Monday, November 8, 2010

China forces woman to abort 8-month pregnancy

Chinese authorities continue to implement the nation’s one-child-per-family law with religious zeal. In one of the latest actions reported in the PM news of October 22, about a dozen government officials broke into the home of Luo Yanquan and his wife Xiao Aiying in Siming, on China’s east coast on October 10. According to Luo, “they held her hands behind her back and pushed her head against the wall and kicked her in the stomach, I don’t know if they were trying to give her a miscarriage”. The 36 year old Xiao was then taken to a hospital where she was injected with a drug to kill the unborn baby. Xiao was already 8 months pregnant at the time.
China’s strict family planning policy results in an estimated 13 million abortions every year and violators stand being fined up to 25,000 pounds sterling. See related news at Vol 10 no 3 and vol 10 no 6.

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