Monday, February 26, 2018

Federal Government decries stories and images that disturb “human sensibilities”

Meanwhile, the federal government has appealed to the media and public commentators to exercise utmost restraint in their coverage of havocs perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen. The minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who made the appeal in a statement in Abuja on Saturday, January 13, cautioned against “incendiary comments, unrestrained use of pictures and footages that offended human sensibilities” in the coverage of the crisis, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports. He stressed that the media and commentators should be cautious of their coverage in order not to further inflame passion and worsen the situation.
Mr Mohammed particularly had in mind, the mass burial organized by the Benue state government for victims of herdsmen attacks.  But reports indicate that the unexpected wide coverage of that event by international media (and resulting global shock and outrage) has caused a significant setback to the Fulani agenda which envisaged an unrestrained vicious pogrom that would force the victims to beg for mercy and gladly subscribe to the Cattle Colony concept that would finally seal their destiny as subdued peoples.
The Herdsmen “Colony or calamity” attitude follows the standard New World Order tactics for the end-time.  As we have reported several times over the years, the Hegelian strategy creates a problem, generates fear to the problem, and comes forth with a suggested solution.  As far back as 2002, we have been predicting that the main “global problems” to be used would include: environmental red-herrings (eg anthropologically-caused global warming), public health issues (HIV, Ebola), mass terrorism, food shortage, and economic melt-down.

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