Monday, February 26, 2018


The implantation of microchip in humans, and the possibility of using it for mind control is one issue that is not going to revert to the back burner any soon. Rather it promises to continue to grow in intensity and scope, until perfected.  If it fades from the news headlines, it is only a reflection of increasing general acceptance in society!
The Bible makes it clear that in the end-times, the antichrist will emerge and will exercise complete control over all folks – “small and great, rich and poor, free and bond” via a “mark of the beast” (Rev 13:16).  As we have shown over the years [see Chapter 4 of Book 1: Behold I come Quickly], the implanted microchip will be the perfect tool to achieve this. For instance, it is established fact that the single biochip can facilitate communication, monitoring, and control of both emotions and thoughts. The Multiple Micro Electrode Array (MMEA) comprising of dozens of chips in a small area, evidently can do much more though its capability are at the present time classified and unknown to the general public. 
In the meantime, while pushing for mandatory mass implantation of the microchip (see vol 12 no 5), agents of the anti-christ to come, are developing intermediate deployment routes.  A major one is the cell-phone.  The 2014 movie Kingsman: Secret Service showed how special features in customized SIM cards (offered freely by Richmond Valentine in the film) could be used to simultaneously affect the mood, thoughts, emotion etc of millions of people.  It is an open secret that one the major focus of the extensive researches by the US DARPA (an Agency of the Homeland Security - effectively the Internal Affairs ministry in the US) for the application of the MMEA is in population/crowd control. See Vol 17 Qtr 2 for a detailed analysis.
But while the microchip is a-developing, agents of the New World Order are tirelessly honing old tools for mass mind manipulation in the populace. One of the tested old hands is psychedelic drugs.  In the US at the moment, there is an ongoing major push that Marijuana (aka Mary Jane) should be allowed to be used freely and recreationally. At least nine states, including the DC, already allow this. One doesn’t need to be a prophet to see what lies further down the road!
With society already inundated with fake news, false doctrines, and absolutely crazy lifestyles and perspectives (just imagine transgenderism!), it’s already a big battle maintaining sound mind in the post-modern world.  Whatever is left of the mind is up for grabs by devices targeting it in various guises. See for instance, our 2006 article, Confessions of a Mind Bender.  Thank God for the promise of a sound mind for God’s people through the indwelling and all-victorious Holy Spirit! (II Tim. 1:7, I Jhn 4:4

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