Saturday, October 9, 2010

Towards 2011: Pastor Adeboye calls for political vigilance among Nigeria’s Christians

At the major event of the week-long 58th Annual Convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), the highly respected General Overseer of the Church, stepped forward to rally Nigerian Christians together to an active participation in the currently unfolding political process. In his usual soft and measured manner, Pastor Enoch Adeboye dramatically shifted gears from a low profile “annual report” he was giving on the enormous progress made in the RCCG within the past year when he said he wished to sound one thing “loud and clear”. He called for three imperatives: “I am calling on every Christian, you must register. You must vote.” The third imperative was a bombshell: “You must be ready to defend your vote!”. Expatiating further on this he said: “In other words, from now on, if anybody messes with our votes, we will fight!”
Addressing the electoral body directly, Pastor Adeboye added: “Let the message go out loud and clear. INEC we love you. INEC we will pray for you. But if anybody dabaru (local lingo for “messes up”) our votes, we will fight”!
Unusually strong words with a clear message: we are not going to mess up our Jubilee opportunity. Our time is now!

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