Monday, February 26, 2018


 “…for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.” 2Pet. 2:19 
Slavery has really never stopped.  With Satan still having access to fickle unregenerated human minds, privileged people and societies (themselves enslaved by Satan), will continue to seek to subdue and enslave less-privileged fellow men in order to gain some undue advantages and pleasures so-called.  However, following the epochal battles of God’s people like William Wilberforce, slavery became discredited and somewhat subdued.  In “modern” societies, slavery continues only in subtle forms within the ambit of the law, such that the hoodwinked and thoroughly confused slaves, literally beg for the “opportunity” to provide those slavish services. Raw human trafficking, though still extensively practiced, nevertheless remains criminalized in most societies.
But the Islamic world cannot really repudiate slavery.  Just as it cannot, for instance, repudiate child-marriage, simply because the founding prophet practiced it extensively. See   In key Islamic centres, from Libya to Mauritania to Sudan, slave markets continue to operate with blunt impunity. And black Africans are invariably the products being marketed by the Janjaweed/Fulani/Arab stocks (
The good news is that at last the world seems no longer able to stomach all the videos and reports of callous inhuman abuse of blacks.  At least, both the United Nations, and the African Union have now lent their voices to strongly criticize the practice. As reported by the Guardian, January 29, 2018, “The African Union has reprimanded Mauritania for failing to take action against widespread slavery within its borders. The Guardian further noted that “pervasive practice” of hereditary slavery in Mauritania is believed to affect “many thousands of people.”
Also the UN, has at last responded to the gory videos of black slaves being publicly auctioned in Libya. While Secretary-General António Guterres expressed horrors at the reports which he said borders on crime against humanity,  William Lacy Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) described it as “an enormous human tragedy” that can be stopped. Hopefully these comments will translate to action that would at least considerably mitigate the situation.
In a 2011 video that recently went viral on the social media, an Islamic cleric from Egypt (Abu Ishaq Al-Heweny) piously tried to justify the necessity for open slave markets.  Copiously citing koranic verses to affirm that the entire human capital in a conquered territory is bona fide booty for the holy warriors, he patiently explained that since a particular Mujahedeen may not need so many slaves in his services, outlets for sales must be provided. Watch here (
In the words of Mr Al Heweny:
“If we are the winners, it is only natural for us to impose the rules of Islam on the country we invaded. According to the rules of Islam, all the people in that country become booty and prisoners of war: the women, the men, the children, the money, the homes, the fields… All these become the property of the Islamic state.
What is the fate of the prisoners of war according to the shari'a? Since they constitute booty, they should be divided between the mujahideen. …... Let's say that we invaded a country with a population of half a million. What are we supposed to do with them?
We check how many mujahideen there were. Let's say there were 100,000. That's it, then. Each mujahid gets five of them. Each one gets five, but there can be a variety. You can take two men, two women, and a child, or the other way around. You divide them up. Great. As soon as this system is in place, there has to be a slave market, where can sell slaves, slavegirls, and children.”
See here for a video by Alex Jones showing African migrants being traded as slaves for a re-emerging Islamic Caliphate that seeks to relaunch their old African slave trade in the modern age.

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