Monday, February 26, 2018

Updates in NWO’s targeting of Christian businesses for destruction in the US

In the US, the 8 years of Obama administration were used to carefully lay the foundations for solid assault on traditional sexuality.  As a desperate measure to secure funds required to save his campaign for second term in 2012, Obama did the unprecedented and broke his own records by affirming support for same-sex marriage.  His second term in office then saw an all-out assault on traditional sexuality.  By tweaking the word “gender identity” Obama was able to transfer all protection from discrimination on gender basis (basically to protect females) to mean freedom to choose one’s own gender identity. Talk of evil genius!  

While we have some sensational socials, news about bathrooms etc (thankfully now revoked by Donald Trump), following this law, the most serious assault were on businesses. Systematically, creative artists such as photographers and bakers were targeted by homosexuals who insist they must provide service for gay weddings or close business.  (Attempts by such targeted businesses to make referrals to businesses that have no religious objections are vehemently rebuffed!). Next in line of course were churches who would also be required by law serve the homosexual agenda.

With the divine intervention in American (and generally, human) society with the triumph of Trump over Hillary Clinton who would have completed the hatchet job started by Obama, the world is now offered a window of sanity.  In our opinion, this is a divinely-appointed opportunity for last-minute revival before the Rapture and the eventual short-term total take-over by the antichrist.

The homosexual establishment had their cases well-prepared, solidly backed by the Obama gender identity law.  The format of the charge against the Christians can be summarized by the Judge’s pronouncement against Aaron and Mellisa Klein who lost their business when ordered in 2015 to pay damages totaling 135,000 USD for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding (see vol 16 qtr 4). Judge Garret had argued:

"The Kleins seek an exemption based on their sincere religious opposition to same-sex marriage; but those with sincere religious objections to marriage between people of different races, ethnicities, or faiths could just as readily demand the same exemption," 

To come out of this satanic cul-de-sac, the Christians have now adopted a new position hinging their objections more on freedom of creativity rather than freedom of religious expression.  Ironically, this is more acceptable in society today. The central argument is that nobody should be compelled to use their creativity to serve subject matters they do not subscribe to. 

To the glory of God, this new perspective is proving too hard a nut to crack by the gay movement, and a number of court victories are now emerging. In one such landmark victory set in California, Superior Court Judge David Lampe summarizes the Christian position:

"No artist, having placed their work for public sale, may refuse to sell for an unlawful discriminatory purpose. No baker may place their wares in a public display case, open their shop, and then refuse to sell because of race, religion, gender, or gender identification. The difference here is that the cake in question is not yet baked. The State is not petitioning the court to order defendants to sell cake. The State asks this court to compel Miller to use her talents to design and create a cake she has not yet conceived with the knowledge that her work will be displayed in celebration of a marital union her religion forbids. For this court to force such compliance would do violence to the essentials of Free Speech guaranteed under the First Amendment"

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