Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sex is everywhere

Above is the title of a recent article by OneNewsNow columnist, Marcia Segelstein. (
Segelstein recounted how her mother shared women’s magazine with her when she was a girl, and expressed frustration at finding anything appropriate for her own daughter in these days, obsessed as it were, with sex.
She describes contents of magazines she would have thought of sharing. Citing the magazine Redbook for instance, a recent cover headline screams: "28 Sexy Things to Try in Bed – He So Wants to Test These Out With You!" Other recent articles gleaned from a table of content in the same magazine include "Why You Shouldn't Be Shy About Oral Sex" and "Hot Little Sex-Life Ideas."
TV of course provides no respite from sex assaults. Segelstein recalled trying to watch what was supposed to be a crime-solving/mysteries movie one late evening. Her account: “Sadly, the actual crime-solving seemed like a mere sub-plot. The more important storyline revolved around the main character's love life, or should I say sex life.”
The Internet is even much more deadlier, providing easy access to raw sexual materials on multimedia platform: documents, audio and video. Innumerous young folks, even those who initially had not the least interest in the subject matter, have suddenly been confronted with explicit sexual materials. Segelstein recounted looking through the Fox News website the other day and coming “across an entire section devoted to none other than – you guessed it – sex.” She offered a sample of the articles on the Fox site. Including one titled "Fox on Sex: When Three is Not a Crowd." The article explained that "now more than ever folks in serious relationships are becoming open to inviting a third into the bedroom to keep monogamy from becoming monotonous." Segelsein wowed in mock excitement!
Globalism (internet and cable TV) apart, Nigeria is generating enormous amount of its own sex filth. What with scores of NGOs having nothing else doing but advocating full-time for more liberality on sex and sexuality issues. No thanks to the virtually limitless financial resources made available by the Gates and Buffetts of this world (See Topic Issue). And increasingly open supports being offered by the UN for the satanic agenda (see for instance
A recent story from the Daily Sun of 8th October well captures the Nigerian situation. “The Divisional Police Officer of a police station in Aba, Abia State (names withheld), has allegedly raped a lady to death inside his office” the report began. It then went on to describe what appears to be a drug-rape situation, and that the assaulting police officer was probably under the influence of a form of local sex-enhancing aphrodiasics. These herbal drugs are increasingly being widely advertised over loud speakers on the streets at most city centres, at late evenings, using extremely vulgar languages. In any case, at the end of a critical article detailing the sad situation of sex matters in the country, the Daily Sun offers its usual adverts, found on every on-line page: “How to Give Your Woman Earth-Shaking Orgasms. Click Here!” “How to Easily Get Any Woman You Want. Click Here!”

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