Monday, February 26, 2018

Adamawa under Herdsmen Siege – CAN.

How much of the atrocities committed by killer herdsmen get to the outside world depends largely on the commitment of the state government to give publicity to the cases. The recent action of the Ortom government in Benue, in giving internationally-publicized mass burial to the 74 victims of the Fulanis reportedly caught the sponsors napping; and has contributed greatly to the ongoing checkmate of the satanic ethnic-cleansing agenda.  In other places, unfortunately, it is the state government, (probably in a desperate effort not to offend the federal government) that goes all out to suppress the news of the atrocities and provide some nauseating justifications. 
The Christian Association of Nigeria in Adamawa state on January 10 made a release documenting ongoing atrocities against churches and farming communities in the state by Fulani herdsmen. We appreciate Bishop Fali Ijesun of Numan for forwarding the statement to us.  While the entire statement can be found on our blog (here) an extract is posted below:

We are saddened by the death of over fifty people killed in the repeated attacks carried out by herdsmen in Koh village of Girei local government area. This  happened after Lawaru, Dong, Kodomti, Shafaron, Plum, Kikan, Bilachi, Bang and Nzoruwe villages of Fufore, Numan and Demsa local government areas fell to the exploit of the same herdsmen and their expatriate mercenaries, killing close to 150 people, several others injured and property worth millions of naira destroyed  before the start of last Christmas festivities. It is on record that less than one week ago, no fewer than twenty innocent Christian farmers were killed in separate attacks in and around Tambo district of Girei local government area. Luru village in particular, saw its worse days when herdsmen wielding sophisticated firearms stormed the area killing fifteen people and injuring several others.

“Within the period under review, not less than 10 Churches were burnt down and in some instances, even worshippers were killed and several others injured. On the basis of these, we stand to believe that the ongoing carnages is an attempt to discourage Christianity and to silence Christians from free religious practice. We make bold to reject this attempt and ask the Government to stop the unfortunate development. Extremism seem to have taken persecution to a new dimension with the armed herdsmen burning down Churches especially the recent attack two days ago in Sagal Community in Maiha Local Government Area where four Churches were burnt to ashes and properties destroyed. 

“What is more worrisome is the fact that in all instances of the attacks carried out so far, there have been sufficient alarms raised far long before the actual carnages and no decisive action was taken by concerned authorities to prevent it.” (Please read full statement at

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