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New Nigeria Nationalists on-route Abuja from Lagos on foot

In Egypt, when the time came for the new nation Israel to emerge, the Egyptian monarchy ramped up the persecution of the Jews.  This ended up forging the Jews into a nation.  Likewise, the modern Israeli nation, comprising of Jews from various diverse settings and nationalities, were melded together in the furnace of the implacable hostilities from neighbouring Arab nations some 70 years ago.
                One clear result of the ongoing fulanization agenda in Nigeria (military aspects spearheaded by the untouchable herdsmen) is the outrage it is generating all across the land.  Erstwhile quibbling communities are now building bridges to address the common menacing threat.  For instance, there was the significant East-West handshake between the Ohaneze and Afenifere groups, as well as ongoing outreach and solidarity by the South with the Middle Belt. Even the indigenous Hausa communities in the core North, in places like Zamfara and Kaduna states, despite being moslem majority communities, are not spared the terror and massacres. 
The political “musical chair” game associated with the “Arab Spring” in Egypt is still fresh in our memories. There an incredulous world watched as the Moslem Brotherhood, intoxicated by their rise to power, went all-out to abuse that power with unimaginable impunity.  Even in a moslem-majority country, Mohammed Morsi was soon shoved aside and the secular-leaning leadership of al-Sisi installed. Elsewhere, more recently, henchmen who once thought themselves unmovable are finding themselves dramatically relieved of power overnight.  The list stretched from Zimbabwe, to South Africa, to Ethiopia. Power belongs to God!

The Fulani top echelon in Nigeria is apparently blinded to reality by its dream to take over the entire country, as originally conceived by Usman dan Fodio. The brazen unconstitutional complete swamping of critical ‘power’ sectors (security, education, and petroleum resources) with northern moslems (even where basic competence is suspect or clear cases of corruption have been firmly established) reflects a crude and naïve attitude to achieving dominance.  Unlike the polished and subtle strategy of the Europeans, which has helped keep resource-rich Africa perpetually subservient to their resource-challenged continent for centuries, the primitive Fulani approach can only last so long before brutally back-firing.  And as the LORD lives, that time is just around the corner!

The major issue, as Church Arise! sees it, is: what sort of leadership would emerge at the end of the day?  This goes in tandem with, and actually proceeds beyond, the topical issue of Restructuring.  While the social-political gladiators are back on the drawing boards, furiously developing new alliances, movements, and initiatives; and while the social commentators are having a field day on both conventional and social media, the Islamists (mostly Fulanis bent on using Islam as tool for achieving and maintaining political dominance) are keeping their own cards close to the chest. It is quite plausible that they have on their sleeves, other options, not exactly democratic.  While outright scuttling of the 2019 elections might be an uphill task, massive manipulations and malpractices could be expected.  For instance, issues of underage and immigrant voters – already evident in the ongoing registration exercise - might prove quite decisive if not decisively addressed now.

It is evident that “restructuring” one way or the other will eventually happen.  Even the ruling party has finally conceded that – even if only in principle, while looking for room to maneuver. So the question is: In that new clime, what sort of leadership would emerge?
To this end, spiritual forces are actively upping their game-plans, pushing socio-political actors around the chess board, as it were! As we once pointed out in the case of the US elections, the occult forces have perfected the “head-I-win, tail-you-lose” act of being the ones to field candidates for the major contending parties.  At one time, the Presidential choices in America actually shamelessly revolved around just two families – the Bushes and the Clintons!
The forthcoming battle for the emergence of a new Nigeria is basically a spiritual battle between forces of light and those of darkness.  True, the turf is socio-political, but it is essentially and intensely spiritual.  And the battle is already peaking: 2019 would only show the outcomes!

Mama Doris Bura, long-time friend and supporter of CA! laments the large-scale subscription into witchcraft and other satanic activities ongoing in traditionally Christian communities in the North East. While the unrelenting assaults by the Islamist’s foot-soldiers (augmented Boko Haram/Herdsmen – 2 sides of the same evil coin) had indeed led to many being strengthened in their Christian faith; sadly, many others, erstwhile nominal Christians, are paying more attention to offers from occult circles.  

We can only hope that the cries by the likes of Mama Bura for fresh missionary activities (principally Teachers and Pastors) will be heeded by the Church. 

Elsewhere, the power and influence of the dark “african” forces are being falsely glorified.  For instance, in the heights of the herdsmen attacks in Benue state, some clowns began to circulate on social media, images of cattle devastated by drought in East Africa and presented those as outcomes of some powerful shamanic curse invoked in Benue state to confront the Fulani herdsmen! Since when has Satan started to help throw down his own kingdom?

Perhaps the most concerted efforts from satanic forces trying to position themselves as the deliverers in the current crisis in Nigeria, so that they may dominate the oncoming restructured polity, are coming from Yorubaland. Perhaps it wasn’t just a coincidence that a generalissimo should be recently sworn into the long-vacant office of Aare-Ona kakanfo, the traditional defense minister of the old Oyo kingdom/Yorubaland. A sort of impassioned mini-battles had ensued on the pages of newspapers as interested stakeholders argued what qualities and skills (economic, academic, or political) should have been used as yardstick in filling the vacancy. Obviously, unlike the last occupant of the office (Moshood Abiola) who was chosen for political and economic influence, adroitness in the use of arcane technology and sorcery seems to have been the major considerations in choosing the new office holder.

Along the same line the Agbekoya traditional farmers’ militia, has issued statements announcing they are still in existence and promising security to all of Yorubaland.  Akin to the Mau Maus of Kenya in the days of yore, the Agbekoyas played prominent roles in the Wild Wild West days deploying “african dark powers” against state security forces. The Agbekoya has actually gone as far as declaring they would soon be organizing a 3-day Oro festival all over Yorubaland at a date to be announced! Those familiar with similar developments in places like Haiti and the Caribbeans will not be excited at such prospect!

Tayo Babalobi of Lampstand Letters has recently reminded the Church of a series of old prophetic warnings to the Church in Yorubaland, with references to Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Niger Delta, etc.  Citing an article titled “Beware Yoruba Nation” written in THE ALARM (Vol. 2, No. 2 1999), Dr Babalobi quotes:
'The spirit expressly calls for the church in Yoruba land to take a lamentation against the spirit of violence emanating from ancestral worship in the land. If the satanic plan materializes, the church in Yoruba land will suffer. The (Yoruba) nation will have as national religion, voodooism in place of Christianity and the church in the land will suffer terrible persecution. The church should raise and take a lamentation against the spirit and save the nation and the entire nation of Yoruba from calamity.'
We have posted the entire article on our blog here

Thankfully, perhaps as a clear evidence that God’s appointed time has come, the church is, this time around, no longer sleeping! The first salvo that rocked the apparent sorcery-induced docility of the Nigerian populace came right after the general prayer by Christians nationwide, on January 23. The Coalition for Nigeria Movement  resulting from the historic statement released by former President Olusegun Obasanjo on January 24 is waxing strong and is obviously destined to play strategic roles in the emerging polity. Other key political actors seem to be also finding their voice, criticizing President Buhari and advising him from pursuing a second term in office.

Various other coalitions and creative movements calling for simultaneous prayers and actions to birth a new Nigeria are also emerging.  Particularly remarkable is the New Nigeria Nationalist (NNN) initiative which sought (and indeed got) national attention by having 10 of its members trek all the way from Lagos to Abuja.  The NNN says it wishes to draw attention of relevant stakeholders to the organization’s “vision, passion, compassion and commission to birth a great nation.”  According to the group’s chairman, Mrs. Foluso Makanjuola-Oyenuga, the NNN wants to assure those “disturbed and distressed” by the “frightening situation” in Nigeria that “there are still people who are resolute and committed to the new Nigeria Dream”. As we write this, the 761 km journey, “completely and exclusively” on foot, is ongoing!   It commenced on 29th January and is expected to last some 45 days (see pix above). Check their progress on facebook at  
The mother of all interventions by the Church is scheduled for the historic date of February 13!  It is an inter-denominational prayer meeting called by the revered Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.  In an earlier series of 5-day prayer organised for members of the RCCG and transmitted live all over the world, Pastor Adeboye had lamented the general insecurity in the country, and referred in particular to the situation of many communities currently being in shivers as they await the apparently inevitable visit from the killer herdsmen! Pastor Adeboye is known for his opinion that both the children of God and the enemies of God make exactly the same one mistake: they underrate the power and effectiveness of the Christian prayer!

Church Arise! urges that these spirit-led initiatives be maintained.  While at the same time we heed the ongoing general call that every Nigerian Christian of requisite age, not only obtain their Permanent Voter’s Card, they should endeavour to join a political party, alliance, or coalition of their choice.  As canvassed by the CSMN, (the official structure of the Christian Association of Nigeria to mobilize Nigerians towards socio-political action), Christians should then await further instructions as to which directions they should steer their Party/Coalition in the ultimate Convergence that would once-for-all lift Nigeria out of her political mire.  See the important statement by the CSMN on our blog here.

“A son who folds hands in harvest is one that causes shame” Prov. 5:10.  All hands must be on deck at this critical period.  This is the time to pray for our leadership in the Church and brace up to give them unqualified political and social support. Our victory is already determined and pronounced by the LORD.  Now we must work it out by His grace!

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