); and that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers of this God. See Vol 8 No 4 or for more on Mormon teachings.

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