Saturday, October 9, 2010

Islamic war against Christian evangelism – 10 killed in Afghanistan

On Thursday August 5, Taliban militants in Afghanistan brutally terminated the lives of 10 aid workers on a Christian medical mission.
Knowing the particularly sensitive nature of their Afghanistan field, these medical missionaries operating under the International Assistance Mission (IAM) are known to exercise extra-stringent caution to steer clear of proselytization. According to IAM director, Dirk Frans, they don’t even carry Bibles in Afghan languages.
Though gagged from speaking the gospel to the individuals they meet on the field, the sheer lifestyle of these types of missionaries, together with the unquestionable love that motivates them to the remote fields clearly bear eloquent witness of the gospel loud and clear to the entire watching world. Apparently, this is too much for radical Islam to quietly bear!
However, there is no wisdom or counsel against the LORD, and whatever step the enemies of the Church takes against Her is bound to backfire. As clearly demonstrated over the ages, the blood of the martyrs is indeed the seed of the Church.
It is an instructive sign of the times that in the wake of the callous cold-blooded murder of these fine Christian ladies and gentlemen, the issue in most of the news coverage has been on whether the IAM does or does not engage in clandestine soul winning. Rather than put Islam and its Scriptures to task for these heartless and barbaric acts done in the name of God! Ed Stetzer articulated this concern when he wrote on August 9 “Media keeps saying medical workers weren’t proselytizing. OK, but is [it] OK to murder if they were?” (
In short, the whole world is gradually concluding that evangelism is indeed a most reprehensible vocation! This trend will only worsen in the days ahead, as the Lord clearly teaches in Mathew 24ff. (For more about the IAM and this story, visit

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