Saturday, October 9, 2010

In the US, Campus Ministries must now open leadership positions to all-comers

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Christian Organizations in public universities must allow anybody, whether they agree with the Organizations’ tenets or not, not only to become full members but also to aspire to leadership positions. This latest display of growing intolerance towards “intolerant groups” is supposed to promote non-discrimination (especially on faith and moral grounds) on campuses. Even in associations formed on the basis of shared faith or morality!
This ruling, given on June 28th, now opens up the possibilities, for instance, of atheists, (or homosexuals) joining a Christian fellowship en mass, and putting up one of theirs for the top posts at election times. Such infiltration, of course, will be carried out on targeted Fellowships, one at a time all over the country.
Fellowships who feel they cannot abide by this ruling are in jeopardy of being deregistered, with consequent loss of access to the student population, as well as on-campus facilities for their activities.
In an article in Christianity Today, Alec Hill, president of Intervarsity Christian fellowship (with 860 chapters nationwide) and a former professor of Law examined the legal impact as well as the cultural significance of the ruling. He however also offered assurances, pointing out from Scriptures that such persecution of the Church by civic authorities is not new or unexpected. He concluded the article in the never-say-die spirit of the Church as he wrote: “As the people of God, we believe in a sovereign God. His purposes will be accomplished whatever obstacles present themselves. …. If—in the worst case scenario—several Christian chapters were to be derecognized as a result of this ruling, God's mission on campus would continue. If access to newly arriving freshman were lost, if campus communication channels were closed or if access to university facilities were denied, the gospel would continue to be presented through small groups, Bible studies and off-campus large groups. Though limiting campus access would no doubt make ministry more difficult, God's purposes will not be thwarted.” (
Lessons? When the goings get tough (as the Bible assures they would increasingly get these end times), the tough must get going.

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