Monday, November 8, 2010

Human resource appreciates in Nigeria at Jubilee

One of the solid evidences that Nigeria’s rising has indeed commenced at Jubilee is the remarkable appreciation of human resource in the country. Patriots like Oby Ezekwesili (while minister of education) had declared that Nigeria’s human resource, if well developed (through education), far exceeds all other resources – oil, solid minerals, etc all combined (see CA! Vol 10 No 1). To the glory of God this is beginning to become apparent. First, by divine providence, we have at the very top echelon, a President and Vice President with post graduate degrees – showing that such degrees can now compete favourably with the awesome military “psc” (pass staff college) which was the common denominator between (virtually) all our past rulers. Also, for the crucial assignment of conducting an extra-delicate election, it was again to the nation’s intelligentsia that the task was thrown. Apparently, the close rapport between the newly chosen INEC chair and the Nigerian academia (he was a sitting Vice Chancellor and an outstanding ex-president of the national academic staff union), weighed considerably in his being given the highly strategic job. Even if informally, there is currently a massive deployment of University people, former armchair critics, in the planning and execution of the unfolding political process. As for the field work, Nigerian graduate youths participating in the National Youth Service Corps scheme are being penciled for the onerous tasks.
The big deal about all this development is that human capital is at last rapidly gaining value in Nigeria. Such a spirit confirms that the gains of Jubilee are real and will endure.

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