Friday, July 30, 2010

In Pakistan, Moslem Mob kills wife and children of newly-posted Christian Police officer

In a direct mirror of the story at Wukari, Taraba state of Nigeria (see above), a police officer officially posted to a city with a Moslem majority in Pakistan was told he and his family could not stay in his rented apartment in a Moslem colony. His tardiness in responding to the quit order has cost him his wife and all four children!
The sad story began with the official transfer of Officer Jamshed Masih from Gujrat to a new posting 50 km away at Jhelum, Punjab Province. Upon arrival, he was summoned to the local mosque by a local muslim leader, Maulana Mahfoz Khan who ordered him to leave the Mustafa colony. “You must leave with your family, no non-Muslim has ever been allowed to live in this colony – we want to keep our colony safe from scum,”
Masih consulted with a local Pastor who advised he must indeed vacate his residence. But while preparing to do so, the faithful day Monday, June 21 came. Compass Direct has the details:
“Masih’s neighbor, Murtaza, told Compass that after Masih went to work at 7 a.m. on June 21, his children could be heard singing hymns before breakfast.
“Razia [Masih’s wife] sent their eldest son to buy a packet of Surf [detergent], and he was singing a hymn on his way to buy the Surf,” Murtaza said.
Neighbors saw Masih’s s 11-year-old son come into the store, he said. The shopkeeper asked him if he was a Christian; the child responded that he was.
“The shopkeeper refused to give him the packet of Surf and spoke very harshly to him, ‘I don’t sell to any non-Muslim, you are not welcome here, don’t you dare ever come to my shop again,’” Murtaza said.
The boy went home, upset, and told his mother about the encounter; she grew worried and called her husband, saying, “Jamshed, please come home quickly, the kids and I are very worried, we must leave this house today,” Masih said.
His neighbor, Murtaza, said that shortly afterward some area residents came to the door with the Muslim religious leader, Khan.
“Your son has committed blasphemy against Muhammad, our beloved prophet – we can’t allow him to live, he should be punished,” Khan told Razia Masih, Murtaza said. “Razia got scared and said, ‘My son couldn’t do such a thing, he is only 11 years old.’”
Khan became furious and said, “Are we lying to you? You call us liars, how dare you insult us,” Murtaza said. “Someone from the crowd hit something hard on her head, and she started bleeding. The children started crying and shouted for help. Razia kept shouting for help, ‘Please have mercy on us, please let my husband come, then we can talk.’”
Jamshed Masih said his daughter telephoned police as the mob attacked his wife and children. He said he later learned that “the people kept shouting, ‘This family has committed blasphemy, they should be killed.”
Before police arrived, his family was murdered, he said.”

When Masih tried to file a complaint against Khan for the murder, Station House Officer (SHO) Ramzan Mumtaz refused to cooperate with him. The SHO later confirmed to Compass that he had answered Masih exactly in this manner: ‘Khan is an influential man, and he said your son has committed blasphemy – we cannot do anything against him…. I am a poor man, I have a family, and I was pressured by higher authorities not to register the FIR [First Information Report] as Khan is a very influential man. I am sorry, I don’t have anything in my hands.’” Compass Direct News (

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